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Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense...

Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker
4.5 based on 2,512 Votes
Price Free

Goodbudget (formerly EEBA, the Easy Envelope Budget Aid) is a personal finance app for budget planning and money management. Share a budget with sync across multiple phones (and the web!)
** Leading personal finance app downloaded over 2,000,000 times AND previously featured by Apple, The New York Times, Forbes, CNET, LifeTime TV, The Boston Globe, and Lifehacker** Read more...

Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This post was updated last May 04, 2017 12:00 am. We played and love this app, and we recommend this app for you to use.

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 2,512 Votes. This version 1.6.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 217 Users.

Your device must have atleast 19.1 MB of space to download and install Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker. This application does not have game center . Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
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Support Languages

English, American


Finance , Productivity ,


Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker
Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker
Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker
Goodbudget Budget Planner: Money & Expense Tracker

Additional Information


Goodbudget is perfect for sharing a budget with a spouse, family member, or friend. Sync across multiple devices including iPhones, other smartphones, and the web.

* Transactions synced with the cloud and accessible from other devices, including Goodbudget's web app!

* Stay on the same page about finances with those close to you

* Your data is automatically and securely backed up to Goodbudget's website

* Download transactions to CSV (on website)


Goodbudget helps you make sense of your budgeting and spending with in-app reports.

* Know how to modify your budget after analyzing reports

* Spending by envelope report (cool-looking pie chart!)

* Income vs spending report

* Even more reports on the web


Goodbudget is based on the envelope budgeting method. But with no physical envelopes...only virtual envelopes!

* Check envelopes balances (aka how much you have left to spend) while you're on-the-go

* Expense tracking optimized for speed

* Proven cash envelope budgeting method

* Track your bank balances in addition to envelope balances

* Live within your means

* Schedule transactions and automatic envelope fills

Ad-free, Free Forever version includes 10 regular envelopes & 10 annual envelopes. Use envelope budgeting to plan your spending, not just track it!




* Unlimited regular envelopes

* Unlimited annual envelopes

* Sync up to 5 devices

* 5 years of transaction history

* Personal and friendly email support

If you're looking to track where your money goes, plan your spending, or create a budget that works, try us out!

Goodbudget: Budget well. Live life. Do Good.

Features, bugs? Please email us at! We're happy to help!

What's New on this version 1.6.1

- Schedule your transactions
- See upcoming transactions
- Record pending transactions now
- Fix for budget periods that weren't saving correctly

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • This is a marriage saver

    This app can single-handedly save a marriage. This app allowed us to visualize our budget and put it into practice. Money is no longer a point of contention.

  • Free Version is limited

    You can only add 10 envelopes with the free version. If you want more you have to pay it monthly. No good for my budget.

  • Great

    Easy to use, and keeping track of my expenses and income has taken so much pressure off of my mind!

  • Outrageous price for a limited time

    I was really excited about this app because it has all of the functionality I've been looking for. However as soon as I started to set it up, I found out that you only get ONE free "account" ...really? Not even two accounts for checking AND savings? And the upgrade is $15 for 3 months or $25 for 6. That is absolutely OUTRAGEOUS and not worth it, I honestly don't know where these developers get off asking that price. There isn't even an "unlimited" option so you're forced to keep paying those prices. I might pay $15 for an unlimited version (which I have NEVER paid for an app before), but come on. I'm a budget-conscious person, which is why I looked at this app to begin with. It's also why I won't be using it.

  • Super Convenient

    If you love the idea of the envelope system but hate how messy it is to actually keep track of all the envelopes and money in your budget then you will love this app. It gives you virtual envelopes to help you dictate where your money goes so you can easily keep track of it throughout the month as you get paid and spend. I'm recommending this to all my friends. I had some issues with crashing when I first started to use it, but it's been working great since then. I've been using it for a month and a half and it makes doing the budget and keeping up with it so much easier. It syncs seamlessly with my wife's phone so she can instantly see changes I make and visa versa. I even upgraded and found it worth the price.

  • Great tool!

    Has been very helpful in helping us stick to a budget and save money!

  • Difficult

    So much of this app is confusing and so time consuming. Just trying to fill the envelopes is a huge pain. I'm deleting looking for something else. Need to make it more user friendly.

  • So Helpful

    First budgeting app I have used consistently. Love both the app and the website.

  • Great app

    Transformed our budgeting!

  • Paid for the Full Version

    We paid the $45 a year because it rocks. :)

  • Highly Confusing

    I just want an app where I setup my budgeted cash every two weeks, budgeted expenses and then subtract from those buckets over the weeks. It was like trying to organize a shuttle launch with this app, filling envelopes, trying to add money and wasted my time.

  • Great for helping track household expenses

    This app is slowly but surely teaching me to better manage my retirement pension. I have 3 bank accounts, a credit card, and various cash back purchase rewards program accounts. This app tracks them all. Very helpful to help teach the basics of money handling that is a skill that everyone needs that not everyone has. I use this app almost daily. This app has saved from over $300.00 in overdraft fees last year paying attention to the the line for how long to avoid spending cash. Hopefully as I get my impulse buys under better control I can build up my savings account. Update on 7/20/2017 Still a rock solid app and a must for for multi-smart device households. Very helpful to teach budgeting to those who do not fully understand it. Every parent who has a child old enough to know that an ice cream truck sells goodies to kids and can do chores should teach them to use this budgeting method. This method is idiot proof when done properly.

  • Great app to manage your money!

    I love the way this app works! Because it's set up the same as you would use cash it helps you to visualize your cash flow. I highly recommend it.

  • Love it

    Love this app

  • Not For Me

    First of all I couldn't find a way to list cash on hand. So I tried to use the email under Contact Us to suggest it and it came back as undeliverable. Not good for individuals, as it constantly reminds you that you are unpartnered by defaulting to 'shared' screens. Cumbersome to use - some of the interface does not make sense. Transfers between accounts or to and from cash are not supported. Maybe it's great for couples who only pay with credit cards or with a bank card. There's nothing to deduct from if you pay with cash. Too limiting for me.

  • Helped me stay on budget!

    I like be this app! I like that I can see what money is available after so pay all my bills! I pay the annual fee so I can get all the extras!

  • The Best

    Best budgeting system I've ever used! Handy app and easy to use on the computer. If you want to find hidden money in your budget, this app is exactly what you need.

  • Super easy & useful

    Has just enough free function to do the job. Intuitive and simple. Works like you'd expect.

  • Don't waste your time

    Tried to use this app and at first it was okay. All I wanted was to put in how much I was saving and spending on different things and literally 5 minutes into using it trying to set everything up it started adding envelopes I didn't put in there then telling me that I was -$50. This is a really crappy app, just stick to paper and pencil. 😡

  • Great!

    My wife and I have been looking for a great envelope system app that we could use on our phones and that would sync between us! This is exactly what we had been looking for.

  • TK

    Keeps us organized and out of trouble with our spending. And with the rolling over it's a very accurate representation of how much we have. We can both see the status at anytime.

  • Really well done app

    Excellent app. Easy to use and understand and set up and then use. Syncs with another user (spouse). Great way to stay on same page with spouse.

  • Needlessly confusing

    It's a confusing system. There's "unallocated" money that you somehow refill envelopes with, and money and transactions roll over month to month. It should work like traditional envelopes, where everything resets at the beginning of the month. I just want to track my spending for the month.

  • So far so good

    Doing budget on pen and paper is great, but it's obnoxious to pull out a notebook when I am so used to using a phone all the time. This app makes it simple--as soon as I make a purchase or pay a bill, I easily log it in the system and it tracks all my envelopes with no tedious pen, paper, and cash handling. Typically I can spend a lot of money and don't know where it's all going to--this app had made me a more mindful spender rather than going crazy with swiping my money away-logging my spending has kept me more aware of how much and how often I am spending money. Love this app so far and look forward to becoming a better steward of the money God has given me.

  • $15-$25 for extra envelopes???

    So far, this app has been fairly useful. Even though I find some things to be confusing, I have also found the help team to be VERY helpful, which is rare and very much appreciated!!! Here's my biggest problem, and the reason I am probably going to be using the BetterHaves app going forward: to get more than 10 envelopes, they expect you to pay $15 for 3 months, or $25 for 6, and there's not even a better deal 12 month option!!! That is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Sure, you also get access from 5 devices, big whoop, and 5 years of transaction history, another big whoop. Maybe the 5 devices would be worth it if it included tablets! There is no version for the iPad. $15-25 for those THREE extra perks (unlimited envelopes, 5 devices, 5 yrs history) is absolutely ridiculous. Even though I've already got 5 months of budget history, I'm cutting my losses and using the BetterHaves app from now on, b/c they give me unlimited envelopes. Whatever features I'm losing by switching, they still don't add up to $15, and nowhere near $25 worth.

  • Not User Friendly

    It took me awhile to even figure the app out, and after I have used it a month, I can't figure out how to start over with a new month. After going online to their website to try to figure it out, I got it restarted, but there is random money in my folders already that I can't figure out how to delete. It's too frustrating so I'm downloading a different app.

  • Impossible to reconcile on app

    Initial setup is easy, but good luck trying to move unallocated money or reconcile after budget period. Only way I could reconcile after two budgeting periods was to log in to website and clear everything out. Pass on this one.

  • Seriously ?

    This budget app does nothing. Might as well use pencil and paper and keep notes because it is exactly what this app does, only more convoluted It's terrible

  • Phenomenal!

    I have searched for an app that could do just this for years. Fortunately the free version offers all the tools I need. I would happily contribute for the paid version if I had the money.

  • Great app brought my spouse and I together

    We struggled maintaining an envelope system for our family of 6. Quicken was a tool I could use but could not coordinate with my spouse. We now both have Good Budget on our phones and are talking the same language.

  • Crashes

    App continuously crashes.

  • Lacking basic functionality of linking to bank account

    This app has a lot of potential, but it's sadly lacking the most basic of functionality of a budgeting app. How to improve this app: 1) Get the tech to link an account. If you don't have a team who can do this, acquire a rival company that securely links a user's bank account to the app (this should be Priority #1!!!) This isn't 1999, who the F is downloading CVS files? All your competitors are able to link an account. 2) Make your app stand alone. I shouldn't have to do anything on a desktop for the app to work. All functionality should be available on the app. Seriously, how has this not been a top priority? 3) Your app should be smart enough to be able to take transactions from the account you link up and subtract them from these envelopes (and give the user the ability to make the app smarter by being able to fix/reassign transactions to the correct envelopes). You have 1/2 of a great app. Get the tech to make the other half. 50% = F

  • Great app

    Great app. No issues. Is simple but is exactly what I needed.

  • Perfect

    I don't Review a lot. This app is great for the digital couple. My wife and I agree on the budget for the year and then fill the monthly and yearly envelopes. Day to day purchases sync between our two phones (android and apple) seamlessly. No more fighting over who spent what and when. We even keep a slush find envelope that gets filled with the extra money from each month to use as our mad money. Works seamlessly and it is free!

  • Ten envelopes, then be ready to pay

    Not free if you have more than 10 categories you're looking to use, just be forewarned

  • Very Helpful

    This app is not complicated and does have a tremendous amount of features. One thing it does not have is an auto sync with you bank account. However, before thinking that this is a bad thing keep in mind that this forces you to keep using this (balancing your checkbook so to speak). Some of the benefits of this app are easy envelope transfers, split transactions, auto funding, and atypical budgeting. Atypical budgeting? So many other tools out there are based on monthly cycles. Sure, this works for you water bill, mortgage/rent, and cell phone, but, who is paid monthly? We use this to auto-fill all of our envelopes every two weeks when we are paid. This will really force you to only spend what you have. The only issue that I have found is it occasionally will not sync (minus 1 star), but within 30 minutes or so we are back in business.


    Will not work at all! Shuts down as soon as I click on it.

  • Great app!

    Helps me and my boyfriend keep track of finances in a simple and effective way! Syncs between our phones, and lets us know -- in a not condescending way -- when we're going over budget, and tells us how long we might want to go before our next purchase. Highly recommend this app!

  • The app works but it requires too much setup time

    It would be great for someone who's extremely organized and willing to document every transaction. But unfortunately that's not me. I wish there were a way to automatically scan the transaction from a receipt.

  • Great but some glitches

    I LOVE the App. But what would make it 5 stars, and what would make a SIGNIFICANT difference in my user experience is having a "status" column in the transactions. Right now I am having to date uncleared transactions as "12/31/17" just so I can keep track of my uncleared items. Then I have to scroll over and over again for each transaction to change the date to the date it posted just so I know which transactions have cleared, also to make sure I didn't forget to log any transactions. BIG PAIN IN THE BUTT! PLEASE PUT A "STATUS" COLUMN ON THE MOBILE APP. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!!

  • Useful App

    You have to be diligent, but this app allows you an easy avenue to clearly see where (and how fast) your money goes!!!

  • Great app...exactly what i need!!!!

    This app works great. syncs mobile and desktop entries across multiple users in my household. Intuitive and simple to use. My only suggestion is a key missing capability: mobile search for the merchants so I can refer to previous purchases. Available on desktop forever but not on mobile (yet). Please add!!!!!!

  • Good budget app

    I really love this app. Other apps seem convenient because they pull info right from your bank account but I kept getting sync issues or would be changing what category things went to. I love the newer feature that you can schedule monthly transactions. I definitely recommend this app for anyone who really wants to keep track of where their money goes.

  • First budgeting app that's really worked for us

    I always loved the envelope concept but I hardly ever use cash. This system works well in a card-based world. Easy to share with my spouse too.

  • Easy and Simple

    Love how easy it is to track my budget and accounts.

  • Best Budget System I've used

    Best budget system I've used by far.

  • Keeping us on track!

    Before we got this, my wife and I would spend aimlessly and wonder where all the money went. Now we add everything in here and check it before making every purchase. It's definitely worth it to keep you on track financially.

  • Budget app

    I love this app. It's helping me to be more consistent with my spending

  • Awesome tool

    We have really enjoyed using GoodBudget. It has made it so much more convenient to get a hold on our finances!

  • Not for single people, also don't buy the advanced features

    This might be what a married couple needs. However, if you are just a single person wanting to track your checking account and budget yourself, do not try to use this app. The fact that it wants to sync constantly makes it impossible to make little tweaks and clutters everything. Getting it set up is a nightmare. If you change to the pro features you will have another nightmare of a time getting re-set up. Also awful for people with irregular income schedules.

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