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iPhone App: Sneak A Peek: Private Pic Sharing

Afraid of Sending Photos to your friend Online and spread it on the web? Try this one the Apps I have tried, "SNEAK A PEEK" by AppBurst, LLC.  Just like an Hide and Seek images. =)

Take a Try and Have Fun sharing your "Private Pictures" with friends and co-workers for just a second, Let them sneak on your New Car, New Room, New Body, New Girlfriend or Boyfriend and so much more, let them play Guessing games on your New Gadget and stuff.

Best of all this apps is FREE


Here are some of the details from the apps store:

Are you ready to send your friend that photo you thought you would never send on a phone? Well now you can!! 

? SneakAPeek is the ONLY app allowing sharing of photos for a preset time
? PROTECTED sharing, no saving or forwarding your pic in the app. 
? Screenshots of your photo are nearly impossible!!



? Choose Time Limit that images will be visible
? 3 Free Sends are Included
? Receiving Pics is Unlimited
? Additional Send packages available starting at 99 cents

To get started with sending and receiving photos, you must enter a valid email address to verify
your account in the app. This is your PO Box on our protected server for your images to wait for
you and the email your friends will send photos to. So, use one you like or set up a new one you
would prefer. (Your email stays with you. We do not share it with anyone.)

Choose the person you want the image to go to by selecting or inputting their email address. (Do
not worry; emails will not be given out)

1. Select an image
2. Choose a time limit to view and a cool presentation
3. Add a short message
4. Send your Peek to anyone with the, FOR NOW, free to download app!

When the image is received, you will be notified of a PEEK in your verified email account
(make sure it did not get put in junk inbox)!

1. Open the app and select the image to be viewed
2. Hold down the Peek button to SNEAKAPEEK of what your friend has sent you!! Keep your
finger still while you hold it.

Alas, when your time is up… the picture will close and your memory is the only place this photo
will rest!!

Well, don’t just sit there, get some privacy, some ownership of your photos, some confidence
that what you send will only be viewed for a limited time in the app… and send a PEEK back!!



1. Play fun games of hide and seek, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, FindMe games!!
2. Send a funny picture to a coworker you don’t want shared around the office!
3. Send a PEEK of an image for temporary review to someone with the app.
4. Send a screenshot from an app, email or text to be viewed for a limited time.
5. Enjoy cool presentation animations for the pictures to your friends.
6. A cheap, easy and convenient way to send images to a friend or colleague.

Click here to install: GET NOW!

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