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WHDH - 7 Weather Boston

WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
2.5 based on 203 Votes
Price Free

The 7Weather team provides you with current conditions and your 7-day forecast. Our interactive radar provides real-time radar and satellite information - anywhere in the US. And if stormy weather is headed your way, stick with the 7Stormforce for alerts, school closings and the latest road conditions.
Just like before, this new version of the application includes the ability to add five locations for tracking hourly (tap on a currents), daily & extended weather information, forecasts, and watches and warnings all FREE. Get detailed current conditions by tapping the current temp. Users now get a 6th "current" location that updates whenever the app is opened and severe weather outlooks. Alerts are still shown in the app in the form of badge icons next to each location for free. Read more...

WHDH - 7 Weather Boston is a Weather application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 203 Votes. This version 3.2 has an average rating of 5 based on 1 Users.

Your device must have atleast 57.5 MB of space to download and install WHDH - 7 Weather Boston. This application does not have game center . WHDH - 7 Weather Boston is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Sunbeam Television Corp. at

Support Languages

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WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
WHDH - 7 Weather Boston
WHDH - 7 Weather Boston

Additional Information


β€’ Current conditions, hourly and daily forecasts, and severe weather alert badges and text for your current location

β€’ Level 3 interactive radar, animation/loops and visible satellite map

*Data and alerting available for the United States only.

*Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life

What's New on this version 3.2

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • No detailed forecast

    Pictures and video forecasts, but no detailed forecast option without watching the video.

  • New changes are awful

    I used to LOVE this app now the new format makes it difficult to watch video forcasts or really anything.... Not sure why everything changed πŸ˜•

  • Popup ads!

    Omg - the adds that pop up are out of control. Same ad comes up multiple times. Please make it stop or improve the design so you can dismiss it once. There also seems to be more screen space dedicated to ads than news. Aren't you supposed to be a news station? Get it together whdh.

  • Ads have driven me away!

    I know your app need to make money, but the expanding ads are miserable. I won't use the app anymore.

  • Gone downhill

    App used to be good. The new format isn't as intuitive. It also doesn't connect a lot of times now and doesn't show any forecast or radar map. Would be nice if they fixed the bugs.

  • Spam

    Ads pop up constantly, including alert boxes that force you to click OK and try to redirect you to the App Store to buy something. I love reading the weather blog. Too bad. Uninstalling.

  • Update stinks

    Not as user friendly after the last update :(

  • Latest update not great

    I like the access to the blogs and weather maps, but the latest update removed the more detailed information for my current location. Bring back all those details like sunrise/sunset times, etc. It's just not as informative as it was. Also, wouldn't mind if the blog interface was less clunky.

  • Works great

    This app runs very smoothly. Can always watch the latest forecast video. Plus the live streaming of the news runs flawless with perfect picture.

  • Bigger maps!!!

    Bigger maps please

  • Too bad

    This used to be my #1 weather goto app! Earlier this year you made major changes which ruined it, especially the new tiny sized 7day map, now the tiny map has even lost its tiny neat graphics! You really blew it! Channel7 weather is the most Acurate but unfortunately your app now is weak, slow and clunky! Fire your developer and get a real app, you deserve it! 😞

  • GREAT!!

    I really rely on this app to provide me with the daily weather.

  • So far so good

    Love the new interface and so far it works great! Nice work πŸ‘

  • Dreadful updates

    I have this app for one reason: the weather. Now, when I select the "Weather Blog" tab, it takes me to the local news. Please return to the previous design with easy access to weather information in the weather app.

  • Crashes...GlitchyπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

    Terrible update, can't freezes whenever I open weather blog...crashes quiet a bit too πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž please fixπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  • Terrible app.

    The new design and updates are terrible. This app is almost unusable. It is glitchy and freezes every time I have used it. Often there are sections that are inexplicably inaccessible. So annoying.

  • Useless the past 3 days

    Since whdh updated their website, the app is broken. No data has been updated and the maps don't work. Please fix

  • Terrible app

    This app is always crashing, never works when you want it to (snow storms) and is just terrible. Better off looking out the window

  • Could be great

    I do prefer the old version although some of the graphics are a little better, however, the reason I gave it 1 star is it seems like during the most important time, like expecting 12 inches of snow, there is no video forecast posted!! Lame!!

  • App stinks!

    The new design is terrible as not easy to navigate. It didn't need to be changed. I'm deleting this one.

  • Updated design is horrible.

    App doesn't start on the most important screen! Every time it starts up with the side bar. It should start with your top favorite places weather by default. I open the app for weather. No reason I should have to tap something else to get there.

  • One significant problem

    The actual forecast has nothing to do with the graphics on the extended forecast. For example, there is supposed to be significant rain this Thursday, but it shows a bright sun and mostly clear. Alongside this is a 90% chance of precip! Is it so hard to do this right?

  • Pretty good!

    I think the app is great except for one flaw - please fix the blog viewer (or fix the way you write the blogs) so that graphics or images show up for the reader! All we can see is text and you refer to images that aren't there all the time!

  • Why?

    Why have a separate weather app apart from the news app? Just integrate the two. If the news app doesn't have sufficient weather information then it's poorly designed and a bit of a rip off.

  • Great app

    I use it daily! β˜€β›…β˜βš‘β˜”β„

  • iPhone 5

    Doesn't fit to iPhone 5 screen

  • Thanks

    Thanks for the 4.3 update. Works great.

  • Disappointed

    I like the computer link to Channel 7's weather report and expected the app to be the same. But it's not. There's no video report. So, it's just another weather app.

  • What happened

    All of a sudden the app isn't loading and I count on you as my go to for weather and news. Please fix it.

  • The owner of this station

    No channel 7 on direct tv=no app

  • Very Awesome

    I like it more and more each time I use it, really really great App! Very loveable. Does much much more than the built-in weather application given by apple. It covers all weather systems with radar, gives a superb hourly forecast just as well as daily. App is very easy to use, and the weather is very up-to-minute. It gives all the watches and warnings in every location you put into it. You can add your location and numerous others that you wish by choosing the small "i" info button on the homepage weather screen. Does very well for all weather needs. ξ•ξŠξ‹ξ‰ξŒξ„½ξΎξˆ

  • I like it

    App works great. Problems though, Sometimes app needs to be reloaded from app store. On the settings page in "settings" there is no information The subscribe to alerts does not work well App works well overall though.

  • Frozen tundra

    The app constantly froze or did not load at all. When it did work, I liked the layout.

  • Useful

    Pros: Nice, clean interface. Data is well layed out. Ablilty to navigate a live radar loop is very useful. (Big plus because not every weather app can do this.) Has listing of school / business closings. Ability to access WHDH's canned graphics for live TV forecasts is a nice plus. I found it more useful than the "mobile" edition of WHDH's weather website. In fact, I think the "standalone" WHDH weather app is better than what is included in the "weather" portion of the WHDH news app. So get both. Cons: No device rotation support. (Minor.) This would be helpful for tracking storms moving west to east in landscape mode vs portrait mode.

  • Love it.

    Great app, love the blogs, I have no idea why people talk about the crashes, mine has been flawless since it was introduced.

  • Best weather app!

    Hands down best weather app!

  • Consistency please!

    Why does the 7 day map vary so greatly from the daily (7 day) forecast??? Which one is correct?

  • Crashes every time

    App crashes every time you open it. Tried redownloading but didn't help.

  • Mediocre

    I downloaded this app so I could watch the video forecast from prior newscasts, like from earlier tonight, since they are unavailable on mobile Safari (the website requires Flash). Unfortunately, I checked the video section of the app and there are no videos available! Makes the app pretty useless. The forecast and description of future weather is available. If that is what you are looking for, this may be for you.

  • Best app

    This is the Best app ever for weather

  • Cool n usefull

    I need this app everyday

  • Best Boston area weather app

    After the update, this is the best weather app for Boston area people hands down, thanks for the 4.3 update!

  • app won't load

    past 3 days

  • Failure after iOS 4.3 update

    App needs to be updated immediately. It crashes immediately. Ever since iOS 4.3 update.

  • Not in 4.3

    Doesnt work in 4.3. So sad.

  • stopped working

    Crashes upon opening once you upgrade to OS 4.3. Their solution listed on the website: 7. Why is my app running slow, freezing or crashing on iOS4? You have to completely shut down apps by clicking your home button twice and removing apps from the list of all running apps. If there are too many apps running in the background, the phone may run out of memory, which can cause the app to run slower or potentially get pushed out of memory and cause the app to crash. This happens quite often and is unfortunately a feature of iOS4. ------------------------ Tried that. It still doesn't work. So I deleted the app, re-downloaded, hard reboot, and.... it STILL doesn't work.

  • Not working with the new iOS

    Need an update.

  • doesn't work with iOS4.3

    the splash screen appears ten crashes. please update.

  • Well done

    Everything from the website, repurposed well for the iPod touch / iPhone.

  • Great App

    Great app! A must if you live in Mass!

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