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iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service...

iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
3.5 based on 132 Votes
Price $3.99

The only App that builds your entire Army Service Uniform (ASU) and shows all the measurements!
FEATURES:

iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform is a Utilities application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 132 Votes. This version 1.13 has an average rating of 3 based on 31 Users.

Your device must have atleast 35.4 MB of space to download and install iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform. This application does not have game center . iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform can be downloaded and install for $3.99 only

Support Languages

English, American , German


Utilities , Reference ,


iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform

Additional Information

* This App supports the latest AR 670-1 and DA PAM 670-1 (31MAR2014) updates for wear and appearance of the ASU.

* The App displays all measurements and spacing details by zooming in. Takes away the guesswork when setting up your own uniform.

* Save multiple ASUs with the option to edit or update later.

*Email, or Share ASU images. A great tool for assisting other Soldiers.

* Covers all ranks, branches, and genders.

* A ruler in the App facilitates on-the-spot uniform adjustments.

Square away your team, squad or platoon. You can build, save, and email your soldiers' ASUs faster than the time it normally takes to figure out one uniform using a booklet or manual! This App was created to make Army Service Uniform assembly fast!

This App does not yet cover:

Uniforms other than the ASU

National Guard State awards and ribbons

What's New on this version 1.13

Corrected ordering of ribbons.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Love it - Squared me away

    I love his app. I square my joes away with it before every inspection. Super easy - have used it for over a year now.

  • This App needs an UPDATE

    When will this App be updated! I sent an email about this issue while deployed only to be ignored, and never got a response back! This app is missing many Awards,Badges and new Awards! Example: OIR Campaign Medal is not here! I would not recommend anyone buy this app till it is properly updated!

  • Missing a lot

    I like the concept, but this app is far from being complete. There are no options for OCS or WOCS candidates, missing many awards/ ribbons from other branches, missing insignia badges (i.e., Navy Enlisted Surface Warfare) for those who transferred or earned them, the Navy battle E ribbon has an "E" centered so when adding E's, the ribbon looks dysfunctional. Poor app for $3.99.

  • DON'T BUY!!!!

    Absolutely do not get this app. Their information is wrong, they won't refund your money, and the app crashes all the time. Tell anyone you can to stay away from this app!!! If you buy this app you'll have a jacked up DA photo, you'll fail ASU inspection, and look like garbage for any board. There are better apps and websites out there. I'm in the process of getting these guys removed from iTunes because of their crappy app, bad uniform info and lack of customer service.

  • Great app

    This is an outstanding app that provides all the information you need such as measurements and placement. The only thing is it needs to be updated with the new OIR campaign medal.

  • Improve

    Needs state ribbons added to the app

  • Needs Updating

    Not a bad app but it lacks support. It crashes frequently and hasn't been updated since the summer of 2015. The current version is missing the latest ribbons.

  • Not that great

    This app is ONLY for ASU(coat) does not give any measurements for anything else.. Short sleeve, or long sleeve. Kind of a waste of money.

  • Eh

    Could be better.

  • Great app

    Love the app! Great for referencing, however can app be updated for use of the Identification Badges?

  • Not impressed.

    I expected a lot more for the price paid. Very basic features like ribbon precedence and a link for purchases. The ruler is difficult for use with small measurements. App allows personalized over view of the ASU coat, that is the only redeeming feature. Unfortunately, some information presented is inaccurate as service stripes are not worn on an officers coat.

  • Needs a lot more work.

    Overall it works but it's missing all special badge other than the CSIB.

  • DO NOT BUY. Terrible APP

    It only lets you put Class A coat together. You can find out how to do that and find info on Google very easily. Why would they not allow you to put Class B tropic uniform together!? Ripoff.

  • Crashing

    It just keeps crashing, I can save and view the uniform after typing in rank branch and gender, any information i place in after that once i click view uniform it just crashes

  • Too expensive

    Way too expensive but very handy to use.

  • Terrible App

    App deletes saved uniform and crashes every time you attempt to edit it.

  • Good, but not perfect

    For the mos part this app is very helpful. I like and use it to help people prepare their ASUs, but warn them of the following errors. The "Republic of Vietnam Civil Actions Unit Citation" ribbon is completely missing from iUniform. iUniform shows the "Armed Forces Reserve Medal" with the devices in the wrong locations. The regulations identify how the devices are arranged on the ribbon according to the wearer's left and right. iUniform places them as described, but according to the viewer's left and right. The end result is that the devices are displayed in the reverse order. iUniform places the "Afghanistan NATO Medal" too high on the ribbon chart. It should be located much lower, as are the other NATO ribbons. When a person is authorized a Group 1 or 2, and a Group 3 badge, most soldiers wear both badges above their ribbons. It is easy to display them there with a symetrical appearance. iUniform places the Group 3 badge below the ribbons. While this variation is also authorized by the regs, it is difficult to present a neat and balanced appearance this way. Part of the badge problem is that iUniform displays many of them much smaller than they are in reality. As an example, aviation wings are about the length of two ribbons, but iUniform makes them appear shorter than one ribbon. Many CSIB are still not available, but similarly shaped badges can be found for most unit patches to give an idea of placement. Pocket "identification badges" are still not an option in iUniform.

  • Minor work needed

    Overall not a bad app for quick and accurate placement. Would be nice to add a ruler function that can be seen while in camera view. Allowing the user to double check all measurements. Also add Class B option, measurements not annotated for badge placement on pocket. (I.e. Evenly spaced or with one once between), would also show what intersecting the lapel for the insignia disc actually means. Make a separate disc measurement/photo ability as stated above.

  • Terrible

    So for 3.99 it tells me how to Square Away a only a ASU coat? No pants no white collared shirt? AVOID

  • Great, overall.

    App is great, but needs a few improvements. It crashes a lot. A few more things could be added, like measurements with foreign jump wings and flashes around Airborne wings.

  • Decent

    Not a bad app for general uniform advice. Could be improved with a little effort. Doesn't have my CSIB (SOCCENT) or my wife's (525 Bfsb). I would also like to have seen badges of other branches approved for wear on ASU (I have Navy EXW). Overall I guess it's helpful but not a complete resource.

  • Ok! App

    Overall Seemed like a good app since I was able to build my ASU jacket with no issues. However there was no option to build my dress B uniform which I also need.



  • Good

    Great app just needs different class options and needs like the signal Coro badge

  • Great app

    Love this app! Did exactly what I needed it to. Would like to see some recruiter/DS badges and some class B measurements for the gold ranks on the collar. Other than that, great app!

  • Valuable tool

    A great app, no excuse for Joe to look like a soup sandwich at all anymore, great work on the app. Looking forward to seeing updates to include authorized marksmanship badges i.e. President's Hundred tab, Distinguished Marksmanship badges and interservice championship metals in order of precedence.

  • Almost there!

    This app is very good for measurement and placement guidelines. Only thing that can make it better is an option for award requests, such as the Army Space Basic/Senior/Master Badge.

  • Great app

    This app is awesome and very helpful. Only have seen 2 problems if I try to edit a saved uniform app crashes and placement of attachments for the armed forces reserve medal are incorrect other than that excellent app cant wait to see identifications badges.

  • Awesome App!

    Glad it was updated!

  • Awesome App!

    Overall...👍👍👍👍👍. This app did everything that I needed it to do to get my uniform ready in a hurry. Usability is Joe proof!

  • Great app but I found a slight problem

    This app is a great tool to showcase the correct way to assemble your ASU. It designs your rack as well as where each individual award should be placed, as well as the measurements. One thing though, if you pick your MOS/Branch as something other than Infantry, you will be unable to choose a CIB/EIB as an award for your uniform. You will be only given the chance to choose the CAB. The reason I bring this up is because I earned both my CIB and EIB while I was enlisted as Infantry. I am now an Intelligence Officer and still wear the awards earned from my Infantry days. While it may be a trivial bug to report, it is a bug nonetheless. There are many prior service guys out there, as well guys who have reclassed. Please fix.

  • Great App

    This app is great and I would recommend it anyone! Perhaps the next step with would be to add actual officer and warrant officer rank insignias, create actual images for the regimental corps insignia, and shoulder patches/tabs. Otherwise this is a great app, little to no bugs and great easy to use experience.

  • SMH

    Keeps shutting down when you edit uniform... Did you update drill Sgt badge yet?

  • Newest update

    On the most recent update some of the ribbons are out of order on the uniform and there is a duplicate of every rank, branch, gender, badge. The app it's self it awesome minus the new flaws.

  • Great App to have.

    After the Bugs got worked out and made a new Uniform the App is running great. Need to add DoD Civilian Military Awards. I Use the App when we have Dress Blues Inspection in my Unit.

  • Update glitchy

    Quits on gender option and when choosing new ribbons there are double listings of the same ribbon and order of precedence is not correct please update great app

  • Great app please update

    With the latest update you can't edit your saved uniforms. As soon as you press gender it shuts down. Thanks for adding the other service ribbons.

  • Serious Glitch with the new update

    With the new update, the ribbons are missing and you can edit your saved uniform. The app is super buggy and unstable, it quits every time. Please fix

  • Fix bug


  • Amazing!!

    This app is a lifesaver! It builds your uniform for you and gives you the exact measurements you need for everything! Plus you can save it once you are done to reference back. Definitely worth the money so I don't have to reference the AR.

  • Too Expensive

    Expected more than just a picture of my understanding form. Overpriced for what it does.


    I was about to delete the app before the update but, looks like I will be using it more often now. Thanks

  • Fantastic!!

    This is a great guideline on how to set up your ASU!

  • Fixed

    Ik a lot of ppl complained about the app however it is fixed and can be used properly and works great for uniform inspections great app

  • Great app

    App is great for a quick reference for setting up your asu's

  • Update ROCKS!!!

    The iOS update is amazing. This app has all your needs for the ASU. Download it!

  • Only helpful one out there

    This has helped me figure out my uniform a couple of times and it's always a good reference for any soldier to have handy. I need it now more than ever though and the update has killed me! Other than that, great app. I wish you could select the foreign badge specifically though.

  • It won't work!

    I just bought the app and it freezes up after selecting an option in build a new uniform!

  • Most helpful so far!

    Love this app. Have been using for some time now, however... I'm unable to use the app on my iOS 8 devices. Downloads fine, opens and looks great, but when it comes time to create a new uniform, there is no scroll wheel anymore to select rank, gender, or branch. I would highly recommend this app... After it gets updated



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