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GHIN Mobile

GHIN Mobile
2 based on 800 Votes
Price Free

GHIN Mobile is the official app of the Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN®), a service of the United States Golf Association®. It offers a personalized mobile experience that allows you to manage and follow your game. This universal app offers these terrific features!
• Post your score

GHIN Mobile is a Sports application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 800 Votes. This version 2.2.8 has an average rating of 1.5 based on 65 Users.

Your device must have atleast 20.4 MB of space to download and install GHIN Mobile. This application does not have game center . GHIN Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Sports , Entertainment ,


GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile

Additional Information

• View your official USGA Handicap Index®

• View your most recent scores

• Interactive Course Handicap™ Calculator & Handicap Index lookup

• News and event results (if your association has opted to customize)

• And if your club has opted to customize:

o Non-Golfing members can now utilize the app

o Clubs can now connect directly with their providers that offer web-based services, such as websites, tee time reservations, event management, dining, and more.

• Works on iPhone and iPad

Note: Use of this app requires an official USGA Handicap Index® issued by a State or Regional Golf Association that uses the GHIN service.

What's New on this version 2.2.8

- Bug fixes and improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Partners handicap doesn't update

    I use this app to enter scores, check my handicap, and handicap of other players I play with. I use the partner function. Looks like the partner function is no longer working as all handicaps show April 1 as last update, and there have been 2 handicap updates since then.

  • Location is bugged

    Downloaded several times and it only lets me choose clubs in NJ that are 460 miles away from where I live. I can't even use the app.

  • Disappointed

    My course isn't even in here, thanks for nothing.

  • What happened!

    This was a simple and convenient app to enter scores and look up handicaps. It adjusted me and to different tees which of course changes the handicap. Searching for my home course doesn't seem to work as there are only a few courses listed. Come on guys get this right

  • What the hell?

    Says "golfer inactive"? No way to contact to find out what is going on, totally useless app.....

  • Terrible

    Terrible app. Have tried to load & reload multiple times and it still puts me in NJ. It will not let me locate my course or any course other than NJ. Please fix!!

  • Used to be great

    I've used this app for a long time and loved it. Now I can't sign in, it says my local courses are in NY, I'm in Wyoming. It can't even find my local course when typed in. Too bad, I'll have to try something else.

  • Inept

    Turn on "location services" to find your club. I did. I'm in TX. The clubs listed were in NJ and NY. Tried to look up my club by name. After the first letter it defaulted to "no such club." And the search button isn't usable. This despite the fact I enter my club name every week to enter a score. Horrible and inept! And this (GHIN) is for paid members only? Ridiculous.

  • Brutal

    If the first 12,409 people writing you to tell you your app is awful. I'll add one more to the list. The only clubs you can get are New Jersey clubs. Seriously go find something else to do other than building apps.

  • Needs a fix...

    iPhone 7 user here. I live in the southeast but the app only shows courses in NJ. I allowed location access and it still doesn't find courses nearby.

  • Peer Review

    This is a great app which I use often and find it to be very convenient. I would however like to see one modification. When reviewing the stats of guys I play golf with ("partners" in the app), the dates shown omit the day of the month making it difficult to remind "Freddie to post his record breaking 72 last Saturday". Oddly, when I review my own scores, the full date, including day of month is shown. As a member of our club's handicap committee, I encourage peer review of posted scores. Making this modification will greatly enhance this ability.

  • I'm not in New Jersey either

    Only finds clubs in New Jersey. Shows correct distance (~850 miles) so we know Location Services is working. On IPad only works in portrait mode. Gave it 2 stars since I can find a course in the Favorites section. Otherwise, only worth 1 star.

  • Fix your app!

    You are only able to search for clubs in NY & NJ. How about fixing the app so it works if you live anywhere else in the country.

  • App doesn't work

    I've used this for about 3 years and it stopped working about 3 months ago "unable to complete task". When I try to open it

  • No longer can recommend.

    Constantly says "Unable to open. Try again later"!! App is now useless.

  • MOgolfer57

    Used to work great. Now it won't let me login- says that no membership is found for name and number. Get the same message on both my iPhone7 and iPad. Very disappointed since I can no longer enter scores while traveling away from my home course. Even tried deleting and downloading the app again. Please fix this!

  • No membership found????

    Why I keep coming back to this app I don't know. This is the fourth or fifth time this has happened. I have i number and a name, yet it seems to forget me every couple of months.

  • App crashes

    Same issue as everyone else. Getting error message "no membership". I'm able to login through the website, so it's definitely the app. Please fix.

  • Good app gone bad

    The last 2 years the courses I usually play are slowly going away & slope & rating were always wrong. Now today, the course is there but no tees to pick from to post. Last year I could only post a score if playing from forward tees. Now I can't even post a score without doing it manually. Wrote to them last year & they couldn't understand women can play from something other than forward tees. Gave them the info & still nothing!

  • Bull Crap App

    If I try to look up my club to get my Handicap, the only courses that are listed are in NJ which is 1,000 miles away, What the F.

  • Can't find club

    I can't find my local club, search functionality is awful.

  • Issue fixed

    When I first downloaded the app, it worked. But once I close the app in the background (double tap home and swipe the app up) it won't let me open the app again. I get an "unable to complete task. Try again later" notification. I'm on iOS 10.0.2. Please fix this and I'll change my rating. Edit: issue has been fixed.

  • Currently only works on Wifi

    It's a pretty mediocre app when it is working; as others have mentioned, it should use GPS. But right now it only works for me over wifi. Can't connect error over LTE. That's for me on my iPhone 7 plus. But my friend on his 5S doesn't have this problem.

  • Fix the App!!!!

    You see all these reviews from People saying that the app doesn't work using cellular connectivity, yet there's no acknowledgement that the bug exists or that it is being worked on. The app is great when it works. Please fix the d**n app!!!!

  • Disfunctional app

    The app no longer works! Please fix ASAP!

  • App works on the very rare occasion

    Once in a blue moon this app will open, usually I get an error stating "unable to connect" please fix it. This has only started happening to me since I got my iPhone 7 with new operating system.

  • Won't connect

    Ugh. Can't start app. Get can't connect message.

  • Unable to Connect

    I have used this app for years and thought it was decent. Last month I upgraded to an iPhone 7 and now I'm unable to connect unless connected to a wifi. I have tried everything, deleting the app and downloading it again multiple times. The only other work around I have found is going into settings turning off the apps ability to use cellular data. Logging into the app and it says I need to change the data settings and brings me right back to the settings and I turn the data back on and it works for that one time. Afterwards it won't work again.

  • Doesn't work

    Says Unable to connect.

  • Unable to Connect. Please try again later...really?

    I used to love this app. I've used it for a few years. All of a sudden, I get this message "Unable to connect. Task can not be completed at this time. Please try again later". I have restarted my phone, deleted the app and reinstalled. It worked again for about a week. Now I've deleted it and reinstalled over 5 times. Same message. Please fix this app. I usually post and look up partners handicaps twice per week

  • Doesn't work

    Every time I log on it says cannot connect try again later. It's not my phone I have the iPhone 7 and service threw Verizon!! Please fix this !!!

  • 👎🏻

    This app is terrible. Half the time it says able to connect. Hard to track scores on an app that doesn't work.

  • Not working

    Will not open and allow access

  • ghin app not working on iphone 7+ with ios 10.0.2

    ghin app works on my 6 with previous ios version but my iphone 7+ ios 10.0.2 wont connect to network tried reloading restarting refreshing nothing makes it work have full internet access and everything else works fine

  • Error

    Errors all day errrrror day

  • Unable to connect

    Used to love this app now always "unable to connect"

  • Still acting up

    I enjoyed this app for one month but now it's acting up. Location services are not working properly it keeps asking me to retry with no success time for USGA to take a look at it!

  • Used to Work

    What happened? Not working with the new IOS update. Pls fix and then I will change the rating

  • Work great

    When I use the app, my biggest issue is my swing. 😭

  • Partners

    Ap is ok to track your own. But if you play in a large group and enter everyone in it doesn't update their handicaps. Have to look them up every time handicaps update.

  • Doesn't do much.

    You can enter a score but that is about it. None of the search functions work. Disappointing overall.

  • Useless

    ...really. Cannot find home course/club...unless you belong to the only club it locates in NJ.

  • GHIN App is junk

    The app never works unless I delete it and reinstall it, then it works once and I have to start over. The GHIN website is always down, so it's impossible to enter my scores. How can the USGA allow such a shoddy product to continue being the only way for me to manage my handicap. It's disgraceful! CombatCritic Gives GHIN 1 Bomb Out Of 10 And A Spot On My WALL OF SHAME ... More Bombs Are Better!

  • Can't find Clubs nearby

    This used to work. Now when I search for clubs near me all I get is clubs in NJ. I'm in Atlanta. If I put a club name in it can't find it. Please Fix.

  • This is a USGA app?

    It doesn't work. It can't find my location and thinks I am in NJ. The search doesn't work either.

  • App problems

    App will not allow me to log in.

  • Doesn't work at all

    This app hasn't worked since the day I got it. I have downloaded several times and deleted several times, thinking it might eventually work. Two months later, still nothing...Club lookup only shows a handful of clubs in New Jersey. App is 100% useless.

  • iPhone 6 optimized?

    a new screen size that's been out for over a year and still not optimized? give this app a refresh. also, I'm not in NJ! even using location on my phone, can't select any club other than NJ clubs? FIX!!!!

  • No Complaints so far

    Have been using this app for about a month. Seems to do what is supposed to. As far as finding my course, there is no GPS however searching by state then alphabetically is easy enough. Then just save to favorite course, easy sneezy.

  • I'm not in New Jersey

    Unlike most other apps, when I try to find my club near me (allowing Location Services), this one has a bug assuming I'm in New Jersey, without ability to search for my club by name. My location still puts me at an accurate distance from the NJ clubs listed, 100's of miles away, but I can't search for my club near me. I've tried re-installing the app, to no avail. Fix soon! Thanks!

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