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WKRN – Nashville’s News 2

WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
3.5 based on 352 Votes
Price Free

Experience the brand new WKRN app. Get more news, more weather and more video. It's everything you love about Nashville's News 2 and right at your fingertips.
WKRN provides the latest news, sports, weather and traffic coverage for Nashville, Tennessee. Read more...

WKRN – Nashville’s News 2 is a News application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 352 Votes. This version 55.22.1 has an average rating of based on 0 Users.

Your device must have atleast 49.3 MB of space to download and install WKRN – Nashville’s News 2. This application does not have game center . WKRN – Nashville’s News 2 is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


News , Weather ,


WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2
WKRN – Nashville’s News 2

Additional Information


- Easily navigate through local news and information that's important to you

- Stay informed of breaking news with Nashville's News 2 alerts

- View local news videos embedded within stories or at full screen

- Understand how weather will affect you with local forecasts, radar, maps and video

- Stay up-to-date on school closings and severe weather

- Help shape local coverage by submitting photos and news tips through Report It

- Share interesting articles via e-mail, Facebook(R) and Twitter(TM)

What's New on this version 55.22.1

* Increased app stability.
* Minor bug fixes.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Fix it pls

    Keeps crashing mostly while on weather, day time temps.

  • Was a good app...until..

    This used to be a decent app that I used for local news and weather, but the app crashes often, and the ads are so annoying. They are not just on the news page, and at the bottom, but now they pop up too? Really? But I do have a's called an un-install.

  • Crap

    The app is terrible it is full of pop ups and can even redirect safari when left open! apple needs to ban the developers of this app

  • Doesn't work

    Get stuck with fetching articles every time I open the app. Can't get the news but I sure can get a ton of pop up ads. Come on news 2! You're better than this ad-infested pile of crap.

  • Pop Ups

    Worst pop up ads of any app I have ever used!

  • Give up

    I give up on this app. It used to be the best. The final straw is trying to read the news and pop up ads start. Especially frustrating as you're reading about the latest terrorist attack.

  • Terrible app

    Channel is boring now. Warnings are always too late.

  • Not controllable

    I don't want sports notifications. Period! The alerts won't turn off even though there is a switch to turn off sports notifications. If I have to spend every Sunday clearing all the foolball alerts, I don't want the app.

  • Pop-up ads

    Pop-up ads make it impossible to read news items.

  • Notifications are horrible, great local weather app

    Although this app has a great local Nashville weather and radar section, if you have notifications on, every morning it gives you a friendly reminder about the weather and a depressing notification on how many people were killed the day before. Horrible way to wake up.

  • Horrible News App

    The ads and popups make this app almost unusable.. Please fix!

  • Unfortunately Horrible

    Love the morning crew on 2. They're the best. App is total junk. Pop ups and loud commercials. Rarely works.

  • Getting Worse

    This app used do be okay, but now it struggles to load properly and random pop-up ads often fill the screen. I'd suggest you find another local news app.

  • No Live Streaming

    Channel 2's live streaming shows the same commercial over and over. NO live streaming!

  • Great App, But

    The app is very handy and useful. Great to keep up to date on events as they happen, including traffic. The one request I have is to bring back a feature. When you tap the daily update received at 6am, it needs to go back to bringing up that information like it used to. Now when you tap the notification, it brings up the live show section. I don't always think to read the entire notification before tapping and miss seeing the summary on screen.

  • Terrible update

    I loved this app before the update. I put off doing the update bc of the terrible reviews. However, it eventually wouldn't open without updating. At first, I didn't like the update bc it was hard to find anything. Now, I hate it bc it won't even load. I have to completely close out the app from the home screen in order to access it again. It just freezes and won't do anything otherwise. Terrible

  • Worse and worse

    There was a time that this was the best local news app out of Nashville. That day has past. I would rank it third behind News Channel 5 and WSMV. It takes too long to scroll through the story list now that each one has the large pictures to the left. Also the because of the ads loading each time you go back to the list it delays the time before you can pick up where you left off on the list after reading a story.

  • Horrible

    This app freezes, crashes and displays ads when one is trying to read an ad free article. Also there are many spelling errors that make you wonder who is writing the copy.

  • Marginally Useful

    Crashes while scrolling thru an article. Incessant ads popping up in the middle of news stories list. Why does almost every story have to have video? I just want read the news while eating lunch. Can’t go back unless you scroll to the top to get the Back button to reappear.

  • App freezes up

    The app keeps freezing all the time. I keep have to force close it to get it to refresh

  • Unusable app

    Content is fine, but app has been so glitchy, have uninstalled twice on different occasions, hoping a reload would help. I want to like this app, but I can't. Fire your developer, and start over.

  • Horrific user experience

    Ad's slide into the news list repositioning what you see as you're reading; back button disappears while scrolling an article only to reappear when the bottom is reached forcing a scroll to the end irregardless of article length; returning back to news list after reading an article results in a shift of all the stories on the screen so you're not even sure where you were in the list; most links within stories don't work; some back buttons on top of screen some inconsistently on bottom depending on article. This app feels like it was written by a child for a class project 2hrs before it was due.

  • Jumpy

    The screen is jumpy when you scroll to try to read an article. I love your channel best but going have to leave you for another station's phone app. This is just not doable.

  • Got the jitters

    Vertical scrolling gets very jittery particularly near the bottom of a story. Started after iOS 9 installed but not happening on other apps. Content wise still the best in Nashville. Just need the shakiness fixed.

  • Still not fixed!

    Please fix the app! Can't scroll to the end of a story without the screen shaking and not scrolling.


    Of a page pulsating when I attempt to scroll through an article!!!!!! When trying to scroll while reading an article, the page SPAZZES so much, it could provoke a seizure in susceptible individuals!!!!!!!!!!! If it is not fixed, I will be DELETING the app!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Notifications are fixed!

    Update: Notification bug is fixed! Back to being the best local news app in town! Used to be 5 stars and the best news app in Nashville. Now it won't clear the notification red dot since the last update. 11 days later and it's at 77 right now. Uninstalled and reinstalled and it didn't fix it. The last update details also mention the did something with notifications. They need to undo whatever they did!

  • Gave up

    Finally deleted the app after unsuccessfully trying to get rid of 100+ messages. Don't know why they configured their news that way but I don't want to constantly see numbers on my apps, especially ones I can't get rid of.

  • Bad update

    This app used to be my primary news source. However, with the new update I can no longer tell if there is breaking news since the notifications will not clear on the icon. I am going to delete the app and go to another source if it is not corrected soon.


    Having the same problem as everyone else!! Like athletes feet...won't go away!!

  • 100+ Notifications

    I had over 100 notifications on the app. Drives me bonkers. Please listen to these reviews and change the notification "enhancement". I even turned off notifications on this app and I'm still getting the red numbers that won't go away. Next step is just deleting the app.

  • Notifications

    The notifications keep piling up. I'm up to 63. Make it go away. 😂

  • Red notifications

    This app was great until the most recent update. Now it tells me I have 60 new notifications and there's no way to get them to go away.

  • Fix the alerts already!

    Are you listening to the complaints? The alerts won't go away! I got 59! Annoying. Plus some of the news writers are apparently on something. Some stories are very badly written!

  • Boo!

    Streaming video doesn't work. One star only because there's no half-star option...

  • Notifications problem

    Cannot get the notifications to go away. Tried to refresh but to no avail. Only happened recently when I updated app. Aggravating!

  • Terrible

    Latest update has messed the app up completely. I have 25 notification and can't get rid of them. Should have left it alone

  • Make the notifications disappear!

    Please make the notifications disappear! It's driving me crazy! I love WKRN, but come on! Get it together!

  • I would have given 5 stars, but...

    I would have given this app a 5 star rating 2 weeks ago, but the fact that the notifications don't disappear even after I've read the latest news is frustrating. Hopefully, this issue will be fixed soon, or else I'll have to delete and use another local station app to get my daily news updates.

  • Worn

    Best news App!

  • WKRN-2

    Make the notification numbers go away! I like receiving notifications, but I want the number to go away. Please do something!

  • Should've left it alone...

    The app was good...updates, weather, news, and when you read the notifications they went away. When I updated to the new version I couldn't get the notification number to go away off the app so I made the app go away. As my Granmomma used to say sometimes it's best to leave well enough alone.

  • Horrible!

    Why are you sending me notifications for a possible flash flood in Louisville Kentucky??!!?? Every five seconds it's another breaking story. I check it and it's high winds in Franklin Kentucky. WHO CARES??? They have their own news stations.

  • This app gets worse and worse

    A few updates ago this was a pretty good app. No longer. Now when you see a story you have to go to the top or the bottom in order to show how to get back home. The push ads are annoyingly placed and push the story teasers down after they are loaded. Look to Reuters to see how to do a decent app. The general layout is getting worse and worse also.

  • Poor app

    Uninstalling. Far too many push notifications are sent as "breaking news!" There are also annoying pop up ads; currently a campaign ad that covers the entire screen and has to be closed to view any of the news items. Push notifications should be reserved for truly impactful events. I'm reminded of the fable about the little boy who cried wolf and wkrn should be, too.

  • Trouble loading

    This app is ok. The most recent version won't load. Also the radar feature won't load as well. Sad because this usually has been a dependable app for weather and news.

  • Y


  • If it's not broken...

    This new update is so annoying, especially the radar and weather section. The radar used to be so easy to use and very easy to see. Now it's awful and useless. Bring back how the radar used to be!!

  • Update is horrible

    Was the the worse

  • Exercise in degradation

    Deleting! Just getting worse and worse. Floods me with notifications about the littlest things but I'm stuck in a huge backup on 840 that they didn't tell me about. Interface is terrible. Go back a few versions. Stop pulling the trigger so quickly on some of your alerts!

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