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Scanner Radio Deluxe

Scanner Radio Deluxe
3.5 based on 531 Votes
Price Free

Listen to live audio from over 5,300 police and fire scanners, weather radios, and amateur radio repeaters from around the world (with more being added daily).
Features:

Scanner Radio Deluxe is a News application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 531 Votes. This version 1.4.7 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 52 Users.

Your device must have atleast 3.7 MB of space to download and install Scanner Radio Deluxe. This application does not have game center . Scanner Radio Deluxe is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


News , Entertainment ,


Scanner Radio Deluxe
Scanner Radio Deluxe
Scanner Radio Deluxe
Scanner Radio Deluxe
Scanner Radio Deluxe
Scanner Radio Deluxe
Scanner Radio Deluxe
Scanner Radio Deluxe

Additional Information

* Add scanners you listen to the most to your Favorites list for quick access.

* View scanners that are located nearest you, sorted by distance, by clicking on "Near Me"

* View the top 50 scanners that have the most listeners (updated every 5 minutes).

* View list of scanners added most recently (new additions are being added all the time).

* Browse the directory of scanner feeds by location or by genre (public safety, weather, railroad, etc).

* Configure alerts to have the app notify you (via push notifications) when lots of people are listening to a scanner (indicating that something big may be happening).

* Configure alerts to have the app notify you anytime there is a alert for one of your favorite scanners or for any scanner.

The audio is provided by volunteers using real scanner radios. If your area is not available it means that no one in your area has volunteered to provide scanner audio for the web site (where the app gets the majority of its audio from).

What's New on this version 1.4.7

Changed default listener alert threshold from 1000 to 3500.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Not near me

    I want Fayetteville/Oak Hill area!!!!

  • Very Staticky and no voice for FDNY

    Usually when I hear fire trucks in my neighborhood I turn on my scanner and for some reason I hear nothing but staticky noices every few second or nothing is being said even though firetruck are responding to a call near by and I can seem to find out what's going on cause I love listening to the scanner is there a fix or something?

  • Problem.


  • Used to be good

    This app needs a UPDATE every time i am listening it cuts in and out It needs a fix and quick it used to be amazing I would not recommend this app anymore find something else

  • Really data efficient

    It uses a very low amount of data while streaming. I barely broke 2MB listening for about 15 minutes. Very great!

  • Kills battery quick!

    Kills battery faster than any other scanner I've had does. Sounds the same as the others I've used and have too so this will no longer be in my phone. Was trying to find one that had the favorites option and different areas, but this isn't worth it!

  • Pursuits

    This is a great app to run in background while simultaneously streaming live pursuit video!! I have it set for all alerts and it's been fantastical to see everything that's happening in the USA from tornados to NASA communications and every major incident in between. My grandpa was a Detroit Cop and I have the utmost respect for all the first responders and what they do to protect us. Thank you devs for outdoing my old 50 app. Amazing 🚔🚨

  • Best One

    Agree with other poster. Time to thank you guys. You needed more reviews.

  • new Channel Request Dutchess

    Can you please add the Dutchess county Police units and state police.?

  • Nice Fun

    I enjoy listening to our wonderful police officers as they protect and serve. I'm thankful we don't hear the digital so they can do their job without our knowledge.

  • Great app

    Great app!

  • Not Bad

    I listen to local City Police + County. Streaming always "Online".. however, occasionally conversations are extremely garbled (assuming different frequencies?). Also, there is no "settings" or "help" page, or FAQ. This makes it difficult to relay info or learn. Most importantly how Sleep Timer works :(

  • Frequencies

    App is great, but when a Department changes frequencies how is it updated. Hayward Fire and Police have changed to the 800 megahertz and I can no longer pick them up.

  • Boring!

    Since Worcester,MA. Changed in Jan-2017 this app has become boring. I might hear a tidbit now & then but most of the time I forget it's even on. My old portables also stopped working but I take the active frequencies in Public Safety and pause ch 856-23750 on one portable and 854-41250 into the other and I get more action then I do on this app. I'm going to try another app but it could Be the same. The Police do not want us listening but you can try Public Safety on your portable scanner and write down active channels and listen that way until you can afford the expensive models. Be safe and remember. No one knows more about scanning than I do....not even Donald Trump!

  • The best free scanner

    Works great! Only a 4 sec lag from real scanner

  • Does NOT work half the tin at least

    Don't work but half the time. It's not in real time either there is almost full 1 min sometimes 2 minute delay. Among plenty of other issues.

  • Scanner Honolulu

    Can tune Baltimore but not Honolulu where I live. Just a constant buzzing. What's up??

  • Electrician

    It is about time that I thank all of the people involved in making this app possible.I like listening to Police and Ham radio from around the world,when I find the time to relax. This app is well laid out for the operator to use. I like the colors used that are easy on my eyes when using this app for long period of time. But most of all,I like the crisp clear Sound and the strong signal that this app pulls in from far away. This is technology at its best!

  • Missing calls

    What happened to the City of Buffalo, Erie County Sheriff police scanner??

  • Great.

    Great app.

  • Good app.

    I love to hear my local police and other services in my area.

  • Channel request

    Would like to see Onondaga county public safety come back always listened to it because I live in area and am a firefighter but now I can't listen to the police side at least come back with a channel for police in Onondaga county

  • Scanner

    Good when not off line. Offline a lot!!!

  • No longer there

    How do you get your local town back on here, it's used be here

  • Interference

    The feeds worked perfectly for a while until my dept and a few others started getting radio traffic from god knows where

  • Your feed is down? Please read this:

    This app (same as all the scanner apps, except this is the best!) is only intended to offer a convenient user interface so that you can easily search for, access, set alerts, listen, etc. to the audio feeds which all come from broadcastifydotcom. If your audio feed goes down, you may go to broadcastify and make a report. You will need to become a member to do this. Sometimes a feed may close and another will open to take it's place so try searching for an alt first. Remember, all these feeds come from individuals who voluntarily use their own equipment and time to broadcast out so be kind and grateful. You will also find information at broadcastify and online on how to set up and run a feed if you don't have one in your area. Be prepared to spend time and $$ on equipment. It is a big commitment.

  • Best, and I've tried the rest.

    Most functional, easiest to use. Clean, implement design. I like getting alerts when a channel gets 3000+ listeners. I've downloaded every scanner, tried them, and deleted every one but this.

  • Still the best scanner app

    Stable with great notification preferences. Selfishly, I'd love a UI update to support larger iPhone screens. But it's still worth five stars.

  • Scanner liker...

    I don't know what's going but the scanner went "offline for Albuquerque PD!! What's up w/ that??!! Can you fix the issue??? Much appreciation!! Sincerely MBO

  • Mr.

    I am very, very, very Unsatisfied with your app! I am living in Chicago and there wasn't a cook County weather Radio Illinois on there for several months. I like to say that it was missing for two years, maybe longer! Please put back that weather radio and then, I will give you those five stars that you deserve!!!!!!!!!! Exclamation mark! Exclamation! Inserted!!!!!!!!!!

  • My Favorite App Of All Time

    Love My Scanner App The Top App On My Phone

  • Update

    Can you pls update this app my County is not on this app Wharton police

  • Offline

    Local station offline

  • Chat please!

    This app works, legit hear something happen then I go to this app and what ya' know it's going down, but the developers have to implement a chat!!!!!

  • Does not work

    I downloaded this app to my iPhone 6 I use for work, no matter what I do it says "unable to connect" for every channel. Absolutely worthless app, deleting immediately to not waste space on my phone.

  • Poor in Brown County, Wis

    The quality is very poor in Brown County, Wis. many transmissions are just static. Many audible transmissions are so garbled they are incomprehensible.

  • Works now

    It's fixed

  • Offline!

    Why all of a sudden does my county not work anymore it says offline! Will it ever be back online 😔

  • App not working since upgrade

    Last week my local area switched to digital from analog. Since then I can't get anything to come in for my county. I can get surrounding counties and other places but not my county. I tried reinstalling and rebooting my iPhone 5s but nothing helps. Used to totally love this app but really beginning to dislike it very much.

  • Idea

    Show an transmission of a call while it been reported because sometimes you get calls that sounds choppy or cut up. Or a pin drop automatic drop to the location of the call.


    I've been listening to this app forever. I rated a 5 as in my opinion it was a Great App. I've tried listening 4 X in the past few days now.. I can hear it on but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EVER PLAYS..what happened! I've had it on now about 4 hours and nothing has ever went across it! What happened!! I always listened to St CLAIR and Clinton County police calls and Madison County Sheriff!! Thanks to anyone who can tell me!!

  • Nope

    For Saline County Kansas you hear the City Go Bus dispatch/drivers a lot but not much of the cops, emt, fire. Please fix

  • Favorite scanner app, but...

    For some reason, app is not restoring Anchorage Police Dept even though the feed is back up and available on Broadcastify and other apps. Need to add some way for users to send requests or feedback for such issues. Love the app because it keeps running even when other audio apps are also on at the same time - only app that I've used that does that.

  • Great App

    This app is awesome! I just wish Claiborne Co, TN would be added to the list.

  • Best app but w/ typo

    One of the best scanner for anything you wanna listen to. But a hint for the editors. In the 10 codes. Says "10-40 silent run- no lights. sirens." Think you have it backwards.

  • Always been stable , but

    It's always been a good app .. It's my go to for scanner for sure .. I sure wish someone would remove UCO college from the Edmond PD radio though in Oklahoma ..

  • New version no good

    With new version when phone goes into sleep mode the scanner goes off. Need to fix

  • Buy this scanner app !!

    Me and my dad listen to LAPD all the time and this scanner helps us listen to pursuits or crimes. Download this now !! 🚗 🚓 🚓 🚓 🚓 🚓🆒

  • Connection

    It doesn't connect now

  • Too many frequencies

    Don't want to hear other counties on my channel

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