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4.5 based on 68 Votes
Price $22.99

iWeaveiIt is drawdown app for designing hand weaving patterns. It was developed by the same people who did WeaveIt for the PC Windows environment. The single purchase of iWeaveIt will download to both your iPhone and your iPad.
The iWeaveIt app supports Apple’s human interface guidelines with many of Apple's features. It uses gestures and touches for draft manipulation. This makes the program easy to use on the iPhone, iPod and iPad. The many animations give the program pizazz. The result is a fun and enticing program to create and view weaving drafts. Read more...

iWeaveIt is a Lifestyle application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 68 Votes. This version 3.3.1 has an average rating of 1 based on 1 Users.

Your device must have atleast 17.3 MB of space to download and install iWeaveIt. This application does not have game center . iWeaveIt can be downloaded and install for $22.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Canyon Art, LLC at

Support Languages

English, American


Lifestyle , Productivity ,



Additional Information

√ Zoom with gestures, double click and two finger click similar to Apple’s Map program.

√ Create and edit threading, treadling, and tieup for your drafts with multiple edit functions ( cut, copy, paste, flip, wrap, and change colors).

√ Supports lift plans.

√ Multiple levels of undo are available for editing.

√ Create custom color palettes.

√ Reads and writes WIF files.

√ Export your pattern drafts as WIF files via email, iCloud or save to local storage and transfer with iTunes.

√ Import WIF files into iWeaveIt from email or internet ( with only one click. WIF files are recognized for iWeaveIt and load immediately.

√ Sync files using iCloud between all your devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh, Windows PC).

√ Print the draft to your air printer. You do not have to email or transfer your file to another computer.

√ View one repeat of the design or multiple repeats to get a feel for how the whole cloth will look.

Editing allows up to 8 shafts on iPhone and 24 shafts on iPad.

In-app purchases available for :

√ Yarn and Project Management

√ Tracking your threading or treadling while you weave

√ Designer One -- Add Tabby, Turn Drafts, Find Floats,

What's New on this version 3.3.1

Fixed bug loading iCloud files.
Fixed bug setting exact warp width and length and loading data in project calculator.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Having a hard time working with this app

    I find this to not work properly or there is insufficient instructions on how to operate the app to do the different colors for the weft and warp, to figure out the proper amount of thread needed to end up with a specific size when finished weaving.

  • App fixed; all is well again!

    I freaked when the app was in transition, but it's all fixed now .... Something to do with a change to iCloud. The save function still seems a little odd to me, but I can easily find my drafts, and everything else works perfectly, so I'm happy.

  • Long needed upgrade to iCloud support

    Full disclosure: I am an iOS developer. With the update to iOS 8, Apple changed how iCloud documents are stored. They are now stored in "iCloud Drive" which is a document storage system that will work seamlessly across different platforms including macOS. Unfortunately, Apple did *not* include automatic migration of older files from the "iCloud Documents" system to the "iCloud Drive" system. Consequently, in order to migrate users to the new system, each developer must decide on how to do this. With iWeaveit, the way the developers chose to approach the issue was to mark the old files as read-only. When you save changes to those files, it will *only* save to "WeaveIt Drive" (or locally). Additionally, the devs chose to leave your old files where they were and not move any to the new system without you actively choosing to do so. Likely, this was for performance reasons since if you have a lot of patterns then trying to automatically move them would make the app appear to freeze as it tries to move a lot of data. Unfortunately, this is confusing (and I've docked the app one star for this reason) though I am not sure what a better design would be. Personally, I know how challenging it can be for a small company to balance great performance and an intuitive UI, so I'm not complaining too much. ;) I'm delighted to see that the team is taking a proactive approach to managing this change and I really like how nicely it integrates with the Mac version of the app. (Using iCloud Drive allows me to pull up designs I've been working on while at home and play with them on the bus.) Message to the developers: Please consider adding in a mechanism for users to batch migrate their files and remove them from the older read-only file system. Apple has a history of deciding (somewhat arbitrarily in my opinion) that it will stop supporting older technology and then giving you two months over the summer (when my kids are out of school and I would rather be camping) to support the new version of iOS before all your users upgrade their phones.

  • New version- buggy

    Are you kidding??? I just downloaded version 3.2.8 with its "major change to support iCloud Drive". The first thing it tells me to do is to resave all my drafts stored in iCloud so that I don't lose them. Save them one by one. All 97. Each time I open a draft and try to resave it, it either doesn't resave or the app crashes. This update needs some serious tweaking! (The App Store wouldn't let me post without giving it at least one star. Believe me, it needs negative stars at this point.)

  • I love this app!

    Thanks for making this splendid tool, I love it! Useful, substantial, easy to use.

  • Pésimo muy poco intuitivo

    He tratado de usar la aplicación y es pésima, nada que ver con todo lo que uso en mi IPhone... Es muy poco intuitiva... Sniff

  • Excellent

    This is one of the most useful weaving tools you can get. In relation to the other weaving applications on the market this one is the most reasonable cost wise. I would love to see more additional features even as an in app purchase.

  • A Great Deal and Great (Portable!) Fun

    This app is so much fun. It does basic draw downs and has a color wheel picker. It is fairly easy to figure out, but I suggest you play with some of the samples and learn how to save and manage files and poke all the icons/do the different things before starting to work on your next real project. You can save as wif files which can be read by the computer programs and you can print. The woman who wrote it is a weaver, so she knows what she is doing. If you want to add on yardage estimators and heddle counters and things like that, there are add on packs for $7 each. Even if you bought everything it would still be a third the price of a computer sized program. It's not so fancy as those, but it does everything I need, it is a sixth the price and I can do it on my iPad! I have had zero problems with crashing or anything like that.

  • It does everything!

    Love love love this app. Just sat here and designed some blankets. Picked my own custom colors, quickly tapped in the threading, let the add-in app add the treading and figure the yardage of each color I will need and how many heddles on each harness I'll be using. Something that was a surprise, I could add the SIZE of each yarn I'm using (my weft is fatter than my warp) and the drawdown compensated for this! Neat! I'm looking forward to planning some bands (yes, you can indicate that you're weaving a warp-faced project) and a rug (yes, just tell the app you are weaving a weft faced project). I love the flexibility of working with the program on my iPad and saving my projects to the cloud, too! Love this app!

  • Excellent mobile design tool

    I'm using this all this time with my 4/4 Harrisville loom. The counter is great. I can design while on the go, or waiting around.

  • Good app!

    It is a very handy little app. I see myself using this for every project. I would have given it five stars except that all the useful features were additional in-app purchases adding another $21.00 to the app fee.

  • Handy

    I find this app quite handy for previewing prospective projects. Just fun to play with in exploring colors, patterns,etc.

  • Very handy

    This is just what I was looking for in the way of support software for weaving.

  • Excellent app!

    I am really so impressed with this app -- I'm actually using it more than my full-featured desktop weaving software. Very easy to use, taking full advantage of the Apple iOS. It does get a tad pricey if you decide to go for the additional add-on features, but it's definitely worth it for the pleasure and convenience of being able to do everything on my iPad. Congratulations -- and than you -- to the developers!

  • Great weaving App!

    It works and they are great with beginners questions! I think the price is very fair for a specialty app! Thank You! :)

  • I like it

    I plan on designing on the iPad and finalizing my draft on my pc using the original WeaveIt. No problem storing drafts locally. Since I'm using the pc version for final processing, I don't need to purchase the add on features here.

  • Doesn't properly save files

    Intuitive enough to use I guess, but it isn't properly saving my files. It changes colors and palettes seemingly at random. Even though my saved file shows the colors I want in my saved patterns, it will not open with the proper colors. Considering I bought it to test out warp/weft ideas in patterns, this is a big problem. Overpriced and starting to regret the purchase. And then they want to charge you even more for add ons for things that should be included.

  • Love it

    This is my most used app on my iPad! I love it

  • Everything I need and more!

    This app is very nice and I use it to create my project patterns. I highly recommend it!

  • Great program!

    Easy to use & works well. Wish there was an option to add a row to correct mistakes, but I can live with it as is.

  • Weave it

    Great tool for setting up your weaving patterns and keeping track of what you wove. Great tool to have beside you while you are weaving. Almost like having a computer loom. Almost... Would I do without? No way in ****! I love it!

  • Great product

    I love this, it's user friendly has a great interface!

  • Terrific customer support

    The new update solves the problem iPad gen 1 users had with saving files. Thank you! I can't wait to start designing and weaving. A beautiful, intuitive program.

  • Great Update

    Really like the icons showing the file. Great response to the problem of crashing. Just a very nice weave design app to use. Very easy to learn


    I love this app! It works perfectly and has some really nice add on features too.

  • Outstanding

    This is a great weaving app! Easy and intuitive to use, great for someone who is away from their main computer but still want to work on ideas while traveling. Highly recommended.

  • Simply Great

    Easy and logical to manipulate. Best weaving app. to use on iPhone and iPad. Thank you


    I find this app even more user friendly than my PC version of WeaveIt. I don't know if it's more intuitive but I much prefer to enter my drafts on my iPhone, save & export, then open them on the PC to print...(wait - just found out I can print wirelessly direct from iPhone!) Regardless, awesome job on this app!! I just used the Threading & Treadle Tracker features to thread my heddles then to double-check accuracy when sleying the reed. THIS APP MADE THREADING A FANCY TWILL SO EASY! And now I am actually weaving my project Trompe as Writ and with the Treadle Tracker it is going so quickly. I am so happy with this app! Again... GREAT JOB!

  • Outstanding!

    This is THE app for designing your weaves on the pad. I love it! Great job!

  • Great!

    Love this app but would like ability to delete projects right from the app and to rename projects from the app.

  • Awesome

    I would be lost without this awesome app. The treadle tracker is the greatest upgrade also!!

  • You won't believe how fun this is!

    The first time you use it, you will create a new fabric. How fun is that? So easy and so fun! And, don't forget to get the add-on.

  • Sweet app for progressing in weaving knowledge.

    I was a bit lost trying to adjust an overshot pattern in Handwoven magazine to narrower width and fewer repeats, and this app really helped me comprehend which threadings/treadlings to repeat to get my desired finished piece. Very helpful to gain better understanding of a structure. App was pretty straightforward to learn, and just the right amount of helps in the right places. I'll for sure have to try out the treadle tracker (bummer have to purchase separately). App can be used for designing, too. Love that I can import WIF files from the web, notably from; I'm sure there are many more sites I haven't yet discovered. Helpful PDF user guide on their website - I downloaded it into my iBooks App for easy reference.

  • Invaluable Tool !

    5 stars again for the upgrade pack. Everything I wanted was included! I use this app all the time... Love the print capabilities and ease of use.

  • great little weaving program

    it has a lot of interesting applications for an ipod app.

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