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No Pimple - Fun games

No Pimple - Fun games
3 based on 378 Votes
Price Free

Everyone hates pimples on their face. Let's start to help the patients to do the facial and remove all the pimples.Let them have smooth skin and become beautiful.

No Pimple - Fun games is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3 based on 378 Votes. This version 1.0.3 has an average rating of 1.5 based on 3 Users.

Your device must have atleast 39.3 MB of space to download and install No Pimple - Fun games. This application does not have game center . No Pimple - Fun games is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American , Japanese


Games , Action ,


No Pimple - Fun games
No Pimple - Fun games
No Pimple - Fun games
No Pimple - Fun games
No Pimple - Fun games
No Pimple - Fun games

Additional Information

What's New on this version 1.0.3

Fix a bug.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Not my kind of thing, but if you are gross, KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!

    This is not my thing, but if you like popping pimples, then this game is for you! By the way, THIS IS THE FIRST REVIEW FOR THIS GAME! WOOHOO!!!

  • Keeps crashing

    Keeps crashing!!!! Would like to play, but crashes everytime. Can't even go through one level without it crashing.

  • HATE!

    Not cool this game is not fun.

  • Terrible

    Honestly I have no idea what people (including me) were thinking if hey bought this game. You can't even get the tools because of ads!

  • Ewwww

    This is the most disgusting app I have ever seen It made me throw up Ewwwee it's very nasty don't get it It would be a waste Ewwwwww

  • Omg a little boring and a little gross


  • Awesome

    This game is great if you like popping pimples in real life. I'd like to know when the loop tool shown in the apps description page comes in?

  • Hated it

    It kept not zooming in and one of them was impossible

  • 😴😴😴

    This app is boring! I deleted it in under 30 min! It's also kind of gross.

  • Don't like

    Well umm I didn't understand at first then when I did it was disgusting if this is what kids want then I am very disappointed with kids!!!!! Pick up a book or maybe an iTunes card so you can pay for quality games!!!! This was the worst game I've expirenced yet!!!! Makes you want to go eat your Fav food!!!! NOT .... There you have it a yucky yucky game!!!!!!!!!! Don't get it its not worth you time or GB's

  • Boring

    Not hard but stupid.

  • Tarenne

    I am so sorry I buy you for my moony an games and song I need too dance move alone with. teen beach movie I am so sorry in write a review about it all apps and my games colsd me down and myipod be wird 2 me want off on me I am go back on it I am so sorry what I do with my iPod

  • Dumbest game ever

    It's sooooo dumb and gross

  • Weird...

    Just weird and to DISGUSTING!!

  • Worst

    Worst game ever ugh

  • Dumb!!!

    This game is so stupid and boring and has no excitement. 😡😠DO NOT GET THIS GAME NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS

  • Stupid

    This is the stupidest game EVER DEALETING

  • Don't u dare

    Honestly people need to read the reviews before they download I only pasted section 1 of level one and it's so boring and hard! I was so exited the whole time it was downloading but I wasted my time I beg u not to get this app it is honestly awful and if u like it then that's fine but from my perspective the app is terrible!

  • Think

    I think this game is awesome but they should give me more chances when I mess up on a pimple

  • Gross

    Very disgusting and wrong I only got this game cuz I was bored I think I'm gonna delete it now

  • Ok

    It is a pretty good game

  • Don't even think about it!

    No fun! You squeeze only the way they let you, you don't get any of the satisfaction of popping. Waste of my time downloading this!

  • Marissa I'm not telling you my last name

    Ok so lets get things started I am a weirdo so I like to do dum things and getting werd games is one of theme soooooooooooo! I love this game so get it or I AM COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Game

    Make the game easier so people don't rip out there hair when they can't do it

  • Weird

    This game is so cunfuising level is like level 500 so once you get delete it

  • Worst game ever

    This game is stupid and hard

  • Bad

    Worst app ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • How bad it is

    This is too confusing please why did you make it so complicated! Make the game easier so more people can play it! Sorry about all the bad reviews.

  • It's ok

    It's not really fun but I still play it

  • The best

    It is addictive

  • Bla

    Let's see... Stupid, boring, and immature.

  • Why waste your time

    Don't buy it ,it is horrible!

  • Not fun games... 👎👎👎🙈🙉🙊

    Even though it says FUN GAMES co. It's really not. It got all of my pinching wrong and also, it's just, just, really REALLY gross. I mean, who would put that as a game???💩💩💤🙍

  • Cool

    It's cool ok bye

  • Kinda fun and funny

    It's a great way to waste time if bored, to me, plus it's hilarious when people see this game on my phone! It's ok.

  • Eh

    I don't recommend the game at all, BUT if you wanna play it because you're bored then go ahead.

  • Awesome

    This game is so fun. But on my ipod it wastes my battery (only negative thing i have to say)

  • Game

    It is ok they need to give you more details how to play but don't download the app it is only fun too play when are really really bored!!!

  • No pimples

    That awful hard to rub a pimple

  • Fun but stupid

    This game is fun but then really stupid

  • Good

    It get's me frustrated some times but it is fun.😕

  • Boooo

    This is not a good game it is to hard they want you lose

  • This is tottally stupid!!!!!

    I can't even win god I hate this game so so so so so much


    I played this game for not even 2 minutes and still it's the worst game I have ever play! And I play a lot!

  • Asxjmun ybbxmjjj


  • I can't believe they made this

    Why would piping pimples be fun? That is stupid do not download this app

  • Stupid

    I hate it.

  • Worst game ever

    This is the worst game iv'e ever played

  • Seriously

    This is a disgrace to the the App Store

  • This game is so terrible and boring

    Those who say its hard are just stupid it tells you what to do. Don't bother waiting your time

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