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Megapolis HD

Megapolis HD
4.5 based on 16,050 Votes
Price Free

The #1 city-builder game in more than 20 countries with over 10M downloads! One million people play every day!
Manage finances and design and develop the primary infrastructure of your own city: Read more...

Megapolis HD is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 16,050 Votes. This version 3.70.20430 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 16 Users.

Your device must have atleast 177.9 MB of space to download and install Megapolis HD. This application does not have game center . Megapolis HD is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Social Quantum Ltd at

Support Languages

Chinese , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Spanish , Turkish


Games , Strategy , Simulation , Entertainment ,


Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD
Megapolis HD

Additional Information

* airports

* railway stations

* seaports

* oil and gas mining

* wind, solar and atomic power plants

Regular content updates and city events will add excitement to the life of your Megapolis. Trade materials and build alliances with your neighbors. Challenge your friends to see who can create the most alluring and successful city.


* Awesomely realistic 3D graphics

* World-famous architecture from ancient to modern times

* More than 700 buildings and sites with hundreds of construction materials

* Cooperate with your neighbors

* Expand your city over land and sea

* Challenging tasks, rewards and achievements

What's New on this version 3.70.20430

Great news!

Soon you’ll be able to get an incredible advantage for your Military Base! New collection buildings and rare materials are going to be added. With their help, you will be able to expand the capacity of your Military Bases and get more Military Influence points.

For your convenience, we’ve made a range of technical improvements. Hurry over to Megapolis to be the first to take advantage of the changes!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Rip Off

    I thought this game was going to be fun at first and really has the potential to be but it is way to expensive. The resources you need to advance in the game can really only be retrieved by buying them with Megabucks... which are not easy to come by.. you literally have to purchase them with your own money or level up but then you only really get like two bucks and will need 50+ to complete a project.. not to mention some projects are timed creating a sense of urgency so you end up paying money to complete it. You can earn coins through taxes but they don't buy you much and you have to spend a lot to get anything at all. Unless you have thousands of dollars in disposable income ... don't play this game

  • Posting this again because nothing has changed

    I have repeatedly written about this. I'll simply repost this. Once again! Game crashes repeatedly shortly after logging on. This is soooooo frustrating. It isn't a new occurrence. Over the months/years I've been playing, it has happened countless times, over and over again. Additionally, I've spent hundreds of real dollars on this game and decided to refrain from anymore purchases because of these issues. Recently I decided to give them another chance and purchased a megabucks package, and here we go again...more crashing! I wish once and for all, they would fix the problem. Compensation for time lost replaying, and replaying the same crashed game wouldn't hurt their public image! Also, this game is a bottomless money pit. Building takes way too much time and far too many levels.

  • Don't spend your money on this game..

    Social Quantum is ripping people off. I caught the game Megapolis cheating plays. Over several months I complained to the parent company Social Quantum. Finally they said they would fix the problem and offered me a 10% refund. Wow, you catch a company stealing from all of their players and they only offer you 10% of what they stolen back as compensation. They ripped ever player off and I'm the only one that will get a little compensation. Go figure. Here is the message from Megapolis support team: Dear XXXX, Thank you for your patience! The developers have checked the details for your game and have credited your account with 30 Megabucks as the compensation. The problem with the passengers was solved in the latest update. Please update the game in the Store and make sure it is working now. Let us know if the problem remains. In case you have any further questions concerning the game, please, contact us any time. Best regards, Social Quantum Support Team

  • Love game

    Hate how many items u have to get to build anything and how you can't use coins to buy territorial expansions

  • Want to like it but don't

    I look for reasons to spend real money and support the apps but in this case I cannot. Two major flaws. First, unless you want to spend a lot of money, it's going to take years to get all the assets you want. Even upgrading a single structure can take forever. Second, bugs. Way too many times I apply an asset and it never takes. Like most of the railroads. I have 40+ rails, and i applied 10 today only to find that it didn't work but it took the asset. Same thing with the cert for 10 materials. I applied against something requiring 8 assets and I did not take but I lost that cert. Why oh why would I buy mega bucks if I don't have confidence that i can use them?

  • This is fun , not as hard Sim City , love IT !

    This a VERRY good game to play , Love it ! I got it for my Aid , she has played better than me ,and she has not spent a dime . She got me started on Sims Free , and I haven't not spent much , as she won't let me . I still like Megapolis Better . 6/24/2016 I learned it very expenses to play , if you don't look , it may 6 times to finish what you are doing . In order to finish a short under water to open one island , is going to cost over several hundred ,mega dollars to get It , done , because you have to do it many times , like 8 times, it will add up a lot of cash , it not a game ,it a money making money, like per amid scams .It is costing me so much , I will not be playing much more .


    06/25/14 - I think it's time for one or two more large new areas of land to expand on... at least 41 x 41 or larger. There is a huge area north of the Amusement Park / Concert Sub-Division that is at least 40 x 70. Or, there is another large area to the left / southwest of Riverside Station to expand on. Please, just let us purchase the expansion land to build on without forcing us to complete one of your little building projects. I think it is time for you to make a little compromise and give this to us. We would really appreciate it very much. 07/10/14 - Hello out there... I need more land to expand on in order to work on building up the Washington D.C. challenge. The only undeveloped area I have is in the Rocky Mountains and the task / challenge doesn't come up in that area. Also, since I ran out of land to expand on in Megapolis I had to place a few Bus Buildings on Tourism Island so now I am unable to advance further with the bus station because the game no longer recognizes that those buildings have been built. I need your help to continue... 08/19 - Can we please get some new land to expand on? I am unable to participate in any of your new challenges without land to build on. All of my land has been built on. Can you please do the right thing and give me additional land to build / expand on? 09/05/14 - Hello out there, is anyone listening? What happened to the big update in August... I think there are many others out there like me that would prefer some extra land to build on rather than wasting our mega bucks on pirate forts or polo arenas. It's very simple, give us the extra land we want and I'll purchase the Mega Bucks. 10/14 - When does Las Megas open up? I could really use some land to work on. It's pointless to buy any buildings if I have nowhere to put them. 11/15 - Hello again, what the hell is going on with this game? Last night I had 9 more days left to work on finishing the tasks for Las Megas and today I have none. I just started to work on it and now it's been taken away from me so I am unable to collect the rewards for completing all of the tasks. What kind of game are you playing? Just trying to get me to spend all of my Mega Bucks so I will have to buy more. Anyway, do you think it would ever be possible to give us the opportunity to expand on some new land in Megapolis instead of always having us complete your buildings? I would really like to use some of the buildings that I have already bought that are stored in my warehouse and put them on the new land. I would also be able to play for the world capitals if I had this land. And I would spend my real money willingly. Just a thought... 12/18/14 - love the new railroad..... 02/24/15 - I think it's finally time to give us a few more squares of land to build on. 03/17/15 - I would prefer to build on one or two more large plots of land 45 x 45 or larger than on the five or six little islands that were just added to the Las Megas side. There is plenty of empty space out there where we can do our own building on if you just let us. 03/22 - I have a request, since we're not getting any additional land of our own to build on could we get more access to the wasted / empty spaces of land on the five islands in Las Megas? 04/03/15 - Can we please fix the road that is coming off of the Constellation Bridge, it doesn't look right with the circles in it. It needs to look more like a road. Also, I am getting very board... I really really need more regular land to build on. I think it is time for four or five more new sections. 04/24/15 - The new updates, the new buildings, the special key, and etc... are all very nice however, it seems a little pointless to buy any of it when I have no land to put it on. Also, it makes no sense to continue playing when you cap off the money I can collect from my citizens and contracts I send out. Even though I collect the money, the amount never goes up. 09/19/16 - I haven't rated the game in a while... but, I continue to play because I do still enjoy it and have put several thousands of dollars into creating my Utopia. It is still a little too pricey but fun and relaxing. I do wish that the railroads or underground tunnels were a little cheaper ( 25 - 50 tracks for 1 Mega $ ) so I could focus my attention on adding / completing the buildings.

  • Megapolis

    Best game ever I play daily and have now for the past 4 years without missing a day. This game is addicting but it's a good addiction

  • Great Game!

    This game is quite fun! You need not to log in every day, yet when you do you get gifts. You may also gain friends and receive gifts to help your land! There are quests you may do, or choose not to do. It is an open ended game, so play as like!

  • Laz0317

    I wish they will create new regions or areas to build more stuff on, I'm getting bored of the additional little gets boring. Everything is build now and I cannot request anymore materials, so I'm getting buildings and stuff that I cannot put anywhere.

  • Fun

    Love this game

  • Fun game

    This game keeps me interested on a daily basis!

  • T

    too long loading too much demands on in-app purchases... on the other side, nice time killer

  • Waste of time and money

    Incredible waste of time and money.

  • Back away slowly from the ledge...

    If you are considering installing this game for the first time - please- for the love of god don't do it. I've patiently collected and built up my city for over two years. Dutifully distributing gifts daily to my carefully culled friend list - weeding out the riff raff who aren't as diligent. Although I've managed to collect enough reliable 'friends' to avoid needing to make in app purchases to keep up with the diabolical timed missions, the app has suddenly confused me with a Facebook friend's player ID. I think this may be the last straw for me - I might finally be able to rid myself of the heroine that has become this game. The developers are truly evil creatures. Avoid this game at all costs!!!

  • Great game

    A lot of fun but need more expansions to keep up with your population growth. Also the last month every time I try to get passengers for the railroad the game crashes!!!!! Needs fixing!

  • Exciting Game

    Want to know your abilities to built, form,and direct a future view? Here's the game to provide you the means to do,see, and enjoy you skills to build a mega city.

  • Megaopolis

    Slow play requiring a lot of wait time between rewards and gifts. Takes a lot of time to make inputs and complete vuilding tasks. Needs a button to collect all contracts completed in an area at one time.

  • Unstable game and money pit

    The game crashes ever two to five minutes losing what you just did. Take one to three minutes to load. Fun when it is up bet you need to spend real money to get anywhere in the game. I hate to think of the hundreds of dollars spent to date. I will not spend any more until the game stays up for more than three to five minutes.

  • Crashes way to much

    The game is fun but it crashes way too much. Can't visit other areas. Giving up on the game.

  • Ridiculously money driven game

    This is the most transparently money driven game I've ever played. Everything requires mega bucks to build, even if you do have mega bucks there are little quirks in the game that make you spend more than you need to. For example if you're tapping on an item to apply to buildings, it will swap the button you're trying to press and you'll place your item elsewhere. On top of that every button you press is geared towards spending more mega bucks or marketing the game itself. The default "ok" button is changed to "share on facebook." I don't understand how anyone could write a good review on this game

  • Crashing

    Need more room to build. I can't edit my train routes, crashes every time I try. Fun most of the time tho!

  • Feel the burn...

    Playing for a couple of years. This last update crashes SO often, I'm considering chucking it in and never coming back. 😑

  • Cool, but getting boring and expensive

    I like this game, but like a previous reviewer it is getting expensive to play. I am on a fixed budget and buying megabucks isn't something I can do. I spend most of my time waiting for my friends to send me things to finish projects. I have more coins than bucks. Since everything requires megabucks, the game is completely boring for me. I only play because of my sibling. If it wasn't for him, this game would have been deleted long ago.

  • Great game

    Love this app.

  • Fun, but...

    I enjoy the graphics and the concept. Drawbacks: takes time to progress without buying game cash. Game crashes more as game progresses. Hard time to find generous in-game friends who donate upgrade items.

  • Fun

    Love this game.

  • Engaging If Detail-Oriented

    And you don't have to spend money, though you are often prompted to do so, but it takes time until prizes and stuff come around. Build the stock market ASAP. And there are certain structures to build that then get you more turn plays per day for free on the stock exchange. You always get something useful.

  • Megapolis$$$$$

    Love the game but very expensive to get anywhere and they just increased the price on building even more! Give us a break!

  • You'll like it

    Great game

  • Ehh fun but EXPENSIVE

    At first the game is fun. But then you realize you HAVE to purchase (with real money) their Megabucks to do anything. Sure you can do the tasks and wait to get supplies, but that takes forever, almost literally. I've spent enough real money (the cost of a PC game) to get 2000 of their Megabucks and I've barely made a dent in the expansion of my playable area. According to their stats less than 10% has been uncovered! If I continue to spend more real money, I'll need to spend over $1000 to make a dent. I'd say play it as far as you can or slowly but don't give these folks your money, as their ploy is to slowly make you spend a few here and there before you know it, you've got $100 in a tablet game. On the plus side the content is great and graphics fun to look at as you progress. Just don't fall into that trap.

  • Megapolis

    Great fun with two updates per week to keep it going. Very addictive. If you are patient, this game is lots of fun

  • Megopilis

    Been playing for quite sometime now, caught up in it. Now at the point of no return, love the grafics , but getting very expensive. I've already spent hundreds of dollars. But that's why your in the business. Need a little more incentives for long time players and senior citizens like me before we fade away.

  • Megapolis

    I love this game. Never boring, always challenging, and always something new popping up. Love the way it helps you along as you watch your city and surrounding areas grow. Thanks for creating such an awesome game. I'm 66 years old and my 10 year old granddaughter introduced me to this game. Thanks so much Hailey Lynn. I love you very much. God Bless. 😘❀️

  • Good so far

    This game is good so far. However I'm not 100% sold. I like the graphics and the tasks are ok. I got bored in the past and deleted. However, I decided to download again and the game moves as fast as I want it to!

  • Addictive

    Game is good and engaging a lot of challenges that keep you interested.

  • It a ok game

    It a ok game

  • New York Times Headline: BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!

    Yep, best game ever. Seriously, WAT ARE THE CREATORS EATING?! This game is awesome. I definetely created a city. It's cool the first airport you get (near spawn point) is unlocked at lvl 18. Plus, at beginning you level up SO QUICK. I recommend for people who HATE the other city games and want to create a ginormous, yet, glourious city,quickly. Excpect this as a result: πŸšˆπŸšˆπŸšˆπŸšˆπŸšˆπŸšˆπŸšˆβ›½οΈβ›½οΈπŸŒƒπŸ™πŸ™πŸŒƒπŸŒ†πŸŒ‡πŸŒ‡πŸ­πŸ­πŸ­πŸ—ΌπŸ—ΌπŸŒ‰πŸŒ‰πŸŒ‰πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—βœˆοΈβœˆοΈπŸ›©πŸ›©πŸ›³πŸ›³πŸ›³πŸ›«πŸ›¬βœˆοΈπŸ₯πŸ₯🏨🏦🏑🏠🏑🏠πŸͺπŸͺ

  • Cool

    Great game

  • Okay... But

    This game would be great, however it takes too long to earn megabucks and you cannot progress without them. I am on disability, due to a car accident, and and I do not have money to buy megabucks simply to progress in the game. Other than that I would give you 5 Stars.

  • Sad ending

    I love this app so much the graphics are amazing but it takes up so much memory the bigger your city gets the more space It takes up right now my city isn't very big and it already has taken up 2 GB

  • Over the top demand for in app purchases

    As far as I can tell, the only way to make any real progress in this otherwise excellent and beautiful game is to buy the little dollars... and lots of them. For an entire month I've tried to play patiently... I would be willing to pay, but as far as I can see, one would have to spend (say) ten bucks just for one significant upgrade... or wait months for parts. And there are literally hundreds of them to upgrade. You could be easily spending hundreds, even thousands of real dollars on this game, and I feel badly for the fools that do. I've spent maybe thirty or forty bucks on games where such a purchase makes a major difference, and where you actually get a return... I don't see that here. Too bad, since the city is beautiful and the tasks are interesting. I'm out.

  • Wonderful!

    I have been at this game since the Spring of 2013 when I had a knee injury and to stay still for a long time. I love this game! I always loved my dollhouse as a kid, but this goes much farther- you manage cities. I put a lot of thought into my city, make sure there are sufficient roads, the right amenities and enjoy planning my cities. I don't do it for mere points, I try to make it an organized place. I check in each day and take care of game friends with daily gifts. I've learned a lot about words of building and supplies- transportation and roads. Since I cannot have a garden, I put plenty of them here. It just keeps getting better, too. Love it!

  • Great Game

    I enjoy the game. Very addictive. Would like to be able to trade items I don't need.

  • Mr c

    Cool game to play

  • Needs fixing!!!

    Fun concept and great artwork, but it crashes CONSTANTLY. Support just suggests deleting and reinstalling the app, but I'll probably lose all of my 50+ neighbors in the process. I'll continue playing for a while, but if it continues, I'm gone.

  • Great game

    Great game and easy to play.

  • Bad!!!!

    This game is so bad can't stay open more than 30 seconds. Support team is not good can't fixed any problems no response after Email been sent to report a problem. Waste of MONEY :( Bad!!!!!

  • Poor Company Ethics

    Company changes the building payouts and times to dismantle any successful strategy. This game requires neighbors A.K.A. Friends to really get the game going or lots of $$$. 1 star because this company changes the rules to dismantle successful strategies for the purpose to acquire more real money from the players.

  • User BEWARE!!!

    App crashes CONSTANTLY!!! Good game, when you can actually play it, but the frustration isn't worth it anymore. Minimal updates and support.

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