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House of Slender

House of Slender
3.5 based on 613 Votes
Price $2.99

From the creator of "Slender-Man" comes an all new survival-horror game featuring Slender man.
Can you find the hidden tapes before Slender Man gets you? Read more...

House of Slender is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 613 Votes. This version 1.2 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 249 Users.

Your device must have atleast 29.7 MB of space to download and install House of Slender. This application does not have game center . House of Slender can be downloaded and install for $2.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Action , Adventure , Entertainment ,


House of Slender
House of Slender
House of Slender
House of Slender
House of Slender

Additional Information

Don't forget to check out the new Slender Man games: SLENDER-MAN XMAS, SLENDER-MAN and STREETS OF SLENDER, too!

What's New on this version 1.2

Improved controls

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Slender

    It's really good. It's like a maze. And slender slides towards you instead of just waiting for you to go to him.

  • Update now

    You need to update the game. It's been about a year or so since this has been.

  • Ok

    Good but not worth 0.99

  • Slender

    Could be more scary

  • Do not waist ur money!

    The graphics are bad, and slenderman doesn't even look real. If you want real scary fun, go to slender rising. DO NOT WAIST UR MONEY!!!

  • Good

    Sometimes it does jump scares i died through the walls sometimes but its a nice game really good

  • Multiplayer again...

    I've played all slender games and only a few have multiplayer. I think slender rising needs multiplayer and this game needs it


    Amazing app but, WHAT?!

  • Great game

    There are lots of jump scares and it's lots of fun, just add running and make it harder to find the tapes.

  • Not so good

    They shood reeeeely make the game more scary

  • Horrible

    Buy slender rising NOT this! :/

  • Good

    Make it so slenderman kills you not freezes youand slenderman isnt supposed to move toward you he is supposed to teleport and not move towards you if you are looking at him and you need to tell us how many tapes there are cause i keep collecting them not knowing how many more i have to get and make the person run/walk faster if you fix this you will get five stars.

  • awesome

    awesome game it is vary good but you should make the house better

  • Lame want my money back

    Doesn't even do anything it just wants you to be suspenseful

  • RIP OFF!!! Money back!

    That was such a rip off and I want my money back! The stupid music kept going off when he was in front of me and I couldn't move! That kept happening for 20 MINUTES!!!!!!! Needs fixing!!!

  • When are u going to update!!!

    Please try to update

  • Not scary

    I have seen scarier things in real life

  • Good game. Scary.

    I bought for 99 cents some time ago. Good for that price. Seems to no longer be updated when it could use some. Still a fun game. Turn corners sharp and hope he's not there waiting!

  • Terrible

    This game is terrible. Do not buy. It is, like, 1 minute if extremely easy gameplay, and slender doesn't do anything. When you win, nothing happens. DO NOT BUY!!

  • Please update

    Kind of bad it's not fair because I collect 1 tape then I don't see him then I die πŸ˜•!?!?!????

  • Endless ???

    I found like 12 tapes

  • Its okay

    The static needs to be updated and its difficult to navigate

  • β€πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’–

    This game is amazing! It is not slow and it doesn't crash! I love slendy! If you like this, then get slender rising free, streets of slender, and slender man.


    It's impossible to beat I WANT REFUND!!

  • Needs an Update

    When I see slendy I guess he is my friend because if he finds me HE STARES AT ME AND MEVER KILLS ME!!!!! Such a friend I am like where r ur tenticals SLENDEY!!!!!

  • They need to make this !PLEASE READ!

    Please read to the end Okay so every body knows the game temple run so they need to make one called slender run where ur in a darkish place and there's like a track like temple run has to run on and have slender chase u wouldn't that be cool so somebody please make that and then tell me and if u like this request write one about mine thanx love this game ,but its creepy ! So I've already posted this and I want comments so please comment and this game is awesome if u like scary things you will like it trust me ! ;)

  • It's not bad....

    It's a little laggy. And the controls are tricky, too. But I got the hang of it and now it's easy. But still - I don't like how when Slenderman is close enough you can't walk. But it is scary and him killing me makes me wanna beat it even more. Not a terrible job!!

  • Needs an update

    Can u guys plz make it easyer to move and make slender have tentacles and teleport and game options like pages or keep it at tapes and make slendy sue a lot more scary but other wise an ok game

  • Horrible

    This game isn't even good he doesn't even attack you Slender Man Rising Is way better and this game is so not scary AND SLENDER MAN TELEPORTS

  • Not very good

    This game is scary but needs an update it is very hard to move around

  • Stupid ripoff😀

    I hate this game it's a ripoff everything spawns in the same place don't bye it

  • Horrible

    This is the worst slender game ever it's laggy not scare wats so ever!!! The worst!!!!!

  • Ways to improve.

    First of all, you can easily predict where Slenderman is going to appear. It's a repeating pattern. You should have him move freely instead of the same place every time. Second, you have ZERO warning when Slendy is near. Static would randomly appear and your stuck until your forced to restart. I don't think it's fair and should have been animated. Last, I get ALOT of glitches. I got stuck in a light people! A FREAKEN LIGHT! Also it's hard to move and your super slooowwwwwww. I also suggest fixing the wall glitch. This one wall I always walk by, it....just moves...glitchy. If you guys would be able to fix these problems, I would highly appreciate it. Thank You.


    It's scary as crap but slender rising is better

  • Really fun

    Try to make the controls as smooth as slender online. The camera keeps on snapping in a random direction during gameplay, making it hard to maneuver around. Great game though. PLEASE FIX! At least add an option to turn on duel joysticks.

  • Don't bother

    This really is not scary. Sorry to say but it's poorly animated. Not worth a buck. Get Slender Rising Free instead. :/

  • W0W!!!!

    This is really bad!!! Done waste your money on this!!!



  • Not good at all.

    I played this game 1nce and thought it was scary.then I spent my money on slender rising <---- best slender game ever!, so do yourself a favor and don't waste money on this!

  • Good but...

    This game would be a lot scarier if they made the slender man appear randomly and if you knew how many tapes you were collecting so please update


    Awesome app! I'm scared to go to sleep.

  • Changed the company name, I see?

    It doesn't make your game look any better, 'Lory'. Stop scamming and go back to studying. You are a disgrace to all programmers out there.

  • :(

    It scared the living crap out of me!!

  • Great game with some downsides.

    This game is one of, if not the, best Slender games for iOS. Closest to the PC, that's for sure. Just, the game should tell us how many tapes we have, controls should be fine-tuned, as well as textures, and I believe I beat the game because the heartbeat stopped, but could the game possibly tell us that we beat it so it's not up to speculation? Thank you for reading. Definitely worth $0.99. 4 stars!

  • sub par at best

    i mean the game would be a lot more fun if the controls worked they are really hard to function and it make the game super crappy

  • best slender game for ipod

    this game is the closest to the original pc game. this is the best slender game in the app store. this is the only game that slender teleports. could use some more levels and objectives. overall this game is awesome!

  • Scary but needs better controls

    This game is scary when me and my friend were playing it he Popped up right in front of us it scared my friend so bad he Screamed like a girl!!but it needs better controls there to hard To use esspically when turning.


    Out of all the slender games in the App Store, this is the most terrifying. First off, this is the only game when slender man teleports. Plus, in the other slender games, when you look at slender man he stops and stands there until you look away, then he'll kill you. But in this one, slender WON'T stop, but rather slide slowly and creepily towards you. In rare cases, he'll vanish and then randomly appear in front of your face. This is a very smooth graphic game as well. In most slender man games in fact, controls can get glitchy at times, but this game, controls are smooth. I recommend this game if you're looking for a slender-man game with teleportation, smooth graphics, and scariness. Look no further for another slender-man game, because THIS is the one you will fear.

  • Fun

    It is better thain the other ones because now slender man can teleport and when you look at him he still try's to get you.

  • Scary!

    Holy crap it's scary when I saw slender man i jumped!

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