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2.5 based on 6,072 Votes
Price $2.99

Experience the game they're calling "The most scary game of all time" - Now even more terrifying!
Slender-Man is the original survival horror game for mobile based upon the Slenderman urban legend and "Der Großmann" myth. See how long you can survive before Slender Man gets you, with only your wits and a flashlight to aid you! Read more...

Slender-Man is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 6,072 Votes. This version 4.5 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 98 Users.

Your device must have atleast 68.1 MB of space to download and install Slender-Man. This application does not have game center . Slender-Man can be downloaded and install for $2.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Action , Entertainment , Adventure ,



Additional Information

Can you find all eight hidden tapes before Slenderman gets you?

Don't forget to check out the new Slender Man games: HOUSE OF SLENDER, STREETS OF SLENDER, SLENDER ONLINE and SLENDERBLOCKS too!

What's New on this version 4.5

* Slender-Man's face now appears when he catches you
* Increased field of view
* Improved controls

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Zero stars tbh

    Wow. Seriously? Ok, don't buy this game. Waste of money. It lagged my iPad, I couldn't find slender man anywhere (which really ruins the fun), you can only go as fast a a turtle, apparently your head movement needs to be seen by a doctor, and it's got "High quality graphics." But seriously, don't buy this game it's a waste of precious money.

  • NOT ORIGINAL!! Beware!

    This is not the original game, you will be disappointed

  • Don't Buy!

    The trees and grass looks nothing like the picture! Save your money!

  • Great game

    Slender can only get so scary, so people honestly need to stop asking for more scare to it; it just can't and won't happen. Very good game, but the only complaint is that the controls are a bit stiff.

  • Not scary😡

    When I played this it was super glitchy not scary and boring so you should get slender the arrival or 5 nights at Freddy's you'll love them!

  • 😬

    I'm getting freaked out

  • Not worth the money

    I played it once, got 5 pages and the lost.. I saw slender once. It wasn't even scary the free one is better.

  • Well,

    I do not know where he is and when he is behind me i get killed please fix this.

  • I have 7 reasons why this game is horrible

    1. There is no options! How are you suppose to play the game properly without options! 2. Make better pages! There just stick figures. 3. When I win, the game just becomes brighter and I can't die. 4. When I loose, the static doesn't even move and you can still move your head around. 5. Add more trees! It doesn't look scary. 6. Slender is not popping up! 7. Not scary at all. I wasted $2.99 on this game, so if I were you, get Slender Rising.

  • Nothing scary than that

    It just a game, I tried to remind me like that all the time I played.

  • Can you do this please

    Dear creator can you put options in the game for sensitivity and make slender man spawn but not like house of slender please can you do that. But everything else is really good really good slender game except for what I said but can you add that update thanks From wyatt

  • Really not that scary:(

    When I got it at first I thought it was scary so I played it it was going great but when ever you see him he doesn't move.Also the effects in the game are stupid and lack the effort and instead of pages it's tapes what the heck ?

  • Awesome but

    I really fun but I died a couple times And then after that I won : ) sorry to easy

  • Would be better with an options menu

    I bought this game this morning because I played Slender The Arrival last night. I really didn't get to play it since there is no options menu so that I can change my look inversion. I cannot play video games unless the look inversion is reversed, so it's very hard to move around when I either keep looking down at the ground or up at the sky. Ugh so annoying. Please fix I will cannot and will not play until this look option is available.

  • Stop complaining

    I remember when this first came out.. It was the first slenderman game for apple devices. And I think it's fun for what it is

  • I've seen kid movies scarier than this game...

    Why is this game so boring for the stars it received? Are the reviews computer generated??

  • Horrible

    I hate this i was so nervous to play this and then i was like really thats all u got and then i played other ones and i was like apple really let this be on the app store

  • Pretty good but more scary!

    Needs more scare!

  • Needs more

    You need to add more maps and you need to make it where you die instantly when you get 5 pages. Every time I get 5 pages I doe instantly and also make the pages better it's just a stick figure.

  • Very weird and too dark

    I played it for 2minutes and died and too dark way to cheesy so I deleted it

  • Good game but not scary

    The game is good and there is potential but it's not scary add more. When slender catches you it should Showa cutscene where he eats you or he takes you away.and add more scary effects

  • Update

    Needs to be more similer to the computer

  • Really that was the best you could do

    When i played this game it was the opposite of scary i looked straight at slender and nothing happend until i looked away and when you die the screen gets staticy and says game over and nothing else happens and slender when you look at him he doesnt make a music note he makes staticy sounds and when you die you can still move your head around even my little sister didnt think it was scary so what im trying to say that this game isnt scary really at all so please make it better i wasted 2.99 on a slender game that wasn't scary

  • Mehh

    This game is boring and needs a little...No...A lot more excitement.

  • Way to dark

    The game is way to dark they either need to make the forest a little brighter or have a bright flash light! Kinda disappointed at this version of slenderman

  • Stupid Really Stupid

    So I bought the game was a little creeped playing found a page and it was stickman I said I bet a baby made this game. Then I saw him I heard music so I said I like this music and it cut off. I was very silent running away but it only made me jump a little... Finding more pages it kept getting harder!! Then I hated the game and killed my self in the game 😅 Then deleted it so if I were you get slenderman rising 2

  • Needs to emperove but still an ok game

    It needs a lot of updating but not to scary either it still good I give 2 and a half stars but I kinda wasted my money on this...

  • Not worth the money

    Who's idea was it to make this game so expensive? I thought the price would mean that this was the slender game that I was looking for (spoiler: it wasn't). Not scary, somewhat difficult to move around, and glitchy. Would NOT recommend.

  • Gobbledygook

    Just nonsense. Not a game.

  • Controls

    Um I love this game it's awesome but the controls aren't the best and when you see him give the player more time to run away also when he does get you try to improve the face when he gets you.

  • Need fix

    I had to look at slender man for about 30 seconds and finally the screen started to make the noise and frizz out that need a fix and better movement plus maybe an options menu?

  • Terrible

    Three words. Worst. Game. Ever.

  • Good but

    Every single time it's so annoying I get 5 pages and I don't see him at all but I die I once had six for about 3.1 seconds then mr annoying killed me

  • Pretty good but

    This game is good an all but it needs an update. 1. Better pages, they are just stick people 2. When you don't look at slender man he still gets you 3. When you are caught the static doesn't move and his face barely shows. 4. It would be nice to have better sound effects. 5. Not enough trees 6. The sensitivity is way too low. 7. It's not scary

  • More Scary

    Needs More Scare To Make It Fun Looking For The Next Update!

  • Cool, but...

    The slenderman looks a little fat, and when you move you're head around, it takes a while for your head to turn. Also, did any of the people notice that when you get the page in the building, the stick figure is upside down. When I walked out of there, Slender was upside down and stuck in the wall? (This one isn't a complaint.) Other than that, this is awesome!!! =D


    This ap is total garbage! DON'T waste your money! I would also like a refund for this trash. This ap is crap!!! Do NOT buy. Game freezes up! Worse game ever!!!! This game has more problems, then holes in Swiss cheese! GARBAGE refund me!!!!

  • Fun Challenge

    I remember Slender getting brutally difficult at the end. Playing this, I feel that the challenge is fair, so instead of losing because Slender appeared right behind me, I lose because I lost track of where he is.

  • Good game needs I be more scary

    Hey! I like the game alot, but I beg of you guys to make the game scarier by like jump scares and scarier music! You guys may thing that nobody plays this but I play it alot! it also needs the original pages design from the real slender! I absolutely love this game just needs to be more scarier that's all!


    I Could barely even see the screen and after turning my brightness all the way up I still could hardly see it. Glitches and fail I deleted it a long time ago.

  • Waste

    Garbage. Buy the PC game not this piece of crap.

  • Best game I have

    Love this game! There is this cool part where it's dark and my flashlight is off And when I turn my flash light back on ...... I SEE HIM!!!! I got so scared. Get the game. The best game of Slender.

  • Awesome game but

    This is and awesome game but you can hardly see Slenders face when your cot by him you need to put it were it shows his face all the way and new controls that one is huge like you need to put in medium controls need to put in a wheat farm and other stuff to and stop making it move around win your cot by slendy

  • Terrible

    Not scary at all, terrible graphics and etc. if u want a good slender game, I suggest u buy slender rising

  • Boo

    It was good until ammonite took over and now it is totally different and it stinks just like every other ammonite game!

  • Ok

    It's a little dark hehe;)

  • Best game EVER!

    This is the best game ever! I love playing it. I wish it had some more features that would really make the game better. -better looking Slenderman (needs tentacles on his back and it needs to blind you when you look at him from far away.) -words or more pictures on the pages. -lots of more grass. -more trees. -a pause menu. -more music like at the main menu. -tap the page pages to collect them. -and last but not least add different sounds when you collect the pages. That's all I can think that would make the game better. Thanks for making the game.

  • Ok

    This game is not great. At all. But u have to give the developers lots of credit. they r the ones who first got the slender fans to start making slender games on ios and that's why I rated this five stars.thanks ammonite!

  • Wasted money

    Complete waste of time and money!!! Hate this game!

  • What?!?!? Not even scary!

    Why did I spend money on this? Such a rip! You move sooooo slow and you don't even se him when you die it just fuzzes up!

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