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Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot...

Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
4.5 based on 44,972 Votes
Price Free

Join Bingo Blitz – a top notch free BINGO and SLOTS app which will take you around the world while you play. Take a bingo journey and enjoy the ride with real-time multiplayer bingo games. Power up with our bingo slots games and receive daily coins, rewards, free bonuses and endless FUN. Blitzy and Moxie – your cool and playful bingo assistants will guide you through your big Bingo adventure. Read more...

Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 44,972 Votes. This version 3.62.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 11 Users.

Your device must have atleast 70.9 MB of space to download and install Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games. This application does not have game center . Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


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Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games
Bingo Blitz: Bingo Live Rooms & Slot Machine Games

Additional Information


Never seen in Bingo before – BIGGER & BETTER rewards!

+ Level Bonus – higher credit bonus for your level!

+ 2X more gifts – collect gifts every 6 hours

+ Card booster – BOOST for bigger & better rewards

+ New treasure chest – Win HUGE credit prizes

+ Multiple shadow cards – Finish Collections faster

Claim your FREE GIFT & check out your special credit bonus!


Participate in bingo live games with friends and other bingo players online. Connect your Facebook account for social gaming and collect more bingo bonuses. Invite your friends for more bingo gifts and show them how it’s done. Chat with bingo players from all over the world and get social. Send and receive free gifts via credits from your pals!


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· Initial 100 bonus credits

· 150 credits monthly (limited time)

· Early access to new content

· Exclusive events

· More slots games

· More spins

· Extra daily tournaments

· 12 monthly power ups

· Earn Status points

· Free bingo cards

· Playtika Rewards benefits

Cure your bingo fever with Bingo Blitz – install now!

We would love to hear from you! You can reach us at

BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This product is intended for use by those 21 or older for amusement purposes only. Practice or success at social ** gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.

The games do not offer "real money gambling" or an opportunity to win real money or prizes

What's New on this version 3.62.1

Never seen in Bingo before – BIGGER & BETTER rewards!
+ Level Bonus – higher credit bonus for your level!
+ 2X more gifts – collect gifts every 6 hours
+ Card booster – BOOST for bigger & better rewards
+ New treasure chest – Win HUGE credit prizes
+ Multiple shadow cards – Finish Collections faster
Claim your FREE GIFT & check out your special credit bonus!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Fabulous!

    Best Bingo of all! Most games, most interesting and most fun! Forget the rest!!

  • New update won't open on my IPad😢

    The new update today. May 22, 2017, won't let me open the game. I unloaded it several times! Very frustrated!!!!! I like this game.....😢😢😢

  • Note

    Something happened on Sunday to my money and tokens. I had a lot more than it shows now. I also lost pieces I had in Nashville. What happened?

  • Thanx


  • Love it!

    Great way to pass time!

  • Time to kill

    It's fun when you have to kill :)

  • Review


  • Wow

    Cool game

  • Bingo blitz

    I play lots of bingo.....this one is my favorite!!

  • Addicted

    Love this game

  • My Favorite game App!!!

    I play this everyday & so does everyone I my household!!! We have played this app for over 5 years and we still log on everyday and play!!! Enjoy bc it's awesome!!!!

  • Disappointed

    How is it that a person can get a bingo on just 3 numbers. This has happened quite a few times. Very disappointed.

  • Gerry

    Great fun!!

  • Love this game!!!


  • I just can't.

    I would love to write an amazing review because I do like this game but I can't. I've played well over 3000 cards and I've only had about 300 bingos. And yet it seems people are getting bingos after only two balls have been called. It doesn't seem possible. And the slots are impossible too. It seems this game was designed for you to run out of coins/credits so you'll spend money to buy additional coins/credits. It's super frustrating spending hundreds/thousands of credits/coins on round often round and not winning anything. And since the gift center has been updated it's impossible to send gifts only to friends who play.

  • Great Game!

    This is one of my favorite games to play. But I warn you, it's highly addictive!

  • Great

    Love playing!

  • Angry person 1/16/17

    5/12/17. Issues continue w daily spin. I purchased trade spins+coins+raffle tickets and special bundles and my bonus reel ( daily spin) is closed for 5 days! WHY DO YOU DO THIS !! ?? 2/7/17. I won 10 free spins on fancy pets 2 and won a total of 360 coins. Really Playtika? Maybe it's time to find another bingo game. I spent 25$ and you have deleted my bonus reel for past 2 weeks! Why? 1/24/17 I spent $ 15 and you have deleted my bonus reel again on the daily spin! Why? Please explain. Look at the dates and $$ spent. Are you fixing the last number called bingo bug? Reply please.

  • Great

    Love this game.App works well.

  • loading issues

    i have had no problems with the game until today and i can't get the game to load at all

  • Don't buy credits

    Don't buy the credits. You blow through with no wins and no items. Get more on earned free play. Don't know why BB is so stingy. If they want you to keep playing then we need to win without blowing2000 credits. Sad.

  • No fun

    If you wanna rage and hardly ever win, then this is the game for you. 110 cards and only 20 bingos.... Completely ridiculous

  • Bingo Blitz

    I love love love Bingo Blitz. Ever since I've got my iPad I've been playing this game. Was the first game that I played when I got my iPad.

  • I changed my mind.

    The game feels really rigged. It terminates with the last bingo available in the room. If you are not quick enough, you miss out on prizes or even bingos. I try to gauge how many cards to buy with the number of people in the room, it says there's 43 people in the room, then only 26 bingos available? I haven't really won anything, I just get frustrated over the fact I can't daub the last number called. It feels like I'm being cheated out of prizes. Not fun enough to keep playing, even if the collection concept is decent.


    Used to play a couple of years ago and couldn't remember why I stopped. Tonight I remembered. The game is designed to cheat. As you move further up in the game not only do the rooms cost more but the computer clearly cheats. I started off tonight with almost 300 tokens. In less than two hours I have 15 and ONLY one three times. The cards were only 4 tokens so 16 a game for four cards. You need to be ashamed

  • Fired Free Spins

    I have read all the instructions, tried everything I know how and as much as have loved playing this game, I am about to call it quits. I have to many Free Spins that have been gifted to me, that I can accept No More. It has been like this for a few months and I am tired of searching for an answer. I tried to find where I can send a message like we use to, but I must be dumb. Please I ask, if anyone knows how to fix this, I would appreciate it. The low rating is for fixing problems.

  • Tons of fun

    I play everyday for at least an hour. Great app

  • Rate


  • Eh.. fun but not really..

    It's kinda upsetting to the fact that when you want to play more than one card all of your cards share the same numbers, and they are never called, so I'm wasting my "bubbles" and my coins purchasing the cards when they are exactly the same just in a different order.. it's kinda not fair and takes the "fun" of bingo, because yes i know you can get the same cards.. but this has happened more than once.. & it's really annoying..

  • Don't waste your money

    Shame on me! I spent over $ 400.00 to get the flower in their Yellowstone game and still have not received the flower. I am so disgusted with this company. You have good playing customers and they continue to play on your site and you give nothing in return. For playing this long and this amount of money for one item, now I believe this is fraud. Since the new company has taken over, Bingo Blitz is no longer a favorite. Funny if you read on line about a BANKRUPTCY with this company. I guess your good customers are helping you get out of it. Other sites I play, and pay, I do receive my rewards. Very ashamed of you BINGO BLITZ!

  • Great game

    Love it

  • Fun game!!!

    I think some of you take it way too seriously lol it's not like you're playing for real money it's just a fun game to help pass the time!! Lighten up!!

  • Used to love Bingo Blitz!

    I have been playing for many years! Fun games and enjoy them very much! They have, however, gotten really hard to complete the challenges! Can't win if you don't have the funds to play! Very frustrating cause I love the games but it has become to expensive to play because I like to play more than what I get allocated each day! The freebies are not always available because I don't have Safari! 😟

  • Love this game

    Great game. Absolutely my fav BINGO game I've come across

  • So addicting!

    I love this game! I rarely ever bingo but it still keeps me entertained for hours!


    Having a good time! Come and join in!

  • So much fun!!!!

    I love this game!! It is by far the best and a fun bingo game

  • Amazing

    Freaking amazing app!!!!

  • Great game needs faster refill on credits

    Absolutely love this game just wish the bingo credits refilled faster. I hate having to wait 24 hours to be able to play if I run out.

  • Ur Posts

    Like Peg45, I can't seen to open most of the posts for extras. Got lucky tonight tho, and caught a few freebies, but not all.

  • Addictive Game!

    Fast-paced & great fun! I look forward to playing Bingo Blitz & would encourage others to give it a try. Once you play, you're hooked!

  • Very Fun

    I love this game!

  • Bingo Blitz

    I have contacted bingo blitz support the last couple weeks with no response. My elite membership has disappeared contacted them about that still no response. I cannot send gifts to friends still no response!! I am sick of things not being resolved or not even any response saying it is being worked on at all!! About to find a new game to play!!!!!!

  • Bingoblitzgameisnotdownloadingwillitever...


  • Fun!

    This bingo is awesome! I would recommend it to everyone!

  • City completion stalls without purchases

    This bingo game is a lot of fun at first. But once you get to Tahiti and beyond it becomes impossible to complete the cities for more bingo chips. I can only assume it limits those who do not buy chips to play. To test this theory I have played the free chips for more than four months with no opportunity to complete cities for large chip wins. Like other free games, advancement lies in your wallet not any skill or luck.

  • Good for standing in line

    Keeps me calm while waiting

  • Bet more win more

    1.6 million coins gone, not one puzzle piece. That's about $500. Complete lie!

  • Get it together!

    Why send out emails when people can't collect the "free gifts". Shouldn't take this long to figure out this is having safari issues.

  • Bingo


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