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Grub Guardian

Grub Guardian
4.5 based on 608 Votes
Price Free

A Guardian Defense game unlike any other, new from KingsIsle Entertainment!
Defend the grub against swarms of different enemies while you train your Wizard101 pet or play to receive free Wizard101 game codes. Read more...

Grub Guardian is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 608 Votes. This version 1.50.0 has an average rating of 4 based on 230 Users.

Your device must have atleast 20.5 MB of space to download and install Grub Guardian. This application does not have game center . Grub Guardian is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. at

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Family , Strategy ,


Grub Guardian
Grub Guardian
Grub Guardian
Grub Guardian
Grub Guardian
Grub Guardian
Grub Guardian
Grub Guardian

Additional Information

• 28 Free maps ranging in difficulty from Easy to Wondra

• Each pet has different strengths & abilities

• New maps unlock as you progress

• Different strategy needed for new enemies

• Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for high scores

• Ability to purchase premium in-game items and additional maps with Crowns

Grub Guardian is the first mini game that ties directly to your live Wizard101 account! Logging into Grub Guardian allows you to unlock new maps as well as train your pets for experience points. Please be aware - you will not be able to log into Grub Guardian and Wizard101 at the same time. If you do not have a Wizard101 account, you can create one, but non-logged in players can still play a limited number of Grub Guardian maps for Wizard101 game codes.

What's New on this version 1.50.0

Changed map score calculation to take the pet tower into account.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Needs other games

    Kingisle I know you are busy at all times but... can you make another app for pet games so you can level up your pet with like the dancing game ect.

  • Great game needs updates

    Been playing this game since 2012. Not 2012 anymore, needs to be updated and improved. The aspect of training pets on the go is great as well as earning free energy elixirs.

  • I hate this game!!

    This game is impossible to play! It to hard, you need a lot of skill, and level 5 is impossible I spent 1 hour and I can't beat it! Enemies are way to tough to i when I beet one of the 4 levels I completed I only have 1 or 3 grub left! I rate this -1 stars!

  • Update Please

    The game is great for training your pet on the go! But it really should be compatible to newer iOS devices

  • Could you add pirate101?

    I really enjoy both wizard101 and Pirate101, but I am more into pirate so could you add a pirate trainer also Thank you

  • Convenient but Long Overdue for an Update

    It was a good idea for KingsIsle to create a mobile game that could also help W101 players train in a different, unique way. However, a resolution update has been needed since ~2014. Make the display compatible with retina display at least.

  • BUG!!! Screen freezes before feeding.

    I am a Wizard101 member, as well as my daughter, and we love GG. However, today, both my account and my daughter's account are having the same problem. Everything works until I try to feed the pet after completing a game...the screen goes almost completely dark and freezes. I thought it might just be my account on my iPad 2, but my kid is having the same issue on her account while using an Apple Air 2 iPad. Please fix. Oh, and from time to time the game just freezes randomly, but I can live with it, since a reboot or hard restart will fix it. But the feeding time issue will not go away.

  • 9-1-16 issue

    Every time I go to feed my pet a snack the screen goes dark and freezes?!

  • Where's my reward?

    I did a map 3 times in a row... And haven't gotten any pet experience but my energy still lowers when I log back in. That's some stuff. And the random connection loss? Nah.

  • Bug Fix?

    So when I play a map and I want to feed my pet it just freezes or turns black, it also does it in my iPad too. I even tried uninstalling and installing it again but no luck. I hope it is not just me that this happening to so can it please be fixed? Thank you.

  • Not that great.

    The game itself is fun, but the aspect of the items you can earn for the actual wizard 101 game, is very poor. The items you win aren't great at all even though they may be free I still feel like it's not worth it, the items you can win are terrible. And the training your pet aspect just doesn't seem worth going through all of the trouble some of these maps give you, it's much easier to train your pet in the pet pavilion. This game in my own opinion isn't worth it one bit.

  • Update ideas

    Kingsisle I have spent over 5000 dollars on wizard 101 yet I still fined it hard to keep up with the new packs and stuff if u guys could make a way to get crowns EASYER like watching adds or something that would be supper cool you would get 50 crowns per add and could watch as many adds as u want so you guys would make money and we could get crowns thanks

  • Great game!

    I think this is a fun game. Even if it didn't give prizes I probably would have played it. Please make this for Pirate101, though!!

  • Training pets never so easy

    Ok so i have played w101 for years but last year my computer crashed so i couldnt play and i havent gotten around to a new computer yet so leveling my 36 pets to ultra has helped me allot i have won so many prizes on this game including: pets, mounts, elixers, pets snacks, and even reagents for crafting. This game is great for people who are always on the go and want something to help keep up with on the game i highly recommend this game the reason i put four stars is because of the glitching when i am on a level sometimes it logs me off and idk why my wifi is working pleaseeee fix and make it where we can get all the prizes we want its frustrating to only get certain amnts a day and one last thing make w101 moble so we can play it everywhere for us travelers thanks for reading KI - shawna wildthron lvl 64 fire

  • Amazing

    Amazing app, if you buy worlds, You get energy elixirs and even some packs.

  • Great Game but why a 4 Star?

    Fix the bug where you can't feed your pet then we're gucchi...


    This is not only a great app to play, but it gives awesome prizes. There was a pet (Heckhound) that I had always wanted and in the first 10 min I had already got that pet plus one more! In only two rounds! This app is amazing!

  • Pet training on the go!

    Amazing for training your pets on wizard101 every wiz player needs this! Also gives some great prizes in the higher worlds like packs,elixirs,seeds etc

  • Love this game

    I love this game and so will you it makes training pets easy and fast I have got several of my pets to ancient. Love it because you can also get other things for your wizard and some pretty cool mounts.

  • It's Great :)

    The game itself is awesome, but I wish it can get updated to fit the iPhone 6 size because it's very small.

  • Just make a mobile version for wizard 101

    Wizard 101 and this game are flawless just please make a mobile version of wizard 101


    This is good game when your bored or can't play wizard 101

  • Was great until recent pet upgrades

    It has been over 6 months and no fix to grub guardian when ultra pets was introduced. Still not able to feed pets after completing a map

  • Please Fix

    I have an Internet connection but is says none can be found so I cannot login to my account!!! Please fix this so I can enjoy your game.

  • It's a good game but

    The game is great and all but there should be one for pirates 101

  • Bugs!

    Game works splendidly when I don't have access to a computer, but when I get my pet to mega the feed pet option isn't available. Please fix this problem I am tired of wasting my character's pet energy.

  • Alright

    It is good. At least you can use your pet but the levels are too hard and the rewards are terrible. I did this for cool wands and stuff not cattail reagents!

  • It was ok.

    It was a fine game with nothing special about it but nothing wrong. No glitches or anything like that.

  • Pet Training Made Easier!

    This is an amazing app! It helps alot with pet training, so that you can focus on questing and things like that while you are actually on W101. Thanks KI!

  • Wizard101

    It is such a good puzzle game. Hopefully they will add the new Polaris update. Until then, continue making it better

  • This game is great, but a bug problem.

    I love this for hardcore training of my pets in wizard101 I use this to take them from Baby to Ultra in just a month. I love it, but recently my progress is halted because a bug is preventing the feed pet snacks button after a game. The buy snacks still comes up, I have snacks thousands so I don't know what the problem is.

  • So Useful

    Love farming for the Energy Elixir. With gardening and pet training, it really helps to farm for them on the bus or car.

  • Crashes...

    The game is very much fun, but after each level it crashes. Please fix this in an update ASAP.

  • GREAT!! But...Bug problem??

    I've had this game for a while now and i really do love it. During the day i can focus on questing and at night before i sleep i can lvl my pet. BUT!! For some reason all of a sudden its starting to say that i have lost connection and logs me out. I deleted the game and redownloaded it but it still does the same thing, i also made sure to check if all my other apps are fine and its not just my wifi(its not) can you please fix this? This app has been so helpful for me and it would be sad if i had to delete it permanently.

  • Great idea

    Hello was super fun super awesome like how you use profiles so you can login with your PC profile but to tell you the truth and I said this on your other game I want you to make a mobile one for the Appstore if you don't that fine so basically I want you to make wizard 101 on the PC only on the app store so people can play more often

  • THE BEST!!!

    I love this game so much it's so fun, the only thing I suggest is like you know how the prepaid memberships come with free pets, so you should be able to buy a membership on this app and then we could get a free pet if you guys took my suggestion then that would be the best thing in the world, because I can't find your memberships at Walmart or target and I live in Illinois so I wanted to use my iTunes card to buy a membership from this place. Please take my suggestion.

  • Amazing!

    I like this game and I wish that you could add Wizard101 App for electronic devices for some people who cannot access their computer or they are on the go.

  • For Wizard101!

    Hey Kingsile! I mostly made This for some tips for the next update! One is that I think you guys should put on clothing sets like one for pvp, boss battles, and even for going to a party! We could name it of course whatever we want! Also, you guys should make a bundle that is based of death since you haven't really made a bundle that looks like it's for a death wizard (since I'm death). And I've heard rumors about a new bundle called the master bundle? I don't know if it is real but I looked at it and it looks cool! And last but not least (sorry for long review) I think you guys should do another bundle-a-Palooza! Beacause I loved it so much! I got the madjesic bundle and the epic bundle from it! But now, since I'm a higher level now and I really liked those two bundles I would really like if you guys could put it up again! Thanks Kingsile, hope you see this!

  • Amazing App!

    I've been playing Wizard101 for over 7 years now and it's truly been a magical experience! I love that the producers for W101 came out with an on-the-go app that you can train your pet with anywhere! It's a bit addicting! I can train pets easier and faster this way, which helps a lot!

  • Great game but have ideas

    This is a great app that you can use for per training on the go I love that and also that you can buy crowns without going to the store or using a credit card. But an idea would be to add monthly memberships that you can purchase. Since after all you can use the memberships for pet racing and such. But I would like to be able to buy memberships through this

  • Used to be great

    Used to get pretty cool rewards like hoard packs, now all you ever get is gold gold and more gold, please fix/improve

  • Great Game...Not so great store

    The game itself is great, but buying crowns on the app is a complete and utter ripoff. If you buy online you get more crowns for the same amount of money. This wouldn't be so bad if the store didn't require crowns to buy upgrades and new areas. But it does so...that has to be taken into consideration.

  • Almost Perfect

    I love this game and wizard101, the levels are fun and challenging and the rewards are awesome. My only issue is that there is a prize limit per day. I understand there needs to be a limit, but the limit is relatively low which makes earning rare rewards much harder and takes a lot longer. If this was fixed I would give this app 5 stars 10/10 times.

  • What Happened !?

    App won't even load the game it was fine before I don't know what happened

  • Eh

    Overall good game but haven't been updated in almost two years now 😑

  • Please make a king isle app

    I want an app that has all king isle news and keeps me up to date about p101 and w101

  • Good But

    Good but I wish you made it so we could play wizard 101 by tapping to move around and stuff like that

  • Awesome

    This app is awesome except they should make it so you can get as many rewards as you want a day, making it so we can't is pretty stupid 😓

  • The actual game

    I love wizard 101 games but it would be better if the computer version was also on the go then I would play it all the time I can't now because of my computer unfortunately I really love that game

  • New games

    please make new games for pet snacks and to take care of plants

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