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Slots Journey

Slots Journey
4.5 based on 165,659 Votes
Price Free

slot simulator – absolutely FREE.
◄NO PAY – JUST PLAY!►

Slots Journey is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 165,659 Votes. This version 5.1 has an average rating of 4 based on 380 Users.

Your device must have atleast 98.2 MB of space to download and install Slots Journey. This application does not have game center . Slots Journey is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Murka Entertainment Limited at

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Casino , Card ,


Slots Journey
Slots Journey
Slots Journey
Slots Journey

Additional Information

-Get 400 Coins for FREE after installation!

-Grab FREE COINS as Hourly bonus!

-Bonuses for friends!

-A variety of BONUS games.

-No Fees.


Searching for a trip all over the world but don't have the time or money?

Don`t worry! Slots Journey gives you this opportunity!

You can enjoy the newest slot machines in the different corners of the world. Such as:

# Egypt,

# China,

# Islands,

# Greece,

# Transylvania,

# Texas,

# Australia

# North Pole

# France

# Brazil

# Holland

Game Features:

-Dozens of different slot machines to unlock and play.

-Multiply your winnings with various boosters.

-Plenty of bonus games to win extra coins.

-New worlds and adventures are coming constantly.

And that’s not all!!!!

What are you waiting for? Download now and get LUCKY!

-The World Needs More Winners!-


What's New on this version 5.1

- bug fix for iOS9

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • World Traveller

    I played this game before and really liked it. I still like it but hard to access. My iPhone throws me out when I am in the middle of a spin. Overall the game is fun and look forward to playing it again

  • Good game

    I just purchased an updated phone. Not working on iPhone 7Plus

  • Poor review

    I agree with poor payouts should have more scatters At all levels not just a few

  • Slots journey

    This was my favorite game but now I can't open it. I've tried reinstalling it 3x and still can't get it to work. Have almost 2,000,000,000 points and keeps growing because I still can do hourly updates and daily prizes. Please fix the bugs - I miss it! And it's been almost two months and the bugs are still there. I haven't had any recent update notices for it either.

  • Doesn't work

    Needs an update. Journeys can't be opened or downloaded.

  • Takes too long to complete a level

    It's gotten so it takes so long to complete a level I hardly ever play anymore. It took me months to get through France. Brazil is the same. Not as much fun and frustrating because I just can't advance. It's like I'm on the same level for just weeks and weeks, if not longer.

  • Slot Journey

    Please fix my slot journey it froze and can't play i.

  • New upgrade

    Boo! I have been a player for a long time. Now I get ads during a game that I hate. Why does this happen? I understand advertising but during the games? If you want people to use this application then stop this now Some levels last forever/ really! 2 hours or more! Developers really need to shorten those up. Also on the new OS levels for Apple 6S phones it almost impossible to even play on some levels. You can't get in or download the level you are at! I contacted support and they email Me to find out what I am doing!! Support for this is out of touch. Really levels take 90 minutes or more. That is way too long. The coding on these games is way out of control. Fix it or we all delete it!!!

  • Slots Journey

    Love this game.

  • No longer a good game

    I've played this game for a long time and now the games are no longer accessible. Support has no clue on how to fix this. All they say is sorry we're working on it. Going a ten days since support sent me an email. So before you decide to download and play. Read all reviews.

  • Will the next level be updated before the next decade?

    When do you plan on giving us a new level??? Will you ever update again????

  • Fun game

    Great game! Lots of fun.

  • Slots Journey

    I have had this game for a long time. Really Enjoy playing it. However I recently moved from the 4S to 6S, and the game no longer works. I hate to delete it off my phone because I have about a bazillion points accumulated. Is there anyway to find out what's wrong or is this game simply not compatible with my new phone?

  • Awesome


  • Fun Game

    This is a very fun game a different way to play slots.

  • Love game but....

    Each journey is fun and you want to beat it, however it's too long to conquer it. I feel like I get bored and don't want to play it anymore. If you must make each challenge that long, change the theme drastically and the songs. It takes months to conquer a stage and listening to same song and same graphics is boring and annoying. Keep us entertained and wanting to come back for more!

  • Needs new update and auto spin!!!!

    This game was fun for sometime but now repeatedly hitting the spin button is boring and tiring NEEDS AUTO SPIN!!!!!!

  • Used to be great...not so much now

    First they inflated the coin value by making everything 1,000 x bigger, 50 became 50,000... Now it appears that the weekly bonus game has been devalued to where you have to check in daily to win about a quarter or less of the coins needed for one spin if you've been playing a long time. Also takes wayyyyyyy tooooo loooong to get through each module

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy says:

    Highly addictive & very fun to play

  • GAME


  • Can't play any games

    I could not access the game, so I contacted support. Told to force shut the game and try. Well I did, and lost 4,000,000,000 tokens in the process. When asked about my missing tokens, they ignore, and say ty for you patience. They tell me there is an update in the App Store, then they email yesterday to tell me the update has been suspended indefinitely. All I can say is WOW, get your act together

  • It has potential

    This game has potential to be great, on a couple of conditions. Please up the max bet. I dislike the small max bet so it takes you forever to advance levels. For those of us with bigger bank rolls the measly max bet is painful. Also, AUTO SPIN!!! This is a must need for enjoyment factor. Thanks!!!

  • Love it

    Great game. Can't put it down

  • Why u listenin' 2 me?? Haha

    It's a time passer! Very generous payouts

  • What's the point

    It takes MONTHS to clear one level. Why bother playing if it takes that long to make any progress.


    This game is so boring. It was fun when I first started playing now I have over 4 trillion (or some strange amount) of coins, and the bonus games never appear, it just keeps winning but there's nothing fun about it. I'm cashing in my 4 trillion coins and deleting this game (after 3 years) from my phone.

  • Bill

    Lots of fun play it a lot several times a day

  • Will no download any games since last update.

    Since last update, this game is been horrible. I cannot even download any games to play it.

  • Monotonous

    The game is plenty enjoyable for a while, but then you find yourself pushing the spin button repeatedly for half an hour to get through a single level! And there is NO AUTO SPIN!!!! Beautiful graphics and interesting levels, but the length of time it takes to make progress is annoying. I started playing this game 4 years ago and I've not even unlocked half of the worlds. I'm basically ready to throw in the towel. Payout is also pretty poor, and you have to rely almost exclusively on the hourly collections and daily bonuses. I could spend $100 on coins, and they might last me an hour. Also, WHAT THE HECK is with the ANNOYING EXTRA ZEROS?????? It is cumbersome and looks really awkward. It is completely useless and simply annoying. It is the exact same cost/payout, just with massive wads of zeros all over the place. Very cheesy and unattractive for what is otherwise a very visually pleasing game. Summary: Beautiful and fun game! Payout is pretty annoyingly poor. Progress is miserably and laboriously slow. Needs an auto spin feature. ELIMINATE THE FRIKKIN' EXTRA ZEROS!!!!!!

  • what????annoyed--suzicat

    What is going on???? I could not make a connection with the game even to claim my coins every hr. I'm FROZEN OUT!!!! 1-18-15 frustrated!!! Have been playing this daily for sometime. What I DO NOT appreciate is trying to play ( this started yesterday) & as you are spinning POPUPS keep appearing for other games. At first they look confusing, telling you that you win. These are for downloading other games. If I'm playing I want to play only this game. STOP DOING THIS!!!!!!!! 11-8-15 why do you need to use so many coins to play this game? What's with the Millions-some joke on your part-this is totally crazy!!!!!!

  • In

    Game still will not load even after the updates.

  • Better Now

    Don't know why you have to buy coins. There's no way to collect your "winnings", so why pay to play this "free" app? Also, bugs you to buy coins whenever you open it. Since the "payouts" aren't real, I don't see why you have to "pay to play" Just wait it out & collect your bonus coins each hour. Otherwise, it's ok. The addition of a few more zeros really only made things more confusing. I guess since the "prizes" aren't real anyway, they must have figured what the hell.

  • Game so slow

    The levels on this game take soooo long to complete that it just gets boring. The new coin structure is ridiculous and everything is scaled up in the millions. Daily scratcher hasn't worked since last update, saying I'm not connected to Internet, though I am. I have billions of coins, but don't have the time to trudge through these levels.

  • Slots Jouney

    I never could get my bonus. It kept saying no internet. I deleted and then redownloaded it and lost all my money! That is crap! Please give me back my money and my status! I was far in the game! Please give me back my money!

  • Untested update, VERY poor customer support!

    Game was ok, but the previous update, changing to millions of coins was nonsense. Latest update was obviously NOT tested before release - now no one has Internet access. I sent in a request to fix. Received email back, with no solution to the problem. Then got another email saying they had not heard from me, please send them more info. Replied the game was broken and re-stated the problem. Got another email (a week after failed update) stating it would be another week before update was ready. Ok. I did not reply since this was information, I could do nothing from my end to fix the issue. Then I get another email stating that since they had not heard from me, they are closing the request as "RESOLVED"!!! There exists a VERY SIMPLE SOLUTION! Re-release the previous update that worked, let customers have a game that works, fix the problem and send new update when this BIG PROBLEM is fixed!

  • Broke, waste of time

    Get your sh!t together and fix your code. If you were my programmers you would have been fired!!!!!

  • Annoyed

    Same problem as everyone else can't scratch the daily card it says no internet..can't play really because u can't download a new and even if you try and delete the app and start over it doesn't help please fix!!

  • Please fix

    It's saying I have no internet connection. Want to download next world

  • Slot Journey

    TOO MUCH CLUTER. It's worst now then it was before. I'm seriously thinking of deleting this game. You need to fix this app. No reason to buy coins when the app is free.

  • Slot Journey

    Get all the way to Greece and the problem starts had to reload the game 5 times now it will not play at all what is going on with this game.

  • really??

    so, been a week now that ur 'wonderful' update to "fix" issues... which completely failed!! you would think this would have been fixed within a couple of days?!?? guess u really don't care about the ppl playing (and paying $$) to fix the issues.. thinking u lost a lot of ppl from ur app - again... EPIC FAIL!!!!! sad!

  • Can't download the next level

    Love the game, but I cannot download the next level and I am not prepared to risk deleting and re-installing and going back to square one. Please fix.

  • Disappointed long time player. Fix your last update.

    Never had a problem with this game until the last update. Suddenly I have no internet connection and can't collect my scratch off daily card or collect other bonuses? If not fixed soon this long time player might be done.

  • Cornelius tate

    The bonuses are not working. Can you check on it? Thanks.

  • Slots

    Please fix the bugs since your latest update. I miss not being able to scratch my daily 7 and collect on them. Why is it take so long??? This is my favorite game to play. Please hurry!!

  • No internet

    Can't connect to my internet anymore so I can't get the scratch card

  • Soo not happy

    After the recent update I was on level six would not connect to the Internet anymore. After I said yes to update.. I Uninstall it and reinstalled to see if that would help started level one all over again 😡 and still will not connect to the Internet please fix this And yes I checked my internet connection. And my phone to make all is in working order Fix please

  • Problem with latest update

    Since the last update I can not connect to FB to collect from my friends. Also, when I tap the 7 to scratch the daily cell it says lost internet connection.

  • Fun game

    I used to love it, but so tired of it saying I have no internet connection! I tried reinstalling the app but now I am stuck back at the start and can't download any of the levels I already completed

  • Game broken - anybody home?

    Same problem as others, game says no internet connection. Like another person, I'm uploading this review. I'll wait a little bit but probably delete it if no fix in a week or so. I won't down load any other Fishstick Games either after that.

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