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Bob the Trader

Bob the Trader
4.5 based on 64 Votes
Price Free

Are you ready to step your stock options/futures trading game up? Good, because the Bob the Trader app is here to make YOU a better trader. How you ask? It’s simple really, Bob provides…
Trading Shows and Studies (tastytrade Live)

Bob the Trader is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 64 Votes. This version 1.10.6 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 4 Users.

Your device must have atleast 17.1 MB of space to download and install Bob the Trader. This application does not have game center . Bob the Trader is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of dough, Inc. at

Support Languages

English, American


Finance , Business ,


Bob the Trader
Bob the Trader
Bob the Trader
Bob the Trader

Additional Information

• Live programming before and during market hours

• Programming includes statistical analysis of options/futures trades, technical analysis, financial news, and more…

Visibility Into REAL Options/Futures Trades

• See trades put on by veteran trader, Tom Sosnoff, and his research team

• Account Type – there are subscriptions for IRA & Margin brokerage accounts

• Full Transparency – see the strategy selection, strike prices, trade price, and size of each trade

Staying connected and engaged in the markets has never been easier with tastytrade’s Bob the Trader app -- from the minds who created (1) thinkorswim, the original retail trading platform, (2) tastytrade, the fastest-growing financial news network, AND (3) dough, a stock/options trading platform.

Bob the Trader is tastytrade's top grossing financial app in the App Store!

Join the THOUSANDS who use Bob to improve their trading each and every day!

What's New on this version 1.10.6

Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • EWW...

    I love the first image in the Apple Store with EWW at the bottom. Next time use GPRO or LUV or COOL Or LIZ & JNY App is free now so open a tastyworks account!!!

  • Great app!

    These guys know what they are doing! You won't be disappointed.

  • Not a fan

    Like the guy but not a big fan of this investment approach

  • Good IRA Trades

    Get a lot of good IRA trades off the app. Pays for itself almost every week.

  • Absolutely perfect!!

    It's so simple it's perfect and exactly what I wanted. Thanks!!

  • If you trade then you need this app!

    Subscription is worth every penny and then some. Good job outta you!

  • Best App in the App Store!

    Bob will keep you actively engaged in the markets with the ultimate transparency of all of Tom Sosnoffs options,futures and stock trades. Great tool to have in your arsenal along with the Dough and Think of Swim platforms. One well executed futures scalp can pay for months of Bob. App pays for itself plus more. Stop wasting your time with other silly finance Apps go get Bob The Trader!

  • Great trading product

    Realtime trading updates and great trade ideas. Cant go wrong. Only thing missing is making the trade for me while i hang out at the beach for the summer.

  • Can be a life changer.

    This is a real financial network, made for people who want to understand trading by people who actually trade! Imagine that :) I found TastyTrade last month after 5 years of piddling around in the market. It's been great for what it is. Will they give you all the answers to make a million dollars from a thousand in 90 days? Nope. No one will. After watching these shows for a bit, you will begin to understand that the way you think about trading may be off a bit. I still have tons to learn and I am thrilled to have found this network to help!!

  • Best thing to happen to new traders

    An amazing way to stay engaged in the market while learning to trade in a way that helps build confidence for a new or veteran trader to start making his or her own market bias... This app helps users to understand why they are making trades and begin to add context behind their ideas, opinions and strategies!! Want to learn how to trade, look no further...

  • Best thing since orange chicken

    The bob the trader app and tastytrade are amazing. They teach self-directed traders how to use options to their advantage by lowering cost basis and focusing on probability of success. The bob the trader app brings full transparency to what Tom and Tony are trading and proves they really put their money where their month is. Within the app you can also watch Tastytrade live! ( but i'd recommend audio only unless Vonetta is on, she's hotttt ;) ) Shameless plug: Follow @ricksta in $TWTR

  • Live trade updates

    It's nice to see what tasty traders are doing without being in Chicago, the app is the next best thing for anyone wanting to sit next to a trader and learn receive live push updates thru the trading day- some of the futures pair trades more then make this app worthwhile. RD- ThinkTank LLC


    Love this app! Every time Sisnoff puts his Dough on the line (makes a trade), you see it! You want to know how the best traders do it, here you go. Options, Futures, Stock

  • Game changer!

    This app is worth every $$. It is great to be able to see all of Tom & Tony's trades especially when I can't watch tastytrade during the day. I am able to get a better sense of what the market is doing which helps me to set up my own trades or go in on one of their trades. A very innovative app!! You will become a better trader.

  • Will no longer work on iOS 6.1.6

    Stopped working on iOS 6.1.6 - crashes before it even gets to app screen

  • Totally Worthless

    In app purchase makes it not worth any real value

  • The Best!

    I love being able to take your show with me on the go.

  • Love this app!!

    I love this app because it gives me great ideas for trades even though I've only been trading for a year. You can filter trades by security type, which is good for traders like me who focus mostly on options! Nice work, tastytrade!

  • Fantastic

    This app takes you into the mind of Bob (Tom) and you follow the trades to open and to close. You soon get a feel for Bob's thoughts / reasons for making each trade. If you watch Tastytrade you will see and hear the discussion of many of the trades and learn about holding until a trade works and why particular strike prices were chosen. Calls / Puts, IC, Verticals, etc. Check it out. Fantastic.

  • #1 finance app

    Love Bob the trader and tastytrade!!!

  • Changed my life!

    TastyTrade will open your eyes when it comes to trading. This app shows how transparent they are, and also let's you watch and listen to their show every weekday. They continue to amaze me with how much investable information is in each broadcast. Thank you to everyone at TastyTrade!

  • Bob does the Job!

    I have enjoyed this app for about one month now, my profit and loss is finally showing me some green after signing up to this app, I agree with some previous reviews on how not all trades are winners but then again no one is perfect. I am currently stuck with a few loosing trades which were big earnings surprises and they involved companies which I was bullish on but Bob had betted against. Its always good to do your own research also but overall I find if you're trading on a regular basis with options, you will make money from this app. The tastytrade shows are a perfect compliment with this app, you can do the trades throughout the day and see them being analyzed on the shows with Tony and Tom. The customers support is the best I have ever seen, they always respond within 30-45 mins from my experience. Tom is also great in getting back to your emails. For an options trader like me, I look forward to tuning into tastytrade every trading day plus reviewing the Ask SLM show archives. The BOB trades have made my portfolio grow and I look forward to learning more strategies with the tastytrade crew!

  • Addicted to BOB

    Wow! Awesome App! As others have said, very cool to be able to see the trades that Tom gets filled on and how to learn from him. Support team for the app is very helpful-- always willing to help you out if you have any problems viewing the trades and are very prompt in responding to their customers. I really like that they added a filter feature and the audio only feature-- much easier for listening while I am on the go! Pretty cool that you can subscribe to BOB directly from the tt website too-- took me less than two minutes to get up and running and see what Tom was trading! Has an auto-renew feature which I like because I don't have to worry about my subscription lapsing. Well worth the cost.

  • Review of Bob and TastyTrade

    I have been watching TastyTrade for a little over a month now and been using Bob for a few weeks. Most of the time the show is very entertaining and informative. Bob is a big help following the show. Let me point out a few downfalls that I feel sure will improve over time. 1. So far the trades on Bob have not produced very good results. In fact more than 50% of the trades have been losers. 2. The app needs to show the current portfolio ( all the open trades). 3. Tom and Tony constantly preach about being open so they should show some statics of their trades on Bob. What percentage of the trades are winners and what is the percent of return on investment. 4. While I have been trading options for about 5 years and trading stocks for over 25 years, sometimes Tom runs through things very fast and I get lost. He also needs to slow down during his segment with is daughter. If he is truly trying to teach the public something then teach it with examples and explanation, don't just run through it. 5. Bob is pretty expensive with the results I have seen so far. I hope this helps and I look forward to seeing the product progress in the future.

  • Engaging, Fun, and Useful

    Engaging fun radio about stock and options markets from industry insiders. Learn and have fun.

  • Buggier now

    App crashes occasionally when it tries to refresh. Still a good app for following TastyTrade while away from the computer.

  • Awesome!

    These guys are changing the way you need to look at investing. Love the app. Love the show. Love the money I have made from the lessons they teach!

  • What a joke and rip off and way too expensive

    This is a freaking joke!:( Have to pay $99 for a month OR $29 for a SEVEN day ... yes SEVEN messily day trial. SEE these trades IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR tasty trade member fee. THIS OUTRAGEOUS AMT IS EXTRA, ON TOP OF UR Tasty trade service. WAY TO EXPENSIVE FOR a new unproven service... Let alone the best devices out there. :( :( Whatta joke..

  • SOS grande the bob!

    Awesome app! Great to have the opportunity to shadow one of the greatest traders.

  • Video closes/stops

    Some suggestions on streaming: 1. Allow listening while using other apps 2. Streaming stops every few minutes 3. Need landscape mode to view TOS

  • by

    Innovative app for the tactile learner. Following REAL TIME trades from accomplished traders is un heard of! You can watch a weekday show about trading from the app and the website support is insane. This is the best resource I have found yet re: teaching myself how to trade. I highly recommend it. I wish I would have found it before I had spent hundreds of hours/thousands of $ other places. I highly recommend it.

  • Worth every bit

    Tastytrade is the only way to truly learn how to trade options. Unlike other newsletters or email services tastytrade has a tv network on during the trading day with former put traders that explain the trades rather tell you what to trade. Keep it up Tastytrade!

  • For Realzeez's!!!

    Awesome! Yo where the spooz's at!!

  • Great app!

    Woohoo one of the 1st 5 to review. Been waiting for this app for awhile. I wonder if their roles were reversed and Case had to explain this app to Tom and Tony

  • 🍒🍒🍒🍒🍒

    Great app!! Just need to make sure BTO,STO and closes are listed in like a sub menu for sorting and a history for previous week or more... Thanks TnT Kevin

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