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Bluebird by American Express

Bluebird by American Express
2.5 based on 696 Votes
Price Free

• Quickly view your Available Balance without logging in to your account Read more...

Bluebird by American Express is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 696 Votes. This version has an average rating of 5 based on 1 Users.

Your device must have atleast 95.0 MB of space to download and install Bluebird by American Express. This application does not have game center . Bluebird by American Express is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of American Express at

Support Languages

English, American


Finance , Utilities ,


Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express
Bluebird by American Express

Additional Information

• View your transaction history

• View information about your transactions by clicking on an individual transaction


• Locate MoneyPass® ATMs

• Set funds aside in your SetAsideSM Account

• Send money to your Family Accounts and see their transaction history


• Add checks with your mobile phone

• Add money to your Account from your bank account or debit card

• Find cash reload locations near you on the go


• Access your Direct Deposit information

• Pay Bills

• Pre-authorize Bluebird checks


• Add offers to your Account and start saving on dining, shopping and more

What is Bluebird® by American Express, brought to you by American Express and Walmart?

Bluebird is a financial account with flexible features and convenient management tools to help you get more from your money. There are no monthly, annual or overdraft fees, and there is no minimum balance requirement. With a Bluebird Account, you can direct deposit your paycheck, government benefits and tax refund, pay bills and have access to 24/7 customer service.

Visit us at for more information.

What's New on this version

You can withdraw cash from your Bluebird Account, now up to $2,500 daily, with Bluebird Cash Pickup Powered by Ria.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Lit

    I love it ❤️ it's so simple 💁🏾

  • Great app but no Apple Pay

    Companies such as Moven and Shift, which are both prepaid support Apple Pay, but Amex Bluebird and Serve do not. There is no technical reason why not. This is an arbitrary decision by Amex in an attempt to keep their premium cards relevant. As of 4-1-2017 leaving bluebird for gobank due to acceptance. Amex not accepted everywhere. Apple Pay would have made the difference. As of 5-22-2017 they now charge for checks 19.95 for 40 preauthorized checks. No reason not to go to gobank now. 😔

  • Can't paste in passwords from 1Password

    Great service but I don't get why they make it so you can't paste in passwords from apps like 1Password. Now I have to reset and simplify my password just so I can login in on the iOS app. This isn't helping security AMEX, it's hurting it.

  • Can't copy and paste

    I can't copy and paste my 36 character password into the app. Please fix this.

  • Can't copy and paste login info at sign in

    So worthwhile passwords require switching back and forth between 1Password app

  • Need help! Locked out!

    I called last week! Locked out of my card! No help, person to person! Need to reset password!

  • Needs an update.

    I really like the app. I use it all the time. Why I gave it 4 instead of 5, is because the app needs an update. The web version, you can add and edit categories and insights. But you can not on the app version. Other than that, it's a great app.

  • Nullified Good Security Practices

    The very useful app was made completely unusable if you follow good security practices and have a long random password. The ability to paste in your password from a password manager has been removed.

  • Stop auto photo

    The app works well for the most part, but I dislike the new Add Checks feature: The camera keeps taking the photo before it is properly positioned.

  • Broke My Security Habits.

    I use 1password to store all my passwords, last update removed paste from the password field. No option for iOS password management integration, or 1password integration.

  • No Apple Pay???

    App works good. No problem. iPhone SE . The new Update fixed a lot! Only did 4 stars because it doesn't support Apple Pay yet.

  • Hmmmm

    App is usually great, but this latest update screwed it up. When I'm logging on, after I type in my username and click on password, the username disappears. It just won't stay on there.

  • Great App...!!👏🏾

    The app is quite good and awesome. The issue is when you try to log in with a touch ID, it keeps asking for password again, what doesn't make any sense. Update: touch ID is working smoothly no more need of logging on with password every time. Kudos!



  • Crash!!!!!!

    After you enter pictures of both sides of checks for deposit and amount the app crashes his sins need to my home screen . please fix this or I will cancel my bluebird card

  • I can't deposit my check !!!!!

    Everything is great but with this last update my app crashes when I try to deposit a check !!

  • Crash

    It's been good for awhile but now I try to add a check deposit and it keeps crashing

  • Add funds

    After I enter my info to cash my check the app shuts down!!! Please fix!

  • Sigh.

    Update -- TOUCH ID IS FINALLY WORKING AFTER A COUPLE OF YEARS OF WAITING. Thanks. 🙃 --- Update -- how tf do you update the app for bug fixes & the TouchID still doesn't work? Just take the feature out altogether. 😑 --- It's good as a basic app. The Touch ID doesn't work. I can transfer money between accounts easily. Logging in is a chore sometimes. I only use this for online shopping / Etsy direct deposits, since direct deposits post so quickly. I wouldn't use Bluebird for checks or transferring money via another debit card.

  • Best CC App

    Very clean easy to use app. Has everything you need for your bluebird American Express card. I love it.

  • Unable to use Mobil app

    I get an error message that states server is unavailable try again. Go directly to the site & safari says unable to open. I selected continue any way & get in. You can not use the deposit check option via the site this Mobil app isn't very reliable. Oh figured I'd try wifi & seems that's the only way you can use the app. Oh & now trying to deposit check & getting an error message saying my acct is expired. So disappointing

  • Greedy card!

    Very inconvenient! $2.50 + ATM transaction fees,$1 check balance fee! Can't take out cash @ register, can't send money but thru another blue bird account! Thru Walmart,Basically it's the worst Walmart prepaid card! Used as a credit card! It's transactions are expensive so most places don't accept it, must take out cash at a double dipping ATM fees! Bout to cancel them jokers! They take to much of my money & talk bout giving me points!

  • Won't transfer

    It won't let me transfer money from my bank account to the card

  • Could be better

    After the latest update it no longer saves my login info.. A little annoying not to have quick balance and touch login because I have to re-enter my info.. Please fix!

  • Touch ID works for me

    Everything works fine for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my iPhone 6. A good thing to do would be to figure everything out on the website account first before down loading the app from the site itself, that should help (it will lead you to the App Store)

  • Best no fee card

    Easy to use,I have no problems ,easy money load,great card

  • App works great!

    I'm not for sure why all the bad comments and I use the app a lot. I thought it was fairly easy no complaints. Just because the Touch ID doesn't work doesn't mean this app deserves a 1 start that's not fair.

  • Run fast

    Run away fast from this card and their services. They are horrible I keep getting charges out of no where after the fact. My balance says one thing and then I go to use my card and its completely different balance.

  • Touch ID is a bust

    The Touch ID hasn't worked properly since ever. What's taking so long to fix it?

  • Please fix bugs

    Touch ID still doesn't work properly and now whenever I need to transfer money between accounts I have to log in on the actual website because the app won't allow the transfer to go through. My job requires fast service and even faster transfers and this app is lacking both. Currently looking for more convenient ways to keep money flowing where it needs to.

  • Frustrated

    Please fix the Touch ID!

  • Annoyed

    Please fix the Touch ID. It's been months since I've started using thing app and yet no fix for this issue. What's the point in Touch ID if I still have to type in my password?!

  • Fix App

    The app won't open, even when the log in info is correct

  • Check deposit

    Doesn't work keeps auto closing or times out wen adding check to deposit

  • 3 of 5 Good service Bad app

    The app should let you use your Touch ID to log in but it don't. The app is kinda buggy- and doesn't show a lot of information. I wanna be able to see logs even if they don't go through. For security purposes. Customer support with blue bird is wonderful! Seems like a decent service but the app is terrible!!

  • Great

    Love my bluebird card. Great with no fees at all. Works great for me.

  • Bluebird

    Serves It's Purpose. I Have No Complaints.

  • So Frustrated!

    I've been using this app for over year and never had any problem; however, I funded through direct deposit, I never tried to make a by check. Yesterday it took eight times before I could get the check to deposit, today seven times so I called Customer Service - the suggestion I got was just keep repeating effort. You cannot upload a photo from your file, you cannot add the information manually, you can only take a picture. Anyone using this type of an account wants fast not frustration by doing something 7,8,9 times unsuccessfully still. So I went to bluebirds web page and they direct you back to the mobile app to deposit a check. Maybe it's time to find an alternate source that's more reliable.

  • Wasn't great but wasn't bat until recent crash

    Was ok but not great. Used regularly. But recently the app won't open and crashes immediately upon trying to open. Can't access the app at all. Also there is no easy way to email or leave a message for support about it without taking time to call in. Needs a lot of work. Pls fix soon or I will be deleting and finding another funding source.

  • No problem but

    No problem really like the app but AE over all needs to have more ATMs I only have one in my area when it's out of order and often is it's either pay to use the bank ATM or drive 40 miles to another AE one

  • Fours years is about to go down the drain

    We need an update guys what's going on?

  • Just works and that's about it

    App always works! Easy to navigate and makes money management a snap. Even works reasonably quick in 2G networks. Updated 2/6/17 Still a solid app but basically unchanged. Touch ID shows on my wife's phone but not mine. Touch ID does not work on wife's phone even tough the option shows. Was a 5 star now a two.

  • Not so wonderful

    App is a pain in ...... to use. Enable Touch ID however that doesn't work want a to login with username and password and the remember me doesn't even remember.

  • Good for short while

    Well ever since iPhone went past 10.0 it will not finish updating. Tried everything possible to get it back on phone still nothing. 1-31-17 app does not work will not even install my phone is updated to newest OS what the hell? Contact me or something quit leaving us hanging.

  • WAS Running great

    Key word was doing great up until the last month. Logs me out consistently, can't access Quick Balances, can't transfer money. Have tried to with drawl money but can't because of issues with that. I used to be extremely happy with app but it went to crap after last update. Going to have to put money elsewhere. Can't live on wishes and hopes the app will work and you'll find a kind person who over look the apps faults to pay for your meal already eaten or has already pumped. OVERALL not reliable.

  • Crashes

    App crashes immediately on logging in.

  • Update?

    Is there an update for the app? Mine won't even open any longer.

  • Can't transfer or send funds

    I have been stuck quite a few times now without being able to send or transfer funds. This was the only reason I got bluebird.

  • Transfers broken!!!!

    It seems that transfers are failing most of the time now. Particularly reclaims. This makes the whole Bluebird ecosystem barely usable.

  • What happened?!?!? Network Unavailable??

    have not been able to log into the app on my phone whatsoever for two weeks now. No matter what I do, every single time I try to log in, I get a pop-up stating ERROR: Network unavailable, please try again later. This has been going on for nearly two weeks straight now. I have absolutely loved using my Amex Bluebird card for the 4-5 years. I utilized my card several times every single month and I relied heavily on using the app for those every day transactions. My boyfriend and I split our monthly bills and we have used our Amex Bluebird accounts, in part, for receiving and sending money to one another, paying bills electronically and through manual checks (that you know much be pre-authorized). Do you realize how incredibly difficult it is to do all of those things now because of not being able to access the app anymore? It is an enormous inconvenience - I absolutely despise being forced to go through a web browser just to access my account. This has been going on for at least two weeks now and I was holding out hope in that there would be an update fixing the problem. And trust me, I've done all of the usual things in trying to get the app to open. I've uninstalled, reinstalled (several times), I've manually shut down the app from running in the background, I've tried not using Touch ID and just entered my username and password manually - I've done all of these many times since the problem started to no avail whatsoever. If the problem isn't fixed within the next week or two, my boyfriend and I will be switching to another company who is more reliable in these areas.

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