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LGE Mobile

LGE Mobile
3.5 based on 83 Votes
Price Free

LGE Mobile Banking allows you to make check deposits, view transactions history, check balances, transfer funds, and pay loans on the go.
Features:

LGE Mobile is a Finance application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 83 Votes. This version 2016.07.1876 has an average rating of 2 based on 1 Users.

Your device must have atleast 78.0 MB of space to download and install LGE Mobile. This application does not have game center . LGE Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of LGE Community Credit Union at

Support Languages

English, American , Spanish


Finance ,


LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile
LGE Mobile

Additional Information

Snap Deposit


Manage Cards



If you have any questions about this application, please contact LGE at 770-424-0060, option 4.

What's New on this version 2016.07.1876

- fixes for iOS 10.3 users experiencing issues with the menu

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Can be much better

    I have two separate banking accounts with LGE and the mobile app only allows you to view on banking account. Unfortunately, you cannot download an additional app to view the other account. Many banks have this feature already.

  • Poor design and unfunctional

    Primary functions are inaccessible without delving into the accounts and backing out to finally see some semblance of a menu. Snap deposit is overly sensitive and unless the person writing your checks has the handwriting of a typewriter you'll need to take the check in person.

  • Awful new version barely functions

    The old version of this app was wonderful. It was fast and you could literally do anything in seconds. The new version is horribly slow, takes minutes to load anything, and half of the buttons and functions don't even work. Once you finally log in after the slog of a loading screen, the top left button to access the side bar isn't even there. You have to go into an account and back out to make it appear. Then half of the functions, including the MOST IMPORTANT ONE, TRANSFERS, does not work. Ridiculous.

  • App features do not work

    In the new version of this app, the transfer feature no longer functions, menu frequently is not accessible, and the only thing you can do is look at how much money you have.

  • Unusable.

    This app was perfect at first but then it completely stopped working. Please fix this.

  • Unusable

    The new update is horrendous. The only things I can do are look at my accounts and snap deposit. Clicking any other button (transfers, settings, et al) does nothing at all. The menu button often doesn't even appear at the top left.

  • Not a good app

    This is terrible, the older version is way better than this version. My account updates way to slow and the app never seems to work correctly.

  • Missing the old app

    Idk what else was changed besides the UI, but I wish it could be undone. This new app is so slow and time consuming for the simplest of tasks.

  • Disastrous!

    Why? This app is so time consuming and I don't look forward to using it. I feel I might as well use the desktop. I'd like to personalize the accounts I transfer to. Is that too much to ask? I don't like this app at all, therefore, no stars. Well, I couldn't save my comment without rating the app with at least one. Shaking my head!

  • Gave Up

    Worst than the last version. Finally gave up and changed banks.

  • As good as bricks

    I design mobile apps for a living. This new version makes me want to destroy my phone, and then change my bank account to literally anywhere else. There's no way someone with decent coding skills built this. Who's approving the executive sign offs for this crap? Can I give a negative star rating?

  • SLOW!!

    Wow! This App just crawls. Please fix this the old app was fine. This thing moves at a snails pace and has made mobile banking intolerable. Also, it tends to forget my saved username every few times. No reason for this update. Please fix!

  • I Hate the New Update!!!!

    This is ridiculous. Since the new update, I can't transfer funds, I can't purchase things reliably, and I am constantly searching for random and unaccounted for, disappearing funds from my account. I am so sick of this. Fix your transfer glitches.

  • Love the Update

    I think the new version is a big improvement and was much needed. The old one was very outdated, and this new one looks better and is easier to navigate.

  • What the heck?

    This new app is literally trash. There was nothing wrong with the other one. This makes it way more difficult to do what is needed. Worst app update. Fire your app team and get a better one. Terrible.

  • Hate it

    Closes and is not anywhere near as good and easy to use as the old version.

  • Love the new app!

    I like that it's comparable to the website. Great new features!!

  • Great app!!

    The new app is amazing! I love some of the features and how user friendly it is. I like the Touch ID as well. It was very easy to download as it was just an update from the old app. LGE and the team there did a great job with this new app!

  • Love it!

    I am forever grateful that the new app offers Touch ID! I also love that it is simple to navigate and doesn't look outdated like the older app version. Everything has migrated over smoothly and there are even more features than before. ❤ LGE!

  • New app-love it

    Love the new LGE app! It's easy to use and has some great new features! I can now turn on/off my cards at will. And Touch ID is cutting edge! Great job LGE

  • Works great!

    I love it! It's very user friendly and customizable. I especially like how it mirrors the desktop version. Thanks for the upgrade.

  • LGE has done it again..

    Thank you for some great features on the new app! I love the Touch ID feature as well as being able to manage my cards. The site is cleaner and easily manageable. I love it!!

  • Great!

    Very user friendly and streamlined with the website.

  • Love the new app

    User friendly, great job LGE!!

  • Awesome App!!

    Love the new interface and thumbprint feature!!

  • Nicely Done!

    Love the update - thanks for all of the cool new features!

  • Terrible update

    I honestly like the old version better. I could see old bills and spending from a year ago if I wanted to and now I can barely get bill pay to work. I don't understand why you would mess with something that wasn't broken...

  • Long overdue but poorly executed

    The app has needed a new UI for a while and it can still use a lot of improvement. The current app looks worse when it comes to viewing my transactions and I didn't think that was possible. Please take notes from other banking apps like chase or fifth third. The UI is ugly and its just made things harder to read

  • New app

    The new app it is super user-friendly and looks just like the desktop version I love the new app!!!

  • Great way to start the new year!!! New app

    Great new update. More options to customize your account and preferences. Great job Lge 🙌🏼TOUCH ID🙌🏼

  • LOVE this APP!

    This New APP is great! So many features and really user friendly! Thumbs up!

  • Easy Use

    I haven't had any issues with the new app and I'm happy with the changes made! Great job IT!

  • Terrible update.

    this is excessive and unnecessary I don't need my banking app doing all this extra stuff. the app is cluttered looking and complicated. Just be straight to the point. I wish I never updated this.

  • I like it!

    Initial setup requires a little setup (user agreements, security questions, ect), but I really like the changes. Everything seems clear and concise now.

  • Horrible forced update

    This app is so bad it makes me want to change banks. Previous version was great. No more easily changing between separate accounts. No more having all information together. Transferring funds a pain to do now. Would not have updated if given the choice. Tiny print. Useless options. Over complicated. Have to dig through menus for stuff that was at your fingertips before. Poorly designed. Which I why I stopped using the website when you changed it.

  • Did we really need this?

    This isn't mobile friendly at all. The last one was click click click and you're done. This one is too involved. This update is best suited for a actual computer not a mobile device. Thanks for nothing.

  • Mark Cronce

    Downloaded today because I had to. They wouldn't allow access through the old app. This new version is very slow. You have to re-sign up for mobile banking before you can even use the app. But they don't tell you that within the app. I had to call them and was put on hold for nearly an hour. Bill pay is not yet available thru the app, you have to use their website. The old app worked great, was very fast and easy to use. I hope they improve this version in a hurry, or their customers are not going to be happy.

  • Love the refresh

    Clean look and great tools for banking!

  • Looks good, but removed some features

    I have high hopes that this app will get more improvements over time than the previous iteration. The first issue I encountered was that the password field blocks the paste action. This is a terrible interface choice, because it actually reduces security by preventing me from pasting directly from my password manager. Instead, this encourages me to use a weak password that is rememberable or potentially re-used. The second issue I noticed is that bill pay is no longer accessible from the app. Hopefully that will change in time. The last thing I noticed is that the charts of your balance over time and the incoming vs outgoing money are gone. I like those as an easy tool to see if I'm spending more than I'm bringing in or not. Plus, knowing my overall balance over time lets me easily see if I've increased my balance or not the last few months. Now I'll have to do all of that manually. Overall the app is nice, and hopefully the missing features will be implemented over time.

  • BillPay (finally!) usable - TouchID support still MIA

    At last, BillPay is usable. In all prior versions, if you had, say, two credit cards with the same issuer, it was impossible to select the one you wanted to pay with any certainty because the listings were identical. I like the cosmetic changes, but TouchID support would be a welcome next milestone. LGE's branded app always seems to be way behind the curve compared to Access Softek's generic version of their Mobile Finance Manager.

  • Better design; missing TouchID.

    I like the updated design. App still lacks the secure convenience of TouchID.

  • Simple & easy

    Like the simplicity and ease of app.

  • Touch ID please?

    Very good app. Love being able to pic deposit checks. Rating 4/5 because typing my password is a bit annoying. Would love for you to add Touch ID!

  • Plz add Touch ID

    Love the app but would really like Touch ID added!

  • Outdated

    design is outdated and looks bad on iPhone 6. Needs Touch ID. Bank of America app has a way better layout.

  • Touch ID

    is a great app. first time user. what about enabling the Touch ID feature for log in. it will make life easier for those who use alpha numerics for passwords.

  • Missing feature

    This app does not allow you to print your statements

  • App works

    It is now 2015 time to bring the app up to date for security biometric thumb print

  • Great

    But needs support for iPhone 6 and 6 plus; otherwise, it looks blown up and ugly.

  • Great

    Works great

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