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PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader &...

PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
4 based on 3,192 Votes
Price Free

Process and accept credit cards and cash payments anywhere you are with PayAnywhere. Use the ultimate mobile point-of-sale app to bring your business on the go!
With PayAnywhere, any small business can accept magstripe cards, EMV chip cards, and contactless payments like Apple Pay. Read more...

PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register is a Business application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 3,192 Votes. This version 5.2.2 has an average rating of based on 0 Users.

Your device must have atleast 76.9 MB of space to download and install PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register. This application does not have game center . PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of North American Bancard, Inc. at

Support Languages

English, American , Spanish


Business , Finance ,


PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register
PayAnywhere - Mobile Credit Card Reader & Register

Additional Information

Purchase the PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Credit Card Reader and get your first $5000 in Apple Pay transactions free!

PayAnywhere Features:

Accept Credit Card Payments

• Accept credit cards, including chip cards, and track cash payments.

PayAnywhere Mobile: Free credit card reader for 2.69% per swipe, dip, or tap with no setup or monthly fees.

PayAnywhere Storefront: A free tablet and stand with built-in credit card reader for as low as 1.69% per swipe with a $12.95 monthly basic service fee.

• Use PayAnywhere Inside or sync with your Apple Watch for instant reporting on transaction history.

Secure Credit Card Encryption

• Secure and encrypted transactions using our free app and credit card reader.

• Add discounts, tips, and taxes on sales easily through the app.

Manage Your Small Business and Track Stock

• Manage your small business and get your funds are deposited the next business day.

• Create an item library with barcodes, multiple prices, and modifiers, and enter the quantity of items you have on hand at your business.

• Track sold items and automatically stop customers from buying anything out of stock.

• Quickly add or scan items with your device’s camera or connect a compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner.

Customer Service

• Offer your customers receipts by mobile email, SMS, or paper.

• Having trouble? Talk to our live customer support by phone, email, and chat.

Bring your business anywhere with mobile payments and make sure to check out PayAnywhere Inside for additional reporting on your credit card processing activity!

Contact for custom pricing on our mobile POS solutions.

To accept credit cards, chip cards and contactless payments such as Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, purchase the PayAnywhere 3-in-1 Credit Card Reader. Check out more details.

To learn more about PayAnywhere and mobile POS solutions, visit

What's New on this version 5.2.2

Requires iOS 9 or later.

Managing your stock just got easier:
- In Edit Mode, select an item to enter in quantity and start tracking stock.
- Admins can now sell and track out of stock items.
- Set customized low stock alerts.

We routinely update the app for general bug fixes and improvements. For optimal performance, you will be required to update your app to the latest version. Please email any comments or suggestions to

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Worst product and bad customer service

    We've been using this app/tablet for probably 2 years now and it's so horrible the tablet is always having issues the swiper only works half the time the chip reader barley works the computer will crash if a card gets declined and when they are working of the service they won't tell you and the system won't work at all also the newest update took away the tipping option

  • Credit card swipe her

    It is a beautiful thing they invented this credit card swipe her I had put it to such good use

  • Best ever for my small business

    I'm not only so very happy that I have payanywhere to help and always assist with my small business, but also can actually rely on them for any concerns and bumps I may encounter along the way. Bar none the BEST customer service with a friendly and knowledgable representative always prepared to problem solve. I'm so happy I started with payanywhere and phone swipe (their sister company), and haven't had the headaches from the other well known competitors that I've heard about from other mental health professionals who are also small business owners. Owning your own business provides enough challenges but luckily how to get paid from my patients isn't one of them, thanks to payanywhere!!

  • Easy to Use

    I needed to process card payments immediately without a reader. PayAnywhere afforded me that opportunity. Thankful to God for them.

  • No Just No!! save yourself the stress and money

    I have done a total of 7 small transaction that total to 126.49 from Jan17-Feb17 and the company has tried to take 966.77 out of my account so far and it's now April. Not only are they messing with my bank account they wiped out my customers bank account. SCAM!!! Stay away!! Save yourself the stress. Don't use this company.

  • To many problems

    Card reader not working

  • Slow process

    Overall, the service is very slow, what I mean by that is the transaction to bank account time..And the customer service is poor to say the least

  • Great option for payments

    I use this app selling girl scouts' cookies and it was a great adition to our booths. We sold cookies that otherwise we would had missed. It is easy to use and fast.

  • Error messages galore

    It doesn't recognize your email or password after you just set it and reset it and so on. Constantly get error. I can't even get logged in. Got the free attachment quickly, but useless if you can't log in!

  • Do not use this fraud app!

    They will keep your very first transactions for no reason, still trying to get my money back.. this company is in the process of being sued stay away... all the negative reviews are true do your research!

  • Fraud Alert

    I haven't used this swiped for over 6 years and am seeing that they are charging monthly for a terminated account! BEWARE!

  • Business owner

    I am very happy with this service. I use PayAnywhere as a backup if my credit card system goes down.

  • UGH!!


  • Perfect for small business

    This is so perfect for our small business!

  • Unexpected level of service

    After a call to the service center for some help with understanding some details on my account. I was shocked to get a call from the COO asking for my impression of the service I received and the product in general. Your value increased with that call and the genuine care she expressed. Thank you!

  • Can't use

    Would love to use pay anywhere , but device won't fit with my protective case on . I've called 800 # & as requested left a msg. , but no return call ... oh well .. too bad for them . Square is higher in rates ,but also higher in customer service. Pay Anywhere, call me back , let's talk !

  • Pay Anywhere APP

    Extremely easy to use, seamless transaction capability! Great customer service!

  • Too Soon

    We just used this for a product-show last night. Right at the beginning, a firm upgrade happened. WHY CAN’T I POSTPONE AN UPGRADE? If we had a customer right then, they would have had to wait over 15 minutes for the upgrade to finish. Also, almost every customer was declined one or more times. Eventually, every sale was completed. Moreover, each transaction attempt took 3-5 minutes to be approved. It’s too soon to ASK ME for a review! Someone in your corporation is being TOO PUSHY. Say “Review” not “Give us fiv…”! Thanks for all your hard work clerks and coders. Keep improving. Test, test, test, review, practice and even rehearse.

  • What a joke

    Bought the reader, signed up for the account, was told I have a $20 transaction limit which makes the entire thing completely useless. Total BS and headgames. If I could give it negative stars I would.

  • Works like a charm

    Application is simple to use and easy to maintain. Support is top shelf. Happy user

  • Incredible customer service

    Great rates incredible customer service


    Scam artists who will hold you money for no justifiable reason. I tried as an alternative to Square and still have $600 tied up with them. Asked for proof of transactions and called customers who verified transactions. Do not put yourself through the headache of trying to get your money. Also they will waste your time and give you the runaround.

  • Not happy from their dos and don'ts

    I apply for PayAnywhere the registration process is easy and customer friendly, however the real complaint was when they send me an email stating you can not process more than $200 per month. And that each transaction should be no more than $20 at one time. This is ridiculous learn something from Square and PayPal at least and stop putting restrictions on your customers.


    I'm very disappointed with this service. I signed up under private and they will not raise my cap for charges, which is unacceptably low. $300 for the month? I got this so I could have a garage sale. The daily cap for charges is $20!!! WHY? Please consider this before you spent the money and time. It seems like this company is too caught up with red tape to be effective and easy to use.

  • Best there is!

    I can not say enough about Payanywhere, I don't have all those charges anymore, no up keep fees, I always paid at least 10 percent is what it broke down to to Wellsfargo or IBC, pay anywhere is 2.9 percent and nothing else!


    I love using my pay anywhere but I HATE using the app. Whenever I am trying to use it to check people out, it crashes. I try updating my inventory, it crashes. I go too fast switching between categories within the app, it crashes. It also isn't compatible with bluetooth keyboards because whenever I use mine for my iPad Mini, it immediately crashes the app. It doesn't matter which platform I use, the app doesn't work. They seriously need to figure this issue out or I will be switching card reader companies.

  • Owner

    Not happy at all

  • Like this app

    This app took a bit to get started but has been great since. It makes it simple for my customers to pay without having to have cash or write a check.

  • Awesome App

    I used this today for a Boy Scout Popcorn Fundraiser and it works perfectly.


    Update**: please read reviews on BBB!!!!!! Do not sign up! This company is a complete scam! They have not only robbed me, but have also robbed countless other consumers out of there money!!!! Original review: If I could give negative stars I would! This company has committed fraud and is getting away with it! They scammed me out of $2,000!!!!! And could have taken more!!! They don't say this, when you sign up, but they have a transaction limit of $100 which first of all is already the stupidest thing ever. Now if you go over that transaction limit, they still charge the money to your client's card, then they don't give it to you.... and they keep it for themselves. I had a client pay me $2,000 that she owes me for services rendered. I have been waiting over a week for this money to process to my account. They are impossible to get a hold of, and when I finally did get a hold of someone, they informed me that I was over the ticket limit of $100, and that they needed 3 months of my bank statements, additional client info, which is supposed to be private, to protect my clients, and an invoice. Long story short, I gave them the info they requested with the express permission of my client, they have processes the money out of my clients bank account, and refuse to process it into my account now. They are holding $2,000 of my clients money hostage, and as far as I know are keeping it for themselves . I WOULD NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR MONEY! I have already filed a complaint with the FTC for fraud and we'll see if I can ever get my money back. If not I will have to sue!!!

  • The best

    The best mobile swipe in the industry. Keep it up!

  • Horrible, don't buy this junk

    Bought this card reader and tried to get it activated, and after 3, count'em 3 days I was told it was a no go because after a credit check I didn't qualify. This despite me having perfect credit. Mickey Mouse operation right here.... Bought the square reader and was setup and taking cards in 10 minutes.

  • Happy Customer

    A Plus I've been using PayAnywhere for over a year and really enjoy the updated release especially the native EMV functionality. It's easy and fast! There is one rate for visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover and all funds are deposited into my account the very next day. When I called they answered the phone and were fast and friendly. The new release is a nice improvement and I look forward to the next one. I would recommend PayAnywhere to any Business whether big or small that needs to accept credit cards and manage their sales simply and easily. Thanks again!!!!

  • f


  • ????


  • Terrible app

    Fake reviews terrible just terrible. Charges you unexpectedly

  • I like it

    I just wish the cards wiper was a little more stable in the headphone jack.

  • Darn app almost deafened me

    I don't know how, but the app somehow cranked my volume all the up without me knowing and played some weird tones. Well I didn't know it turned my sound up, so when I went into another app the music off it came blaring into my headphones. I'm not even kidding when I say ,y ears are ringing because of it.

  • Amazing! :)

    I love PayAnywhere, it's so convenient and I love all of the features to personalize receipts and features to personalize the app exactly how you want to charge people, such as setting tax, tips, discounts, favorites, etc. Also, every transaction is documented for you. It makes thinks simple and easy. This app is so easy to use and it's a lot simpler than the "Square" card reader app. Most of all, PayAnywhere has outstanding customer service! They are easier to contact than the Square customer service & just overall more convenient and nice. Also, another plus is that PayAnywhere charges a little LESS than "Square," when you charge a card! No hidden fees!

  • Love it

    Has a few issues now and then but overall great app. I've been using for 5 years now with no outages that have effected me.


    Mi pobres tímpanos me los acaba de reventar los odiooooo


    I'm trying to sign up for the service but the sign up form won't work. Customer service is no help. Basically told me "I don't know what to tell you" Please fix this issue and I will return.

  • Scumbags

    Screw you and your 3.99 inactivity fee. I'll be destroying my card reader and posting it to social media. Eat a bag of dicks

  • Fairly good, needs minor improvements

    This app works very smoothly and does the basic POS tasks, however it needs to be more in depth. It NEEDS to provide the ability to take partial payment or deposits on orders because not all business take full payment for theirs goods and services. Really hope the developers take this into consideration and put this in their next update!

  • Great support

    One of the few services that actually have people that answer the phone. And they are in country and courteous.

  • Top Shelf

    Best mobile card reader in the market! It has all methods of payments in one device. Highly recommended.

  • Wow

    This app crashes on the latest beta build. Tested on iPhone and iPad. Developers must be on vacation.

  • A great service

    Unlike some card readers I've tried, this service is great....keep in mind that manually entering a card is more expensive...I would recommend this service to others


    First off, their 5 star reviews are all written by them. Their customer service agents are middle school dropouts. They randomly put your hard earned money on hold for no apparent reason and won't release it for 180 days. One of the biggest mistakes was signing up for their merchant services. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. STAY AWAY!

  • I like it

    It is such a simple and useful app. It has a well designed interface to easily use all contents without help or tutorial. You can edit item as you want within few seconds. I recommend this app for friends.

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