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I imagine

I imagine
4 based on 118 Votes
Price Free

***** "Probably the best story book app in the App Store" (
2014 Parents' Choice Award® for Fun Stuff

I imagine is a Book application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 118 Votes. This version 1.07 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 9 Users.

Your device must have atleast 137.2 MB of space to download and install I imagine. This application does not have game center . I imagine is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


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I imagine
I imagine
I imagine
I imagine
I imagine
I imagine
I imagine
I imagine

Additional Information

This gorgeous app blends children's photos and voice into a beautifully illustrated story full of fun and games. Designed to develop literacy skills, encourage creativity and build independence, I imagine tells the relatable story of a child (your child!) at home and wanting to play with their parent who has work to do. As they explore the interactive pages, children discover the joy of imaginative play.

Over 3 million sessions say kids keep coming back to this story over and over again. With no third party advertising or in app purchases, I imagine is a guilt free way for parents to treat their child to some educational fun.

***** 5 star review by who says: "I absolutely loved this story and all of its awesome interactive features and games"

***** Kirkus Reviews say "Thoughtful design features make this an inclusive story that will resonate with many young children."

***** Featured in "Best New Apps & Games", "Best for Ages 5 & under" & "What's Hot".

***** 2014 Bronze Global Ebook Award for best multimedia in an ebook

Made for children 3 to 8 years old, I imagine is certified by the kidSAFE® Seal Program. To learn more go to

Best experienced on iPad (but also fun on iPhone and iPod touch). Please note: the current version of I imagine does not work on iPhone on iOS 9, we are currently working on an update.


√ Great story, illustrations, music, sounds and narration.

√ Use of device camera, microphone & accelerometer.

√ A fun 3 character creation stage including:

* Learn to type names;

* Choose boy or girl;

* Add a photo face or using our illustration;

* Choose hairstyle and color, clothing and s**s;

√ Interactive story pages including:

* See the characters you created appear in the story;

* Hear and see your characters' names in the story;

* See text highlight as narrated;

* Draw;

* Build sandcastles;

* Make your character run, dance and jump;

* Play hide and seek.

√ Ability for parents to enter our parental gate to:

* Share page 1 of the story with family and friends;

* Email or print the I imagine award to encourage independent, imaginative play when the iPad is put away;

* Provide us with feedback, change settings, visit our website, view our privacy policy.

√ I imagine contains no third party advertising. The website links and ability to share a page of the story via email are safely behind our parental gate so your child can play safely and without interruptions.

You can choose not to use the photos and microphone, however we think the app is much more fun if you do! We take your privacy seriously. This app is designed for you to add a photo of your child's face and to record their name. If you choose to do this, the photo and recording is not sent to or received by us. If you choose to enter the parent's section and share your story characters (with their photo faces) by email, the images sent and the email addresses involved are also not sent to or stored by us. If you would like to know more you can read our privacy policy at

What's New on this version 1.07

Fix for image placement on iPhones with iOS 9+.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Bugs

    Voice and photo don't work. Not worth the money.

  • Good could be awesome

    The app closes every single time you open your photos , it's sorta the point, to include pictures, voices and your name so your child can relate to it. Disappointed And frustrated

  • Excellent app

    All features are good and effective for kids.

  • Awesome creation

    I suggest app parents to download this app for their kinds. Highly recommended.

  • After a year a (still broken) update

    Finally centered on iOS 9 devices, but when you click to insert your own image or to take a photo, it just goes to the iOS home screen. THATS SUPPOSED TO BE THE POINT OF THE APP--- to put your kid in the story. This company can't code/test at all. Worthless.

  • Broken and unusable app

    The app does not work, at all.

  • Not working

    Not working on iPhone 6s Plus .... Please fix it

  • FUN

    To: whom who reads. I'm 14 and I love the app, it's so fun!!!! KIDS WILL LOVE THIS APP!!!! ❤️❤️❤️💋

  • Won't work on iPhone 6.

    My kids love this app but it will not work on the new 6. Just opens up small in the top corner of the screen...please fix!

  • Broken

    The version of this app is broken on the new iPhone 6 and 6s it comes up halfway on the screen and it is unusable. please fix this it seems like an interesting app that I would love to share with my son!

  • it sucked


  • Love!

    What a great idea to really get kids involved in reading. Both my daughter and I love it! Only bummer is I wish I could add the whole family. Still great though :)

  • My kid loves this app!

    I Imagine is one app my daughter loves to play. She enjoys the various activities, especially the coloring and teddy bear. This is a well-designed interactive story.

  • Fun but Can be frustrating to navigate

    My 3 year old really likes this but I have several problems with it: once you set the first characters it can be hard to get back and edit them. I had to play around a lot to figure it out. The right screen doesn't always pop up right Way. I Wish there was a way to erase the choices and start fresh. Also, there is no way to go backwards in the book so if you stop and reopen it in the middle, you can't just start over from there. Finally, the adult character only has hair, and skin and hair color choices. No clothes choices and the assigned clothes are not fun, just old pants and a sweater and shirt. No style at all! I would still get it again. Up wish these glitches could be fixed.

  • Family time

    Very cute book. My little one is 4 1/2 and she loved it, from voice to her own picture. It was easy and fun to use. Highly recommend

  • Black Screen of Death

    I guess this is the best use of one's imagination when you just stare at a black screen. Might as well turn off the device and play with blocks.

  • It does not work.

    I tried the paw it takes me to my home screen all The time .

  • Black screen

    I can hear audio. Screen goes black. Resetting ipad does not fix it.

  • Great app!

    Thank you for creating a great app!

  • Love this game!

    My son is 2 and he loves this game. The illustrations are adorable and the music is so cute! We've played it a hundred times and he still enjoys it. The story teaches a wonderful lesson as well. I cannot wait for this company to come up with new games!

  • dolfinsmile

    after updating to ios8, this no longer works. tried deleting qand re-installing and got the sound back but no picture. It's a shame because it was one of my grandaughters fqavorite apps

  • Doest work on iOS8

    This app is great. But, it doesn't work on ios8. If it's fixed in ios8, I will change my rating to 5.

  • Fun!

    My kids love it!

  • Kid loves it

    I was amazed to see how much my kid likes this app. He repeats the names that you input whenever they are repeated.

  • What a fun book/app!

    We love, love, love iImagine. It reminds me of those storybooks you could send away for that used your child's name and picture to tell a story. I do a lot of traveling for work, so it's nice for my kids to be able to have me inside this virtual storybook with them, even when we can't be together. We go on adventures and do everyday things together, and it has really sparked their creativity to do even more storytelling outside the app. It's great for younger children, especially those who love to be read to. It makes such a good bedtime story, and best of all: it's all about them!

  • Well thought

    Having an app centered around each child's personal story is a fantastic idea and a lot of fun!! Well thought!

  • Awesome!

    This is my son's new favorite app. Very fun and interactive with various games and features. The story and illustrations are top notch, and the music is fantastic. My son loves playing with this app and I'm glad to see him enjoying himself. I recommend this app to all parents.

  • Good concept!

    I'm not sure who loves this app more, my 4 year old daughter or my 9 year old son. He thinks it's hilarious to record his voice where her name is supposed to go. They're both walking around the house humming the music, which luckily I love too. A lovely story and great concept!

  • Good app

    I wish there were more stories

  • Nice app

    My kids love it

  • 6 yr old loves it!

    I realize it's created for a younger age, but my special needs 6 yr old loves to sit on my lap and 'read' the story over and over! She loves hearing her name and mine as we go through the story. And she giggles as she finds all the interactive modules on the pages.

  • Great app

    This is a great app! It puts me to sleep! The only part I do not like is the laughter; it is a little eerie. It is a great kids story though and the music played in the background is very soothing for nighttime. Good job!

  • Super cute app!!

    My kids love customizing the characters and hearing their voices in the story. They also enjoy all the interactive bits in the story, too!

  • LOVE!!!!!!

    This is such a cute app!!! My daughter loves changing the looks of each character and recording and re-recording their names!! She wants to play with this app non-stop. Love this!

  • Muy divertida!

    Súper entretenida, fácil de usar y muy divertido que puedas usar tu cara. A mi hija de 3 años le encanta!

  • Made me smile

    I always check out apps I download for my son before I show him and this one is the best I've seen in a while. It made me smile so I know he'll love it!

  • Awesome

    This game is so fun I play it every day !!!

  • jkhh

    this app is not good at all

  • Super cool....fix..

    Very amazing game so nice and good idea. There should be a option to turn off narration to let kids practice reading. Getting into options is hard too.hahahahah. I am not good at math? Picking multiples of three and not getting in. I just want to shut off the music:(

  • Awesome app!

    This is app is so not what I expected. It keeps your kids engaged with fun activities like drawing and dancing, but what was amazing was the fact that I could add a my face and my funny voice and my kids had a blast seeing me and hearing throughout the story telling. This is a great interactive children’s book. Recommended!!!

  • Great fun!

    I had fun dressing the characters and seeing my face on the screen! You get can draw and make sand castles and dance

  • Very Cute

    Sweet app with great vibe for little kids

  • How fun!

    Great music and great fun. I love the graphics

  • So Much Fun!!

    I loved downloading the photos into the pictures. Very clever app and the story is engaging.

  • Great for kids!!!

    Little kids, bigger kids and even grown ups will enjoy this app!

  • I-imagine

    Amazing app!! My four year old loved it and hasn't put it down yet


    Great interactive fun! Love seeing the photos and hearing my kids voices in the story! Very fun.

  • Easy to use!

    My nephew loves this app and has so much fun playing with it and creating stories.

  • Adorable!

    Very cute, extremely entertaining app for the youngins! A nice change from the mindless games and a wonderful story.

  • Love this app!!

    My little cousins absolutely loved this! So cute and fun. We had such a great time, this really is adorable and perfect for little ones

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