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4x4 Gyroscope Clinometer

* iTunes front page! "On the Road" best apps! Don't miss it! * ** New! Added all new truck choices, including Toyota, I listened to your feedback! ** New Night Mode View. Based on your feedback! You can now toggle between Day and Night mode with 1 click! ** New! Added real time color changes -...

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《可愛餐廳》是一款經營模擬類游戲,遊戲規則同大多數的經營類游戲類似,您需要照顧好座位上的每一位客人,處理他們的訂單、送餐和收銀。 精美的背景圖片和誘人的各色佳餚讓人蠢蠢欲動吧!好看好吃又好玩的開心餐廳,快...

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+ iTejo: o sea tejo pero para el iPhone. Muerde el polvo, hipster Aleyda (con ye) ‏@leidymarmalade + iTejo una experiencia realmente Colombiana Diego Gutiérrez ‏@diegondres + Jugando iTejo con mi hermana! No puedo creer que me este ganando! Crísthian Medina @krizz_m + Descubro iTejo en e...

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Police Sirens for iPad

Totally realistic, this is the ultimate Police car simulator for the IPad. With Police Sirens, you can use your IPad to realistically simulate a police siren with lights and sounds! Attention : Do not use in real life or for real life emergencies. * Lights includes: - Red : Entire screen f...

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WorldPulse Earth Weather Clouds & Temperature

Reach out and tap every country world wide to test internet connectivity. Rotate the globe, zoom in, out, tap to see maps, see the real time cloud cover on our living planet, watch the day/night time line move. Now with FREE FREE FREE in-app ad-hoc weather purchase to remove iAds Reach out a...

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Toddler Alphabet for iPad

* As a product ranked 1st at the Appstore, you can see that this series also has an unrivalled reputation in the Appstore. * 500 thousand people's choice! We think of our children's future. * Toddler Series has won recognition from parents and the mass media in France, Germany, Japan! "very hi...

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