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Splash: Ocean Sanctuary

Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
4.5 based on 1,791 Votes
Price Free

This is the ocean adventure you’ve been waiting for! From the creators of Flutter comes Splash, the spectacular new game that challenges you to restore life to a beautiful underwater world.
As a reef caretaker, the fate of a vibrant and diverse ecosystem is in your hands. With the population of the ocean dwindling, you must raise and release a multitude of species to repopulate and fill it with life. Along the way be sure to keep your Aquapedia handy, as you’ll document exciting real-life facts about each species you uncover. Watch in wonder as your sanctuary comes to life, teeming with creatures that are both visually stunning and unique in personality and behavior. Read more...

Splash: Ocean Sanctuary is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 1,791 Votes. This version 1.460 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 43 Users.

Your device must have atleast 111.4 MB of space to download and install Splash: Ocean Sanctuary. This application does not have game center . Splash: Ocean Sanctuary is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Educational , Simulation ,


Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
Splash: Ocean Sanctuary
Splash: Ocean Sanctuary

Additional Information

So take the plunge! Splash is overflowing with eye-catching fish, beautiful ocean environments and relaxing gameplay that is sure to keep you entertained for hours to come.


- Build your own beautiful reef, adorned with stunning real life corals.

- Discover a huge range of real world species including Angelfish, Lionfish, Seahorses and Jellyfish!

- Catalogue your discoveries and learn more about your ocean friends in the “Aquapedia”, full of facts about the fish you discover.

- Play with your new ocean friends, guiding them through the reef and observing their quirky interactions with each other.

- Connect with friends to exchange gifts and help each other along your journey.

- With the new Splash-Cam you can become an underwater photographer and take snaps of your favorite fish

- Release your fully grown fish into the wild to repopulate the great ocean.

- Participate in special events to collect unique underwater species only available for a limited time.

- Level up to unlock more species, decorations, and space for your sanctuary.

- Play to unlock more awesome stickers compatible with the new iMessage for iOS10.

What's New on this version 1.460

This update introduces the awesome Red Lionfish to the core Lionfish set!
- Snap of the Day changed to the 'Hall of Fame' so you can witness historic Splash-Cam Snaps from the community.
- An attention badge has been added to let you know if there's a reward to collect for completing a Splash-Cam challenge.
- The Runaway Shelf has been updated to include links to social networks, and signing up to the prestigious Runaway Newsletter.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Splash .. fix needed

    I can't get the newest fish.. Everytime I try to bring it up, it kicks me out. PLease fix! I miss playing! I love this game!

  • Having a hard time using this

    I have tried multiple times but I can't get it to open & I would like it if you had a restore purchase in your app because I had to erase my phone and I lost everything I had done up to that point & I had to start over & I'm having trouble getting back to the point I was at

  • Please fix this glitch!

    I love this game, been playing for over a year with no issues. The latest event has caused it to force close about 30 seconds after I open it every. single. time. I have written an email to support with no response. Some of the latest reviews tell me I am not alone here. Is anyone working on this? Can we get any kind of update? I'm in withdrawals here, please fix asap!!

  • Fix

    It just stopped working closes out please fix I love the game

  • Videos don't work

    You're supposed to be able to watch videos to earn splash cash. The video loads and plays but then crashes the game. Apparently they just want you to spend money. I feel conned.

  • So good until it stopped working!

    Loved playing - relaxing, not too difficult to get coins/money, motivating to play. But 4 days ago I got an error message and ever since the game won't load. I've emailed support and they've answered, but it's slow going with each response from them taking about 24 hours, and still no fix. Hope they can get this fixed soon!

  • Always kicks me out!

    Fun game when it doesn't kick you out. I can't even watch the videos it offers for coins with out it kicking me out. The latest update today to start the new event, I click on the egg thing to reveal the new event and it kicks me out right away, so I can't even start the new event! UGH!!! Seriously get it together SPLASH!!

  • Love it!

    This is fun, interesting, educational, and relaxing. My son loves taking care of the reef and its fish while collecting coins and accomplishing missions. I love taking care of the ocean in real life, I'm happy to have my son getting involved in his own way.

  • G

    It's good

  • Was a great game until ...

    This was a fun little game with beautiful fish and corals. I don't mind paying a little bit to support developers, but I do mind when the game became nearly impossible to play. Fish items just are way too expensive, and now it's impossible to earn splash cash from watching videos. No videos any more, just this TapResearch survey thing that asks for way too much personal info and wants you to do 20 minute surveys. That's not gonna happen! Either bring back the simple videos or I am going to delete the game!

  • Love it 😍

    It is so much fun to play and it makes me feel better about myself as I am playing this game

  • Super fun

    Love this game. Not only do you get to play you also learn about the different animals.

  • Stopped loading

    I did email support and got no response! I really like this game a lot. Anyone know when it will be fixed?

  • Cute fish!

    It's a great little way to pass time and mingle with some fish!

  • Fun and relaxing

    Like flutter and starlight it's relaxing and educational. Love it!!!

  • Fun and soothing

    Like Flutter and Starlight, this game is very fun and soothing. I enjoy learning about the fish and other marine life. Great little game!

  • Fun

    Fun to play

  • It stoped loading

    Every time I open it it is glitching and is in a loop and just won't open

  • Creativity galore

    This game is constantly changing while being entertaining. There is never a dull moment. It's just challenging enough to keep you interested continually. It's difficult for me to put the game down once I open it up!

  • I love this app!!

    I love all the fishes sea horses I love splash you can do EVERYTHING on this app whoever made this APP I love splash

  • YEET

    I loaf this game

  • The events are just irritating

    They are designed to make you spend money to finish every. Single. Time. This kind of behavior means I won't spend a dime with this developer.

  • Great game!

    Adorable & addicting

  • I like it ,but?

    How do you get the keys?or get the splash cash? They always want you to buy The Splash cash.its a Great game don't get me wrong but they always want you to buy the splash cash and how do you even get the keys and how do you get the Splash cash it just doesn't make sense because I cannot unlock the next space cause I don't know how to get the keys and the splash cash!

  • Love

    Most addictive game ever

  • Fun and educational

    This game is addicting because it is fun and has a little education in it as well. Wish it was this easy to save our oceans.

  • LOVE this game!

    I love the the graphics the music and everything. I'm already addicted and this is day 2. The only thing is the video part keeps crashing when you try to watch it to gain points.

  • Amazing!!!

    This app is so addicting and fun i love it!!!!!👍💖😁

  • 😄

    Loving it so far

  • Fun!

    Cute game my kids love it

  • Already addicted

    Just started today and can't put it down! I started by playing the moth version and just found out there's a butterfly and ocean version too! Great job! Would love to see a bird version!

  • Cool!

    Nice game!

  • So Addictive ❤️

    I play this game all the time, it is so addictive and also really fun

  • Fun Game

    I have always loved ocean themed games and this one is no exception. Fully of fun and easy to play. Continuous reef building fun!

  • This game is hella fun

    Can't stop playing

  • THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's so much things you learn how to do!!

  • Amazing game, but a few bugs

    I just started this game a couple days ago, and I'm already hooked. However, watching a video to gain rewards crashes the game. This is true for unlocking chest as well. I run a fully up-to-date iPad air one, so watching video adverts shouldn't be a problem. The other issue is concerning upgrading the food pots. I think it would be better if the first initial upgrade costed coins, rather than Splash cash. I also have a couple suggestions. Having certain decorations that give splash cash instead of coins would be great as well. The ability to buy at least one additional food pot for coins would be amazing.

  • Splashy fun

    So addicting! Lots of fun trying to get new fish!

  • Great game

    Great game. Very addicting.

  • Cute

    Fun game

  • Best thing ever

    It is amazing so fun. And lot of things to create and change

  • Isabella

    It's so much fun I could do this24/7 probably

  • Sweet and soothing

    What a charming little game. It can be a bit busy sometimes with all the different tool tips (it might be better suited for an ipad than a little phone screen) but the graphics are beautiful and the game is very chill and calming.

  • New Version not loading

    New Version not loading or updating. Locked out

  • Cute


  • Cute!!!

    Beautiful game!!! The animals are super cute! Also, the game itself look amazing! Amazing graphics and music! Super colorful as well!

  • Splash !!

    Love it !! 🐠🐳🐙

  • I LOVE! this app

    This is honestly one of my favorite apps. Its fun and educational too which even better.

  • Wonderful little game

    This is an awesome game for anyone that loves sea life, but doesn't have a lot of time or patience for elaborate gaming. Great for all ages, addicting in just the right amount.

  • So Addictive😍

    I can't stop playing and I love how I can get so many different animals

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