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CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2
5 based on 414,308 Votes
Price Free

CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter to the #1 drag racing franchise of all time has arrived.
“Unbelievably good looking”, KOTAKU

CSR Racing 2 is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 5 based on 414,308 Votes. This version 1.14 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 6,897 Users.

Your device must have atleast 2.0 GB of space to download and install CSR Racing 2. This application does not have game center . CSR Racing 2 is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of NaturalMotion Games Limited at

Support Languages

Arabic , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Chinese


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CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2
CSR Racing 2

Additional Information

“So real it hurts”, CULT OF MAC

“Obliterates the line between console and mobile graphics”, POLYGON

“CSR Racing 2 is visually stunning” – Gamezebo

“CSR Racing 2 looks absolutely gorgeous” – Eurogamer

Setting a new standard in visuals, CSR2 delivers hyper-real drag racing to the palm of your hand. Compete against live players across the world with your custom built supercars, including LaFerrari, McLaren P1™, Koenigsegg One:1 and many more.

Team up with friends to form a crew, tune your rides for maximum speed and dominate the competition in global crew events. CSR2 is all-new; download for free and start racing now!


CSR2 redefines what you thought possible on your mobile device. Using outstanding 3D rendering techniques, CSR2 features the most beautiful and authentic supercars to date. Now you can get inside every car to reveal its meticulously detailed interior, including original manufacturers’ trim options. Racing games do not get any more real than this.


Compete against opponents from around the world or race against your friends in real-time challenges.


Customize your car with a wide range of paint, rims, brake calipers and interior trims, just as you would in real life with a world-class car configurator. Choose from paint wraps, decals and custom license plates to personalize your ride.


Car upgrades are only the start. You can now get under the hood to tune gear ratios, tire pressure, nitrous boost settings and much more. And when the competition gets ruthless, make sure you strip surplus cars for parts, and fuse them into your favorite vehicles.


Collect the supercars of your dreams and show them off in your huge warehouse garage – CSR2 features over 50 officially licensed vehicles from the world’s most desirable car manufacturers including Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Pagani and Koenigsegg.


Team up with your friends; plus join in with live chat, multiplayer races, online crews, exciting new online events and competitive seasonal rankings.


Compete in single-player Crew Battles across stunning race environments and work your way from rookie to pro by defeating the top crews in a city where nothing is as it seems. Can you uncover the truth? Remember to keep an eye out for events to earn extra cash for upgrades and win rare parts for your rides. New events added daily!


Requires iOS 8 or later.


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• This game does permit a user to connect to social networks, such as Facebook, and as such players may come into contact with other people when playing this game. Social Networking Service terms may also apply.

• The game is free to play, however in-app purchases are available for additional content and premium currency. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $99.99.

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What's New on this version 1.14

CSR2 AR Mode now available!
• AR Mode brings augmented reality to the CSR2 experience, allowing the placement of cars from your CSR2 garage in the real world through the use of Apple's ARKit.
• Interact, take a peek under the hood and step inside your cars at real world scale in any location!
• Take images or videos and show off to your friends all the stunning cars you own in CSR2!

Whether it’s cruising the street or tearing up race track we’ve got you covered with the latest CREW CHAMPIONSHIP cars:
• THE most insane Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador that’s ever hit the CSR2 streets!
• The world’s only single-seater road car, the BAC Mono
• Weaver Customs' Crazy 1500HP Cummins Turbo Diesel-Powered ‘Cuda ""TorC""

What’s more, Donna Banks has delivered 1 more spectacular PRESTIGE car to give you the edge in Crew Championships:
• AC Schnitzer ACS2 Sport

You can now select a different car for events that have specific entry criteria without leaving the map, making it easier and quicker to jump into the next race! Thanks for your feedback!

Recent Reviews and Comments



  • Bugs

    Only game I’ve seen that doesn’t want my money. Every time I try to make a purchase, I get a stupid error. Sad cause I actually want to spend money on a game.

  • AMAZING!!.... but 😭😔

    Why does the iPhone 6 doesn’t have ARkit, I played this game about a year and a half and I have reached a lot of milestones and I’ve been waiting for the ARkit for a while but then I realized I couldn’t do anything 😔 I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and every dollar was worth it, I recommend this game FOR EVERYONE. Just ad ARkit For iPhone 6 PLEASE!!!😔👍❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Great game



    Beautiful game, love playing the game 👍🏼

  • Me gusto el juego mi puede dar un Ferrari

    Is el juego más chido

  • Good


  • Good game

    You should get this game

  • Good

    Really really fun

  • Great

    Amazing game

  • Good game

    Good game but.......

  • Best Drag Racing Game!

    This game is probably one of the best drag racing games out there. The graphics are really good the gameplay is awesome and I love the variety of cars, but I wish there was more visual customizations, like spoilers, bumpers, sideskirts, and rims 😄

  • Race every day

    Loved the game

  • Great game

    So much fun

  • I'm having fun

    It's great game!

  • Great

    It's really fun

  • Great game... but....

    The in game support is trash. My crew chat hasn’t worked in over a month. After 3 messages to support(getting progressively nastier) and still no resolution or even hope of any fixes I doubt I’ll ever get my chat back. I SHOULDNT HAVE TO USE AN EXTERNAL CHAT SERVICE TO ENJOY THIS GAME TO ITS POTENTIAL. Fix my problem and earn your 5 star rating. Update: Still not fixed. Had to leave the crew I was in. New crew works better but the longer I play this game the more I see what’s happening...or rather not happening. In 3 months of playing I haven’t seen a single server maintenance. The crew I’m in have largely reported the same thing as my problems. Today is a constant disconnect and reconnect to servers. COME ON.... GET IT TOGETHER. THIS GAME COULD REALLY BE SOMETHING SPECIAL WITH JUST A BIT OF WORK.


    This game is awesome if you love cars and it is very addictive.

  • Very good

    Good game



  • It’s awesome

    It would be better if you please add a mode like you can feel like you are sitting in the car, driving it or something like that. I would love the app more if you guys add that feature 😍

  • Great game. Update recommends.

    Easy controls and addictive gameplay. Some recommendations •customizable garages. •car sorting. •easier ways to get gold keys. •black market (Where you can get stage 6 parts). •body kits


    Thanks for making this game a thing love it!$!$!$!👍🏻🤙👍🏻🤙

  • Pretty Fun But....

    Don’t get me wrong this game is really fun and time consuming. But... it does get a little confusing. I’m not a car expert so I don’t know what parts I should buy to make my car faster. I’m just picking and choosing. The same with the races. Which races should I race in? Which one will be more beneficial? On the positive side of things this game is great. I really like to customize my car. The races are just the right amount tough and still not super hard. Great game.

  • I like this game

    Is so fun

  • Mediocre

    The number of stars I rated this game is the number of star of car I pull most often. The prize matrix is hardly random. The progression is slow and makes players quit. If you want to keep players, give them a reason. Players that play often want to be able to progress, but when you are at a part in the game for two or three months at a time trying to just get enough money for upgrades, it’s boring. The daily battles gives you crap a lot and key pulling only gives you parts for cars you don’t have (or cars you will probably never get). The selling system in the game is trashy too, as in when you try to sell parts or cars, the game offers little to no money. All I want to change in this game is the car winning mechanics (dazzle us with higher stars once in a while), fusion prizes giving us parts to cars we own, prizes for regular players and maybe wheel customized (rim and rim paint). Thank you and happy thanksgiving.

  • Good and bad

    Overall a good game but after the 26th day I logged in, It reset and made me start back over. Complete BS

  • Update

    I wanted to update it when it half of this app downloaded I stoped it and now I can’t to counting it

  • Oh boy

    Well spend some money maybe get 1 nice thing. Game is... well flustering at times.. to say the least. Hey is what it is.. Give us aftermarket wheels!!!! Sincerely, A "few" dollars later....

  • This game is the best!!!!!!!!!!

    I would totally recommend this game because it is so interactive! There is also a newly added feature that you can see your hard earend cars in real life!

  • Pwatty guuuud

    Pwatty guuuud

  • CSR 2

    CSR 2 is a really great game, but there can be some touch-ups to make the game better. The racing part of the game is really fun and there isn’t much of a change to make there. The side-story isn’t the best, but it doesn’t change the gameplay. The main problem with the game is how the skill level to money needed to win ratio drastically changes through out the different tiers. You should just add a popup ad every so races finished but make this a game that everyone can progress. Other than that, this is a great game with the right ideas.

  • Great quality game, but a few complaints/issues

    First off, this is a fantastically made game. Superior graphics, beautiful design, great engine noises. I’ve been playing for about a week or 2 and can tell it’s a great way to spend a little free time and play with friends. I haven’t spent any money on the game but from reading a few other reviews I don’t plan on spending much (however I will probably spend a little). The only real complaint I have is that the customization is on the slightly lower end. You can change the paint from a great selection of metalics, fluorescents, metal, satin, etc. add stripes/livery and even change the interior and license plate but you can’t really change the rims except for a few options when you initially buy the car (or at least haven’t found a way yet). You can’t even raise/lower the suspension which would be a sweet addition for just aesthetics if anything. All in all I’m addicted to this game and recommend it to every friend I have at least once a week lol. ***For the Devs*** 11/23 I’ve been having some trouble with people activating wildcards and never ever getting a notification of who did it. It’s extremely difficult to keep up with things like that without a crew history or a reliable notification system. I really suggest implementing at least a wildcard history to see who activated it or maybe a way to see who is online/offline. Also I’d really like to see private messaging and/or a crew recruitment chat so that way global isn’t trashed with crew recruitment. Thanks

  • Wicked game

    Graphics and colors are beautiful.

  • Csr

    Best racing game i playd yet for my iphone really happy 👌🏾💯

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Love this game

  • Good

    Good game

  • Amazing work

    I love the sound effects and how much effort was put in the rest of the game.

  • Poop


  • Best game ever

    It’s the best drag racing game in all areas I just wish you can add body kits and spoilers and rims that we can use to customize the cars our selves

  • Súper

    Esta bueno

  • Great game


  • Gold man

    Find something for the gold to do, I’ve got 4,700 gold, but all the cars I could buy are basically worthless, please, oh please, update this game to have a system that allows us to buy keys with gold, or trade. Thanks, really good game, but grinding is not all that fun.

  • disappointed

    it was supposed to be a nice game.. after spending so many hours playing and upgrading the car.. all of a sudden the fusion parts were gone missing for no reason.. it was a known issue but I dont think theres a fix to resolve it.. too bad!

  • Good

    Super me encanta

  • It’s geared to make you spend money

    The game is not worth the money or mine time. They are constantly having problems.

  • The Tempest Is To Over Powered

    I’m in the teir 3 section and trying to beat the tempest but it’s impossible. I am using a 3 star rarity CSR and still I can’t beat it. And I’m racing for a little 2 golden keys? Make it worth it like 10 golden keys. Make his car less faster because nobody can beat it unless you have a 5 star rarity car. This game had problems. FIX IT

  • Player

    I recommend this game to everyone, it is the best on apple or android!

  • Too much ads

    Too much ads

  • This Game Used to Be Fun and Fair

    I started playing this game around February/March 2017. The storyline was "okay," yet the graphics were amazing (still are) and it was fun. However, with the past several updates (I think since August), I can say it isn't fair anymore. I used to be able to get the prestige cup car within 2-4 purchases with silver keys. Now I haven't been able to get ANY. You probably have to spend the 15 silver keys to get the "guaranteed" car, which you can only do when you save them up or spend actual money. Right now, I own the prestige cup car, which is an R8 V10 Plus Coupé, but CANNOT participate in. I'm guessing because I previously owned it and it is not won with the current cup and silver keys. I'll give this game another month, but all they want now is your money.

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