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Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga
4.5 based on 135,213 Votes
Price Free

Start playing Candy Crush Soda Saga today - already enjoyed by millions of players around the world!
Candy Crush Soda Saga is the divine puzzle game from King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, Farm Heroes Saga, and more! Switch and match candies to create 3 in a row, or match 4 (or more) to make delicious special candies! Complete the goals before you run out of moves to progress through deliciously fun levels. It's that simple! Read more...

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 135,213 Votes. This version 1.93.14 has an average rating of 4 based on 375 Users.

Your device must have atleast 247.8 MB of space to download and install Candy Crush Soda Saga. This application does not have game center . Candy Crush Soda Saga is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Limited at

Support Languages

Chinese , English, American , Japanese , Korean , Chinese , Chinese


Games , Arcade , Puzzle ,


Candy Crush Soda Saga
Candy Crush Soda Saga
Candy Crush Soda Saga
Candy Crush Soda Saga
Candy Crush Soda Saga
Candy Crush Soda Saga
Candy Crush Soda Saga
Candy Crush Soda Saga

Additional Information

Switch and match scrumptious candies to make mouth-watering combinations and play challenging game modes brimming with purple soda and Candy Bears! Take on this Sodalicious Saga alone or play with friends to see who can get the highest score!

Candy Crush Soda Saga is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment with real money. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

Candy Crush Soda Saga features: 

* Over 1000 Sodalicious levels

* Frequent live events; reign supreme on Bubblegum Hill for a limited time only! Are you up for the challenge?

* Game Modes include:

Soda – switch bottles to make them pop and release purple soda

Frosting – match Candies to smash the ice and set the Candy Bears free

Bubble - the Candy Bears are trapped in bubbles! Save them by floating them to the top and cross the Candy necklace finish line!

Chocolate & White Chocolate - switch next to the chocolate to stop it taking over the board

Honey – match Candies next to the honey to release the trapped Candy Bears

Bubblegum - match over the bubble gum to stop it from spreading!

* Scrumptious Candies and sublime combinations:

Match 4 Candies in a square to make a Swedish Fish

Match 7 Candies to create the remarkable Coloring Candy

Match 4 new purple Candies in a row to give an instant and powerful effect

* Explore juicy environments and meet the kookiest characters

* Mouth-watering graphics, Candy Crush Soda Saga never looked so tasty

* Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master

* For players that Facebook Connect, you and your friends can compete to reach the top of the leaderboard and compare your best scores.

* Easily sync the game between mobile and tablet devices and unlock the full game features when connected to the internet

This mouth-watering puzzle adventure will instantly quench your thirst for fun. Join Kimmy on her juicy journey to find Tiffi, by switching and matching your way through new dimensions of magical gameplay.

Visit if you need help!

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Twitter @CandyCrushSodaSaga

Have fun playing Candy Crush Soda Saga!

What's New on this version 1.93.14

FIZZY! We have a new update!

-We've added delicious NEW LEVELS! Are you ready?
-Meet the Beaming Overseer of Tasty Time Intelligence (also known as Botti). He's from the Candy future!
-Looks like the Bubblegum Troll is going to host his own tasty TV Show! Divine! You don't want to miss this...

Download the latest version of Candy Crush Soda Saga to get all the juicy new content!

Recent Reviews and Comments


    Please fix your store. I'm stuck on 1319 "Super Hard Level" and really would like to purchase some boosters ... but the store has been unavailable for days. I have gone through all of the recommended steps, reload app, reboot phone, etc.... nada.

  • Problems with latest update

    Why is it when King does an update, something gets worse? I downloaded it he latest one, and now the game will not even open. The game goes to the start page, but when you try to play , the game just shuts down!

  • Best one they've made

    This game is waaaaayyyyy better than the others three

  • Crashing

    Keeps crashing when I open the game. Using an ipad. You seemed to have solved this problem for awhile but it returned with the last update. Very frustrating.

  • Love it

    Great way to unwind and kill a few minutes

  • Fun


  • Crash saga

    I wu led love the game more if it didn't crash so much

  • Won't open

    Have been playing this game for a couple years. All of a sudden when I try to open it on my iPad, it just keeps closing. So annoying that I can no longer play it unless I use my laptop. Not worth it! Got an email that the problem is fixed. It is not! Still crashing every time there is an update! Not worth wasting my time. Will not even open.

  • Candy Crush Soda saga

    Can you put me back to 118 where I was at BEFORE I DID THE STUPID UPGRADE AND THERE IS NO UPGRADE SHOWING. and how is it that when I send my comment is still there? I don't think you guys even get these comments

  • Love to play!

    This game is a lot of fun. The only non-fun part is having to wait before you can be refilled and play again if you come to a challenging level that you can't seem to master quick enough.

  • Tons of fun!!! I love this game

    Hours of fun

  • Love it!!

    I play every morning while drinking a cup of coffee. 😊

  • Addicting

    Love this game

  • Freeze lives

    I think the unlimited lives earned with prizes need to be frozen until the next time a player can continue the game, I.e. Seems the prizes happen late nights (bedtime), and as I'm too sleepy to continue, I loose my time... somehow we should be able to accrue points per level so we can buy lives instead of using real cash $$- otherwise, I enjoy the game

  • 👍


  • like it but have issues

    I keep having issues , the game keeps crashing and I lose my progress.

  • Lilnixster

    Big time fun. Really eats up your points tho!

  • Good

    Like it

  • Better than the original.

    Much better than the original and more complicated.

  • 😍


  • Good game

    Good game

  • Great game

    Love the game

  • Latest update has rendered Soda Crush useless on IPad!

    It crashes when you start a game, when you start the software, effectively rendering the game useless. Good bye soda!

  • Candy crusher

    Addictive, fun game. Relaxing yet keeps Your mom bad working.

  • Great game, but.....

    Great game, but..... There needs to be more ways to earn boosters.

  • Can't Stop Playing!!!

    Totally addictive!!!!

  • This game is so much fun

    Candy crush soda is so fun lots easier than candy crush saga I play everyday

  • B Review

    After playing this game for quite some time, I've realized that this is NOT a puzzle game. What I mean is, there may NOT be solutions for you to win. You have to just 'by chance' win. Even if one uses the different tools such a pre-chosen pieces to use at the beginning, it may not be enough. I've played challenges long enough to know if you win by having one turn left, you will lose the next game, NO MATTER WHAT!!! I play this only on iPhone and will probably delete it soon due to these problems. I don't like losing just because the game says so. Lastly, you can see when the game makes mistakes. Like it will blend 4 or 5 of the same colors, but you won't get the corresponding candy piece. You're suppose to have fun, not get cheated... Still cheats and is glitchy... 07/21/2017

  • Buggy. Unresponsive.

    Be better.

  • crashes like crazy!!

    okay, despite the reviews I decided to try it. level six crash, level eight crash. then deleted app. i don't need that kind of aggravation. was fun while it lasted, ever so shortly.

  • Turn off hints

    There should be a way to turn off the hints in the game. It's so annoying and tells you to do the wrong thing half the time anyways. Most annoying thing by far about this game is the constant hints, like I am not stupid, who doesn't know how to connect 3+ in a row 🙄

  • Love

    I love this game it's so addicting

  • i love this gammeee❤️

    i have almost all of the KING games and love every single one😃

  • Awesome

    Love this game!!!

  • Me

    So addictive but fun!

  • Addictive

    Once you start it is hard to put down

  • Awesome


  • Crashing on mini iPad

    I played this game daily. Was crashing regularly and then seemed fixed. Now crashing again frequently. I just passed a level and it crashed just as I won and did not record the level I just spent a week trying to pass. Great game if it worked like it should! Too frustrating to be fun anymore.

  • My fave

    I'm on level 932. I love this app.

  • My favorite

    Absolutely love the Crush games! Soda Crush is my very favorite game of all time!

  • Update

    Please fix the last update, having trouble playing the game. Cuts out all the time. Plz fix!!!!

  • ???

    Don't know what's happening but this game has been crashing regularly for about 2 months now on my iPad. iPhone no problem at all. Crash,Crash,Crash! What the hell is going on? Please fix this game!

  • Loving this game!


  • Great game

    Love it

  • Crushing

    Plenty of fun from King! Some of the levels are a nightmare to get through- especially since there are no power-ups. Not having to purchase powers-ups is a big plus for this game. If you're out of moves, that's when the in app purchase comes in. All-in-all, good fun.

  • Total frustration

    I agree with "just keeps getting worse." The people now programming the app have ruined it with escalating cowardice, scared to death to let players advance too far. When I play the higher levels it literally cannot function properly. On average I get reshufflings FIVE TIMES PER GAME. That means they're so intent on stopping/slowing your progress they're cheating the game. From the inside, meaning they're playing games with you, not vice-versa as it should be. So besides cheating you what else are they doing? Stealing your money. Pay attention to how the game operates when you spend money and buy things. It's rigged operationally to leave pieces intact even with clearing the board, usually with just one square left. Why? Vegas does it too. A fool and his money are soon parted. What a shame. I had to delete candy crush saga because the app designers clandestinely reworked the rules in such a way that winning is virtually impossible. As players have gotten better the app designers decided the best way to address that was simply to make multiple levels unwinnable. Ever notice how the highly promoted Jackpot is a scam that cannot be won? Players who have spun that wheel 10,000! times (or more) have never hit it. No one has ever hit it. Ever see your scores mysteriously evaporate? Your bonus prizes vanish? Or simply not work? Ever the notice the "shuffling" scam where they've rigged it so badly no moves are available and the whole thing has to "reshuffle" multiple times in a single game? Usually resulting in no moves either? That's on purpose folks. What honest decent game company does that sort of thing? Sadly the same stupidity and ethical lapses in judgment have led the same people to do the same thing to the candy crush app. Frustration and secret rules manipulations to cause players to lose games they should win is inexcusable. Boycott all these apps.

  • Game keeps crashing on iPad

    Come on! This game is still crashing on my iPad. Plays great on iPhone. King - need to check this out. Happening more and more. Please fix it.

  • Challenges

    You need to have more of the bubble gum challenges instead of those stupid five day out space challenges!!!

  • No pay here

    ????????????????? Game won't load deleted then I loose where I was loose all my gifts. Really if you can't fix your games get them off .

  • Another mindless fun!

    Another mindless fun! I hope these are good for my health! Update: I know they are!!!

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