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4.5 based on 73,129 Votes
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QuizUp is a free, award-winning multiplayer trivia game. Challenge friends and meet new people who share your interests. Join a community of millions already playing the biggest trivia game in the world!
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QuizUp™ is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 73,129 Votes. This version 3.3.7 has an average rating of 4 based on 113 Users.

Your device must have atleast 133.7 MB of space to download and install QuizUp™. This application does not have game center . QuizUp™ is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Glu Games Inc at

Support Languages

English, American , French , German , Portuguese , Spanish


Games , Social Networking , Trivia , Educational ,



Additional Information

Discovering like-minded people is easy and fun! You can find people based on their age, location and interest. When you find someone you think is interesting, break the ice by starting a conversation or challenging them in a topic you are both passionate about.

The Game

Challenge friends in any topic for a quick, real-time match or randomly play other people from around the world. Climb the ranks and claim your titles.

Topic Communities

Participate in vibrant communities around topics you are passionate about and easily discover new topics that match your interests. Each topic has a unique community where you can play, post and interact with other people.

QUIZUP, the QUIZUP design and color, GLU, the “g-Man” logo are the trademarks or registered trademarks of Glu Mobile Inc. in the United States and/or in other jurisdictions.


- This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

- This game is not intended for children.

- Please buy carefully.

- Advertising appears in this game.

- This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites.

- A network connection is required to play.

- For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at:

- If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.

What's New on this version 3.3.7

- Get notified about what your followers are up to with new notifications
- Help is never far away with our Helpshift integration

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Makes trivia way more fun!

    Color scheme: 9 Gameplay: 9 Banners: 8 Profile Customization: 9 Difficulty: 0-10 (you decide) Amount Of Topic choices: 10 Community: 7 Ranking System: 8 Creating Topics: 7 Music: 9 Ad Annoyance: 8 Ease Of Browsing: 9

  • Love the game!

    I love this game, I've had it for around two years now but it has gotten a bit awful over said years. The ads are insane! You can't even click a button without getting an ad, and I understand the developers need revenue, but it's just too many ads for my taste and I'm sure everyone agrees

  • Seriously? MORE ads?!

    I love the gameplay of the app, and was even willing to put up with ads after every single play. I'm NOT ok with you sticking a moving banner at the top of my screen that distracts me while I'm trying to answer questions quickly. Seriously, what the hell are you people thinking? I completely understand and believe in making money off your game, but you guys have taken it to a sickening extreme, sacrificing gameplay and choking out all the good. Stop the greed and tone it down and I'll change my review. P.S. GET RID OF WILDCARDS!!

  • The ads after EVERY game are a bit much

    I'm new to Quiz Up, but the ads get tiresome. The game itself is fun, especially against friends.

  • It's eh - Hate wild cards and ads

    I used to love quiz up, but there are constant ads and they are annoying! Wild cards shouldn't end the game, they have zero relevance and they are incredibly stupid, take them out please. Otherwise, I love it. Just please fix the ads after EACH GAME it's annoying and ruins the flow.

  • 🙄

    Tried to play the game for the first time in awhile and it keeps closing on its own. Even when I close the game and try to reopen it it goes right to the same screen and then closes again. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Really fun but...

    Quiz up is really fun you can challenge friends and family but if you play single player which I play a ton you get wild cards where you have to pick a random topic and usually they are the most random things like about adult shows I don't watch

  • Terrible

    It used to be good, but they messed up the interface now and turned it into a social media app

  • Way too many ads

    Video ads come up after E V E R Y game, also wild cards are dumb

  • ADS!!!

    The only problem I have with this app is all the Advertisements please lower the amount.I see one before and after every match.

  • Jammin

    Al I play is sex and the city and I'm good. Thanks for keeping my girls alive. ❌⭕️

  • Satisfait, Mais peut mieux faire

    Le jeu est très ludique, divertissant et très très stimulant. Parfait pour tout les QI. Mais ce que je déplore, c'est qui y a trop de Publicités entre les parties. Et c'est vraiment dommage. Si vous pouvez la supprimer, ça fera plaisir.

  • Grrrr

    Used to really love this app and recently decided to come back to it. I understand that ads help keep the game free. But I think they go overboard making you sit through an ad after every game. It makes you not want to continue playing.

  • ❤️

    Love this game. So many categories.

  • Great game, too many bugs

    The game itself is great and I've always loved playing it. Now, though, I can't log in to the app. I've tried through multiple devices after restarting the devices, deleting the app and re-downloading, basically everything possible. Nothing works. When I open the app, I'm greeted by the traditional log in screen, except for the boxes where it should say "create an account", "log in", etc. It's a shame that the app doesn't work- it almost feels like they don't really want people to play it, because if they did then they'd actually program a decent app. Too bad. I would give 0 stars rather than 1 if I could, this is too infuriating for me to handle and I've just given up.

  • "My God. It's full of ads!" --Phillip J Fry


  • Too many ads

    This used to be such a fun game and now it's loaded with ads. I get you need ads for revenue but ads that start up after every game that you have to actually watch and play?? That's taking it too far. Let it go back to the old way.

  • Questions repeat too often

    This is superior to Trivial Pursuit and other trivia games, but the ads on the bottom of the screen during the game are distracting when there are voice overs, and some of the ads between games are really long. It is worth the 3 bucks to be rid of them. There are lots of interesting topics, but I don't quite see the value of playing against another player. On the other hand, if you play solo, you have to hit enter to get each question, if you miss one you have to pay a penalty or drop out, and every 5th question or so, you have to answer a question in Hebrew or Hindi or some other weird category. Hint: in the horror fiction category, 60% of the answers are Stephen King. If you never heard of Tractate Middoth, this might not be the category for you. You need to be a fast reader with good comprehension; I have made stupid mistakes from picking the wrong thing in the list of 4 because of time pressure. 10 seconds does not give time for working things out logically. If you know the answer, then 10 seconds is plenty; but if you have to try 4 different choices in a fill in the blank, it's not enough time. Your Opponent can select all 7 right answers but the one who answers quickest will win. I had to search for them, but I found categories for Sondheim and Sinatra; unfortunately, there are few questions available, and no opponents except bots, a sad commentary for two people with such long careers. In almost all categories the questions repeat too often I like the fact that you know immediately you are right, because the answer turns green. Also the play is brisk; in matching games, there are long waits for cascades and a big musical hoopla at the end of each round, even in card games like hearts or gin, there are waits for players to move and again music at the end, but not with this game, and no having to pay for more lives or powers. I applaud the developers for allowing non-Facebook members to set up and personalize IDs. I've only been playing a week or so and have found no errors in the categories I play (except for THE GREAT ESCAPE, which has the running time wrong (and very few questions and only bot players). One thing I don't like is butting heads against the same player when I have clearly requested a different opponent. Also the game continually tells you the title you've won, EVEN THOUGH YOU ALREADY KNOW. I sometimes worry about my ability to memorize new facts, but the identical questions appear so often, I soon know the right answers. Please fix annoying messages: CONNECTION ERROR NO JSON OBJECT COULD BE DECODED; THE MOOGIES ARE AT IT AGAIN and that irritating 503 message.

  • Love it, BUT...

    Seriously, guys an ad after EVERY game?! I could understand every so often, but EVERY time? Please fix this or you are going to lose a lot of players. I would really like to explore more topics, however, those ads are killing me...

  • Quiz up rocks

    Quiz up is better than all those other trivia apps because you are able to choose what exact topic you want and challenge your friends and family!

  • Great app

    Best trivia app in AppStore u won't find a better one

  • Quiz up

    It's the best way to play vs your friends and it shows how u iknow the subject

  • Amazing!

    It's a fun app that makes it really easy to talk to and find friends who share the same interest as you! I wish the questions would be updated more frequently because some are quite old but the quizzes are great if you want to learn more about something.

  • Used to be a fun game, but it's gotten less fun over the years.

    Twice now I've had my accounts cancelled without reason or warning. I've never abused others in chat-rooms, but if you post something they disagree with, they'll complain and the next thing you know you're out. How is this fair? Secondly, I understand the desire to make money, but all of this advertising has become intrusive. And I've lost a LOT of games because an ad pops-up right in the middle, forcing me to forfeit! This is a serious FLAW in an otherwise enjoyable pastime!

  • Best quiz app out there

    This app is by the the best trivia and quiz app out there. Tons of awesome categories keeps you interested and fascinated the whole time

  • Ads have gotten ridiculous....can't play anymore - used to be #1 game

    I'm not sure what happened; I bought the ad-free version some time ago, and I guess that expires? The game is unplayable due to the ads and at one time this was my favorite game. Bring back the ad-free version!


    i love this game so much 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Fun game

    Great way to pass time.

  • Favorite app!

    I love trivia and I love being able to select the category I get to play!

  • Too many ads

    Literally get an ad after every game. Beyond annoyed

  • Love

    Love it Ad free!!!

  • New version terrible endless adds

    I haven't played Quiz Up for a while and used to love it, but after being forced to update I am going to delete it! First of all not happy I had to create a new account and all my previous progress was lost. New version makes you watch an add just about every 20 seconds and the time the adds are playing is much longer than game play. You are forced to answer "wildcard" questions out of the topic you're in which is frustrating and pointless because it makes progress impossibly slow all to try to get you to buy your way out of watching all the adds. I'm answering questions on a tv show, of course my round will be derailed by a wildcard about the periodic table or a movie I have never seen in my life?! Overall used to be a great app and now just frustrating and terrible.

  • Love it

    Different categories make it fun

  • I Love it

    This is a great game !

  • Awesome game all in all

    Sometimes crashes during a game, id really like that to be fixed.

  • Horrible, unplayable, nothing but ads

    Never seen so many annoying, obnoxious ads. Totally unplayable.


    Great app! Wonderful interface for the app, but it is just bogged down by an inexcusable amount of ads. The need for that many ads is based purely on greed. Disgusting way to ruin an app, happens all too often.

  • Games are not as fun anymore

    It would be nice if they allowed you to have matches against people who are more or less on your level. It's frustrating to play with someone who's on level 1 when you're on level 40. Also playing more against actual humans instead of bots would be a plus.

  • So fun!

    Love this app and doesn't feel like a total waste of time cause with all the topics and people from all over the world you come away knowing more then you did when you started!

  • Too much adds

    Way too much adds

  • Great game

    I like it its fun and the design is great a lot of subject

  • Challenging Game!!!

    A fantastic game that challenges your thinking, opens you up to the legs of your knowledge on specific subject of interest. I'm marveled at the expanse of subjects covered. AWESOME!!!

  • Too many ads

    Too many ads that make the app unbearable. Used to be a fun game but after 10 seconds of playing you get a 20 second ad.

  • Adore this app

    it's completely fun and has lots of challenges and lots of categories

  • Love it.

    Just got this app today cuz a friend of mine had it. Absolutely love it. The trivia battles are entertaining as nerdy as that sounds, and the memes are dank. The one problem I have with it are the ads. I wouldn't mind a few every now and then, but every time I exit or enter a trivia, I get one. I find it to be quite obnoxious at times, but overall the app is great. Fix the ads, and I'll give it another star.

  • ❤️🌈❤️🌈

    Love this game

  • Love it

    Best of quiz up is def the best, my boyfriends got me hooked on it!


    I get at least one push notification telling me to come back and play the game every few days. That is not the point of push notifications. You guys are abusing the system because push notifications are required to know when you are being challenged by a friend. Instead you send out "come check out our latest fast and furious game". No thanks!

  • Good Idea & fun while getting smarter

    I hope my friends all join from Facebook! And Why Not, Right 😜 What a great game‼️ I'M ADDICTED TO QUIZ UP 🤓🎮👾

  • Ads ruined the game

    Too many ads!!! Video ads after every game!

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