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Price $1.99

The story of Deemo and little girl has come to an end!
From Cytus team, a world acclaimed music rhythm game. Read more...

Deemo is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 5 based on 16,424 Votes. This version 3.1.0 has an average rating of 5 based on 265 Users.

Your device must have atleast 2.2 GB of space to download and install Deemo. This application does not have game center . Deemo can be downloaded and install for $1.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Adventure , Music , Music ,



Additional Information

Rayark brings you Deemo, a hybrid of music rhythm game and the story of urban fantasy, with hand-drawn art, story-telling gallery and real instrumental feedback of piano key sound.

Deemo is a mystic character who lives in solitude in a castle all by itself. A little girl falls from the sky, not knowing who she is, where she comes from. To help the little girl back to her world, Deemo comes to realize a tree keeps growing tall on top of the piano whenever it plays. What would Deemo do when it gets comfortable with the companionship it never had before? What if the little girl couldn't deal with the truth when her seemingly lost memories regained?!

"Never left without saying goodbye".


-Unlock more tracks when the game progresses

-60+ free songs in story mode

- More than 220 songs in various music genres, many of which from famous composers

-Simple and intuitive gameplay

-Real piano instrumental feedback

-Search for clues in the loft room & library

-Game Center Leaderboards integration: challenge players from all over the world

What's New on this version 3.1.0

Deemo 3.1 Update
-Newly added: 4 free songs added in "Shattered Memories"
-Newly added: Paid song packs "MILI collection Vol.3/ Cranky Collection/ Yamajet Collection/ RAC collection#6"
-Newly added: 1 free song added in "Collaboration Collection"
-Enhanced gameplay experience and optimized UI

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Amazing, Deep, Beautiful

    Honestly, this is the best rhythm game I’ve ever played. The songs are amazing and the background details makes it feel so much more immersive. The ending and storyline was suprising, and I will never forget it. My only request is to add something similar to VOEZ’s free rotation of music, for I have finished all the songs I currently own. The only DLC I bought was the Forgotten Hourglass, for I am too broke for the other songs. Adding more free songs would be nice, but the game is already amazing as is.

  • I love this game

    I play this game because it is a lot of fun but I also play to help me with cello playing. I play cello and have a tendency to rush a lot so playing Deemo helps me always be one beat and not early or late

  • I Love This Game

    So, I have bought this game on a whim a couple years ago and I deleted it after awhile since I finish the free part of the game and don’t buy the other packs. Though after deleting it, I love it enough that I have re-downloaded twice. The music is beyond amazing and you can tell this company put their heart into making this.

  • optimize

    its not optimized yet for the iphone x please fix

  • Great game

    As far as rhythm and music games go this is one of the best ones out there the controls are perfect and the difficulty levels have something for every one. Definitely worth at least checking out.

  • Very addictive

    Great game. Highly addictive with great music.

  • ㅓㅗ퍼허


  • Soothing musics

    Such a fun app especially if you like listening to musics. The story behind Deemo and the little girl was also interesting.

  • Keeps crashing

    Really wish I could play. It opened once and I loved the game, it crashes every time I try to open the game since.

  • Great gameplay and story

    I like how Deemo isn't just a piano-playing game; it has a story that is just as interesting. The artwork is great and they also have a great selection of songs to play.

  • Phenomenal Game

    This game is absolutely stunning. The music is spectacular and the artwork and game design is jaw-droppingly beautiful. So many moving parts cohesively interact with each other - this game is worth the experience, even if you're not the best at rhythm games!

  • WOW

    By far, the best mobile game i’ve ever played! Beautiful music, and a heart-breaking, spectacular story that accompanies it perfectly. Even after having played this game for years, i still haven’t gotten tired of it. Whether it is because i’m feeling happy or sad, every once in a while, i always find my self playing some of my favourite songs from deemo. Certainly, a game i will never remove from my device!

  • It keeps crashing

    I managed to play a few levels and it was really fun and all, but after playing those few levels the game crashed and now every time I open the app it crashes and I tried uninstalling it but then the same thing happened :(

  • Beautiful and Amazing

    This game is by far one of the most beautiful and amazing games I have ever played in my life. This game makes me forget about my depression and just envelops me in its beauty to the point that I am overwhelmed with joy.

  • Amazing

    It's amazing because I love the type of music that is being nice played and it helps you express those feeling that people need to let go

  • Great

    One of the best rhythm games I’ve played!

  • Force close

    I love this game but now I play one song and it force closes. I bought the hour glass pack only to find I cannot play it until I finish the game. I can't finish the game when It force closes. Factory reset my iPad and only have this game now to see if it helped and it didn't. Please look into it. I will rate higher once I can play again.

  • Pointless

    I don’t see the point of this. All I’m doing is tapping bars that appear on the screen. Good for testing reaction skills and that’s about it. If a story is involved, it hasn’t appeared. This is not an adventure game, it a tap as fast as you can o;e.

  • I love it

    I love this game so much it’s just amazing and the story is so deep and beautiful

  • Good

    It was good

  • Just uh ... Throwing this out there :.D

    Hey guys I’m drew, I freaking love Deemo like a lot and I was wondering, do you guys think you could do the piano version of “Signal” by twice ? Om..g guys I would love you forever and I’m pretty sure there are others who might want the same thing ? Omg I wouldn’t sleep for days #Deemo_Twice-Collab

  • Just beginning but I love it

    My title sums it up. I’m only just starting out but the music is beautiful and the art and story are very intriguing. Also Deemo is adorable.

  • The best

    It is.

  • good

    the best music game

  • So great

    The best music game ever! I love it!!!!!


    Although I enjoyed this game, after the first story, IT COMPLETELY CRASHES. I tried absolutely everything, but it just simply won't stop. Please just give me back my money :/

  • Honestly one of my favorite games

    I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded an app that I’ve loved this much before. The story and art is so beautiful!

  • great

    i really wish this game took up less space on my phone, but other than that it’s absolutely lovely. 100% recommend.

  • Best game ever!!!!!

    This is probably the best game that rayark has made probably one of the best mobile game ever yet!

  • Great Game

    Been playing this game for a couple years now and I still love the music and gameplay. It’s a rhythm game but it has a sweet and sad story in the form of wordless clips. My favorite song is still Wing of Piano.

  • Definitely worth spending money on

    This game is amazing. The music is beautiful the story is fantastic; there are (I think) endless hours of gameplay because the songs are so good you'll want to play them over and over as you reach for that 100% completion.

  • I'm .... speechless

    Omg this is a awesome game I believe this is the best game ever even my cousin liked it

  • Highly Addicting

    Very fun, has a lot of replay value, and 10/10 story (could've been longer though).

  • Awesome! But...

    The update is impossible to get for me. I still have at 3.3 gigabytes left on my device, but when I try to update it, it’s takes a while, and then I am told my storage is full, and Deemo could not be updated at this time. If you could make the update smaller, that’d be nice.

  • Amazing and addictive.

    This game is absolutely breathtaking. The music is beautiful and very soothing. I've played many rhythm games in my time, and this has to be one of the best by far.

  • Phenomenal

    Gorgeous visuals and masterful music. Truly an experience of quality and passion.

  • Awesome game :)

    Beautiful game!

  • Love it!

    😉my favorite music game!

  • Phenomenal!

    I first downloaded and played deemo in 2012, and i must say this rhythm game is lacking absolutely nowhere. Amazing, heart-wrenching storyline and top-notch gameplay, a treasure trove of content, you will not be disappointed. (Fyi broken hourglass is dlc, completely worth it, extends story and gives valuable character and story information as well as many many new songs.) Except for restoring broken hourglass progress on a re-download. For some reason my deemo was acting like it was downloading and installing rather than updating when I tried to update it yesterday, and it wouldn’t even work so i deleted and re-downloaded it. However all of my broken hourglass songs are not restored when i synced deemo with game-center, and my saika ex score is at zero so I know it doesn’t sync progress on broken hourglass songs. I wish rayark’s deemo team would make the dlc content backed up like the normal songs. I often must delete things for space, i only have 16gb on my phone after all, so unfortunately i have to be on and off with deemo. Please let us sync dlc progress with game center if possible, thank you deemo developers.

  • Can you update this app for me

    I can't update the app because I deleted all of my stuff and it's still won't do it. So can you update this app for me please?

  • Best mobile game I've found

    Music 10/10, the light story behind it 10/10, visuals 10/10. I've adored this game for years, a must have on every new phone I get

  • Best mobile game ever

    Also easily in the top ten favorite games of all time. It’s amazing that they are still supporting it three years later with more content and optimizations. I’ve played through it multiple times and I enjoy it each time. An amazing story and great gameplay. If you haven’t tried out this masterpiece it certainly worth the money. Thanks for all the great memories Rayark! 😄🎹

  • I have no words.

    There’s no way to describe how amazing this game is. I’ve had this game for 2.5 years now, and I just purchased the Nintendo Switch version as well. Deemo is a game that perfectly combines fun gameplay, beautiful music, and an emotional storyline. The gameplay is easy to learn for people new to rhythm games, but also has levels that are perfect for hardcore rhythms gamers. Be warned, although you do start out with a good amount of songs, there are a lot of DLC’s. If you aren’t a fan of this, and have a Nintendo Switch, buy that version. It comes with every DLC for only 30 dollars (considering I’ve spent over 60 dollars on the iOS version of Deemo already, that’s a pretty good deal). This is a must have game for anyone who appreciates music.

  • Very fun

    Wish there were more free songs to play though

  • Why screwed this game?

    This is best music game my entire life. But why don’t you support IOS11? First, I want to turn off the ‘key sound’ but, when I start deemo always automatically turn on ‘key sound’ this is bug why don’t you fix it It’s already 6months ago Second, Lagging I’m playing iPhone7 and lagging I think problem reason is not supported IOS11 Please update deemo Voez is not my style

  • My favorite game

    God.. where do I begin? Deemo has helped me through so much. The music is amazing, and I would give anything to have all the music. Deemo is literally thee best music game of all time. If you don’t think this game could be great, GIVE IT A TRY!! Trust me, you will fall in love with the art and music style within an hour or so. There’s alittle bit of everything in this game: pop, electronic, futuristic, hip-hop, classic, you name it.. deemo has it! Deemo, with the music they produce, has helped me through depression.. I would Always come home from school, jump on my phone/tablet, and play until it was time to go to bed. I can’t thank deemo and the developers enough.. and I was a-little disappointed that you’re unable to make a save file and transport that across devices, but oh well.. Deemo is worth it. It’s amazing, and you should definitely give it a go! 😁

  • Beautiful

    Most wonderful music game I have ever played. Infinite fun.

  • good songs

    like it

  • Beautiful Art/Music

    The game is centered around instrumental music mainly (which is what I love) with a lovely story mode that'll have you in tears! Definitely one of the best games in my phone.

  • One of the most beautiful game

    This is truly a beautiful piece of art

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