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Game of War - Fire Age

Game of War - Fire Age
4 based on 109,197 Votes
Price Free

Join the ULTIMATE battle for domination of the Kingdom in Game of War – Fire Age! PLAY FOR FREE in the most addicting, interactive Action Strategy MMO GAME!
Features:

Game of War - Fire Age is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 109,197 Votes. This version 3.25.520 has an average rating of 3 based on 913 Users.

Your device must have atleast 239.0 MB of space to download and install Game of War - Fire Age. This application does not have game center . Game of War - Fire Age is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Addmired, Inc at

Support Languages

Arabic , Bulgarian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English, American , Finnish , French , German , Greek , Hungarian , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Malay , NB , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Slovak , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish , Ukrainian , Vietnamese


Games , Social Networking , Strategy , Role Playing ,


Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age
Game of War - Fire Age

Additional Information

- Play & chat with millions of Online Players from around the world in 32 different languages – all in real-time.

- Be part of a Global Alliance where you can make friends, co-op with Alliance members & become the all-powerful King!

- Train vast armies to lead into action packed battles & watch the fighting in real-time on the stunning World Map.

- Attack & conquer the Wonder to become the King! Use your power to give special Titles to your Friends & Enemies in the Kingdom!

- Talk & strategize with your Alliance & friends in Chat – Alliance Chat, 1-on-1 Chat, or Chat with the Entire World.

- Team up & join Forces with friends or smack-talk & burn your enemies!

- Forge diplomatic alliances to Conquer enemies & become the most POWERFUL Alliance in the Kingdom!

- Build & Customize your Empire - Upgrade buildings, walls & weapons to strengthen your Empire.

- Train, level-up and deck out your Hero – Craft legendary weapons and embed them with powerful Gems to rise above the competition!

“I found Game of War – Fire Age more engaging than its closest analogue, Clash of Clans” - NY Times review

5/5 “I love strategic RPG games like this. I first started off with Clash Of Clans and wondered if there was anything as similar to this and found Game Of War. It's easy to get started with and addictive.”

5/5 “This is the best MMO and game ever. I have played other MMO games but this is the best one yet! You can battle other players and collect resources and build really cool buildings. If I had to rate this game it would be 10 stars. But, there is no 10 star rating.”

5/5 “Best real-time Strategy game I have ever played!”

5/5 “If you like games like Boom Beach, Clash of Clans or Mario I think you'll like this one!”

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What's New on this version 3.25.520

Game of War – Fire Age is redefining both the MMO genre and mobile gaming as a whole. As this title continues to set new standards, take advantage of numerous amazing additions to further invigorate your gameplay. LOG IN NOW to see the LATEST UPDATES!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Eh

    It's eh

  • No longer fun

    Has just become a money grab. Used to cost money every few months to keep growing, and developing. Now any money spent today is outdated tomorrow as a brand new research/troop/building/gear is released and does not use anything you've previously paid for. Sad change for a previously fun game.

  • GOW

    GOW is a great game and has been around for a while. Same ol same ol in regards to meeting players online. Some can be mean if you aren't careful. Find players you trust and go from there. Just don't trust everyone and don't believe everyone - lol. Find the best way to play that suits you and have fun. GOW has become a money making "machine" and you need to spend money to really play so if you are unable to spend money then find an alternative. Good luck!!! If you are a new player or anyone in general - hit me up in kingdom 761. Look at the wonder, I am there usually... 0DoubleDown0

  • This Game

    This Game is one game that is so addictive that they may make it illegal.

  • Downright false advertising

    This game is a cash sink and all of the advertisements I have ever seen do not show the actual gameplay

  • MZ are the greediest. Avoid all games by MZ

    YOU CAN NOT PLAY THIS GAME WITHOUT MONEY. Don't let them fool you with their "play for free" ad. I'm a loyal player who started pretty much since the beginning, trying to get updated on the newest releases. About a year ago, Machine Zone decided to let everybody know how greedy they are by throwing out expensive releases, one after another, until now; releasing last night, their latest and most expensive release... Impossible to get unless you are rich ( a few $ thousands) Customer service does not exist. They don't care about their customers. It is my 7th email regarding the same matter, a refund for a rip off by them (I have all the proof to make my claim) and they still have not replied to me, not even to tell me no. They just ignore. But type in the game "selling account", you will get banned right away. They ban people who organize boycotts rather than listening to what we have to say. People keep walking out of this game or giving their accounts to others for free because they're sick of how MZ greed has reached embarrassing levels. And it is the same with their other game, Mobile Strike. I'd give no stars to this game since they're liars, most greedy company I've ever seen and the worst customer support I've ever experienced

  • Money drain

    Takes too much money to stay competitive. They are catering to the very, very wealthy. If you can't spend at least $2000 a month you won't win. 😡😡😡😡

  • Pretty engaging

    Not a bad app at all :)

  • $$$$

    If you can't spend $1000 a month do waste your time!! Not free if you want to play spending 500 today is worthless in 1 month!!

  • This game is fun

    The game is extremely fun , the only thing I can say is it also can get extremely expensive so with that being said you will need patience..... unless you make lots of money

  • Too costly

    If you don't have have 100+ dollars you can spend a week then this isn't the game for you

  • The notifications!

    My phone does not stop buzzing, all day the notifications never stop coming. I woke up this morning with 20 missed notifications from the game, I only sleep from 11 to 5! Other than that the game is ok

  • Packs

    So as I know everyone knows the only way to get good is to spend money. Nothing wrong with that you don't want to spend money play a different game. But I am one of those money spenders and I have a complaint. I just spend $200 about. And got a few packs that guarantees t8 troops so I go to the ultimate combat and forgot I needed t6 troops to continue only problem is I don't have any water shards. So I am unable to get to t8 which is a bummer because I have all t7 and 8 materials. Not much of a guarantee t8 if you can't get to them. I also contacted them and they won't even give me water shards. How money hungry are y'all seriously there are no packs with water shards how am I supposed to get them? Also to get my SH to higher levels I need my academy higher... the only way to get that is to upgrade my gear workshop and I can due to missing items. Funny thing is when I Bought the pack with the gear workshop in it it came with nothing to upgrade with. So I didn't mind it and bought a few more packs. Once I needed to upgrade my SH a few more levels and couldn't due to missing materials I got upset. Thing was the very next day a new pack came out with the items need to upgrade this building. I'm not going to spend money over and over again. PUT THE RIGHT CORRISPONDING THINGS IN PACKS.

  • Game is laggy and very expensive

    the game is the the most unethical group of developers who look only to please people who spend 5,000$ a month they actually get offered different packs then a 1,000$ spender a month . So it will be impossible to ever catch up and they do this on purpose to get u to spend more .This company then will lie to you every day telling u you bought the best pack ever when in all seriousness a better one will come few hours later if the big pl .mz will rip u off the. Take your cacti and tell you u can't do nohing bout it . It's the biggest rip off ever . Take this from a player who played since the start and is now being ripped off more then ever.

  • Bottomless pockets

    Need bottomless pockets packs are $99 about every 3 days just to keep up with updates to game.

  • Money Pit - DON'T DO IT

    Started playing about a year ago and I had a blast. I've made many friends, and we all keep in touch outside of the game. However, no matter how much we spend, our accounts can be maxed one day and obsolete the next. I've been zeroed more times than I can count because once I've maxed, there's a new update and I lose everything. Often times there are glitches after an update, for some players MZ will resolve the problem, but I believe they will only correct an error for the players who spend thousands a month. Too many updates too fast. No one can keep up unless you are willing to spend entirely too much money. Even then, you will still not be able to really compete without losing everything you've worked for. Don't waste your time and money on this game. They're are plenty others you can spend your time on and still make friends.

  • MZ's greed has ruined this game.

    DO NOT BE FOOLED!!! This game is a complete and total money pit!!! I personally have spent thousands, I know people that have spent hundreds of thousands just to be able to play. Not exaggerating. Find another game!!!

  • Dead game

    Don't believe the positive reviews here, clearly machine zone employee spammers. This game is dead and the developer knows it. They are simply trying to extract as much money as possible in the last few months of its life. Don't waste your time or precious money contributing to their pockets. If you do, don't say you weren't warned.

  • Constant cash or the game is boring

    If you don't buy packs all the time the game is boring... plus the lag is out of control

  • Crap

    Terrible game. Can't play without paying

  • Complicated but fun!

    I didn't expect to enjoy this game, but every time I logged in I discovered something new. Once I got into a good alliance, everyone was helping each other out and I was hooked. I spent a little bit of money, but some people spend a ton. It can be fun either way.

  • Money pit

    For years this game was fun and for maybe $100 or so a month you could play competitively. I spent close to $400 on the July 4th specials only for new items to be released July 5th that made me completely useless and weak. Each release increases the damage output of players by a massive amount so to stay on top you have to spend almost daily. The last 8-10 months releases have been every few days at the longest and sometimes every day. That's why you see so many reviews of people who played for years but are now quitting. We all got addicted and paid a little to play. Then paid more trying to keep up, then more and more until now there is a mass exodus of people leaving the game.

  • Money pit

    Game started out advancing new stuff every 2 months to now every week which is to please the bigs which isn't fair to the little guys don't start playing unless u can spend 1000+ a week

  • Stay away they rip u off

    Stay away they rip u off

  • MZ Killed Their Golden Goose

    This used to be a fun if slightly expensive app. Now the run away inflation makes Venezuela look stable. Upgrades went from requiring millions in resources to mega trillions. Power levels went from 1billion being competitive to 1,000 Kilo Trillion being wiped out daily. The only skill required to win this game is entering your credit card number quickly and often.

  • Rich Man's Game

    This has turned into a rich man's game. Defense has become nearly impossible. It's all about zeroing another base and forcing them to spend more money. I haven't updated my account in a week, to do so now would cost $300-$500. It is very glitchy. Wonder battles can last for days because it glitches and doesn't allow you to reinforce. There are glitches in delays on attacking with no support after they acknowledge it is a problem on their end. You easily get zeroed because of the glitches. Graphics are good. Social aspect is good.

  • Incredible Masterpiece

    I have been playing for two years and whenever I pick up my phone I am drawn to this app. It always has something new to offer. Had some problems learning at first but now I am a little better. I am not gonna lie, the more you spend, the better you will get faster, but if your in an alliance that can not take itself way to seriously and care about the people inside it, you will have a lot of fun. You have to be active. This is not something you put down for five days and cone back to. People are depending on you to do your part so millennials and x'er's don't apply😀! Just kidding.

  • Disgusting company

    I have been playing this game for well over two years now. It always was a pay to play game that was stupidly expensive but the past year and even more so the last 6 months has been disgusting. I was a sucker but no more, buy today and it will probably be obsolete within 24hrs all for nothing. Not to mention their fraudulent charges or double or triple charges. Even better when you buy something and don't even get it. Game used to be a blast and still could be if the players came back. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • GOW

    Been playing for better than 3 years and MZ has slowly ruined it No More Fun just a money pit for the rich

  • Love it but

    The alliance store is so glitchy

  • Waist of time

    This game is most likely a very addictive game to some people but my mom was playing it for almost a year and one day someone killed her character and she lost al her stoped her from the energy to play any other games and now she has nothing to do.she has a good job and a stuff but I got mad at this "game" and I don't recommend is a waits of money and time.please do not waist any money on this game it is not worth it.there is this man who spent just about 1,000,000 dollars on that game and I doubt that he was very happy with his action.the game its self is not a very great quality game and it lags to often and I don't think that if one day you were in the middle of a battle and your game lagged and you lost the battle would be pretty this is only my opinion and you do not have to take my words and hate on anyone who shares my opinion.i tried to give it at least a half a star but I won't let me so I will type it in this review sheet anyway, I don't recommend this game to people who want to play a game that could get you angry start off with nothing then you earn everything later on.i hope I do not make anyone mad because of my opinion I just want to say this game will not satisfy me at all and that is all I have to say.

  • Game has been ruined

    With MZ's efforts to get your money every day, they add new content which actually makes the game worse than the day before. This game used to be very fun, and could be played on a minimal budget....but those days are long gone. Not only has the game gotten ridiculously expensive, but the product that you get diminishes daily. I would not recommend this game to anyone....ever.

  • 1st Bank of Machine Zone

    Do not download the game, it will become a major time sap and then be a complete waste unless you are willing to spend serious money. download is free but if you want to do anything in the game, it becomes pay to play. New features are released 3-4 times a week, making your account non-competive, and now players that spend in top 1% are allowed to update beyond what is currently available destroying other accounts that may not have spent nearly as much. You can easily spend $4-500 dollars a week just to be out dated the very next day! Further, with each update some new glitch allows non-maxed players to be zeroed, gear to disappear, or not even engage. And to add insult to all this, MZ now make players pay to boost during the kingdom kill events, those who can not afford to purchase the boost tokens run the risk of being zeroed if they participate. Any issues you may have will not be addressed, and if you find yourself zeroed because of an error of MZ part it will still be your fault. Do not expect any response or customer support, even those who spend hundreds of dollars a week still do not spend enough! Stay far, far away from all Machine Zone Games.. play FarmVille, its cheaper then updating just to buy shields in GOW - Serra

  • Game has taken a perilous turn

    This game is no longer a strategy game... it's a game of who has the deepest pockets. Massive players that have spent multiple thousand dollars are seeing their accounts zeroed in a single blow and MZ's response has been buy another pack and rebuild... in order to stay safe your looking at 2 to 4 hundred dollars a week... you may have that money to blow but there will be no one left to attack at the rate people are leaving in droves... good luck

  • Great game, now ruined by MZ greed

    This was a great game that allowed me to play, have fun and make some friends around the country and even the world. Sure it cost a few bucks to play, it you could be competitive spending $10 or $20 every now and then. NOw it has been ruined by the greed of MZ. Constant updates, needs to spends $100s of dollars monthly or weekly just to stay close to current. At best it's a trap, at worst it's a scam.

  • A big thumbs down

    MZ has been more concerned with making big money, than with the product they put out. They continuously add items for you to buy that make the items you just bought obsolete. The program is poorly written, dumps the players many times every day and the lag time is terrible. When you go to battle you get dumped or the game freezes and when you get back, you have been defeated and lose much of your investment. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had never downloaded this game. Ps: they tell you it's free but the only thing that's free is downloading the game, after that they have it set up so you must spend hundreds of $$ to play.

  • Fun but expensive

    This game is super fun, allows for real time war rallies etc. I love it! but it really is expensive. Most recently it seems that the upgrades are fast and furious & making competition much more difficult

  • Great game

    Great game

  • GoW

    This game is fun

  • Was good now worst game ever

    Be ready to be convinced and justify spending money$$$$ . $300 a monarch not even close to get you into the fun if there is any left. Not even ppl spending $5000 a week are having fun anymore. Graphics are bad. This game was the best game ever but between the scams the lies the Mz math, thne terrible customer service and that you get ripped off on your own purchases and no refunds it's just not a good game to choose to play. I stay on for my friends just chat an skill monsters. Not spending any more money here.

  • MZ will burn your money

    Do not purchase this game. It WAS a lot of fun, until the last month when MZ made significant changes to the game. People are spending $1,000 USD a month in order to stay relevant. Many people are going inactive my kingdom only has 20 or 30 active players at a time. Do not invest the time or money. Find another game.

  • 3 years down the drain

    I've spent three plus years with my same group of friends. This was a phenomenal game that really capitalized on the social aspect. I spent a literal fortune. Tens of thousands of dollars over that three year span. And I didn't mind because the game was fun and I could hang out with people I considered family for so long. That's all gone now. I went from being a rally leader. To unable to unshield for five seconds. Every single release means you have to buy or every purchase you made previously is completely wasted as you are zeroed. And those releases come 3-4 times a week. Everyone is quitting this game. Even the people who have invested tens of thousands. Mz doesn't care. We have all reached out to their customer service and gotten nowhere. Do not ever play any mz game. Right now that is game of war, mobile strike, and final fantasy 15. Please don't. You will regret it.

  • No stars

    Game is no longer about strategy but who can out spend who. And oh we understand you've spent thousands of dollars = go kick rocks. Get revenge and spend more money. By buy to this 3 year customer

  • Soon to be ex

    Not worth the money or your time. Customer service support is nonexistent. There are so many glitches currently that it makes playing frustrating. Currently getting kicked from the game occurs every 10-20 minutes. Lags horribly especially during kill events. Currently keep getting (room does not exist) when using private messaging or alliance chat or kingdom chat. Currently MZ is appeasing high roller players spending 100's to possibly K's $'s within weeks to stay top players. Have seen kingdoms abandoned that a mega merger was executed to consolidate active players. Currently there are players quitting exponentially. Word to the wise. Stay away.

  • Sad for what this game has become

    I have been playing for almost 3 years. MZ has gotten out of hand. New drops almost daily. This game went from being a ton of fun to you must drop hundreds on the dollar weekly and almost daily just to play. Ridiculous what MZ has done.

  • Money pit

    Stop don't play it. Can't keep up with all new updates will send you to the poor house.

  • Pay to win

    Pay to win

  • Tedious and unethical

    Exciting at the beginning. After 4 years the morale is at an all time low. Many players are dropping out due to soaring costly updates that take tedious hours to upgrade. The monotonous repetition of growing your empire and power interferes with any fun playing time. The biweekly pay to play upgrades from $20 to $300 per pack necessitates nearly a constant presence hourly for 5 - 10 hours a day to even keep up. The company changes policies without informing its own support staff leaving customers in the dark. Used to be fun.

  • Amazing game

    It's really an amazing game because you can train more than a billion of troops in les than a minute using of course speed ups . The difference between this game and the other games is the packages when you buy them they are unexpected...

  • Love it

    Been hooked on this game for over a month, even meet some cool people!

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