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Backflip Madness

Backflip Madness
4.5 based on 12,000 Votes
Price $0.99

Backflip Madness is a fast-paced, parkour-flavored extreme sports game. Your goal is simple - make tons of spectacular tricks and stunts. Take it to the extreme!
Features:

Backflip Madness is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 12,000 Votes. This version 1.1.3 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 12,000 Users.

Your device must have atleast 16.6 MB of space to download and install Backflip Madness. This application does not have game center . Backflip Madness can be downloaded and install for $0.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Hubert Sliwka at

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Arcade , Sports ,


Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness
Backflip Madness

Additional Information

- Multiple backflips and locations

- Parkour/Free running acrobatics

- Realistic physics

- Achievements, Challanges and Leaderboards (Game Center)

- 3 difficulty levels

- Action replay

- Normal and ninja outfits

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Update

    Please update for iOS 11

  • Ios11

    Needs to update the app soo i can play on ios 11


    Doesn’t work with IOS 11

  • It’s Amazing I’m 47 Years Old Jk I’m Ten It’s Really Fun UPDATE THE GAME TO IOS 11


  • It doesn’t match the iOS update so it won’t let me play

    Since the game haven’t updated yet I can’t play it cause it doesn’t match the iOS update.

  • iOS 11

    Can u please update it to iOS 11 I cant play it and it’s one of the games I play the most on my phone it’s really fun so please update it

  • Update

    Will you please update this game for IOS 11 I really like the game but can’t play no more so please update

  • Please Update!!

    Used to be in love with this game, but now, can’t play it because it is not set up for the recent update iOS 11.

  • Good game, needs update

    Great game but needs to be updated☹️

  • Listen up

    If you dont update it for ios 11 i want my money back or im suing you.

  • Please update the app

    Please update the app

  • I remember

    I remember playing this about a year ago, but now I can’t play it because I have IOS11. Can you please make an update for IOS11?

  • It’s not letting me play

    It says I have to update to play because I updated to iOS 11 but when I checked and it says there’s no updates.

  • IOS 11 Update

    This app needs to be compatible with the new IOS 11 update for iPhone. I can’t play this game anymore because it says the creator of the game needs to make it be able to work with IOS 11.

  • Update

    Can you update this app so that it is compatible with ios 11. I bought the app but now I can not play it.

  • Great game but

    I loved this game until I updated my phone and then the game couldn’t have updated because the developer hasn’t updated the system to iOS 11. SO PLEASE UPDATE

  • This game is awesome but...

    It doesn’t work with iOS 11. So could you guys update it to work with iOS 11 please.

  • Update it

    This needs to be updated I used to love this game but since I got iOS 11 it won’t work please make it work with iOS 11

  • IOS 11

    Would have given 2 more stars, But, the game is unplayable due it being in updated, it doesn’t need anything else but a 64 But platform.

  • Developer needs to update to the new Apple IOS

    Loved the game but new iOS update means it doesn’t work now


    The game is great sonnet me wrong, but I can’t play anymore since it needs to be updated😪

  • It’s a good game

    It’s a good game👍

  • NO iOS 11

    Please update to iOS 11


    I love this game and I want to play it on my phone, please update it for iOS 11!

  • iOS 11

    Can you please update this to ios11 cause I can’t play

  • Need to update to iOS 11

    Unable to play anymore due to the iOS 11 update, please fix

  • iOS 11

    This game is a fun and generally cheap game, but I can’t buy games to often and this is one I did buy, but because of iOS 11 I am unable to play this game, please update it, I want to be able to play it again.



  • Op game

    This game is awesome but it makes me wanna get a hammer and break my phone because it’s a rage game

  • PLS UPDATE FOR IOS 11.01!!

    ^pls update

  • Update game I went on website i love this game


  • Please update.

    I remember playing this so much and just recently remembered. But the new IOS update won’t let me download. Please update the game so I can keep playing.

  • Needs update

    Update so I can play on iOS 11

  • Good but...


  • IOS 11

    I love this game it's one of the only things that helps me get through the school day but my phone updated and now I can't play it! Please make an update for iOS 11

  • iOS 11

    Please update this great game for iOS 11! I miss it.

  • Kind of sad

    I mean don’t get me wrong.... I love the game, but sense IOS 11 came out I cant play and I really want to!

  • Update it to iOS 11 please

    iOS 11 requires all apps to be 64-bit but this isn’t

  • Backflip madness: I love you; I need you.

    Dear Gamesoul Studios, Please fix this game. I need it to survive. This is important. Thank you in advance! Love, Erin

  • iOS 11

    Make this game work for iOS eleven

  • Update to iOS 11

    I used to play this game all the time and would like to still play just updated my phone to iOS 11 and can’t play because it needs to be updated if you could it would much appreciated thank you

  • Update the app

    It needs to be updated for me to play on the new update

  • It’s a great game but

    It’s a great game but please I beg you please make it so I can play it on iOS 11 (And no before you ask I can’t go back)

  • Classic

    This is an amazing game that I consider a classic. I remember playing this with my friend on his iPod touch forever ago so that might make my review biased. But, the physics are great and you get a great amount of gameplay and is a great replayable game. A great game for just passing time. However, you may not want to get this just because it will be removed in iOS 11

  • Good game, but limited.

    Great game. So addicting. Only thing is, the game is very limited. I literally finished it in 30 minutes. Some recommendations, though. More levels/Expanded levels. Different, new flips. More characters. Hard mode. More attempts per XP level. More XP levels. That's it. Pretty awesome game though.

  • More addicting than cookie clicker

    I like it

  • Great game

    This game is super fun in all but I would like to see a feature wear if my dudes feet hit a wall and he close enough every to the ground he can bounce of the wall and land on his feet that would make it way better

  • litty tiddy

    good, could be better but not by much

  • The most fun game I've had

    I'll usually quit playing a game after a month but I have been playing for 2 years straight

  • It's good but...

    You should be able to customize your character also it would be nice to be able to connect

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