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3.5 based on 2,048 Votes
Price $2.99

Sporcle is the App Store’s leading trivia application with new quizzes available on your device everyday! Turn your iPhone/iPod touch and now your iPad into an on-the-go treasure trove of trivia.
Can you name the countries of Europe? Do you know all the US Presidents? Can you rattle off the names of all the Pixar movies? Read more...

Sporcle is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 2,048 Votes. This version 5.5 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 3 Users.

Your device must have atleast 15.5 MB of space to download and install Sporcle. This application does not have game center . Sporcle can be downloaded and install for $2.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Sporcle, Inc at

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Additional Information

Sporcle brings the wildly popular and addictive trivia quiz website to your iPhone/iPod touch and iPad! No matter what your interest -- be it sports, movies, television, music, geography, and more – you can find hours of trivia entertainment. The app downloads new quizzes every day – just launch the app to test your skills against Sporcle’s latest brain-teasing challenges.

Sporcle is the fun way to kill some time or procrastinate while exercising your brain. You just might even learn a thing or two!


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What's New on this version 5.5

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Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Let us search pages

    You used to be able to search a word, and if it had its own page, the link would be at the top. It was easier to complete badges like that. Bring that back. I just search “mixes word” and only three quizzes popped up. Aggravating!


    I highly suggest that you do not buy this app! The set up is horrible and terrible to navigate. Also, it only has 1/3 of the quizzes that the website has. So the quizzes I would play on, aren't on the app! How stupid is that!!! It doesn't even have all the quizzes! A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY!!!

  • Used to love this website

    I used to love this website back a couple years. It's a lot better on the computer because On my phone I type a letter or two and it automatically says I put a word down when I didn't. Or if I spell food it will put me down as getting "fur" right..there's many errors on this app :/ waiting for it to be fixed so I can enjoy the living daylights out of this!

  • Awful Trivia

    Be prepared to waste too much time when you can't spell the correct answer by even a single letter. Pathetic.

  • Good app but has problems

    I believe that one day this app will be amazing but as of now there are so many problems. First off, why can't you use maps? On the internet version you can see the maps, on the app you can't. Whenever you are taking a sports quiz, or any other quiz, if you type in a name and there are multiple then it takes you to the last one and you have to scroll all the way back up to the top. Just a few of the many issues.

  • Achievements

    I think the achievements are broken.

  • Website is better and free

    I bought this app because my daughter liked the United States map quizzes which are not available on the app. I do not care about the logic puzzles and wanted to use it for educational purposes. For me this was a waste of $3.00 because the website is better, free, and educational.

  • When can we copy links?

    Badges are awesome. But when can we copy and text the link to a quiz through the app? Every time I want a friend to take a quiz, I have to search through the website to find it. Please please please let us share links through the app!!!

  • Meh

    Okay. But if you like playing the logic puzzles on the web version you are out of luck. You can't find them here.

  • Slow loading again


  • Badges are awesome!

    Badges makes this app complete - so much fun.

  • Badges!!!!

    The ONLY reason I ever deleted this app was because games played on my phone didn't count towards badges. With this update that's no longer the case and I am THRILLED to have this back on my phone! Thank you Sporcle 💛💛

  • Darn you, autocorrect

    Sporcle's fun for quizzes, but it's messing with the autocorrect on my phone. If I only type a certain word in Sporcle, autocorrect will learn that word without the final letter. Like "bulbasau" for "bulbsaur".

  • Don't listen...

    This app is so incredible! Honestly, I use it for sports trivia 99.9% of the time and the have SO many quizzes that there's something I'm excited to play every time I open it. The option to turn off the timer is awesome too. The only problem I can see is that most times when scrolling down to load the next page of quizzes it just stops loading, when I know there's another bunch of pages with more quizzes. So sometimes you have 10 pages worth of quizzes to play and other times only like 3 or 4. Other than that this app is untouchable if you're a sports trivia person!!! Thank you for producing it!

  • No badges

    You can't see the badges in the app.

  • Lots of fun

    I love Sporcle. I play by myself or with my husband or mother, so it's fun for a pretty wide range of interests and ages. My only complaint is that I can't see a way to create quizzes with the app. I have to go to to create a quiz. That said, I'd likely push this up to four stars if that feature was available. Also, a note to the developers: There is a minor glitch when you search for quizzes and then click on one of the results. It opens the result of the one above the one you selected.

  • Addicted

    I love this app! I play every night and there are endless amounts of quizzes on here. Great way to learn/use your brain. The only comment I have--is there a way to sync the app with the website?

  • What do coins do?!

    Love Sporcle but I have no clue what the coins do. You can buy more coins in-app but I can't find any place to spend them.

  • Where's my cookies?

    I assume that's one of the 3. Great app!

  • Better update...

    After the disastrous previous update, they "fixed" some of the problems it created - the text size has increased and keeps your most recent search results. I guess the biggest "break" the update caused - wiping out your history/previous best score - can't be fixed. One issue that still exists - the history list still goes by when you FIRST played a quiz, not by when you LAST played a quiz. Pretty sure most people want the history sorted by when quizzes were most recently played. Please fix this. (You're still one of the best app I have. My ratings are for the updates.)

  • Worse, yet again

    Each update has made the UI worse. Childish font which is difficult to read, status updates persist too long, and loading takes longer than it should. Overall poor design.

  • I play daily

    I have to play this app everyday. It's great and addictive and just a great mental workout.

  • So good till now....

    My biggest complaint, and possibly a deal-breaker -- the print is TINY!!! If you don't fix anything else, PLEASE make the print large enough for those of us over 40!

  • Quiz history

    Where did my quiz history go!?

  • Update frozen

    With this last update I am unable to open the app. It is still in "waiting" status. I can't even delete the app to re-install. Contacted Sporcle support and everything they had me try hasn't worked to fix the issue. Frustrated.

  • Bad update!

    One of my favorite apps forever, but this was the first bad update. It wiped my history clear! What's with that? I had games that I was working on - games that I could work on without Internet connection - ALL GONE! Liked the feature that saved a game search so you could go back and play different games from the same search - GONE! And somebody swapped the quit button with the "next" button - hope that one is GONE next update. Boo!

  • Fun app

    Enjoy the daily quizzes, there's always something new!

  • Worst update yet

    Repositioned give up button so it's much easier to accidentally hit. Lost all scores and past quiz history!

  • Great App but

    This is a great app and is as fun as ever, but some things got screwy with this latest update. When you open the app, there is a very long waiting period before you can actually start playing the games. When you previously have played a game, there is no prior score shown anymore. And when you search a particular subject in the games, once you close the app or it refreshes, your search history is gone.

  • Sad

    This game was great up until this last update. There are so many flaws, and the new layout is more complicated than the old one. If anything this update made sporcle worse. One issue is that after you complete a quiz, it sometimes keeps saying congratulations you got a perfect score even after you exit the quiz. The search feature no longer saves your last search, meaning you constantly have to retype it. And with all these changes the one actual issue I've noticed in the past has not been fixed: after I play a quiz, I can not go further than one section down in the category I'm in. Even on the recent/popular ones. Please focus on fixing the game before you muck it up.

  • Great app, but what's with the update?!

    I love this app - I use it all the time. But the latest update cleared all of my play history! I know that I have played hundreds of quizzes, yet they aren't listed that way. What gives??

  • Disappointed

    What happened? The upgrade wiped out all my scores. All the hard work, results... Gone.

  • Amazing

    Loved the website. Like the app even more.

  • Great Trivia

    Always had a great time.

  • so good!

    Worth every penny of the $2.99 I paid for the app. Frequently updated with new quizzes throughout the day. Works reliably always.

  • Always improving!

    No, it's not as good as the site. But the app continues to improve with each update, and I use it more and more!

  • Pretty Good

    It's a bit pricey I admit, but the quizzes are great and it's easy to use. My friend who bought the app couldn't log on.

  • Reliable

    One of a handful of apps that I've had - and used consistently - for years. Fun trivia.

  • Fun!!!

    Improves often and a solid app!

  • It's fine

    It's fine for boredom, but as others have said, it could stand to be a bit more like the website.

  • Love it

    Love the game but it's stinking addictive. I play the game all the time. I love the history one.

  • Fun


  • Awesome Game

    I'm a huge fan of Sporcle and the numerous plethora of categories you can play and the large amount of quizzes under each. One of the best apps on my phone.

  • Achievements

    This app is fun but not like the website. For those badge hungry sporclers, there is no way to see the badges you earned/still need, or to get to the criteria you still need for unearned badges. Integrating that part of the website to the app would put it over the top.

  • Fun!

    Really fun! All kinds of quizzes-history, geography, entertainment, etc.

  • 🎉

    Chyeaaaaaaaahhhh boiiiiiiii!!!!

  • Fun

    Lots of good quizzes. Something for everyone.

  • Fun and sometimes hard to beat.

    I enjoy playing this during downtime. I'm lousy at anything sports related. But I like all the other categories.

  • Disappointed

    I've never written a review before. But this app is so disappointing, I feel I should warn off those with high expectations. There are multiple problems with it, but my own main issues are the following: 1) The site allows you to search for your next quiz by subcategory (e.g., not just "Sports" but "NFL"), difficulty, and many other options. The app only allows for top level category search (e.g., just *all* sports) by popularity. The fact that you can use the search bar doesn't really solve this, as it requires you to know exactly what quiz you seek beforehand. 2) I have several favorites and playlists set up with my favorite quizzes to help with memorization of certain things. The app inexplicably has no functionality to let me access those lists/favorites! This is an okay app if you're seeking a random trivia experience of varying quality. But there's no reason they should be charging 3 bucks, much less 1, for this. It feels very slapdash.

  • Terrific trivia game!

    If you like trivia, you can find any category here you can think of. Great fun, easy to use, thousands of titles!

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