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**YOU VOTED & THE CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG** Thanks to the votes from YOU and thousands of loyal MONOPOLY Facebook fans from 185 different countries, the CAT mover is now available to play with in this latest update as well as in the classic board game version of MONOPOLY! Read more...

MONOPOLY Game is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 26,532 Votes. This version 1.4.04 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 381 Users.

Your device must have atleast 185.4 MB of space to download and install MONOPOLY Game. This application does not have game center . MONOPOLY Game can be downloaded and install for $0.99 only

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From Marvin Gardens to Water Works to Park Place, own and manage the famous holdings of the MONOPOLY board.


Shake your device to “roll” the 3D dice. Tap the screen to manage your properties. Building hotels or taking a “Chance” is easy and intuitive.


Play through 3 levels of difficulty and save games in progress. Also customize the number of players, the “game rules,” and even the game environment.


Challenge up to 3 friends via local WiFi and Pass ‘N Play Multiplayer, and up to 2 friends with Bluetooth Multiplayer.


You can even play multiplayer games with friends who have MONOPOLY for iPad (just note that you’ll be playing the iPhone/iPod touch version).

So buy Boardwalk! Go directly to jail! Are you ready? It’s “GO” time!

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By installing this game, you consent to its installation and the installation of any game updates or upgrades released through your platform. You can turn off automatic updates through your device settings, but if you do not update your app, you may experience reduced functionality.

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What's New on this version 1.4.04

Hey MONOPOLY fans! We've made some behind-the-scenes updates to the game. Thanks for playing.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Rigged

    This games has rigged dice. Otherwise how could I have varying difficulty levels. No glitches but who wants to play a rigged game??!!


    I always play on the easiest difficulty and no matter what happens they will never land on your property with a hotel or houses and whenever they own a hotel you land on it EVERY TIME. It's infuriating I can't play this game or I will shatter my screen from the anger it causes me to build inside.

  • AI still broken

    I download this game every 6 more or so, hoping that AI has been fixed. Still hasn't. 2.5 years and counting.


    Clearly the dice throws are not random when playing against the AI. This doesn't mean you can't win, because the AI makes stupid trades. I have seen this before, it's hard work to build a good AI. Much easier to give favorably dice throws, than spend time and money building good AI.

  • Dear E.A.

    When are you going to fix the garbage A.I. So this game is actually enjoyable? This game is doing the exact opposite of what games were made for.

  • Download if you want to throw your phone against a wall

    I got this about a week ago and have probably played a total of 30 or so games ON THE EASIEST DIFFICULTY and I have not won A SINGLE GAME. I tried playing against 1,2,&3 CPUs and it doesn't matter. You can predict how the dice are going to role because you know you're going to land on their properties. It is unbelievable how frustrating this game is. It is basically guaranteed that the CPU is going to get park place and boardwalk and once they do it's game over. They won't even trade them. I offered a trade of literary every single card I had and $1050 for park place and boardwalk and the CPU declined. And you land on either of those every game and you just can't win. It ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS how unfair this game is. It would be such an awesome game but it is just flat out NOT FUN. DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING IT, unless you want to cause pain to yourself of course

  • Pretty fun

    Besides the ridiculously lousy AI on all levels and the (maybe) loaded dice, this game is a ton of fun. Playing 2 player means that I can finish a game in about 1/2 an hour sometimes. Perfect for smoke breaks and down time. My two complaints are: -When you have a top view of the board, it is very hard to find the other piece's position on the board -There is no color blind mode that I can find

  • 4 stars..

    I absolutely love this game, and I'd gladly give it 5 stars, but I decided on 4 stars due to the fact that the wireless multiplayer mode only works if you're either on the same wifi or if you're within reach of each other via Bluetooth. So basically you still have to be with the person you're playing with. I'd like there to be an online option where you can play with absolutely anyone. As soon as that happens I'll come back and add the 5th star! :)

  • No option to change computer difficulty?

    Enjoying game so far, been kicking butt like I always did with the board game 👊😂 the computer difficulty is stuck on medium tho and I've searched everywhere to change it but can't find it anywhere, can someone fill me in on what I'm doing wrong? Lol

  • Cheats (see for yourself)


  • Broken Dice

    Don't get me wrong I win even on the hardest difficulty. Record 39-3 (I have reset to make it better) but I have to be honest and say that you do see a lot of the same patterns with the dice. It is very in favor of the CPU. Pretty much the only way to win is to exploit the terrible trade deals you can make with the CPU and to be honest I would not recommend for new solo players. Grab a friend.

  • They got my 99 cents

    Thinking that what I'm downloading is for the iPad I'm holding, I paid 99 cents and downloaded it. Only to find out it's for the iPhone, even though I searched on the iPad. Have my 99 cents bozos.

  • This game is most definitely rigged...

    I admit it. I had read the reviews about this game being rigged in favor of the AI, but I went ahead and spent a buck anyway. I mean, I HAD to see what everyone was talking about. Even when the AI is set to skill level 1, it always seems to be able to avoid my properties, while I just happen to land on the AI's properties more than half of the time. It's truly incredible. If this game's loaded dice were discovered being used in Las Vegas, people would be killed... The game itself is attractive and the animated figures are cute. But, if you buy it, prepare to get extremely frustrated. The dice should be 100% random, but they're not. Before you roll, count the number of spaces you need to roll to either land on any of the AI's properties or the luxury/income tax spaces and 90% of the time that's what you'll get. And if the AI only needs to roll a 7 to land on Boardwalk, it will somehow manage to get an 8...

  • Thought it was fine

    I've been playing game after game and I always roll numbers that lead me to land on an opponent's property or on a tax space.... it's making it very difficult to play even on an easy level setting

  • Rigged AF

    Literally they make the computer win every time or make two computer ones trade. I had one trade the electric company and one pink or orange one for one does that in real life. I've played this game in real life the past 3 weeks about 50 times and have lost 3 times. I've played this game about 20 times and have won 1 time. It's only a $1 so no big deal but it's rigged af

  • Good Game

    First thing is first, the AI doesn't cheat. Period. Avoiding you for three revolutions isn't cheating, I've done it many a time in a real monopoly game and had it done to me even more. The game in my opinion is rather good, though the AI could use a little updating, it can sometimes be rather stupid, though the game plays well if there is more than one AI.

  • Not balanced and fair play

    When playing the computer, it gets to the point that you can guess where you will land. The computer always gets around the board first collecting properties, and always somehow managed to not land on your properties that have buildings. It is much more than just gameplay, it's a very unfair balance that ruins the experience.

  • It's ok

    The only problem I have is that you can't play other people online, you have to be in the same room to play with them. I was looking forward to playing this white my son while I was at work with nothing to do but unfortunately you have to be close by to play other people.

  • Frustrating "RNG"

    10 consecutive games all bad luck? They need to rework their algorithm

  • Fun

    I played and won 4 times out of 5 I don't know why u guys think it's rigged it might just be our strategies

  • Not worth it!!!

    Only worth playing if you are playing someone on A wireless game. It's rigged af. The computer conveniently seldom lands on any of your property especially avoiding properties with hotel or numerous houses. And you will consistently land on the computer high cost properties. I understand the when it comes to technology that there is not true random. But the odds of winning even on "beginner" levels is slim. Hope you save your money folks

  • Can't win!!!!!

    You cannot win!! The computer lands on free parking and community chest all the time. I had a whole row of hotels and the computer would land on community chest. The funniest thing ever is when the computer buys houses or hotels then it's your turn, guess what, you roll right on the property the computer just put stuff on. Seriously guys, I know it's a cheap app but it will drive you mad!!!!!!! Don't buy!!!!!!

  • Painful to use

    I bought the app hoping for a convenient way to play on the go but was utterly disappointed. Its design suggests it was an early 2000s computer game with graphics to match. It re-teaches you to play every single round which is obnoxious and many times when you press buttons others will activate. If updated and refined to look better then it could be a huge success, but until then save your money. Not Good

  • Rigged dice

    No way it's not rigged at harder difficulties lol. Just play an easy game and a hard game to compare

  • Even when you can get ahead, you're not

    I'm astonished at how fixed this game is. Even on level 1 difficulty, the AI will always win because when times get tough, their rolls suddenly get lucky, and luckier, while your rolls suddenly go down hill and FAST. And that's if your lucky enough to start out strong! I've had several games where I literally roll the exact same number as the AI immediately ahead of me, spending entire rounds just paying rent, not picking up any property. If you're a true fan of monopoly, like myself, don't by this game. Very disappointed. I wish I could get a refund.

  • The AI misses my hotels ten times around the board...

    How???? Cheaters

  • Horrible game

    I really hate this game it makes no sense. Nothing like real monopoly. I am going to ask Apple for my money back.

  • Unfavorable towards the AI

    It is ridiculously favored towards the AI. So if you plan to play then play with others otherwise expect to land on all the AI properties as they get all the lucky chance and community chests. Along with landing only on free spaces and their own properties. Played it about 12 times against the AI have only won once. And I have played a lot of monopoly.

  • Don't waste your money!

    Ignore those positive reviews! This game really IS rigged!!!! There's no way it's not. I was down to one AI and EVERY time he rolled passed my property, i owned the entire street besides the Community Chest spot and he ALWAYS landed on it. Not even exaggerating! He would roll a small number depending on how close he was to the jail spot, LAND on the jail spot, then roll a 7, then a 3 to land on the free parking, and avoided my property EVERY SINGLE TIME!! He collected about 8 k from me just by doing so. And my luck of course, I rolled on his property and owed a stupid amount of money and then rolled a 2 the next turn and owe even more. There's no way this game is not rigged, luck does NOT come that often to ANYONE!!

  • Fun

    Great game

  • CPU on hardest level is not random

    I agree w the vast majority. I love the game, but it's obvious the program is stacked on the hardest level. CPU always goes past your hotels.

  • Absolutely rigged dice

    Haven't won a game in months. Getting tired of trying. Waste of time. Save your money and don't buy this disgusting game.

  • Good fun

    Usually I play an app once and leave it but I find myself coming back to this often. Its a good challenge and the AI is smart and hard to cheat. You will loose most of the time but that just makes winning real and satisfying. It a good get.

  • Must Buy! A Steal for $0.99!

    Not rigged at all, great game, no issues. Games aren't too long either (Less than an hour).

  • Rigged die

    One of the reviewers mentioned a scenario where you can own the majority of the board with hotels and houses on all and the AI will manage to go around the board six times without touching any of your stuff while you on the other hand hit every tax and the chance/community chest always gives you the horrid maintenance cards. Update: I just had a game where the AI had $0 and hotels on boardwalk and park place. While I own all other properties and had hotels/houses on my properties. AI managed to go around the board once with no money and land on none of my properties while I hit both taxes, both maintenance cards, and landed on boardwalk. Not rigged at all.

  • IPad version not included

    I bought this app while I was out, hoping that it would be ready on my iPad by the time that I got home. It just downloaded the iPhone version, and it gave me a prompt to buy the iPad version for five dollars. Word of warming: if you want to play this game on your iPad you have to get a different app. I'm actually frustrated enough with having to spend money on a useless app that I am going to complain to Apple about it.

  • REALLY😂😂??

    The amount of times that the bot missed me hotel by one was too many, about 13 times, while i always landed on its whether it be 2 or 12 spots away. The bot also spammed with trades and i kept dening it but the game accepted it for me when i didnt want it to and i lost. Fix it cause the enemy gets wayyy to lucky

  • Pure Joke

    Clearly says you can play your friends. Then read the fine print after you buy it. With a certain range. Pure crap.


    This game is 100% rigged to win for the AI. I've lost 8 out of 9 games because the AI always seems to get the best rolls 99% of the time. All this pathetic game will do is infuriate you. It's not worth a single penny, let alone $.99 cents. POS game.

  • Online play

    I really enjoy this game I just wish there was a way to play a friend who's not in the room with you.

  • Can't play online

    #pissed why would you do this to me spent 1 dollar on this booty game 😤

  • LoL

    Make the game harder again. I win all the time now.

  • Fun but come on!!

    Ok, I know Monopoly can be brutal, but time and time again I am 1 vs 3 and I consistently land on their hotel properties while they skip over mine. Pretty crappy. I know that DOES happen in the real game but not every time especially 1 on 3.

  • Trump

    This whole thing is rigged.

  • Improbable rolling of dice

    Played many games and experienced landing in jail 5+ times in a row. Clearly something is wrong with the random-number generator in the game's programming. Deleted game.

  • Game cheats

    The odds that this computer overcomes is astronomical. Just perfect roll after perfect roll. All the meanwhile I roll the exact worst numbers possible. You can take advantage of trades but you will undoubtedly run into a string of "bad luck" while the computer enjoys break after break.

  • Rigged into frustration land

    Bought this to kill 15 hours on an airplane. Didnt take long to realize the flaw. Its incredibly rigged. Dice rolls are laughable when you can predict what you will roll half the time near the end of the game. Wasn't surprised when i cane back and saw it was made by ea. They trash every game they ever touch. Remember spore?

  • Monopoly

    It's just monopoly in an app. While it's not greatest app, it meets all expectations. And to the people complaining, real life monopoly can make you tear out your hair too!

  • Sad game

    This game is neither fair or being able to make you happy. You NEVER win!

  • AI absolutely cheats

    Probability is totally in favor of the AI and keeps landing you in stupid locations and allows the AI to avoid landing on your properties

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