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Balls Race

Balls Race
4.5 based on 4,723 Votes
Price Free

​Roll as fast as you can! Avoid different obstacles and win the race!
Best and most addictive balls race!

Balls Race is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 4,723 Votes. This version 1.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 4,723 Users.

Your device must have atleast 82.5 MB of space to download and install Balls Race. This application does not have game center . Balls Race is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Action , Entertainment , Arcade ,


Balls Race
Balls Race
Balls Race
Balls Race
Balls Race
Balls Race
Balls Race
Balls Race

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Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Shorter advertisements

    Game is good, but the part that I don’t like about it is that if you crash into something after playing 10 seconds of the game you have to watch a 30 Second advertisement. Really hard to keep interest when you see more advertisements when you’re trying to play the game

  • Ads

    More ads than a commercial. I know doesn’t make sense. Just like it doesn’t make sense how many ads are in this game

  • Impossible

    They made this game to get free money. The only way to get to the next level is to watch an add 🙏🏻 once you get going fast enough you get so far and the block start to move once your next to them. YOU CANT BEAT ANY LEVEL ONLY PLAY THIS GAME TO GET MAD!!!

  • Really cool game but..........

    Look the game nice I like it a lot but........WHY IS IT THAT THERE HAS TO BE A WHATCH A ADD TO SKIP LEVEL I MEAN COME ON IS THAT THE THING YOU WANT WHY IS THAT ON THERE IT HAS TONS OF ADDS AND ONE MORE THING WHY CANT YOU PLAY IN ONLINE MODE AND WHY CANT THERE BE LEVELS LIKE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 AND IT KEEPS ON GOING ON AND YOU GET TO HAVE ONLINE MODE OR A PRIVET SERVER WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND WHY CAN YOU ADD FRIENS AND WHY NOT ADD A LOBBY YOU KNOW levels blah blah blah servers blah blah blah AND I WROTE THIS AT MIDNIGHT SO ADD THIS IN THREE MONTHS K IF YOU READ THIS ADD TO GAME!One more thing instead of each race going up by 20 you should do this each race has 12 or more and the higher you go the harder it gets k like I said 3 months 1 month is gone so 2 months left! Tick tock tick tock.If not added I will delete this game FOREVER!

  • Locks up

    Single control which is to swipe left and right at bottom of screen. However, that is there they place their ads, so just moving your finger will often either lock up controls if you get slightly onto the ad or will click the ad and minimize your game to open a new window. Super annoying and poorly (or maybe intentionally) placed

  • AWSOME game

    I’m not good at writing a review so I’m gonna make this review short so it’s an AWSOME game my sister loves the music And I agree with her. If It’s an online game I will Make her get it so we can race. P. S Give this game Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Cool,fast,and awesome! (Also challenging!)

    So hard and real mean but has a real heart for players to keep playing! Doesn’t it?

  • Good Game but....

    I’ve read a lot of ratings on this game and I can agree with most of them. 1. This game doesn’t have that many ads but there still frequent. 2. This game starts off really hard and just gets harder and harder. 3. The blocks (obstacles) come out of nowhere speed up when ur near and when u pass by them they just stop them speed up again. 4. They keep increasing the number of players (not necessary when the game is already impossible to pass the tracks). 5. U can’t go back to previous tracks (really). Other than that I think this game is challenging and kind of fun to play. Thanks for reading ❤️ -kitkatratings

  • 💩

    After the first stage it’s literally impossible

  • Could be fun but...

    They are so busy burying you in advertisements for there other games, they don’t give you a chance to play the one you just got.

  • How

    This is a great game but how do you change the color of the ball.

  • Horrible game.

    Worst game I’ve ever played. Good luck beating anything besides track 1 and if you are determined to beat the others better be ok with coming in last everytim

  • Ads Won’t Let Me Play!!

    When I start playing, after about 3 seconds an ad comes up for me to download a stupid App I don’t want and completely blocks the screen while the game continues to play. I even tried to use AirPlane mode and quit the App, but to no avail. Hate this!

  • Needs A LOT of work.

    I love a challenge as much as the next guy but this is just ridiculous. Getting pat the first track is almost impossible for more than one reason. Besides the fact that it can be very hard, ads load in the middle of gameplay, cause you to have to restart. The game freezes up. A. Lot. This is just a game with a great concept but horrid output.

  • Love

    This game is amazing

  • Cool and different

    I love the game really.. but honestly, I wish I had options. I want to be able to pick my ball color and maybe customize it or something🤷🏽‍♀️. But overall super fun and frustrating lol

  • Not good

    This is a horrible game. You’re left to guess whether or not a block will move and hit you. It’s a game of chance

  • Game broken, almost a fun game

    It had so much going for it too. Problems: a) your ball is 2x faster than all the other balls b) no matter what you do, if you reach the finish line you're in first place c) when you continue by watching an advertisement, all the other balls commit suicide I tried to get ANY place other than first and it isn't possible. I even avoided speed ups and killed myself.

  • To hard to pass levels

    Fun game however almost impossible to beat levels. Blocks move to fast and inconsistent. Making the game a bit easier will make it a 5 star game.

  • Needs online

    Cools game needs multiplayer.

  • Ruined by ads as usual

    Another fun game by ketchapp completely destroyed by ads. Literally ads right in the control area and ads that pop up and last for 30 seconds between games. What a stupid way to ruin your games. Straight garbage.

  • Difficulty

    The first level is impossible, the blocks pop out of nowhere, the sensitivity varies depending on whether under correcting or over correcting will kill you

  • So many ads...

    Ads will pop up DURING THE GAME!! Fun game but that’s a deal breaker for me...

  • Not worth it

    Though the idea of the game is great and simple, you can’t enjoy it. The game itself is rigged as the blocks are still for one second, and start moving to crush you. Also, after every button you press to either “Continue Playing” or “No Thanks”, a ad always pops up and you have to wait 30 seconds which is not fair. These game developers are more focused on creating revenue constantly which makes this game less fun as there are breaks in between each round.

  • Do not waste your time with this trash

    Worst game I have ever played

  • Would have been fun but

    There is way to many ads

  • It’s worthy of 0 stars

    So I’ve had the game for a day and have only completed 2 races. The game is seriously hard, I’m not even going to bother trying to get better at it because of the ridiculous speeds you go (with or without hitting an accelerator pad which becomes impossible to avoid because they are literally everywhere). The video they show as a preview is real speed. I have nothing good to say about this game, probably one of the biggest waste of time

  • 👎

    There is no possible way you will beat these levels so just don’t try

  • Balls race


  • Too many apps

    So frustrating. Every time you die, have to watch a long ad to start over. No option to turn ads off. Deleted app before I even passed first level.

  • Needs improvement

    Lag ruins the game more often than not and there’s is no option to mute the music. Huge deal breaker for me.


    this game is so boring who came up with the idea of racing balls that even sounds weird I hate it it doesn't even work


    This game is stupid a random block will appear out of no where. One time I was playing no blocks were anywhere in sight and I went over a yellow pad to get speed and I died. What a stupid game it needs a really bad upgrade

  • Glitches, hard to play

    Looks like an extremely fun game, but it glitches so badly that i could never get far in the level. The further ahead i got, the more the screen would skip. My friend also downloaded it and the same happened to her, so it’s definitely the app.

  • Great game

    It’s awesome and it fun

  • 10 sec play 30 sec AD(video)

    Ads are insane. NO WAY am I putting up with that.

  • Tracks

    I think we should be able to switch track that we already completed

  • Too Hard to be fun

    it’s too hard to be fun, you can’t complete a race

  • Beep


  • I like it but.....

    It’s a good game and really fun and addicting but the blocks speed up out of nowhere and it’s hard to keep up also it is interesting that when you move up levels it doesn’t get harder there is just more and more of the racing balls.

  • Not really a good game..

    “I love this game! It’s easy and fun.” Is what I wish I could say. It’s a pretty good game. But the blocks! They come practically out of nowhere and make it so easy to fail. This game would be AWESOME if you could 1. Have an option where you can turn blocks off. 2. Be able to go in past tracks.

  • Power Ups

    The should be power ups like “invincible power ups” on the tracks, when picked, it should allow your ball to pass through the bricks without being crashed because the bricks sometimes move unexpectedly at high speed😡😡. Brakes too will not be bad🤔🤔

  • Rage inducing

    I have only anger and rage for this game it feels like in intentionally screws you over every time you get close to finishing a level! Love rage games though so good for you creator for making this rage inducing game.

  • Ads, ads, ads. Ads, ads and more ads.

    So many ads. Totally kills the game. Btw, dying in this game happens way to often but considering you have to watch an ad to keep going and you get served an ad when you start over, it's pretty clear why the player dies so frequently much. This game is built to deliver ads and not much else. I feel duped.

  • Don’t download it unless if you like ripping out your r hair

    This game is almost impossible, it’s like a claw machine, you aren’t meant to win, just to give these people the satisfaction of someone downloading the game, it’s honestly dumb, the creators should be pushed out of a moving car or put in a corner or something

  • Fun but hard

    The game was very addictive but it was pretty hard

  • I LOVE clickbait games!

    I was being sarcastic. I HATE these games, and the stupid people making them need to stop. I wish clickbait would die (not sure myself lol).

  • The beast Game

    This game is so good i can die playing it

  • This game is impossible

    It is so hard to get by a level and the accelerator is so stupid and this is game is bad in general don’t get it and waste your time on this also moves way to fast and blocks appear out of absolute nowhere. don't get it.

  • yoo

    fuvk this game

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