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Fire Up!

Fire Up!
4.5 based on 5,256 Votes
Price Free

Fire out balls and break as many blocks as you can!
Upgrade your tank to become stronger and unlock cool tanks! Read more...

Fire Up! is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 5,256 Votes. This version 1.4 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 3,528 Users.

Your device must have atleast 99.8 MB of space to download and install Fire Up!. This application does not have game center . Fire Up! is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

Chinese , English, American , French , German , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish


Games , Arcade , Entertainment , Action ,


Fire Up!
Fire Up!
Fire Up!
Fire Up!
Fire Up!
Fire Up!
Fire Up!
Fire Up!

Additional Information

How far can you go??

What's New on this version 1.4

- Stability improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great game

    This game is lit

  • awesome game, but there’s a problem

    this is my favorite game right now, but there’s a glitch that happens when i’m playing. ads pop up in the middle of the game and it brings me to the app store, i never click on the ad, but it takes me out of the game into the store. other than that , this is the BEST GAME EVER 💙

  • Yay


  • Ads.

    Not enough upgrade options and forced ads after every game make it unplayable.

  • Fire up!!

    Love this game!! ❤️

  • I recommend this!

    I love playing this game! My highest for now is 15.54! I hope I get a higher score! Please keep up the good work with the company making more games like this that are addicting!

  • Really fun game

    I honestly think it’s a fun game but I am waiting for the new update and I don’t know when it is

  • Ads

    To much ads fun game just needs to remove some ads

  • Automatically buy in app purchase

    I just download the game and play it a couple of time. While playing the game I noticed an in app purchase notification pop up while i never purchase anything from the game. I am really disappointed with this.

  • Not bad

    Fun game but the video offer to double the points doesn’t double the points. Otherwise it’s a fun game.

  • Boring

    This app sucked I recommend not playing this app🤮😷😵


    Great game entertains you about the fact you level up over time and a scoring system

  • Great but needs more tanks

    I love it but it could use some work like new tanks

  • Becomes impossible, and too many ads

    Although upgrades increase the value of each block to increase your score, you still never get any further in the game. You always lose around the same area as I­t­ becomes impossible. Literally impossible. No matter how good you are at the game, you cannot continue at some point because the game scales the block value too high. Aside from that, don’t force me to watch a 15 or 30 second ad when I have the option of watching the ad to further my experience. Lazy developers.

  • Mikey Jo

    Simple addicting game

  • Best game ever!!!

    Thanks for the extiment! 10/10

  • Awesome but one suggestion

    I can't stop playing it but it would be better if you add a tank that can shoot three at a time

  • Buying it will not make it Ad free

    Got me!!! 🤬 Fell in Love in the game. But hated the Ads. So I purchased the app, thinking the ads will go away... But Ads still pops up! After EVERY SINGLE GAME. 30seconds of your life wasted. After EVERY SINGLE GAME. So now I don’t play the dam game, because I feel screwed.

  • Hi score

    Set the new high score app crash to much

  • الوضع الوز

    الوضع الوز

  • Paid but still adds

    Great game until I paid for no adds and they still come up constantly!!

  • Reduce your pop up ads

    Game is good but I don't recommend anyone to play this one. It will stress you out with a hell lot of ads and pop ups. You will feel like you are getting a chance to play the game in between their ads. Hate this.. I am deleting this game ..

  • Horrible

    Don't even upgrade your shooting power, as the numbers just go up with it rendering it uselsss At a certain point you can't even go on as the blocks are to high in number and close together to destroy, even with power ups. Ads are so often that at times they cause the game to lag so much it is unplayable.

  • Game is fun but impossible

    Game was really addicting at first but after a certain point it gets impossible. I’ll go to the smallest block each time but won’t be able to finish it before I hit it. Would seem kinda silly if that’s how the games supposed to be played and you’re supposed to get stuck around the same point 10 times till you can upgrade and then get stuck again just a little after that.

  • Failure

    This game never last more than 30 second. Blocks just getting larger value . A totally failure

  • Missed shot

    One of the more fun arcade style apps I have played. However, after upgrading past level 10, it takes way too much time to get enough points to upgrade to the next level just to go up a menial amount that doesn’t make you feel any more powerful or like you are progressing. Becomes not worth the time or effort to play the app after about an hour of gameplay. Hopefully they will patch this in a future update, but right now it completely ruins the fun of the game.

  • Ads!!

    Everything about the game is perfect but the ads

  • Hmmmmmm

    I have three stars because I like the game, BUT when you play for a While to gain as many points as you can and then watch a video to multiply your points by two... it works 50% of the time!!!

  • Hi


  • Fun game

    Its a great game but would like to change the fire up thing but its a great game so I give it 5 stars.

  • Great game... for idiots

    This is purely an advertisement watching app. The game has no real progress or benefits. You move your gun horizontally to shoot blocks. You eventually die because the blocks start requiring more shots. It asks if you want to continue playing from where you left off, but you have to watch an ad.l, but if you say no, you get to watch the ad anyway. Oh but you’ve made some points so you get to buy power ups and boosts you say? You know where that gets you? TO THE EXACT SAME SPOT! Oh you’re shooting out 100000 bullets now, but as soon as it goes from 4 to 5 blocks, you are GUARANTEED to die!! YOU CANT MOVE OUT OF THE WAY TO SHOOT A BLOCK WITH SMALLER NUMBERS IN TIME!!! Oh go boost up some more?? SAME PROBLEM!! These games are trash and Voodoo is pulling in some ridiculous ad revenue.

  • Bullets

    It seems like when u get it buy more bullets nothing change

  • Can't move

    The blocks come so close together that the only move that makes sense is to stay in the center of the screen forever and ever. Don't move. Just leave ur cursor in its starting spot and let the game play itself.

  • no skill required, boring

    it’s just not skillbased at some point in time you can just not get any further until you grind for your next upgrade the healthpoints of the bricks rise with your perks so there’s no point to really upgrade except getting points faster...

  • Toooooooo many ads

    Literally after every game

  • العراق / صلاح الدين / سامراء

    انها لعبة جيدة ! تعطيك الكثير من المرح وتصنع التحدي بينك وبينها ! لكي لكي تشعر بالكثر من الثقه .

  • Useless upgrades

    It’s fun to play only in the beginning. After upgrading my speed and power to level 18, nothing changes. I still don’t last longer than 30 secs. Why bother with upgrades when it doesn’t make any difference. Uninstalling now.

  • great game!

    awesome time waster! i love playing it in the car or just at home. i highly recommend!

  • It's okay

    Once you get to a high enough level it does not matter how good you are you can't get past 200,000 ish maybe a little higher. It's no longer fun when the game is purposely defeating you even when you do everything right.

  • Make it possible

    This game is one of those addictive and satisfying games. The balls rapidly demolishing blocks, so good. But that’s where it ends. Every third game pops up an ad, so that’s annoying. But the bad doesn’t stop there, my biggest pet peeve with this is the impossibility. They need to make it possible. At a certain point in every game it will literally become impossible to continue. The blocks are too high value and too close together, it doesn’t matter how fast you are or if you move to a lower numbered block, you WILL crash out. Upgrade? Surely that lets you get farther right? Nope. The numbers increase every time you upgrade. You CANNOT play longer than a certain length of time. Ensuring another ad is on your screen. Fix it.

  • Super addictive

    This game is super addictive

  • Ads on top of ads

    On top of ads, on top of ads, on top of ads

  • Needs some improvement

    The game is fun and I like the concept. But even though the number on the blocks increase you still only play the same amount of time before you will need to power up again. Therefor leaving there no room to get a high score or compete against a friends highscore. See how long you can go power up. Same thing over and over with the block says 100 or 1000.

  • You already know

    Best game I ever played on my iPhone 7

  • Eh

    It was fun at first but you upgrade your stuff but the blocks upgrade as well I got to 30k to 40k every time when the power and shooing rate was at 10 well now everything is a 16 and I can barely get to twenty how does that make sense? And if you hate ads stay away it’s full of them

  • Too many Ads!!!

    There’s no difference in the pattern of play once you level up or don’t level up! You just are able to get farther but it never really changes in level or difficulty.

  • I love it

    It's a really good game very addictive but I love it

  • Frozen

    Game would occasionally Have a glitch and not allow me to play now it is completely frozen and won't even let me play at all

  • Ads kill the game

    Fun game to play and Im sure the ads are how your making money, but the ads kill the game. Slows down the shooting when loading ads and heck I have even passed through some walls without being destroyed when a new ad is popping up.

  • Olivia Davis

    I love this game !!😎

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