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4.5 based on 66,044 Votes
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Jump above the line to score, but beware! The higher you get, the harder the landing will be! Don't crash and keep it smooth!

Dune! is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 66,044 Votes. This version 2.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 3,880 Users.

Your device must have atleast 182.8 MB of space to download and install Dune!. This application does not have game center . Dune! is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Voodoo at

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Arcade , Action , Entertainment ,



Additional Information

What's New on this version 2.1

- Bug fixes
- Stability improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great game. 2 stars for lots of ads.

    The game is great but I can’t keeps playing with an ad after each fail attempt.

  • DUNE

    Dune is amazing when i was introduced to DUNE i fell in love with it!!

  • Too Many Ads!

    Too Many Ads!

  • Excelente juego

    Un excelente juego simple y sencillo

  • Addicting but annoying

    This game is fun but the ads are too much

  • Paying for No Ads - you still get ads!

    Do not pay for this!!! 30 sec ads every round. Even of you pay for no ads.

  • I paid to remove ads and now I have more ads

    Way to charge someone for your game to be ad free, to only put more ads in.

  • good but drowning in ads

    dont get me wrong this is a good game!! cute characters n all but seriously i cannot do anything without running into a 30 second ad. i get putting ads to revive but just to continue i have to sit through a painfully long ad.

  • Ad and Ad and Ad

    This game is really addicting and fun but there is WAY to many ads and I hate it so if you are a not patient person DONT GET THIS GAME

  • I like dune. It is really fun!

    When you get up to outer space it is really cool

  • Too many ads😞

    The game is great, but almost every time you die it plays an ad and it’s really annoying. Other than that the game is great! 👍

  • flaws ruin an enjoyable game

    This game is a good way to pass the time, unfortunately it has no sounds or music. Yes you read correctly NO SOUNDS or MUSIC. also you have to watch a 30 sec ad between games. Being that each game or 'run' is short, all those ads are too much. I look forward to future updates to see how the game improves.

  • It’s more ads than game

    Once you lose every 2 times it’s an ad. Not worth it in my opinion good game tho.

  • Ads kill the fun

    An ad every other round is a little much, and from the sounds of it $2.99 doesn’t even remove all of the ads. Played for 10 minutes and uninstalled.

  • 4 stars

    This game is very addicting. It's fun to play, but I get tired of all the ads. Other than that it's really nice, download this game!

  • Not original but good

    They took from the OG tiny wings and made it smoother and modern

  • Scam

    I was enjoying the game, so I paid $2.99 to remove the ads (which are unbearable)...and the ads are still there. Tried closing and restarting the are still there. Then I tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling, figuring my purchase of the ad-free version would be saved on my Apple account, but after re-installing the app it is asking me to pay $2.99 again to remove the ads. This is a total scam. Fix this app or give me my money back!!!

  • Isn't this just a rip off of tiny wings?

    Ive played tiny wings and this is just a rip off of it. Also this looks like a beta, it has very few textures and its just plain bad...

  • Ads

    The ads are so annoying they come up every 2 seconds

  • It’s okay but...

    The app is fun and all but what’s not so fun is having to watch a 30 second add between each round. Sure you can spend money to get rid of them but ain’t nobody got that kinda money lying around

  • To many ads

    I understand having ads to make the game free, But having to watch a 15-30 sec video after every life is a bit much. It gets 3 stars because the gameplay is solid, but the ads have to be scaled back a bit to make it a 5 star game.

  • GG

    Good Game

  • Used to be fun

    This game used to be fun until the recent update. Now there are ads that pop up every other turn. It’s extremely annoying. I uninstalled it from my phone.

  • Too many ads

    This game runs too many ads. This game is not fun, as each crash means restarting, being better doesn't mean more interesting play, just chance of crashing more. Variation in terrain and power ups to change game play would help, also count distance, and make that a way of winning too.

  • This is a good game but to many adds

    The reason why I gave this app three stars is because after every death an add pops up

  • Fun But Taken

    Well see this game is fun and all, but it is a copy of the game Tiny Wings. Tiny wings is the same thing, but it cost $0.99 and u can race CPU’s. But over all, both games are well thought out and easy to play.

  • Copy of tiny wings

    This game is the exact same as tiny wings, except with no bird. 0 stars if i could for being unoriginal

  • Too Many Advertisements

    You can't even play the game without watching a 15-45 second advertisement in between every single turn. At least let us get 5 try's in a row without a dumb ad popping up.

  • Garbage

    Paid for the ad free version and there is still ads this is garbage app

  • Too many ads

    There are too many ads and it’s annoying

  • Greed

    I’m not gonna sit here and whine about how the game is simplistic or feels unfinished. That’s exactly how this game is supposed to be. Literally 100% pretty much on point. You’re launching a ball in the air to score points. It doesn’t have a story, levels, or whatever. It’s basically an idler. My issue is the $3 purchase I’m required to make to unlock all the content for this free app. See, in order to unlock the last ball, which requires you to unlock and try all the other balls, you have to unlock the premium ball. This can only be done by spending the ridiculously high $3 to remove the five second ads that appear after every few games. This system was clearly designed to pressure people into spending what is honestly a really high amount considering the very short length and infrequency of the ads themselves, in addition to an ability to “skip” most of them. Petty tactics like that always earn a one star from me, especially when developers think we’re all stupid enough to not notice.

  • Too many adds

    This is worse than public radio. Have fun watching advertisements while occasionally playing a game that's been done before. What's that penguin surfer game? GG

  • It’s a nice game...... but way too many ads

    I like playing dune but they amount of ads are just terrible. Make me want to rip my eyeballs out sometimes

  • Literally only an ad campaign

    You play for 10 seconds till you crash the ball, then have to sit through a mandatory 15 seconds of video, to play for another 12 seconds only to sit through more ads! At what point do I actually get to play the game?!

  • Nothing but a advertisement

    This would be a fun game if I didn’t get an add every 20seconds even after I paid to remove them

  • Joshua

    It is fun the landing is smooth I love this game. :)💯❤️

  • Great Game, TOO MANY ADS

    I understand you need income. But ads after every 2-4 turns is ridiculous. Even more worse is paying $3 for “disabling” ads. Great simple game ruined by overwhelming amount of ads. Do yourself a favor and play this game with no internet connection.

  • More Ads than Game

    Ads after every death in the game. Not worth playing at all.

  • EPIC (kinda)

    For the most part it was AWESOME but when you die it vibrated it’s annoying

  • It had a button that I thought meant “no ads”

    When I first started playing this game, it had a button at the top that sure looked to be an international “no” symbol encircling the word “ads.” I can’t see it now so I am going from memory. But I whatever it was, it led me to believe it would help remove the ads, which ruin this potentially fun game completely. So I tapped the button and it brought up the iOS in-app purchase interface and asked me to pay $ 2.99. This seemed like a reasonable price for unlocking the ad-free version of the game. So I proceeded. Since my purchase, that aforementioned “no ads” button is missing, so it knows I purchased this option. But it still shows me ads all the time and the game is impossible to play with any sense of joy. I feel cheated out of $2.99. This game ruined my Thanksgiving.

  • So many ads!

    Would be a decent game were it not for the CONSTANT ADS! Every two balls you play you’re forced to watch a 30 second commercial...not enough bang for the buck

  • Great fun

    Hours of fun. Worth the challenge!! Awesome !!! Thanks developer!! Keith Funnnnnn

  • Good Job Gang

    Addictive. Simple. Fun. Nice

  • I LOVE DUNE!!!!!!!!

    Dune is my favorite game out of a hole lot of games on my device. Dune you should come out with like a dune 2 or like a dune spaced theme. Thank you Dune. I love your game. Keep up the hard work!!!😀👍

  • Great! Except for a few major flaws......

    The overall experience is smooth, but the view zooms out too fast. It would be better if it zoomed out more slowly and not suddenly. And also, there is no sound or music, which is annoying, because there is no rhythm to it. Other than that, on old devices like my iPad 4, if you get the 4x, it is ridiculously laggy. And also, can you make it so that it's not that hard to reach "Outer Space" or "And Beyond?" Thanks! p.s. the ads are annoying, and I got scammed...... hmm...... :(

  • Do not pay to remove ads!

    Paying to remove ads does not work. Even after paying $3 you still have to watch a 30 second ad every time to continue on the same level.

  • It bad

    All you do is nothing in that game you’ll waste your time playing that game

  • New update is bad

    Game was a lot of fun until the recent update. Watching an ad after every single time you play gets a little old.

  • To many ads

    Good game had hours of fun with it.just to many ads

  • Tiny Wings Ripoff

    This is just a stupid ripoff. It’s a reskin of a fantastic game called tiny wings that is way better than this.

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