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Word Connect ¤

Word Connect ¤
4.5 based on 36,935 Votes
Price Free

Do you enjoy the excitement of classic word games? DOWNLOAD Word Connect to TRAIN your vocabulary and become a word master, for FREE!
Simply swipe the letters and build words to earn coins! It’s time to discover all of the hidden words and enjoy the fun and excitement of building words! What are you waiting for, PLAY Word Connect NOW! Read more...

Word Connect ¤ is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 36,935 Votes. This version 1.0.175 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 27,881 Users.

Your device must have atleast 78.7 MB of space to download and install Word Connect ¤. This application does not have game center . Word Connect ¤ is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

Arabic , Dutch , English, American , French , German , Hindi , ID , Japanese , Korean , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Spanish , Chinese , Turkish


Games , Puzzle , Word ,


Word Connect ¤
Word Connect ¤
Word Connect ¤
Word Connect ¤
Word Connect ¤
Word Connect ¤
Word Connect ¤
Word Connect ¤

Additional Information

What makes Word Connect so special?

• Simple, easy, and addictive gameplay!

• 2,000 levels with tons of words await you!

• Login every day for an exciting daily challenge and a wonderful daily bonus!

• Want to check previous levels? Go back to the Level List and play again!

• More delicate themes for you to choose from!

• Ask your family members and friend for help and send coins to each other on Facebook!

• With no time limits, you can use your time wisely to find new words at your own pace!

• Wooden block graphics will bring back nostalgic childhood memories!

• Hidden extra words are waiting to be discovered!

• No wifi? Don’t worry, play Word Connect anytime, anywhere!

• Supported on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Word Connect is an app designed to train your brain and learn new words, all while having a great time. Share the fun with your family & friends and enjoy Word Connect NOW!

What's New on this version 1.0.175

We are always looking to hear from you! Download and enjoy our brand new version of Word Connect!

In this new update:
• 700 levels added! Now 2,000 levels for you to challenge!
• New themes added! Up to 4 delicate customized themes for you to choose from! Pick your favorite theme and start your challenge! Even more themes coming soon!

Hurry and enjoy the fun of building words! Thank you for your support!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Pretty fun

    This game is pretty cool for time killing and what-not. I do wish this game had more letters in each level for more words, and I wish names were also allowed. I do love this game though.

  • WordConnect Review

    Great game, ads very annoying

  • Its good but not great.

    😐I like it.but it gets boring quick.i usually play toca town but after 20-25 minutes of the game then I play this. Then I play this for 1-4 levels then I play toca town. This also has some of the same levels as word cookies 🍪 that is very better.thats my review. I just realized this is like a book report. 3 stars ✨

  • The music

    Hate the music. Enjoy the game

  • Mrs.Bowe

    I love it!!!!!!

  • Funable !

    You are able to create any words that's why I call it " funable " Because any one is ABLE ! To play

  • Great

    This app is trash

  • Amazing

    This game is a brain tester and expands our spelling limits

  • Fun game

    Like the game but wish you could play in landscape mode.

  • Word game

    Fun game addictive

  • Nice stress buster

    I use it in my leisure time.

  • Love it!

    Great game. Learn and think at same time. Great for everyone.

  • Not a good app

    It restarts my iPad every five minutes therefore it needs some work If this didn't happen it would be awesome it doesn't have too many ads but please fix this problem

  • So easy

    It's soooooooo easy

  • Game


  • Lots of ads but fun

    Edited**** The ads got annoying so I uninstalled. Was able to get through the first 15 levels within 15 minutes of playing. Fun to play and does get progressively difficult, but not too hard. After the first 15 levels there's is an ad after pretty much every level. Would suggest a paid version to remove ads (haven't encountered a video ad).

  • Content ok, ads annoying

    This game would be great if it didn't constantly pop up with coins and ads. Deleted after 15 minutes.

  • Review

    Enjoying the challenge !

  • Good

    Good game but could be much better with added features to make it more interesting.

  • Best game

    Excellent game learning n tech your kids

  • Can I just buy it?

    Love the game, hate the annoying loud casino app ads

  • 😕

    It wasn't bad and it wasn't good. This game was nothing like it was in the advertisements.

  • What happened to the game?

    Absolutely love this game, it's great. The ads constantly are frustrating.. however, it just updated and barely works now? Extremely slow and can barely load the next level/of course the next ad at any speed. Hope this gets fixed soon

  • Like

    Love ❤️

  • Word connect

    It's a really good game to play to pass the time. Keeps your mind busy.

  • Good concept, execution needs a little work

    The concept is great! The execution needs a little work. I would love to see a list of my bonus words for each round even if that is on the screen with the "prize box". It's difficult to keep track of all of the bonus words I have found. I use the scramble button all the time, but recently an ad popped up that covered the button entirely. Please move the button up just a few pixels so we can still click on it, or reduce the size of the ads. I realize you need them to pay to continue investing time into the game. Thank you, and keep up the good work.

  • Claude

    Very addictive game.

  • Word connect!

    Soo much fun!

  • Ads

    Ads that stay on so long and are impossible to remove. Don't download.

  • Word Connect

    Great for working on vocabulary!!!

  • Limited vocabulary

    Decent game but way too many of the same words popping up over and over again. You should gain more points for words that the game didn't include.

  • Happy

    I hope you will be a happy player of world words!😍😼😽😷😻🤥

  • Y'all are gonna really put ads after each level. Screw you and your rehash of a game.

    Y'all are gonna really put ads after each level. Screw you and your rehash of a game. Read that twice you deserve too.

  • Ms

    Love it. Well worth 5 stars.

  • Ads driving you nuts? Play offline

    I see alot of complaints about the ads. Just turn off your internet/data on your device and you wont have ads. Another thing, I am finding that the words are repeated often, gets boring fast. So, I go to a similar game and play it offline 😊. I play from an Ipad. All I do is swipe up on the screen before entering the game and click on the wifi to shut it off.

  • Augh!

    The stupid ads annoying some of them won't even closed. Deleted out of my system.

  • Love it.......but

    Too many ads!

  • Fun game

    This is a very fun game!

  • Almost 5 stars

    The game is entertaining...but to many ads. After u complete every game there is another annoying ad!!!!

  • Great game

    Great game. Only suggestion is more words with more that 6 letters.

  • Rio

    Good & entertaining

  • Awful

    Pop up ads after every turn. Ads are hard to close so your stuck for a few seconds. Sorry I downloaded it.

  • Word Connect

    Loved the game when I installed a week ago, but the words in the game are repeated over and over and the ads are driving me insane. I am 518 and the ads are increasing. I am done, deleting this app!

  • Word Connect

    Love it,keeps me on my toes!

  • Addictive

    Love the game but too many advertisements. It should be after every 3 to 5 rounds not after every round.

  • Great game

    Changed my review from 1 star to 5 because they started giving away chapter rewards, and they have finally added an ad free option. This game is very fun and addicting.

  • Game

    Love it

  • Addictive

    Can't put it down!

  • Good👌

    High quality I am getting hints for this right

  • Good game.

    Love this

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