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Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife
4.5 based on 33,943 Votes
Price Free

Flip world famous knives in several locations, train your skills! Very soon you will learn how to flip blades without missing and make awesome hits on any target! When you become a real master, you’ll have a cool collection of knives, axes, swords and legendary weapons! Read more...

Flippy Knife is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 33,943 Votes. This version 1.6 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 1,423 Users.

Your device must have atleast 137.5 MB of space to download and install Flippy Knife. This application does not have game center . Flippy Knife is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Oleg Beresnev at

Support Languages

Arabic , Byelorussian , Chinese , Czech , Dutch , English, American , French , German , Greek , Hindi , Hungarian , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Latvian, Lettish , Lithuanian , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Slovak , Spanish , Turkish , Ukrainian , Vietnamese


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Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife
Flippy Knife

Additional Information

— more than 15,000,000 downloads;

— game of the week in 66 countries;

— #1 in the top games in the USA, Russia, Australia, the UK, Canada…


It’s a game for those who loves and appreciates knives! It’s a game for the strong and confident. Be on knife edge, take risks and hit the targets! Pick up a knife and flip it right now!

Do it in FLIPPY KNIFE on the subway or in a lineup for a game, in a coffee shop or park, at school or at work!


— more than 60 blades with a cool design;

— physics-based realistic knives;

— 4 different game modes in one game;

— awesome graphics from the pros at Beresnev.Design;

— 20 great award badges;

— unique game mechanics;

— high-quality support and super updates!

= = = = = = = = =


“Flippy knife is an exciting adventure. Awesome!!”

– Darrel Ralph, DDR, knife maker

“Flippy knife wants you to celebrate knives without bloodshed”


“It’s a unique, and certainly exciting, approach to the high score chaser”


“Flippy Knife – A dangerously addictive game…”

– Edamame Reviews

“Awesome Game! You gotta try to get our Velociraptor Karambit!”

– Atif Shabbir, BucknBear Knives, knife maker”

“We feel that the fantastic game play, amazing art and production value represent our brand very well!”

– Derek, Co-Owner RavenCrest Tactical, knife maker

= = = = = = = = =

Use the #flippyknife hashtag and the best content will be published on our Instagram account.

Like us on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram:

And remember: skill comes with experience!

What's New on this version 1.6

National Knives!
Some guys from different countries have contacted us and asked to make theirs native knives. And they came out amazingly! We’ve already have some favourites, but what knives will your favs? ;) Oh, and btw, you could easily buy all of them with only one click - just tap on the top right corner!

Cache of coins!
Once, we followed the map and dig out a real treasure chest from under the pine! That was awesome! We immediately asked our coder to make the same in the game!
Now, you could get your own treasure box!

Sincerely yours,
Beresnev.Games Team

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Addictive

    Very fun game Love playing it

  • Flippy knife

    Challengingly awesome, cool knives, and 10/10 IGN.

  • Great

    This is just a great game it played it for so long I have all that buy able weapons the weapons are SO COOL😎

  • This game


  • Great game but

    I love this game hands down but I think u should make the more expensive knives better than the cheap ones

  • Fun For a Little Bit...

    ...and then you have to ask yourself why you are playing this monotonous game. All you do is throw a knife in the air. The knives are cool, but that is really all there is. It is just a dumb game for dimb people...just sayin'.

  • Fun

    Pretty addicting

  • Amazing game

    I love this game it is so fun to play I always play it I never stop because I love it and I am so far in the game and I just started yesterday I love this game so much

  • This game

    This game is Flippy knife

  • Pretty addictive, would love a better physics system though.

    If the knives had the ability to bounce and your shot was only void if it touched the ground. This game would be massively better

  • Addicting

    Just got this game and it is loads of fun

  • Asowme but challenging

    Distract your mind in challenging challenges to entertain yourself

  • Love it, addictive

    Super fun and insanely addictive

  • Good game

    Good game

  • GREAT GAME!!!!! But....



    So addicting!!

  • Awesome game

    This is the best game.

  • Good

    Definatly much very good awesome

  • For badge


  • Great game

    I love it

  • 10/10 game

    Really good game to play on a car ride bored out of your mind

  • Amazing game

    This game is super fun. Very addictive and I can’t stop playing it. It looks amazing, the graphics are really good. And it runs very smoothly on my phone. Love it.

  • Finesse

    Very nice

  • Great


  • Awesome

    Good game

  • Awsome

    Really good game love it.

  • Lerfbhggc


  • Great

    Very fun

  • Flippy knives

    Cool game

  • Good


  • Great


  • Awesome game

    Title says it all

  • The best

    This game is great and I️ love it so much.

  • Awesome

    This game is the best floppy game ever!!!

  • I love this game!

    This game is challenging, but fun at the same time! I don't usually like challenging, but your game made it fun! I also love the giant selection of knives and the different knife flip activities! I rate 5 stars! Keep up the good work! :D (By the way, add Jagdkommando. I really love that knife.)

  • Fun

    Super fun

  • I love this game

    This game keeps you well occupied

  • Best

    Wolrlds best game

  • Good game

    Great cool amazing game

  • Animal cruelty

    If you reach a high enough level you begin to flip a bird known as the Tuscan but every time you flip it squirms and when and or if it falls not on its beak it ether wiggles around or falls awkwardly. While play as it also puts bad images in ones head of what the consequences would be of flipping a real bird like it is being in the game. And what pain the animal might suffer.

  • Amazing game


  • amazing

    really good game

  • 🙌🙌❤️

    Cool game

  • Title


  • Good or great

    This game is addictive and fun, it’s just great

  • Love it

    I downloaded this games 2 or 3 days ago inc its so good I love it and I was surprised to see cwc in the knife menu it does not make sense. I love the physics. Google game and its so addictive game. I love it.

  • He

    Great game, fun and addicting

  • Amazing

    Fun for all ages

  • Good

    5 stars

  • Great Game

    Great for stress relief

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