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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
4.5 based on 30,584 Votes
Price Free

Build. Defend. Rule. Join Alexis Ren in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Be the hero of your own Final Fantasy XV adventure in the brand new mobile strategy game Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire! Build your own kingdom, discover powerful magic, and dominate the realm alongside all of your friends!
Do you have the courage to fulfill your destiny? Journey through vast kingdoms, gather magical resources, and build the strongest Empire in Final Fantasy history! Read more...

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 30,584 Votes. This version 3.28.104 has an average rating of 3 based on 1,875 Users.

Your device must have atleast 142.3 MB of space to download and install Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire. This application does not have game center . Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Epic Action LLC at

Support Languages

Arabic , Bulgarian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English, American , Finnish , French , German , Greek , Hungarian , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Malay , NB , Polish , Portuguese , Russian , Chinese , Slovak , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Chinese , Turkish , Ukrainian , Vietnamese


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Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire
Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Additional Information

- Experience your very own FFXV adventure on your mobile phone

- Jump into the action with Noctis, Cindy, and all of your favorite FF15 characters

- Fight alongside friends and against foes in legendary battles against millions of players from around the world!

- Build up your Empire and train your troops to win in action packed, real-time battles

- Create the ultimate Guild or join up with already-powerful forces

- Strategize with your guild to crush enemies and beasts in real-time battles

- Compete for the Crystal against players from all over the world

An open world with no rules: only magic. Will your magic grow or do you stand to be defeated?

Embark on your own Final Fantasy XV mobile adventure alongside Alexis Ren. Your legend starts now in the new MMORPG: Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire.

What's New on this version 3.28.104

Step into Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire and join the adventure! Play with Noctis, Cindy, Lunafreya, and many more of your favorite characters in the largest open-world MMO in the series. Explore the endless world of Eos, hunt for treasure, defeat monsters, and join Guilds to meet reliable comrades. Experience Final Fantasy like never before – LOG IN NOW to see the LATEST UPDATES!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Buyer Beware

    Very deceptive description on in game purchases. You will find that it will cost you a small fortune to proceed in this game! Only purchase options are $99 once you buy the first two packages. Do not get suckered in. No community here like you will find in other games, like Arcane Legends!

  • Unbalanced and bullies make it unfair

    I recently wrote the game developers about the unbalanced play in this game. A lot of people from our guild are quitting and have stopped spending money on this game to the unbalanced play. In this game its all about power. There shouldnt be level 35 players with 80-150 mil power hitting a level 15 with 200k power. Im lvl 17 and had 700k power and lost 140k troops in 2 attacks by a lvl 35 with 83 mil power. Took me over a week to build those troops. They have lvl 4 troops aginst my lvl2 troops. These guilds that bully smaller guilds do it until the stronger ones tire of it and join their guild. I basically got a i dont care email from game developers and maybe i should buy more packs from them. Im glad i stopped after spending $4.99 because why would i spend money on a broken game. Im close to leaving the game but like the friends ive made and love the concept and events. Just needs to be balanced. The game developers should take some advice on how to make it a better game and they will make more money. Eventually itll just be a game of bully guilds. I hope something changes soon.

  • Terrible Support

    Other people have already pointed out this game is pure pay-to-win, and it is, so I’m not going to bother explaining that further. The developer is greedy, plain and simple. What really pisses me off is the poor customer support. I already have about $400 sunk into this game currently. I’ve had to contact them twice now about software bugs that robbed me of important game event rewards. The first time was a movement boost that bugged upon activation and wouldn’t allow my hero to move beyond normal speed again. The second time was for research and build events that stopped appearing for me but were appearing for other players regularly. It is like pulling teeth to get more than a canned response from the support team, even for issues like this that are clearly their fault. The first time, after a long email exchange over days, they begrudgingly identified the bug and retroactively granted a partial restoration of items. Now I’m waiting to see what they do about the second bug but I’ve already received the first non-action reply from them. The canned replies from their support team are infuriating and demonstrate how little this company cares about satisfying even its paying customers.

  • What even is this?

    It’s just the same game as Game of War, just with a different texture pack.

  • don’t bother

    unless you’re willing to waste hundreds of your cards credit, it’s very tedious. I wasn’t but ended up doing so. there’s also a scam where have pay to unlock a building, but can’t use it unless you upgrade it and yes that means you have pay more to get what you need and you only get enough to upgrade it a couple of levels. when you’re attacked you waste resources rebuilding and it takes days to get enough resources, unless buy them, in the mean time your being attacked by higher levels. also at higher levels, upgrades cost millions in the various resources and, without buying them, it’ll take weeks. I wonder if I can try getting a refund, otherwise I’m stuck with it!

  • Never enough money

    Every time you buy a pack there’s another $100 pack for sale after you hit level 30 all you can do is pick on and bully lower levels because all 30’s do when the attack each other is waste resources and never win. Luckily there’s a chat feature but I will never spend another dollar

  • iPhone X

    Please update for iPhone X resolution as well as screen size. Also not everyone wants to spend 100$ on packages I’m ok with having 1-2 100$ packages but all of them, little ridiculous in my opinion.

  • Stuck in another realm than my friend.

    I invited my husband to this game from Facebook so we could enjoy playing a game together while we are on opposite sides of the earth. Much to my surprise after adding him were unable to play or send messages/mail. We are stuck in different realms and cannot get to each other to play. This was the whole reason I invited him from Facebook to this app so we could play together! Why ask people to invite their fb friends to play on a game that they can’t interact with?? That’s what makes this game very lame! Please fix this.

  • Confusing

    Expensive confusing game or more like work. Actually work is much more enjoyable. Already kingdom merged and mine not even a month old.

  • What a waste of time!

    Game is dumb; a waste of time. Glad I didn’t spend a dime in this stupid game.

  • Expensive but I like it

    I really like the game, it is fun and keeps me occupied. The downfall is that there are locked features that cost $99.99 each!! If there was a bundle to unlock all the buildings for that I might consider it but spending $400 on an app to unlock everything is ridiculous, I’m not an oil

  • Money pit

    It’s not even p2w, it’s pay to survive. Basically gow with FF skin. Basically a bait and switch scam.

  • Could be great

    Could be an amazing game. If you have the money to buy packs at $99 a pop and grow quickly the game could be fun for you. Otherwise it’s very time consuming and gets very boring. Unless money is no object to you, don’t waste tour time.

  • Money Sink

    To anyone thinking of playing. You will not be able to survive unless you are willing to spend $100s a week to a month. I managed to be part of a guild competing for the number 1 spot, we were always in the top 5. It always came down to a few players who were waiting for their pay checks. The first in game pack purchase is $5 and you can not survive without it. After that they advertise $100 packs. I only saw 1 $20 pack and that was a holiday special. You canNOT defend yourself without help. Gather resources and you will be farmed by the big spenders. Nothing about this to make me think of FF.

  • Terrible

    When ever you go to type anything, it freezes and then crashes. You can’t communicate with guilds or other players. Resources come way to slow. In any other game like this 25k power could be reached the same day you started playing. This game is actually terrible. DON’T even bother WASTING your time.

  • Horrible

    Worst piece of crap I’ve played. They had to pay for reviews that high because literally the menus are cluttered, poor tutorial, you don’t fight anything, it’s just poop. So much poop!

  • They missed the mark

    I truly enjoy games like this. The issue I have with many of these types of games is they offer those with lots of extra money to spend on the game ways to dominate that regular players can’t match. Now, I have no problem with a game incentivizing those that can pay for extra power ups, but the games that really are meant for the players and not just for the profit of the designers, are those where you can get all of the big power ups eventually even if you don’t have a bottomless credit card. The real problem with this game in particular is that the increase the price of the offers each time you make a purchase. Then, they keep making new options that you must now pay through the nose to have access to. At $99 for each pack, the average player can’t compete. I enjoyed this game for the time I played. I got in with a great group that made the game fun...for a time. Eventually, if you can’t pay, you just can’t keep up and you become a liability for your team. I deleted the game today with sadness after I was asked to leave my group to make room for more powerful players. If you don’t have the extra $$, don’t bother with this game.

  • Not worth it...

    I had high hopes for this game, and I did make several new friends when I first started. However, every single thing costs $100 each to unlock, and there’s no balance to the game, so long time players and those who have spent thousands of dollars can freely cyber bully other players into submission and extortion. It’s a shame that the developers really don’t care and consider that just part of the game experience. I don’t know about you, but I’m not paying thousands of dollars for such a poorly managed game. To the parents, I would never wish any child to be exposed to such foul and exploitative circumstances. And those friends I’ve made? We still stay in touch through other, better games that are more deserving of our time and money. Would not recommend.

  • Good game but..

    Everytime Im quit of this apps, this app always downloaded like the first time. It would be a killing of my internet quota, average in a day can spend more than 1GB..

  • Terrible game mechanics - Do not skip this review

    Like all f2p, it expects you to pay for boosts in the game. However, I've not seen something on this level of money mongering since Maplestory. Here are a few things that happened which make absolutely no sense to anyone other than those with (LOTS of) money to drop. 1. Realm Merge - when starting out, I ended up in a 2d old realm with other fairly new players. This was awesome because everyone was on a level playing field. Then their "New Year's Surprise" was basically to merge every other 2-7d realm with a 2mo old realm, essentially crushing every budding player with veteran players with several million in power. All in an attempt to get new players to buy packs to catch up. Which is my point #2 2. Pack prices - you get to buy 2 lower cost packs for your first purchases ($5 and $20 USD). After that, every pack you buy will be a whopping $100 with little to no deviation in price. I've never seen a game that only sold packs in $100 sets. So essentially you are fighting against very rich people who can drop several $1000s into a game while you spend $0-$25. And the sad thing is, these packs are actually necessary to do critical things like Realm vs Realm events, have decent time frames on your higher tier builds, and collect resources. 3. Realm vs Realm events - they literally pit 2 realms together 2 weeks after merge while everyone was trying to recover from the unexpected events. And the kicker is - you have to PAY $100 to even participate. So, the only ones coming in to hit you are (you guessed it) rich people who are probably 50x stronger than you with higher incentives to burn down everything you built. 4. Your power doesn't matter - it matters none. What matters is your troop level. No matter how many boosts you have from researching troop attack, defense, HP, your lower tier troops will always lose 10 to 1 to troops one tier higher. For example, your tier 3 troops will ALWAYS lose to tier 4 troops whether it be in attack or defense. Everything (literally your entire army) hard you worked to build will be destroyed in minutes by anyone with troops 1 tier higher than you. It's a massacre, not a fight. 5. The sneaky placement of those pack "Buy" buttons and your control bars - you can accidentally buy $100 packs because you try to click your notifications on your tabs BUT a pack advertisement will randomly pop up and you will hit the buy button. And what's worse is if you link your Apple payment to your fingerprint. I cannot tell you how many times I've almost bought one of those. These Pack adverts show up so often that you can barely open a different app before you see another one pop up. If I could give it negative stars - I'd give it sh*t emojis. DONT PLAY THIS GAME.

  • Bring back the goblin elves.

    I love playing this game, but only because of the people in my guild. The bigger guilds need their own realm to fight each other in. I’m not spending real money on a game, but it’s obvious that a lot of people have. The monsters need updating. They’re all still running around with Christmas hats on. The good Christmas monster was the goblin elves, and they already took those away.

  • Ripped off

    Baught apple special pack and didnt get nothing

  • Blatant Cash grab — danger!!!

    Micro transactions are predatory. First is $5, then $20, then everything else is $100 and the game requires you to keep buying these $100 packs to progress. Shame on the devs for this one. This should be yanked and everyone should be refunded!!!

  • Fun but you have to pay to win

    Some items are locked behind paywalls 99 dollars for in game items. Other than that it’s a fun time killer.

  • Amazing but...

    I honestly love this game but... I wish if we could BUY the LOYALTY like we do with the other stuff. I guess it’s for a reason to buy tons of packs so the game is getting a lot out of us. [ (NWO.) from Lachyret ]•

  • Warning! Money Pit!

    This game was great when I first started playing. I joined a great guild, felt like part of a team...really nice people. The first pack I bought for 4.99 was enough to get my citadel to level 10. After that, I quickly realized I wouldn’t get far. So I bought a package that increased my loyalty points 100% for life and it came with resources and speed ups for $99. Well, that didn’t last long. So like an idiot a few days later I was reeled in by another sale that made me think I could open my mercenary fighting pits.. another $99 it came with gold coins, more speed ups and extra resources, only I found out that for $99 I did not get all the blueprints it takes to upgrade the mercenary pit! VERY DECEPTIVE. I went through that pretty quick and one day on their constant sale banner I see one that gives you 100% increase in production, production capacity and gathering speed of all resources along with extra resources, speed ups, and gifts for your guild..another $99....but hey, I thought the game would be easier to keep up with, 100% production would solve all my growing problems...WRONG! I finally make it to level 20. I’m out of resources, my production capacity would not allow me to produce enough to keep going. We were warned there was a realm vs realm event coming up and to train enough troops to be prepared. After putting in a lot of resources and training lots of troops, lo and behold a 31 level guy teleports into our hive the night before the event even happens and wrecked our whole guild! Then after wreaking havoc, disappears. It made me take note that for once I broke my own no pay to play rule and it cost me more than a car payment in just a couple of weeks. And it was VERY time consuming as well. So unless you have LOTS of money and time on your hands to play this game, steer clear, as far away from Final Fantasy IV- The New Empire as you can get! RUN NOW, FAST AS YOU CAN! #finalfantasyIVpaytoomuchtoplay

  • But for the Pay to Win bullying...

    Could be a great casual play game but for all the bullies who like to pay to build up and then hammer on everyone and anyone smaller than them, one guild going so far as to actually follow us around in purchased teleports trying to force us to join them or be destroyed. That is just not fun. It makes the game not fun. Update: Becoming increasingly a money pit, with a new hero and two new constructs all of which are so difficult to get in game without purchase as to be highly improbable. Between that and the bullies who apparently have such money to burn, never expect a fair fight unless you are willing to spend the money. Update of Update: Yep, more pay to win stuff with yet more constructs and pay to get soldiers. On top of that, upkeep alone gets increasingly difficult without paid lifetime boosters. At $100 per thing bought, you’d best save your money for a good gaming PC instead. By the way: looks NOTHING like the advertisements. Final update before giving up completely: once you hit Lvl 20 Citidel, it becomes much worse of a Pay2Win scenario. Your hero can be banished and anyone who has 20 times your strength and a bullying attitude will be after you unless, of course, you either pay money to strengthen to their level or pay money to Empire Barrier every day. Good luck.

  • Pay-to-win

    A game liked others, with system pay-to-win. I'll not continue to play this.

  • Can’t restart

    I hate that if you delete then redownload the app you can’t restart i also want to know when the tutorial ends. i only downloaded the game because you can get hacks for games

  • Needs More Work - Has Potential.

    This game has a lot of potential, but needs a lot of work. There is an unfortunate focus placed on spending more and more money on in game purchases. Some of these purchases are affordable and decent. Others are completely obscene such as the $99.99 game packs that seem to be the only ones left available. Bugs and crashes constantly. Must delete and redownload. Artificial scarcity of stone very reminiscent of other RPS games - STILL NOT FUN. Costs for production, construction, and research does not make sense. Loyalty points only for crafting is irritating. Added in another resource unit: crystals. It makes things ridiculously and needlessly complicated. Translation in chat is excellent. Really love the ability to interact with players from all over the world. There is always something new to look forward to, which makes the game enjoyable and prevents monotony. The amount of issues over rules the benefits however.

  • Bugs

    I love the game but there r bugs with the quest for iOS I keep losing boost and activations trying to use the quest. The quest buttons freeze and I can't complete them. It is very frustrating to have my growth hindered this way. I have contacted the DEVS every day for four days. No response and no fixes.

  • Scammers

    I truly enjoy playing this game and would probably continue to do so except I feel completely ripped off. If you purchase packs use EXTREME caution because they will place banners above the packs saying things like “double rss for life” and then will not give it to you because it’s not listed in the “more” section. I contacted support and was basically told to just deal with it. I’ll be reaching out to Apple to see if I can get a refund. Again use caution when spending money on this game.

  • Great game too expensive to play

    This game was actually really fun to play. I started only to get more points in another game I am playing and ended up really liking it. The pit fall is to get anywhere in the game you HAVE to purchase packs which I wouldn’t mind as much if there were different price points of packs to buy. But they only offer a more expensive packs once you buy that first one.

  • Pay to win

    Unfortunately, it’s only pay to win now. The elite have spent over 20k, and if you spent less than 5k, you don’t stand a chance.

  • All about money and more $$$$$$$$$$$$

    This game is not technically a free game because you have to pay money for everything and it’s not like $0.69 ( cheap) it’s more of $9.99 ( very expensive). So if you want to save money and not get bored of a game this is not for you, if you like to waste money, waste time, and it’s kind of boring because it takes forever to do anything. ( at first I honestly thought it would be better and fun)

  • Overall decent game

    First off to everyone saying that this is a pay to win, it's really not. They release certain mob type monsters that give INSANE awards when you attack them, even more so than some things you could buy with cash. Second of all, to all the people saying they are being bullied by other players, join an active guild! I'm currently in one right now with a large hive and I haven't been attacked even once. You're only getting attacked most likely because you're outside in the open by yourself, making you an easy target. Overall this game is way too similar to Game of War, which is why I'm giving it 3 stars for repetitiveness. However it's not a pay to win, if you're smart you can get everything they want you to buy with a little patience and strategy.

  • Arms race

    This game is an arms race and the developers act as weapons dealers. If you don’t want to spend money find another game.

  • Lol

    Only here to get free followers 🤪💀


    The developers main goal is to rip you off! The game the way it should be is fun but at every corner they make you pay $100 to progress further. If you want to unlock something new in game it's $100. If you want to upgrade said new thing it can be $100+++ multiple times. it's more complicated then that but everything basically cost $100. They also bate and switch. If you click on an add to buy something they will change what you bought and won't offer refunds or even try to compromise. Seriously stay away from this game!!!! Even my bank credit card flags it as scam!!!

  • Complete grind unless you spend $$$

    Want to actually have power and skills to fight others? Grind for MONTHS like I have for skills that weren't even mid tier. Having 145k worth of power is small compared to who else is out there. And I've been playing since near launch every day. Meanwhile a guy who had well over 20x my power level just found me and destroyed me. I play on a tablet and work 2 jobs so micro managing myself from attacks was always a struggle. I only stopped now after numerous attacks on me because I can't take loosing a weeks worth of grind overnight because of an attack I literally can't defend against due to time. It took me a month to upgrade my citadel 2 times because of all the time I'd spend waiting for troops to return with resources plus getting attacked. That and the non stop begging for users to spend gold/cash is way too annoying. I can close the game for 2 seconds and open it back up Immediately to have another ad shoved at me. If you have money and time fine play this game. Otherwise it's a glorified ad with nice visuals.

  • Don’t get this game it’s a scam

    I would like this game if all of the packs didn’t cost 100$ I bought a pack so I can have mercenaries and I can’t get anything the first one I bought was 5$ then after that the only ones available were 20$ now everything is 100$ and I don’t want to spend the money on it because i don’t think I would get anything out of it I wish I could just get my money back because this game is a scam

  • Dis

    Dis game is awesome

  • This game requires $100's per week

    Marketing is deceptive! They sell you a building unlock promising great benefits, then charge you to the tune of $600 per building to reap these benefits. Every purchase works just like this. Think if it as a promise for a free car. You drive the free car, but have to pay $100 to get to second gear, $200 more to get to third, $100 each time you want to pass someone or use a freeway; $100 for a radio and $600 more for stations; and $100 per week to buy their special fuel so you can keep driving it. A person who spends more than you can come take all but your original car from you and you have to start over. Unless you have $200-$300 per week to burn, play another game.

  • Money hungry devs

    Dear dev responder read my review again I bought the merc pack for the ice guardian went to train them it said I needed up upgrade merc pit well the pack did not provide what I needed to get what I paid for not even enough materials and res to build the most basic level merc. Not even enough of the merc stuff like rations ect to build them and the only way to get merc res is to buy them in packs. How was I supposed to know the stuff provided in pack would not be enough it said get your ice guardians. It was a fraudulent pack offer I complained to help desk they told me the offer only said I can open it not to be able to use it and invited me to buy another pack. So stop with the bs responses acting like you didn’t read my review This could be a great game if it wasn’t for the crooked deals. Every pack is made to just give you enough to almost get what you thought you were buying. Warning to others is take over 200 mercenary blue prints just to build the lowest merc. The packs only give 50 so don’t buy any merc pack unless it has over 200 blue prints 50 is a slap in the face it gets you no where. Then when you complain the help desk person says technically the pack only said you can open it not use it but you can buy another pack to get what you need. true story if I could I’d post a screen shot with this review. And just so you know I have never seen leviathan in this game you do not have summons you actually fight titan in an event that you have to spend 99.99 to be able to participate in. I’ll be surprised if this review gets posted but if it does believe me about the packs.

  • Insulting reskin of another terrible game.

    Not sure who at SE approved this game to bear the Final Fantasy name, but they should really be ashamed. Game has nothing at all to do with Final Fantasy other than the forced insertion of a few Final Fantasy XV characters. It offers no story what so ever and exists only as a money grab forcing players to keep paying to accomplish anything in the game.

  • Greedy

    Is the best word to describe the developers of this game. Don't even bother playing unless you have thousands to spend. This game is geared toward making non-spenders suffer quite a bit. Most events are impossible without blowing money. And you'll be a farm to everyone who does spend. Furthermore, customer service is the worst. They only reply with automated emails and never do anything to fix problems or complaints.

  • Get Ready To Spend Money

    A great place to make new friends in a war game where you can be Emperor of the world!....if you pay enough. The game is free and joining a guild helps you to become stronger together. However help from your guild can only get you so far. There are many game aspects that are unavailable to you unless you pay $100 to unlock them. I started playing this game because I am a huge final fantasy fan but the fact I have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get anywhere with it is a big turn off. In all honesty the only reason I’m still playing is because I made some great friends in game and I don’t want to let them down.

  • Trapped

    I don't normally write reviews but felt compelled to in this case. The social aspect of this game is the only thing that makes it interesting. As some, have pointed out it is a money pit. Furthermore, the marketing and offering of packs is very deceptive. EPIC intentionally deceives it's customers forcing them to make multiple purchases or get no value out of previous purchases. Anyhow if you are looking for a war game that involves strategy; this is not the game for you. But, if you have disposable income and want to make some friends from around the world it's a great game. This is not a free to play game. The big spenders will not allow you to grow without spending hundreds of dollars.

  • Don’t play this

    It’s pay to win and I bought something on here for 4.99$ and it charged me with 19.99$ instead. All of the ads I get for this game is clickbait I never saw anything from the ads occur in the app itself.

  • Not the time to even spare

    When I started to play this game... The realm date was created at that time, there’s already players that have spented money just to get in millions of power and just bullying lower power players [like me] just to make their gameplay so difficult!

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