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Farming USA 2

Farming USA 2
4.5 based on 259 Votes
Price $2.99

Plow, fertilize, plant and harvest your own crops on 9 different fields across 250 acres. Grow and sell corn, wheat, barley, soybeans and hay.
Feel the landscape as you roam in your tractor with realistic wheel physics! Read more...

Farming USA 2 is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 259 Votes. This version 1.33 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 23 Users.

Your device must have atleast 285.9 MB of space to download and install Farming USA 2. This application does not have game center . Farming USA 2 can be downloaded and install for $2.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Educational , Simulation ,


Farming USA 2
Farming USA 2
Farming USA 2
Farming USA 2
Farming USA 2
Farming USA 2
Farming USA 2
Farming USA 2

Additional Information

Raise livestock in four unique ways!

- Cattle can be raised by pasture (where you can breed your own cows with bulls) or feedlot (for faster growth).

- Take ownership of a Dairy Farm to raise dairy cows and sell milk.

- Purchase the Hog Barn and raise up to 2,000 pigs!

On your off-time, head over to two logging forests where you can have a totally different experience as you cut down, haul and sell logs!

Use the market to control cash-flow as you see real time fluctuations.

Watch the weather as rain and sun affects the growth and harvest of crops!

Farming USA 2 is the sequel to the popular Farming USA, but with 4 times the farming size!

Control over 75 different vehicles and equipment while you expand your farming experience.

Features include:

- Hire workers to help to increase productivity time

- Unlock and expand your fields to make more crops

- Control realistic tractors while you tend your land

- Log trees for quick cash

- Weather impacts fields

- Full controller support

- Realistic day/night cycle

- Control your settings to increase/decrease crop and animal speeds to fit your playing style

- Use tilt or slider steering, whichever you like best

- Change your graphic and resolution quality to heighten player experience

- Quickly teleport between tractors

- Manage fields, equipment and animals with a user-friendly menu

What's New on this version 1.33

-Equipment Pack 7 Added
-Misc fixes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Lawn mowers please

    Could you please add some lawn mowers for cutting small places.

  • Cattle

    You should add more cattle breeds and the option to feed cattle on the ground. You should also make so that you can fence your own pasture to graze the cattle. Could you add horses, sheep, goats, chickens, dogs, ducks, geese, and pigs to the game. You need to add claas forage harvesters, silage pits, and course play so that you could make a route for workers to follow.

  • Big silage chopper

    It would be nice to have driving silage choppers otherwise it is a awesome game please add to it.

  • Farmer boy 2003

    It's awesome but it's hard to laid hay on trailer it would be cool if you could put a hay rapper to make sillage hay and some hay grabbers it also needs a garage place where you can costomize your trucks like jack them up or put brush Gards on them bigger tires and stuff like that and it also needs MULTIPLAYER


    The attach to trailer button doesn't work. And could u add forestry machines like the scorpion king or something of that matter. Amazing game!!

  • Add more please

    Great game just wish you could put alittle more stuff in there like not only duallys but also put single wheel trucks and add it where you can have snow and please add multiplayer

  • Awesome game but needs a couple things.

    The game is good but I wish we could have more fields.and a old grain truck also augers for bins and put bins around the map .and anhydrous applicators and tanks .I would also like big big fields. also make the hills not so steep my head trailer gets stuck on it all the time .pls pls put multiplayer on here.i would also like the new Articulated johndeere tractor. Thank you for your time and can't wait to hopefully see all of these things in next update!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Needs somethings

    How about a classic tractor pack like the john deer B or the 320 or 420 also need a trailer to haul tricycle john deer on and a bail spear thanks

  • Wonderful but afew more things

    Could you please add a bale spike and a way to feed grain to beef cattle in pasture. Could you also add a garage where implements, tractors and vehicles break down, and you have to fix them to make the game even more realistic. Also an option to take loaders on and off so you can switch them to one tractor or the other. Please add in this game or even Farming USA 3, thank you.

  • Best game ever.

    I love the game and understand we cannot have everything because it is mobile. I would love a Ji case 1030 or any of the 30 series. Love the new update. I have spent money and would again for this game. BEST EVER. THANKYOU BOWEN GAMING

  • Great game! But I have some ideas

    Sorry about the username it was the only one I could think of that was not taken. Anyway, I love this game! I do really want an allis chalmers or Oliver tractor. I always loved and grew up around those two tractors! I also want a play truck aka truck with stack or lifted. I would also like to have multiplayer because the trails in this game would be way more fun to shred through with friends. Finally I would like a milk tanker that does not require a rig. Thank you for making this game I really appreciate it, it was definitely worth the money!


    This game needs a way to restore money purchases.

  • Great here's some ideas

    Its a really great game a so I'm giving ideas for future updates 1: Straps 2: seasons 3: snow and snow plows 4: people and cars on the map to look like a lively town and 5: multiplayer those are my ideas keep up the good work * I can't wait for USA 3* oh and add map selections and a title screen

  • Great game!

    I love this game, it has old and new tractors, receives updates often, and looks realistic. Only thing is that it crashes a lot

  • Amazing

    Older tractors such as 3020 or 4010 or 4020 would be nice and an add loader option for the old tractors would be nice . Snow would be cool and a snowplow. Another barn for storage would be good as well. Another barn or like garage towards the house . And you can entered the house and sleep through rain . If it costs a couple dollars very willing to pay this game is beyond amazing.

  • Good games

    Can you add mud and make fixing to the damage in a dirtbike please

  • Knock knock!!

    I'll start by saying y'all made an awesome sequel to farming USA 1 but I can't get in there barn and I still can't get n the house. It's a beautiful house but it would need amazing if I could go in and sleep during the night. Please please please add. Thank you all soo much for this amazing sequel. I love the game and I'll rate five stars if you add

  • Things to add

    Crop dusting,horse riding,fishing,dog hunting,dogs,able to go inside the house,other cars on the roads

  • Add

    Add a semi with a hood, let us work on the truck,tractors, snow mod so we can move snow with the skid steer and tractor

  • Please add

    If you could add a chevy square body that would be nice. Also there should be lift kits and mud holes. Add these and the game will be perfect

  • Pleas read

    I would have Rated this five stars if their were multiplayer and a menu with 3 save slots And so you could be able to take out a loan and add more tractors brands like Newholland and JCB and lawn mowers please read and add

  • Could you add this in the future

    I was just wandering if you could add other truck and different years of the trucks I wish you could add lift kits and have truck roal coal hint hint black smoke and could you add a mud hole and a mud truck cause I think that would be cool I would love to see this in the future or in a future game please consider my thoughts

  • Things needed to make better

    Really great game better than first one. We should be able to put duals and loaders at the dealership and at your garage. Can you make a square ball trailer please. Or and when you have a trailer on the semi trailer it just falls off. Can you add old antique tractors. Telehanders would be another great thing to add. Thank you for the game and try to add these things.

  • Weird

    This is a weird game. On the 4 Wheeler I changed cam and then I saw no one driving!

  • Please do

    Make a new game every 2 or so years please and thank you

  • Problem

    The button that is supposed to be on the bottom of the screen is not there.

  • Good

    Can you make the game to where plows can break if you do t grease them and can you add welding and I live in a farm with cotton So can you add cotton farming

  • Tractor and semi trailer

    Can you please or think about adding a lowboy trailer that detach from the front of the trailer and probably add tractor especially a cat challenger that has track and add a bigger field disc

  • For the next equipment pack

    For the next update you should add a camper that you can buy, and add a small campground.

  • Love the game BUT

    Great game but my square bales keep coming back every time I go into the game. It's annoying

  • Great game but would like more if had these

    Great game but can you add on the dodge to fold the mirrors out and be able to see out of mirrors. Also could you add box blades and where if you want to tear up ground and be able to work with dirt plz add the thing I will buy more things if you add plz plz PLZ also add where you can customize your truck by light bars tires lift bumpers and put stuff in toolboxes plz add. Also how do you feed cows hay they don't eating also how do I feed them period

  • Older Machinery

    Okay, I'll start by saying, you made a great sequel to Farming USA, but I wish there was some older American tractors from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. From brands like: Minneapolis Moline, Allis Chalmers, Oliver, JI Case, etc.

  • Bug fix

    I love the game. But been waiting on an update that will fix the problem of kicking me out and have to restart agin. I've spent money on this game and I'm not able to play it. Please fix this problem

  • Make a update

    Add more tractors come on I have money I what to spend on this game sic u don't add more trucks or more atv I will not spend the. Only i have on this game

  • Amazing

    Can we get a cougar Steiger or some kind of actual steiger

  • Comparing

    Watch the farm sim 2017 trailer and compare and add things like bigger maps and mods and stuff like that

  • Awesome game

    Best game ever! I wish you could custom make your own truck like a 97 ford powerstroke and you could make I single cab or cab and a half or double cab and you could have different types of beds and you could add thing to it like a welder or a bale spear. If your could have that stock tailgate on your truck instead of that weird pipe tailgate. If you could have a stick shift and a gas pedal on the lower right side of the screen and a clutch and a brake pedal on the lower right side of the screen. And you actually could see and have to move the stick shift to different gears and you had to shift at the right time or else the engine would either bog down or blow up. And you had gauges to see when you needed to shift. And you could custom make tractors like a John Deere 4020 and it doesn't have to be a cab tractor. And you could also go into your realistic house and go to the bedroom and sleep through rain and night. And you take your truck to a mechanic shop and have a new engine put in it and you could chose what liter and brand of diesel you want or what gas engine you want and you could add a lift kit or a light bar or whatever. Other than that best game everrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Definitely need to add

    Should add excavators big and small more fields make it so you can cut any tree down . Also add more weather like snow add some traffic to make it real and add more open cab tractors like a John Deere 4320 4650 and make it so stuff can break and make it so you can fix it . add the ability to climb all ladders . Add stuff so you can build your truck the way you want and add welders so if you break a hitch or something off so you can put it back on. Make the game so you can make your character look the way you want and make it so you can have a family that helps out. Need to add bigger trailers and make it so you can put your equipment on it. Make it so you can put your own cab on a tractor if you want one on. Add bigger corn/bean planters and a bigger corn head. You need to update soon because you are losing my interest in the game.

  • Love the game

    I am addicted the only issue I have is that after I play the game for awhile it will just abruptly close and I lose everything from the last save

  • Great

    I love this game it's a great game lot of features todo I would love to see a multiplayer that would be awesome.

  • Love it

    It wood be better if they made it multiplayer

  • Good game but 😕

    There needs to be more trucks like a Dodge Cummins regular cab long bed with A stance and more tractors more ATVs and dirt bikes I really wish you could do some about this stuff I would really love seeing these things in the game. Thanks!

  • I love it

    It's awesome but you should add more. Like Mack trucks, a silage stack, Traffic, Silage end dumps, Soybean rollers, silage packing blade, Wheel loaders, and hired semi drivers and grain cart operators.

  • More

    I would give this a 5 star if u added no till and a truck with stacks in the back

  • Great game live it!!

    Love this game I play it everyday. I would like to see a dozer and a track hoe and a dozer where you can dig your own ditches and doze your own dirt also would like to see where you can doze your own ground and make your own fields. On the combines and tractor I would like to see where you can turn your flashing lights on and off and have a computer in the cab that you can program. I also would like to see where you can role your own tarp on grain truck and grain cart. Would like to see smaller grain trucks like tandem grain truck but also keep the semi. Would love to have bigger fields where you can have more then one truck load out of. Other then that I love this game thank you very much hopefully you can put these on there.

  • Great Game!!!

    Super amazing game!!! Really want multiplayer game play to be added. Also like other reviews, actually showing damage on vehicles. Add mud bogging option. And option to drive in two wheel or 4 wheel drive. And possibly manual transmission. Thanks

  • Farming usa2

    Needs more pastures bigger pastures

  • Has some problems

    When I try to pull a load of hay on the hay wagon the sometimes the bales fall of. Can you guys make a way to strap them on or a better way to hold them on to the trailer. I also would like it if you could make the the gates to any of the cattle farms bigger so it is easier to get in or out. I would also like it if you add in the help how to feed cows and pig and what you can feed them.

  • Great game

    Great game but the camera Needs to be fixed third person is hard To control and it's not good but overall great game

  • Oi

    U should add bale spikes on the back of trucks and u should make it where u have to open the gates and close them of your cows get out u can round them up

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