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Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)

Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
4 based on 4,777 Votes
Price Free

Can you help your friends out at the Shave Salon?
Play the best Kids Shave Salon Spa game in the app store today!! 8+ fun beauty games wrapped up into a single game!! Read more...

Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls) is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 4,777 Votes. This version 1.0 has an average rating of 4 based on 4,777 Users.

Your device must have atleast 57.5 MB of space to download and install Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls). This application does not have game center . Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls) is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Games , Educational , Family ,


Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)
Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)

Additional Information

Sooo many Levels & Game Modes:

- It's time to shave that beard! Go to the barber!

- Ouch! She needs her legs waxed! Can you help her out?

- Can you thread some eyebrows at the salon?

- Much more salon makeover fun!! Enjoy

Enjoy Kids Shave Salon Spa Games (Boys & Girls)! Best of all this salon game is free! Enjoy!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Worst apple ever 😑

    I keep getting adds I have to pay for the levels too -.-

  • Ugh

    Way to many ads and it makes you buy like 30 seconds into the game and doesn't tell you how much it is!!

  • I would give it a quarter star!!!

    Don't get this!! It is a waste of time. You have to spend money on the game. And there are SO many ads.

  • Reviews


  • Woo hooo

    ''Tis game is fun

  • I like it but I wish you didn't have to buy stuff...

    It's ok...

  • Horrible please readπŸ‘‡πŸ»

    I put one star but it is 0 stars because it keeps asking to review it and you have to pay for everything so this game is trash I do not recommend.

  • pointless!

    you have to pay 6 dollars to unlock the game! it doesn't even let you play or do anything... so stupid

  • Alright

    The game is alright but it could be better

  • Boring

    It would be a good game if u didn't have to pay for other levels

  • Ok

    The game is not a love it game but it's ok

  • πŸ‘‘

    This game is ok it's just to many ads

  • Amazing

    This game is really fun!!!!

  • Fun

    It's fun but I don't like how all the things aren't unlocked

  • Cool

    I just like it

  • Ok

    Alright not the best

  • Chillin

    This game is chillin buh kinda annoying

  • No


  • Great game

    It's a great game! Fun to play!

  • Not playable


  • Bad game

    The app in general is weird . But when you played the first levels it was surprisingly fun . But then once you get past the first 3 levels ( which had to many ads that you had to watch or pay money ) you were asked to purchase the next levels. So I do not like the game at all . It would be great without all of the ads and having to pay so much money just to play the game . - Thank you

  • Lamo, schmamo.....πŸ™„

    Just started playing this game and I already know that there is nothing special about it. Bye πŸ‘‹

  • πŸ‘ŽπŸ»

    Why would you even make a game like this. It's horrible you can only get as far as the razor without having to pay!!!

  • This game is great

    Love this game so much

  • Cdd


  • Worst app in a while

    Have to pay for close to everything. $7 for a low budget game. That's cancelled

  • Game

    It has good graphics and is really fun😊😊

  • Good

    It's so amazing I love it

  • Pretty good

    Th games is fun it has a couple of flaws that I would change. But then th game s good

  • Cute game

    Cute game

  • To many ads

    I love the game but there are to many ads and don't want to pay $7 to remove ads I have to pay to get to level 4 or 5😑😑😑😀😑,please change that.

  • NOOO


  • Please do better lol

    All the items should be free but except for that inconvenience the game is fine

  • I agree with the other reviews

    There are many issues. Ads are the main problem.

  • The game

    It's a fun game.


    I love this game it makes me want to be a hair stylist when I get older or a spa person I love this app to death But it does not let you use all the things they give you at first you have to get to certain levels but other than that it's fine

  • Hbc

    I am just doing this so I stop hhhjyvfgdbrr cfcsv fcnf fighting and she was a big girl who like to be my girl but she look so good and I am a big girl who is a girl who would be a good girl go

  • Good


  • Help

    My nephew was playing and when i went to grab my phone back to see what he was talking about it authorized a purchase and i have no idea who to contact!

  • its ok

    its okay, you should add a little but more stuff to it but other than thats its good!!!

  • Ffff


  • Ugh!!!!

    So many ads

  • Is this pay to play!?!?!!?!


  • Crap

    You have to pay to do anything or watch hundreds of videos

  • Bue

    Bad now leave me

  • Shave

    This is fun

  • Amazing

    This app takes me into my own world and it makes me feel confident if your ugly or pretty you are still special

  • Not Fun!!😑

    This game plays ads the WHOLE TIME!! Right when I get on the game it shows 5 ads! They also need to fix the bugs. When I saw this game it said "No Ads or in game purchases" LIAR!! If you want to make a game, at least make it right!

  • Shave

    I really love the game

  • Good


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