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Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game

Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
4.5 based on 1,148,324 Votes
Price Free

A brand new version of the world-famous multiplayer game with bowmen — a hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game Bowmasters has in store for you:
• 60+ INSANE CHARACTERS from all dimensions absolutely for free! Read more...

Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 1,148,324 Votes. This version 2.10.1 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 41,860 Users.

Your device must have atleast 215.8 MB of space to download and install Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game. This application does not have game center . Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Playgendary GmbH at

Support Languages

Chinese , English, American , Chinese , Chinese


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Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game
Bowmasters - Multiplayer Game

Additional Information


• 60+ DIFFERENT WEAPONS for total mayhem, awesome fatalities with rag-doll physics!

• EPIC DUELS WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Grab your mates and and show them what you’re worth!

• MULTIPLE GAME MODES. Shoоt birds or fruits down, defeat the enemies in duels and get money for that!


Don’t miss out on the fun! Be the first to grab it!!!

What's New on this version 2.10.1

With this update you can get more coins in the chest roulette! Update the game and enjoy!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • ❤️🦄I love the game

    This app is so so awesome and cool.I hope you have this game 🕶😎👍🏼🦄🐳

  • Glitching

    The only thing that doesn't glitch in this game is the ads. There are far too many of them, but what makes this game lose stars for me is that it flips between portrait and landscape orientation, without you being able to control or choose which way you want it, and the UI doesn't really work in portrait mode. Parts of the screen get cut off and you don't have room to pull back to 100% power most of the time. The game also black-screens incredibly often. The ads would be a deal-breaker but the glitching beat ads to the punch.

  • Stolen money

    Paid the money for ads to be removed, yet still get them.

  • Annoying ads

    I love the game, but i hate Wasting time just for the ads so im deleting it..

  • Good, but Ad issues

    This game is fun, I think the matches are too short, and too many ads in my opinion.

  • Addictive 😳

    I love it.! Ads, lord knows they are bothersome. But they are not too bad.! I would recommend downloading it.! Makes the time fly.! 😉😊

  • Best bloody game ever

    Awesome job💣💣💣💣⚔️💣⚔️💣⚔️🛡🔫🔪⛓💎⛏

  • Fun

    Just started playing but good concept. Like the fatality shots. Brings back days of MK on snes.

  • Bowmaster

    Nice game love the quality

  • Ads

    There's a lot of ads but it's still fun.

  • Nice game

    Awesome and fun

  • My bow masters didn’t work

    My bow masters app would not show up on my phone, and then I tried to play it and it wouldn’t work

  • Crashing

    Every time I go into the game, all it does is crash, get this fixed you noobs.

  • Not bad

    Good time waster if you’re bored

  • Eh



    Ok yes adds are annoying but people shouldn't have to PAY for that!!!! Also yep we all know that .99 cents thing so we are paying 4 dollars? Oh come on 👎 that's really all please,please,please change this ☹️

  • Great


  • Interesting game

    It's really really funny

  • Epic

    Great game, glad I found it. 😀

  • My review

    Very good game

  • Yyyyyyuuuuuummmmmm

    Blah blah blah

  • Wow

    10/10 would play it again

  • Good

    Worth it

  • Good multiplayer

    Awesome multiplayer

  • Great game but when I lose

    When I lose I get so mad I play a different game but when I win I play even more it is a great game the ads are ok but you can skip them.

  • Constantly crashes

    I’ve had this game on two different phones and it crashes all the time.

  • games

    i like it.

  • Awesomeness

    So sweet and awesome

  • Meme

    Good meme Hhdhdhdhdjdjjddhhdjdhdhddjjddhdhhddhhd

  • Great game

    Super fun to play

  • It so fun!!!!👍👍👍👌

    Is game made me play do bab💪💪🤙🏼🤙🏼👌👌👌👌👍

  • Awful

    Full of ads.

  • Nice


  • Good game

    Pretty cool game

  • So many ads! yet so much fun!

    Loved the app and concept. Could be cool to have more special moves and ability to collect characters or design characters.

  • To many adds

    This is a wonderful game, it is so addictive. I love it the only bad thing is that there is so many adds

  • Wooo

    I love this 10/10

  • Awesome

    This is the best game. A lot of ads but super fun and addictive.

  • Good game


  • Great

    Very good game, nice characters

  • Gd


  • Hi


  • nice

    wonderful game

  • Great fun!

    Suuuuuuper fun!!!!

  • Your mom


  • Goods


  • Ads ruin game

    You can’t play for more than 5 seconds without an ad. It’s a shame they have ruined a game

  • Cool

    It's cool

  • Amazing

    It’s a really good game my brother loves it

  • Ads aren’t bad. Very fun

    While there are a lot of ads they are almost all skip able. The game is very fun. You never ever will see me write a review but this game is to good not to.

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