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Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Animal Jam - Play Wild!
4.5 based on 29,040 Votes
Price Free

Become your favorite animal and join your friends in the wild world of Jamaa! Show off your style with animal characters that express the real you. Design your own den and invite your friends to parties in your virtual home. You’ll explore a lush and beautiful 3D world, meet and chat with new friends, and play great games for FREE!
Animal Jam is committed to providing a safe online playground for kids. Parental consent is required for users 12 and under to use the app. When providing consent, parents can control the social features their child will be able to access in the app. Read more...

Animal Jam - Play Wild! is a Games application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 9+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 9). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 29,040 Votes. This version 16.0 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 606 Users.

Your device must have atleast 605.2 MB of space to download and install Animal Jam - Play Wild!. This application does not have game center . Animal Jam - Play Wild! is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Wildworks, Inc. at

Support Languages

English, American , French , German , Portuguese , Russian , Spanish


Games , Social Networking , Educational , Family ,


Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Animal Jam - Play Wild!
Animal Jam - Play Wild!

Additional Information


* EXPLORE a gorgeous, animated 3D world

* JOIN a gigantic community of players worldwide

* MEET & CHAT with animal buddies

* LEARN about real animals and their habitats

* PLAY fun games to earn Gems

* SHOP for clothes, furniture, and other items

* BUILD and decorate your own den

* PERSONALIZE your animals from head to tail

The Animal Jam - Play Wild! app is free to play. However, please be aware that it also offers optional in-app purchases that cost real money. You can disable the in-app purchasing functionality by adjusting your device settings.


Based on Animal Jam, the #1 multiplayer playground for kids on the Web, this app takes kids back in time to the fanciful world of Jamaa as it existed long ago. WildWorks has partnered with National Geographic to bring science education and spectacular imagery of the natural world to kids in a completely new way. Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe environment for kids to play online. Animal Jam also inspires kids to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors.


At WildWorks, your child’s safety is our priority. The Animal Jam - Play Wild! app protects your child’s private information with secure log in, filtered chat, live moderation, and the ability to report players and send us feedback. To learn more about how we protect children's privacy, visit

Children should always ask their parent or guardian for permission before they download and play. This app requires an Internet connection, and data fees may apply if WiFi isn't connected.

What's New on this version 16.0

"Check out all the awesome new stuff coming to Jamaa this month!
• The Mystical Fortress, Jamaa's newest den!
• Red pandas, the more adorable animals in Jamaa!
• Beachside Blitz, the fun new game!
• Pet fireflies, the super cute pets!
• And we have even heard rumors that a solar eclipse might be happening in Jamaa soon!"

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Am plz read this!!

    So aj u have been being mean to me. DID U BAND ME FROm MY KITTYBUN7 ACCOUNT!!! Plz tell me u dint cuz I'm crying :( if u did I'm quitting aj plz plz help me plz reply aj if u did not band me ill be happy if u did I'm quitting soon plz tell me u did not plzzzzzz plzzzzz aj reply 🌈😰😰😰😭😭😭😿🐯🐨🐼🦊🐧

  • Great game

    This game is awesome! I play with my buddies and get cool items, sapphires are hard to get and expensive, but otherwise the game is FREAKING AWESOME! ~with hopes of good luck, IceyWolfBillion

  • I love it

    It is amazing

  • Dude it's glitching to much and I'm not getting any advice why the deer is gone?😑


  • Super good!

    This game is awesome but I have a question. How do you earn diamonds? I can earn plenty of gems but I can't find a way to get diamonds. Otherwise this game is 👍👍👍.

  • MUST READ PLEASE +5 stars

    Hi ajhq i love your game sooo much there is a problem tho. I tried to change my password ( i dont want to anymore ) but now i cant log in it says the password record does not match cri btw i rlly wanna play its a great game and i never changed my password!!! Help btw AMAZING game please respond and make sure the password is the same i love your game and i have played since the beta! On my old aj i give you 1000 stars great job You MUST read this i been crying missing my friends... and my spare only has 97 days!! And the solar eclipse was amazing and the top hat AMAZED me...!!! You must help ajhq if i dont get it back then i just wasted 67 dollars i believe i lost MANY BFFS and if i get it back i will be filled and i mean with joy!! But if not i will quit.. (Maybe)... ;( and move on you must change it back to the password it was MUST i rlly miss my friends my aj welp tysm for your time Bye!!!!!!!! :p loaf the game

  • Way too expensive

    I love this game but I crash a lot and why is everything so expensive in the sapphire shop in the other animal jam everything is a way lower price

  • Please read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    In aj sometimes I have to delete it and then takes a lot of storage on my phone!!!For me this is a huge problem so when I secretly try to download it back on I CANT😭 (sometimes it takes up different things)Also lots of stuff you have to buy with sapphires and I and lots of people don't have much including me. If you could lower that down.Also I can't believe we have to pay real money for sapphires.😡 Thanks and I hope you can please fix these-ramarama1🍵also I don't have animal jam anymore because my parents don't allow it of chat

  • I love AJ but...

    I want to be able to but the animals that cost sapphires but I only have 35 sapphires that I earned by doing treasure hunts but at this rate I'm gonna be 55 when I get 150 sapphires so make them cost gems!!! NO SAPPHIRES!!!!

  • 😂 my life;)so in game

    I really love this game!!in is fun and amazing 😉 I also have it on my computer 💻 the problem is that the other animals are not for free😩and my parents won't let me buy anything that you have to pay 💰 real money for so I will like it if som good animals were for free!well ether way I ❤️ this game a lot

  • Animal jam

    Well I want to change back my character

  • Age

    I'm 14 and I still play this game

  • Aj birthday

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Love It!\(^▽^@)ノ

    I've been playing AJPW since the beta and I must say it's fun to play. While it has the same concept of AJPC, it manages to beat the original game in graphics and education. There are bugs here and there, and scamming needs to be taken care of, but apart from that this game is AMAZING. I'd reccomend also checking out the original game on! ~ Wolfzile

  • Why? Please read Creators!

    Well I like the game but.... the sapphires are sooo hard to get. And the animals are sooo much! Why not all the animals free or 50 sapphires a day? Please I would be so happy! Don't ignore this. Also can you add a bio?Anyways please don't ignore this!! It would make my day. I'll like play it every day if it did my requests. Keep up the good work and can you add a falcon or eagle? Please thank you very much. I'll rate 5 stars tons of times if u make the arctic wolves free or tiger or fox! Please!!! DONT IGNORE!!! I said this three times

  • Terrible and terrible


  • This game is amazingly creative but...

    OK so there is quite a few problems in this game. today I got scammed by this girl named 123ruby44 she scammed my purple arctic set that I was getting for my best friend. So this was my first time getting scammed and it feels horrible!!! I did everything to get it back from her: I reported her about 4 times, I went to the painting game and wrote what happened and send it to AJHQ to see if they could give it to my friend as a gift 4 hours later I come back to ruby ( the scammer ) wearing my set! AJHQ plz pay more attention to the reports I want that set off that girl and to my bestie, beta northern queen. If you do this I will rate it whole FIVE stars! THANK YOU


    Omg this is the best game I own!!! I love it!!!! And to all the people out there who are looking for a fun, entertaining, educational, online game... THIS IS THE ONE FOR YOU!!!! I have a bit of suggestions for AJ HQ. •add a underwater world •add a sea turtle and an octopus for the underwater world •add the ability to send a gift with a jam a gram Lastly, •add a set for the Egyptian god of earth, Geb Thank you so much AJ HQ for creating this wonderful game! Please put my suggestions in the game it would be an honor. I already convinced my sis and friend to play, do it for me please 👍🏻 love ur game! Bye!

  • Please fix this

    Omg omg I'm freaking out. I had a play wild account. So I logged out to make a new one just because and when I tried to log in to my oringal account I tried typing in my password. I've been playing this game on pc forever. I have a fourdigit passcode on my account. So I tried logging in and it wouldn't let me because my passcode was to short. I love this game but now I can't play it cause My old passcode is to short. Please please please fix this.

  • Love the game but...

    Honestly this game is very fun and cool but it really has a safe chat! I'm not taking MSP style I'm takin worst then roblox style! You can't say something's that aren't even curses! I don't understand why

  • It is my best game

    This is my best game ever but i was hope the animals gonna be for free and then i give u 5 stars but i hope u do this when it updated thank u and pls made a different game

  • Money-grubbing mars marvelousness

    My son loves animal jam on the computer but we just got the mobile version and it's telling him he has to pay $5 to get the new,shiny stuff. I already pay for a membership and I resent these kinds of tactics. My son says the cool stuff costs 150 sapphires. He gets 5 each day. That's too long for a kid to wait!

  • I can't go on my account

    I did 3 stars because I had SO MUCH stuff on my account and I spent a lot of money and now I made a new account just to do it and tried to go on my other account and I couldn't go on. I'm so mad and I'm still trying! My account name is KarlieBear112. And I forgot my password and we just got our email changed. So the email thing didn't do anything. Now I made a new account called peridot26512 plz send me my account password for Karliebear112. And please read this. And the game is awesome. Once I get my account back I'll do 5 stars.

  • Stuff you need add now!

    Please please please add were you can just give stuff and you can give and trade gems and sapphires and trade pets and like everything you can do on computer u have one month !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This game is rlly fun BUT it glitches way to much and the sapphires r really expensive and they cost REAL MONEY! It glitches so much I can't even log in! So my money is right down the drain!💵 🚽

  • To much space🙍

    I was trying to download it but it kept saying not enough space💩but I have it know so three stars🌟🌟🌟

  • They stoll money

    It still S money 16$ a lot don't play 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • //Please read\\

    So,um...I recently heard.AJ gives you back your items that were.Scammed.And I,had this raccoon tail a while ago.AND I MISS IT SO MUCH!!Ive traded for the tail for months now!And I just really want it back :( It would literally make my day turn into rainbows and unicorns!No joke,this is not supposed to be funny.Im serious.I really want my raccoon tail back.Please aj.All my hopes rely on whoever is reading:( O.Treasher hunts are ready,welp.Please understand and help me as a Young one that's 11 and absolutely adores this game❤️💛💚💙💜

  • So good

    So cool !

  • please help me!!

    all the sudden I went to play animal jam and it said it needed to be updated so that's what I went to do but I don't see the update button and I don't want to have to start over becouse I have 3 animals and a lot of stuff that's going to be hard to get again I got like a whole collection of spikes collars so please fix it !!!😭😭😪and if you fix it my rate will be five stars!!! Oh and also can you put flower crowns and spike collars and rocker stuff back in stores plz!

  • Luv this game but u won't let me update😡

    I've spent over $15 on this game and I can't even play it😡😡😡😡😡

  • Ideas,comments, and glitches

    So first, I love this game it's very unique, inspiring, and creative, although there are some changes I would like to see like a day of gems so everything would cost 1 or 2 gems. I would also like goats, pigs, and a place called the barn so u can only go if you are a sheep, horse, goat, pig, or wolf. And it would be a barn and a field. These changes would make the game more fun. Plz consider adding these changes to the game. I also would like u to fix some of the bugs I'm about to list. For example, sometimes the screen turns black in the middle of the game and takes me out of the game. also sometimes when I come on when I haven't been on for a long time the music plays and I can press buttons but I can't see my animal.

  • great but still...

    ok so, im currently ten but... ive been playing since i was five, and a girl, told me i would get the nutcracker set, princess set. and the atlantis set, she even SHOWED me them. so i traded my saphire items, ALL OF THEM, and she unfriended me. now, i havent been here for a while so i might just get them back. but!!! i had the phantum set, snow set, flower crown, AND ABUNCH OF OTHER STUFF!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok! But.....

    I'm a new player. I LOVE AJ, but I REALLY want spikes and flower crowns back. Ppl with no sapphires can't buy animals that get them

  • AJHQ Add this please! It's a very good game you made though!

    Recommendations: A list in Jam Mart Clothing and Epic Wonders (Upstairs) and in your animal picture showing how much each accessory in AJ is worth or about. And how to prevent scamming and to know what is a scam and what's not. A List in Jam Mart Furniture, Epic Wonders (Downstairs) and while Decorating your den showing how much each den item in AJ is worth or about. And how to prevent scamming and to know what is a scam and what's not. Santa in Animal Jam (Both Versions)- A Jammer (AJHQ) dresses up as Santa and gives items to good jammers aka jammers who don't get warnings or suspensions And A Wish List (Only during December aka Christmas) right next to the gems, sapphires and Summer Carnival Tickets and to add something to your wishlist is to Type it up correctly in a search engine then click it and type in how much of the item you want (not too much because it wont give any of it to you) Then click + Add to Wishlist. On Christmas Day AJHQ can send you gifts in jags (AJHQ maybe can just add it to your inventory) Saying "Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah from AJHQ!" Wishlist can disappear on Dec. 25 and appear the last Thursday of November. More Emotes- Such as :cold: , :freezing: :sweating: :hot: :embarrassed: :scared: :bffs: idk you choose it's your game not mine Lower Prices (Sapphires) I'm trying to get a fox and I only have 98. It's taking me forever! I cannot buy sapphires anymore! 😭 And I am being bullied because I don't have a fox and that I'm not rare!😭 Also block messages that say Cupid in them because ppl are calling me stupid and it's very insulting (unless it says something like Cupid Wings) This is the best game I ever played in my life so far and I would appreciate if you added these. Tysvm! - Curiouzity 🦊

  • Fun but.........

    It's very fun that I almost play everyday can a get sapphire? Is it by paying? Or by playing games? But please make the animals free? I always wanted a fox but I couldn't cause it cost 150 sapphires I don't know how to get sapphires except by paying so please make animals free? And I want membership but my mom and dad won't let me :( please make it free........ I know I been asking to make things free but I'm only 9. My family is always busy and my brother always puts his headphones on and never listen to me at all (even without his 🎧) it's okay if you don't want to do anything I suggest and also membership is actually kinda expensive cause 6.95 per month? That's a bit expensive so can you at least lower down the price maybe like 2.85 or 3.56 that could be okay 👌 and its okay if you don't want to do anything on my animal jam wish list but at least do one thing on my list please? I'll rate this 🔸🔸🔸🔸 for now maybe I'll rate this 🔸🔸🔸🔸🔸 stars

  • ❤️I have a question!

    I love this game but I can never get an aura crown. Please have an aura crown for sale in the jam Mart clothing store. Thank you for making this game! It is my favorite! I also have another question. Can you possibly make the game were you don't have to buy Jems to get a pet or outfits. Thank you for your time!❤️

  • Earrings Category!!

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME! Except one thing. EARRINGS. They need a separate category! I really want to wear my empress earrings with my designer glasses. So, if your reading this, in the next update, PLEASE make earrings a category. Thanks!

  • I love animal jam a lot!

    I really really love animal jam but it needs two updates 1. It needs to be where they get new dragons as animals such as tigers, seals and penguins. 2. You need to do dragon pets to right? I love dragons more than anything I would get it trust me I love reptiles one more thing make it swim and fly and walk and run too.🐊🐉🐲🦎🐉🐉🐉🐉🐲❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Love it so much but

    I love I play it everyday but pls bring back nutcracker set pls

  • BEST GAME IN THE WORLD!!!!!!❤️🐺❤️

    Hello there. Please add/add again these things!!!! . I know that you have headdresses in animal jam, so can you pllllllllllz add them to play wild!?!?!?! In every color!?!? .December 4, 2015(This is the date of the update) P.S. this is not the full details on the update, only the things I want you to add again. 0.5.0 JAMAALIDAYS ARE HERE! . DAILY JAMALIDAY GIFTS! Every day you can open a new present. No socks or underwear, we promise. . The ARCTIC WOLF has arrived, along with REINDEER GEAR that will make you fly! . The new GINGERBREAD DEN is perfect for your holiday parties! Your guests will love riding the ski lift, sliding down the candy cane pole, and relaxing in your hot chocolate tub!(P.P.S. also add the bundle (example: lively lynx, regal red panda) which is this bundle): The Jamaaliday Den Bundle!!!! Includes: . Pet Reindeer. . Gingerbread House. . Gingerbread Den Set. And... don't forget about music for the den!!! . Gingerbread Jingle. . Make new friends at the JAMAALIDAY JAM PARTY. . And as usual, new CLOTHES, ACCESSORIES, and DEN ITEMS come to Jamaa's shops. EVERY WEEK! (See, look how neatly I did that!!! It shows that I really want it to come back!!!!)(Also, the Jamaaliday Den Bundle is what I REALLY WANT YOU TO ADD!!!!) RIGHT NOW THIS THING IS MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THIS GAME RIGHT NOW SO PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE ADD IT!!!!! . Also, WHY CANT YOU TRADE PETS?!?!?!?!? WHY?!?!?!? YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO!!!!!!!!!!! PLZ ADD TO NEXT UPDATE SO YOU CAN TRADE PETS!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASSSSSSSSSE!!!!!!!!!!!! If and when you do this, I will edit my review so that way it is super positive and I will rate it 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️'s!!!!! From your own Jammer, Rainbowcupcakes99 P.P.S. I know you rarely/barely do this, but could you please respond and say if you will tell me if you WILL add a headdress. If you don't mind.... But plz do if you don't mind....

  • Plsss add

    Can u pls pls add birds an baby animals an more place to explore plsss an one super thing pls make flower crowns come back for just one or two mins pls in this whole game an one min for raccoon tails too pls oh pls aj needs it

  • Cute

    It is so cute

  • Glitch problems

    My daughter loves this game but we are having a serious problem with the game kicking off its got to where she can't even play it when she's doing her treasures it will kick off 6-10 times she can't change her character without it kicking off 7 times she'll be in the middle of trading and it will kick off so please fix this problem it's not only her game but my other 2 daughters also have this game and can't play along with her cause their game kicks off so much they haven't played in probably 2 months please do something about this that way kids can actually go back to enjoying it like it was when it first came out


    This game is the best it makes me smile when I'm talking to my friends I just love it!!! Thx for making this game its my fav this is the only game I play I don't play any other this game was made for me!!,😘😋😁 I give this game I big thumbs up...... and the animals the animals r the best part!!,🦊🐶🦁🐼🐨 the animals are so cute!! But I would like it if it would be easer to get sapphires! But thank you!

  • Make sapphires free ok

    Plz make sapphires free and the new minigame beachside blitz is a bootleg of mario party 5's pushy penguin. This is the Filpping first time you bootlegged a minigame from a another party did was bootleg a mario party minigame. It was from mario party 5.i do not have to ripoff a flipping mario party 5 minigame. (Starcasicly)great job for being creative wildworks inc.this is not a creative buddy mini game. You should not of ripoff a mario party 5 minigame.still other buddy games are good.but the new minigame plays like pushy penguins from mario party 5. This is good minigame that ripoff it.

  • What AJ Should do😋

    AJ Should lower the prices down for the pets and animals and when you log in every you get sapphires more then five Sapphires and the dens you should lower the prices please do it if not I would be sad😭😭😭😭😰

  • Love this game

    This game is the best it does not have any adds. This was my favorite game. I just want you to get this game. I love this game so much. I tried so hard to spend all my time on it but my mom and dad will not let me.

  • I love it, but...

    I love this game! It's really fun and you can marks lots of new friends! Only reason I gave it a four is because whenever I go to my house it always lags me out but other then that, it's great!

  • Love the app! + suggestion

    I love Animal Jam Play Wild! I've been playing about a year now. Recently I had a thought and figured the best place to put a suggestion was here... I don't know if that's the case but I hope you read this.. So I was wondering if maybe at a certain age, (whenever you think a player would be mature enough to handle it) you could apply to be a helper. You could help the animals of Jamaa, and watch out for inappropriately behaved players. Of course, I understand your always monitoring the game making sure it's completely safe. But I think that a little extra help could make it all the more safer. I hope you take this into consideration. You could apply on the website and answer some questions. Alright well that's my suggestion. Hope you read this! 😀

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