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5 Mobile Apps for Malware & Phishing Protection

Phishing attacks — security threats that rely on users clicking malicious links or entering data on fraudulent sites — are on the decline according to a recent Global Phishing Survey from Anti-Phishing Working Group. So far, there have been at least 72,758 unique phishing attacks worldwide during the first half of 2013, a far cry from the 123,486 attacks recorded during the second half of 2012. New anti-phishing measures put into place by service providers and end-users have contributed to a marked decline in attacks.

Nevertheless, phishing attacks remain a critical threat to the security of your personal data. This especially holds true for iOS users, many of whom are used to getting by on Apple’s famous “security by obscurity” thanks to the relative lack of serious malware threats. Fortunately, there are several apps that help iOS users thwart phishing attempts, keeping themselves and their data safe. Don’t forget that there are also plenty of resources to learn how to prevent phishing, like Lifelock's education pages.

5 Mobile Apps for Malware & Phishing Protection

Intego VirusBarrier

Intego's VirusBarrier takes a proactive approach to ferreting out malware through its scanning capabilities, although it’s only capable of scanning files that have already been downloaded onto your iOS device. These files include email attachments and downloaded Web files. Unfortunately, VirusBarrier is unable to see what goes on in other applications due to iOS’s sandbox technology.

Firewall iP

Firewall iP is another app with a proactive approach to stopping malware and phishing attempts via its firewall features. Firewall iP blocks outgoing connections as needed and raises alerts if a service or application attempts to communicate with an outside third-party server. Firewall iP is specifically designed to work on jailbroken iOS devices and is available only on the Cydia alternative application store as a result.


XFINITY Constant Guard Mobile

Along with its high-speed broadband Internet services, XFINITY also offers its Constant Guard Protection Suite. Constant Guard includes Identity Guard theft protection and credit monitoring service, which monitors how your personal data is handled and Constant Guard Safe Search, which identifies and blocks potentially malicious websites in search results. Along with Norton Mobile Security, these welcome features provide several layers of protection against phishing attacks and other malicious attempts to access valuable data. The Constant Guard suite is also available for Android devices and PC.

Splash ID

Splash ID is a unique password management app that keeps track of your passwords, PIN numbers and other sensitive information. The app keeps all of your passwords secure using the latest in AES and 256-bit Blowfish encryption while offering secure field masking for sensitive passwords. Other features include an automatic password generator and the ability to synchronize data between your desktop and other mobile devices.

Webroot SecureWeb Browser

This app offers iOS users a safe way to browse the Web without stumbling on phishing attempts and other malicious websites. Webroot’s safe search technology identifies and blocks access to phishing websites and other malicious websites before your device and its data are both compromised. Webroot SecureWeb is available for all mobile devices on iOS 4.2 or greater, including the iPod Touch and iPad.


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