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Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal...

Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
3.5 based on 2,865 Votes
Price $3.99

Dark Sky can tell you at a glance exactly when it will rain (or snow) up to an hour in advance, so you’re free to walk the dog or run out to lunch and know you’ll stay dry. You can also explore the most beautiful weather animation you’ve ever seen, both forward in time or back.
(Dark Sky is available in the US, UK and Ireland.) Read more...

Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts is a Weather application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 2,865 Votes. This version 4.1.2 has an average rating of 3 based on 416 Users.

Your device must have atleast 3.9 MB of space to download and install Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts. This application does not have game center . Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts can be downloaded and install for $3.99 only

More Description


Using GPS, Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-to-minute predictions for the next hour and detailed forecasts for the next day and week.


The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future.


Dark Sky can send you an alert before it starts raining at your exact location. Even if you haven't opened the app in days, Dark Sky will know when you're in the path of a storm.

What's New on this version 4.1.2

- Disabling Location Services will no longer cause the app to yell and curse at you.

- Fixed a problem where the app would occasionally report rain when there wasn't any (most often at night).

- Fixed an erroneous warning of notifications being disabled.

- Some minor bug fixes that, as a coder, are too embarrassing to list.


  • Weather
  • Utilities

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Support Languages

  • English, American


Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • On the other hand

    While other reviewers offer good constructive criticism, this app is simply great to keep from getting caught during a commute without an umbrella (and, if having brought one, losing it given a propensity to leave it behind should it not be raining). Absent a single exception so far, it has worked extremely well, mostly an amazing plus/minus 5 min. There are other really good apps with great maps and endless statistics for the other stuff, but to predict the immediate future, it's very, very good.



  • Worthless. This is App Store robbery!

    I heard great things about this app from friends, but never experienced them. The highlight was the user interface. Don't count on this for actual weather. It rarely, if ever, tells me about upcoming rain, even while raining it has no updates to share (and yes my settings are set for all updates during KCs wettest summer in years). I feel like I was robbed and wish I had my $3.99 back instead if this worthless weather app.

  • Best weather app

    Accurately predicts when rain will start and stop down to the minute. Ideal for short term weather forecast and radar.

  • 0% chance of accuracy

    OK dark sky. I'm done. You have gotten me caught in the rain way too many times to count. Your lovely UI kept me around but I'm deleting you, finally. When you get your act together, let me know & I'll use you again. Bye.

  • One of the best weather apps

    This really is one of the best apps. I only wish there was rotation support for the iPad.

  • Truly excellent

    This is the weather app I actually use and love. The design is downright art - useful, thoughtful, usable art.

  • Far from accurate !!!!

    Save your money !!! App is always wrong !! It tells u rain will end this evening when the sun is out !!! Horrible. !! Stealing money from smart phone users !!!! Stay Away !!!!

  • Used to work

    Worked great until 8/27/14. Since then, not only does it not notify me when rain is coming (yes, all settings are correct), it doesn't even show that it's raining when it's actually raining. And the rain graph on the first page stopped working, too.

  • USED to be great

    I've been using this app for a couple of years. Used to be tremendously helpful and almost scary-accurate. I've recommended it at least 20X. Now it's borderline flakey, often does NOT warn of impending rain and generally not nearly as fun or useful as before. Too bad. Please publish a new one based on an earlier and simpler version. Fixing bugs and optimizing good, feature bloat bad.

  • It's ok

    I do like this app but there is certainly room for it to be improved. Most applications that use GPS are able to recognize that I'm at home or at least with in 50 yards. This app pulls up addresses that are typically within a mile about most of the time. It doesn't even matter if my iphone 5 is on wifi. I would like to see that get more consistent or at least closer. I love the way the radar looks and moves. I don't like that it starts so far away from my address. When I say far away I mean I can see the planet. A couple double taps and it's where it should be but that's insane. Also involving the radar. I would like to be able to see where the thunder and lighting is. Maybe I just need to see the key for the radar but either way it would be nice to see more clearly. It's mostly just showing how severe the rain is. The radar also often has many skips in the image when storms are near. Everything else in the app seems very accurate. I will continue to use it and hope to see these fixes/updates soon. VERY SOON PLEASE!

  • Not Reliable

    I have a Jeep. I wanna know when it's going to rain so I can take the top off. Thought this app would be helpful. So far it's been so unreliable that I'm deleting it!

  • Bring back the old Dark Sky!

    I used to love Dark Sky for a reason: it was a simple app with a clean, beautiful interface that served a very useful purpose. This new version tries to do too much, and I really miss the old (darker) design. I still keep it installed for the occasional rain notifications, but it was moved from my home screen ever since the big update. Please bring back the classic version that everyone loved!

  • Buggy

    This app is great, but it's super buggy and needs some visual improvements. Not the best looking app.

  • Useless app

    Used to be a great app before the update. Now they can't even get the current weather correct nonetheless a forecast for the near future. Major disappointment!!!!!

  • Forces You To Use GPS

    If you refuse to enable location services and choose to manually add a city instead ... It will keep notifying you to enable location services. I refuse to use location services so app deleted and won't recommend this app to anyone until they stop forcing location services onto people.

  • Zoom

    I thought you could zoom in more than to the city level. Can't do it now.

  • Good App

    But the new icon is butt ugly.

  • A once great app ruined. Seek alternatives.

    Push notifications no longer work regularly. Map does not default to my region. I liked the usefulness of the old design. I looked forward to the new skin and gave it a couple weeks... I really don't like opening or looking at this new version. I've switched to another app that uses the same API as I get the quick temp and precipitation without the muddy white and overly busy interface.

  • Inaccurate

    Is always saying 'rain in 20 minutes, or drizzle soon when no rain is predicted' has become very unreliable. I'm uninstalling

  • Uh oh

    "Uh oh, location services are disabled" every 3 seconds. Barely enough time to terminate the app and delete. Phew! What a piece of work.

  • Great, at first

    Literally notifies me it's raining 5 minutes AFTER the rain starts. TOO LATE. Please fix

  • Used to be great...

    If you haven't used the original you wouldn't understand.

  • Love it!

    I really like this app! There are a couple feature requests I will be passing along to the developers. 1. I'd like to see a landscape mode for iPad users. 2. I'd like a way to keep the 7 day forecast and 24 hour data on screen, instead of having to manually pull it up each time I launch the app.

  • (OMG) purely the most AMAZING

    I'm just in awe and so sorry I didn't investigate in curiosity sooner ;( It's obviously my favorite. I'm a weather app connoisseur, so I'm saying this is #1 of my purchases.

  • Very nice app

    Provides very detailed information on precipitation and temperature. The globe is very pretty, and I have no issues with adjusting and zooming in on it. Another user gave this app a 1-star review because of problems with this, but I haven't experienced any such problems. I bought this app despite the negative reviews, because I heard good things about it. Apparently some reviewers think the removal of the "yellow python eating a meal" means the app is boring and should be given 1-star reviews. Go figure. It's a great app, easy to use, lots of important info, and has nice maps and diagrams.

  • Junk

    This app isn't worth a penny

  • Good stuff.

    Def my fave weather app.

  • Used to be?

    It used to be spot on, but with the recent "upgrades", it lets me know that it's drizzling with clear sky and 100 degrees?

  • Decent weather app, not worth paying.

    Not as user friendly as other weather apps. Yeah it tells you (and even alerts you) if it's going to rain in the next hour, but that seems to be its only selling point and even then it's not very accurate. Save your money and stick with the weather channel app or intellicast.

  • Don't buy

    This is the worst weather app I've ever used. It's pouring right now and it is telling me there is no chance of rain. Don't waste your money!

  • No Landscape Mode on iPad

    The old version (before iOS 7) had landscape mode, this one does not. This is (and really was) one of my favorite apps and a replacement for the stock weather app. I hate having to rotate my iPad every time I open this app. It's the only one I use that doesn't orient when rotated. The radar animations are super choppy, regardless of network speed. They used to not be. I took off 2 stars for the issues above. Otherwise, it's an informative app.

  • Awesome App!

    Incredibly accurate. Love this app!

  • Complete Overhaul

    App does NOT function properly. Whenever I manually enter a location it will not even bring up the information however it will keeps redirecting me back to the location page. App needs a complete overhaul and look. Very basic and honestly useless. Doesn't work properly therefore makes me question the stability and accuracy.

  • Not accurate at all. No support.

    App used to be accurate but now notifies me of rain at my old residential address that is 25 miles away even though I do not have any references in my phone for that location. (I have location services on).Support from developer is nonexistent.

  • Was Great

    This app used to my favorite. It was very accurate and I used it over my other weather apps. Now the app isn't accurate at all I hope they change it back to the great app it was

  • Awesome stats, but not pretty

    Excellent and refreshing look at weather data. Needs a makeover in appearances though. :)

  • Predictions aren't reliable anymore

    I liked the app initially but something changed and now the predictions aren't as good. Multiple times I've seen a zero or very low chance of rain and then been rained on. I also recently notice a discrepancy in the hour-by-hour details and the weekly forecast. For instance, there's a 100% chance of rain today, but the 24 hour forecast only has one peak at 13% and then no rain at all...

  • Superb, excellent at-a-glance

    All the weather info I need at a glance. Clearly, completely and ACCURATELY conveyed.

  • Used to be great

    But the quality has greatly fallen off. Hopefully they can mount a comeback.

  • DOES NOT WORK: It’s Wrong, About Everything, 85% of the Time

    Its rain forecasts are so poor, when it IS right, it’s just a matter of luck. Temp forecasts are always off by 8 degrees — every single day — when “simple-minded” apps that just use the National Weather Service forecasts are off by no more than one degree.

  • Nice interface, but forecast always wrong

    I like the layout of this app. However, it's just always wrong. It will say things like currently it's drizzling or light rain, when it's bone dry. Forecast will call for things like light rain which never happens. I live in the southwest, and we only ever get dry weather or torrential downpours during thunderstorms. Forecast high temperatures are 5-10 degrees off. The radar map can be really slow. Don't waste your money.

  • Very disappointed

    This used to be a very good app. It looks that too many fixes have done it in.

  • Great but...

    I turned off location services because I need battery life, and wish that Dark Sky would let me just enter a zip code and be happy. Instead it kicks me back to the zip code screen every 10 seconds to say location services are off. This is needlessly annoying and makes the app almost impossible to use.

  • Favorite weather app

    Beautiful and efficient interface. On one screen you get most everything you need to know but somehow it's not cluttered. Not sure why other people are complaining. App works fine for me.

  • Fantastic

    Extremely accurate with a lovely UI.

  • So so application and terrible weather

    The application is ok but certainly nothing great. However, the main selling point would be the information to keep one from getting caught out in the rain. Hmmm. Walking yesterday in downtown louisville. Application says now rain for at least the next hour and the closest rain is 9 or so miles away. Guess what I was experiencing a 20 minute downpour. Application deleted and I just wish I could get my money back.

  • I agree this USED to be a great app

    This version is not to be confused with the PREVIOUS version of this app which was perfect, 5 stars plus. Simple, quick and accurate this the former version was a pleasure to use and I recommended it to dozens of friends. $4 for what it provided was a bargain. The new version is buggy, frustrating to use and nowhere as useful as the previous version. I do hope the developers will read this and fix the problem so I can start recommending this app again. As it is now I cannot recommend it.

  • Amazingly accurate at exact location.

    This morning when I check the weather it was raining outside my window. I have seven other Weather apps they all said it wasn't raining except this one. This app said it would only be raining for another 15 minutes and sure enough 15 minutes later the rain had stopped. When I checked weather radar the actual cloud that was raining was less than a half mile wide. All other apps seem to give rain stats for a whole city, only .1% of a city is in rain so they say 0%.

  • Beautiful weather app!

    Well-designed and simple to use. A few suggestions: please make the maps faster and more fluid; I noticed some lagging and lack of responsiveness. Also, the app icon is kind of ugly. Make it gray! That way it will match the user-interface of the app.

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