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Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal...

Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
3.5 based on 3,585 Votes
Price $3.99

Dark Sky can tell you at a glance exactly when it will rain (or snow) up to an hour in advance, so you’re free to walk the dog or run out to lunch and know you’ll stay dry. You can also explore the most beautiful weather animation you’ve ever seen, both forward in time or back.
(Dark Sky is available in the US, UK and Ireland.) Read more...

Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts is a Weather application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 3,585 Votes. This version 4.3.4 has an average rating of 4 based on 17 Users.

Your device must have atleast 8.3 MB of space to download and install Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts. This application does not have game center . Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts can be downloaded and install for $3.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Weather , Utilities ,


Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts

Additional Information


Using GPS, Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-to-minute predictions for the next hour and detailed forecasts for the next day and week.


The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future.


Dark Sky can send you an alert before it starts raining at your exact location. Even if you haven't opened the app in days, Dark Sky will know when you're in the path of a storm.


The Dark Sky Notification Center Widget tells you at a glance what's going to happen in the next hour, so you don't even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before heading out.


Dark Sky looks great on your wrist. Get notifications and check out the weather for the next five days with the Dark Sky app built from scratch for Apple Watch.

What's New on this version 4.3.4

This one's a tiny little update:

1) Tweaks to the Today Widget (it now shows actual temperature rather than Feels-Like temperature, and I've removed the "Open in Dark Sky" button since everyone knows you can just tap the widget to launch the app).

2) Apple Watch bug fixes.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Whither “Feels Like…"?

    I generally love this app, and as a Kickstarter backer I’ve been a fan since before Day One. Not sure why today you chose to remove the “Feels Like” function from the home screen widget — I loved that feature! Bring it back… please?

  • Want feels like back on widget

    There needs to be an option to enable feels like on today widget.

  • Suggestions!

    Love the app a lot! It's very nice! However I have some suggestions! First would be to push different notifications. It only sends me notifications when it starts raining. You should add different tiers it can send based on how hard it rains and when it stops. Also it would be nice if the map showed precipitation when you moved it with your finger instead of it only showing when it is still. I am on iPhone 6 by the way.

  • Looks nice but....

    The app looks great, is laid out well, loved the minimalist design BUT it's not really good at weather... Which is kinda key. It will be snowing outside while Dark Sky says there's nothing in the area. Other (free) apps correctly show that, yes, it is indeed snowing. This is unfortunately a frequent occurrence. Too bad cause I hate wasting $4.

  • Used to be accurate

    The app says no precipitation but it's been pouring for hours. What gives?

  • Great app!

    Great app! By far the most useful weather app and widget in the AppStore! However, with the last update they took away the "feels like" temperature and replaced it with the actual temperature. I preferred the feels like temperature better because it may be 75 outside but feel like 87 and I may want to dress a little differently for that. Or it may be 7 degrees outside but feel like -15 like many times this winter. Disappointed they took this away but still love the app!

  • Great weather app

    I love this app, but I wish that you'd at least give us an option between actual temperature and feels like in the widget. Otherwise I have no use for this apps widget function seeing as how TWC already provides current temperature. I actually like knowing what it's going to feel like.

  • Great but some design flaws

    Easily worth the price, but the web app is better in a few ways: 1) The 24 hour timeline scrolls in the web app which is nice. It feels too compact in the Dark Sky app. The timelines that show up in the week view after tapping should be larger and labeled. 2) The side scrolling is too sensitive. 3) Why is the map not its own panel? It feels weird that you scroll sideways to get to it but can also get to it from a button.

  • Awesome

    Hands down my favorite app. Totally addicted to monitoring the weather (for putting the top down).

  • Still no landscape mode for iPad

    Can someone explain why we are getting updates for a watch no one owns but we still don’t have landscape mode for iPads which (nearly) everyone owns?

  • Amazing app, excellent developer

    Best weather app out there, with regular updates from the dev. Highly recommend.

  • My go to weather app

    Just wish the radar map would stay zoomed in. It defaults back to the whole world view.

  • Widget no longer shows Real Feel..

    Latest update removed real feel temp. Were people asking for this? Because I found it extremely useful being able to quickly see at a glance how it felt outside rather to what the actual temperature is.

  • Hyperlocal forecasts are awesome

    Hyper local rain/snow detection is even better. And that is primarily why I use this app. I really like the notification ability.

  • It really does do what they say it does

    If it says it will rain in 10 mins, then their prediction holds up.

  • great, but...

    Celsius option? please! I'm not a fan of the Fahrenheit system and use all other weather apps in Celsius. I wouldn't have paid for this app had I know there was no Celsius. that's my only complaint. great app otherwise!

  • On Point

    Accurate. Detailed. Click on the temp and forecasts for even more detail. Thanks for changing the "feels like" temp to the actual temp. I'm a humidity follower but don't like those "heat index" temps. Appreciate the extra space created by removing the obvious "tap here to open" comment. I'm not a fan of 6" phones and value my limited screen space.

  • My fav weather app by far!!

    The developer of this app deserves an award. The app is beautiful in presentation and easy to use. All the weather info I need in one tidy app. My favorite feature is the very timely alerts.

  • Important for the traveling ! Must Have.

    I'm very impressed by how accurate the weather alerts are. When I'm traveling and trying to find shelter this app saves my life from camping in the rain or being comfortable under the shade. Keep up the great work.

  • Great App.

    Would not be without it. It travels with you where ever you are and warns you of any impending weather approaching your location. Great for camping!

  • Nice!

    I bought this app a year or so ago in a app binge. I'm a designer so was enticed by the beautiful graphics. As weather app - meh. I reinstalled it a few weeks ago and is much better! Now I find it not only visually pleasing but that it tells me just what I want to know with a few swipes. Right now, today and the week. Some people balk at the price but the UX is worth it.

  • Fixed

    They fixed the location services bug (constantly asking for location) and the app is back to being what it once was. Thank you!

  • Good App Overall

    But the stylization of the radar is really poor, it's ok for a weather map to look like weather on planet earth.

  • Eh, needs work

    I've been using this app for several years and while it's a great idea, it doesn't really function properly. Half the time when I open it it can't find my location. It also only sends notifications sporadically, even though I have it set to alert to even the smallest amount of rain. Sometimes it's accurate, sometimes it isn't. It's very frustrating to use. I prefer weather underground at this point. This app hasn't been updated in a while, i hope they're working on some changes and bug fixes!

  • Must Have Weather App

    I have tried a million weather apps. Most of them have ads or really awful interfaces. Dark Sky is just the app I've been waiting for. It is simple, looks great and have push notifications that warn you of impending weather. The radar is really nice and have a slick way of moving through the next hour to see how the weather will be moving. All my other weather apps have been removed from my devices.

  • Bad alerts and customer service

    It will tell you when it's about to rain, but not where you are. I get alerts for Bondville, VT almost daily. I live in Boston. I've tried everything. I also reached out to Customer Service two weeks ago with no response. Save your money.

  • Good Rain Prediction...but

    Predicts rain fine. But is consistently inaccurate on temperature, always on the low side by 2 to 6 degrees. For the money paid this should be right on the money.

  • Amazingly Accurate Info in Space/Time

    In the Microclimates of the Seattle area, I can check in multiple areas near me to find the one most likely not to have rain for my daily hour long walks! Can't get that accuracy in Space/Time from radio, tv or other weather apps. I depend on it daily. Nothing is 100%, but this is close and much much closer than alternatives.

  • So insanely accurate.

    I have set timers just to see how accurate it is and each time it nailed it. Totally worth the money. Plus it's beautiful.

  • Beautiful but Inaccurate

    First, I love the design/UI of the app. Very simple, straightforward, clean, and nice. That earns it one star. It is accurate at times so I have to give it some credit. But I can’t give it more than three stars at the most. I’d be very curious to know where some of the people rating it at 5 stars live. I’m in Colorado near the front range. Sometimes it is very accurate. Other times, I am staring at rain out the window and the app says it is just overcast with no chance of rain. Even the radar on the app shows precipitation over me but the app doesn’t seem to show that. I’d love it if it worked a bit better. I keep using it hoping that it improves.

  • Error when opening

    The app crashes every time it is opened.

  • Wish it showed more at a glance

    I like this app, and have used it for quite a while. I'd like to use it as my main weather app, but it focuses so much on "right now" and requires too much interaction to see past that. Swipe, swipe, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap to see the info I'm interested in. I think the space on the screen could be used to show more info up front. It feels minimal for minimalist's sake, but could still look clean while providing more info.

  • Battery hog due to REQUIRED GPS on all the time

    Bring back the original app before it was completely ruined by adding a bunch of junk we don't want or need. There are plenty 7 day forecast app, leave that to them. This app requires location (GPS) to be turned on, and will NOT function if turned off. Battery hog. Last thing I need is a big storm in my area and this poorly written app drains the battery. This app shows how it's possible to take a 5 star app and turn it into a 1 star app. Update: July 15, 2014. Location bug is still not fixed. App useless unless location services is turned on, which drains any iPhone battery. What's wrong with you guys? Is it that hard to fix a simple location problem? Guess so, and the reason your app went from 5 stars to 3 and dropping. Time to listen to your customers... August 1, 2014. Location bug still not fixed. The app is worthless as sometimes the initial GPS fix location is way off. Paid good money for the app, which the developer ruined. Download RainAware and delete this piece of trash. April 2015-location bug still not fixed! This used to be a great app, only to be ruined by a bunch of stuff we don't need or want. Go back to the basics, that's what apps are for. There are plenty of weather forecasting app. Stop trying to make this app the "jack of all", and concentrate on what it does best-predict rain. That's all we need and want. App is way too bloated now. If the developer can't fix the simple location bug, I have to wonder about the rest of the app. Here's a good example on how to ruin a great app.

  • So-so accuracy. Unreliable alerts. Inefficient, cutesy UI

    Having used this app since it was first released, I can say it was dramatically overhauled a couple years ago, but the accuracy is still spotty. I have noticed that it is very accurate when there are large storm fronts, but extremely inaccurate for temperature data and for passing showers. The alerts are frustrating unreliable. Sometimes it alerts. Other times, nothing. Is is clearly not due to showers versus large fronts either, as it can occur in either case. The temp data in particular is extremely inaccurate as it seems to rely on airport data, which is usually not a good representation of any area, especially where there are hills and valleys. Also, despite joking allusions by the developer to a desire by users to have a landscape mode on the iPad (and iPhone 6+), it seems the developer is not capable of handling this u imaginatively complicated task. /sarcasm. The most useful weather apps I have found to be the Storm App from Weather Underground. Personal opinion, but it is very well designed,mane I am obsessive about weather apps, so I try all the free, as-supported,mans highly rated paid a weather apps.

  • Wether app without Celsuis!

    I need Celsius!

  • Not overly impressed

    Been checking a lot lately and it seems to be missing the mark.


    Absolutely THE best app for knowing when it will rain and when the rain will stop. Very least 90% or better!! My Golden Retriever will not go out in the rain unless I force her out with me on a leash. This app allows me to plan her trips to the little girls room. Living in central Florida we get a lot of rain especially on summer afternoons so I use this app all the time. It's very useful for any other outside activity planning. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  • Weather

    Program does NOT work - it fails every time a storm is near us!

  • Best weather app. Period.

    Before the 4.0 update, Dark Sky was already an invaluable member of my first home screen. With the additional features and polish in the latest update, the best managed to get even better! And now there's a restrained and useful Notification Center widget? Awesome.

  • Simply a lifesaver.

    It's the future of weather alerts. Being able to know about rain that's coming with enough warning to prepare for it is essential for anyone who is on the go throughout the day.

  • Great concept, doesn't work for me

    I like the simplicity of the app and hyper-local focus. Problem is it's just not accurate for me. I live in the boonies and while it plots my location accurately, the predictions are wildly inaccurate. Last night we had storms come through and it alternately showed heavy rain when it was barely sprinkling, then a half hour later showed no rain when there was pretty steady precipitation. It hasn't been accurate yet, in fact not even close.

  • Does not work

    It rained most of the night and Dark Sky did not send any notifications. It may work somewhere but not in South Central USA. I'm using an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.3. I have written to support and the will not reply.

  • Great app. 1 star off for no landscape mode.

    Title says it all.

  • Really?

    No landscape mode?!? I guess that's okay since I NEVER use my iPad in landscape. Good idea, maybe polish up the execution a little.

  • Rubbish, save your money and stay with the iPhone weather app.

    This app was billed as being one of the most accurate weather apps and all I can see is that it can't even predict the rain even when it's raining. It is currently raining at my location and the app says it's not going to rain for 3 more hours. Even the notoriously poor TV weather forecasters can "forecast" the current weather conditions. What a waste of money.

  • Location

    Location is always not right, Tornado warning for my area and the app doesn't even show anything but 'rain for the hour', unless you just want to know about the rain, then this app for you

  • Pollen data?

    I love this app. Only managed to make it crash once (replay button in top left of map view, unable to replicate). Is it possible to add pollen data during relevant seasons?

  • Great weather app

    Great app, particularly for near term forecasts. Thanks for fixing the location bug, that was much needed.

  • Used to be awesome...

    This app used to be excellent. And it still has an amazing interface. But these days, it's so bad it's unusable. For example today it said it was going to rain basically all day (100% chance) with a few breaks. I haven't felt a drop and I've been outside most of the day. It has been straight up sunny while it was simultaneously alerting me of rain many times.

  • Exactly what I want.

    I don't write many reviews. Only when I am wowed do I take the time. This app wows me. This is the epitome of the KISS method. It's so simple and getting the accurate notifications when I do is simply fantastic. I can't wait until I get my apple watch and it works even better.

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