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Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal...

Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
3.5 based on 3,462 Votes
Price $3.99

Dark Sky can tell you at a glance exactly when it will rain (or snow) up to an hour in advance, so you’re free to walk the dog or run out to lunch and know you’ll stay dry. You can also explore the most beautiful weather animation you’ve ever seen, both forward in time or back.
(Dark Sky is available in the US, UK and Ireland.) Read more...

Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts is a Weather application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 3,462 Votes. This version 4.2.2 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 420 Users.

Your device must have atleast 6.2 MB of space to download and install Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts. This application does not have game center . Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts can be downloaded and install for $3.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Weather , Utilities ,


Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts
Dark Sky - Weather Radar, Hyperlocal Forecasts, and Storm Alerts

Additional Information


Using GPS, Dark Sky is able to create forecasts for your precise location, giving you minute-to-minute predictions for the next hour and detailed forecasts for the next day and week.


The same technology that powers Dark Sky’s predictions also allows us to make the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animation. Other apps show you a chunky slideshow that makes it nearly impossible to tell how storms are moving. But Dark Sky’s radar animation lets you see the actual path of the storm: how it moved in the past, and where it’s going in the future.


Dark Sky can send you an alert before it starts raining at your exact location. Even if you haven't opened the app in days, Dark Sky will know when you're in the path of a storm.


The Dark Sky Notification Center Widget tells you at a glance what's going to happen in the next hour, so you don't even have to unlock your phone to quickly check the weather before heading out.

What's New on this version 4.2.2

- Bug fixes
- Some improvements to VoiceOver support. (I'm still not 100% satisfied with it. As someone who doesn't use VoiceOver, I'm flying a bit blind here [haha, a little vision-impairment humor for you]. If you use VoiceOver and have suggestions on how to improve accessibility, I'd love to hear it. Shoot an email to:

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • I love this app

    This app is accurate I love this app!!!

  • Mr.

    Disappointed that it's not iPad friendly. No landscape mode. This should have been noted in the product description!

  • Meh. Good for rain, can't get snow right

    The local weatherman has a much better track record for snow than dark sky. Dark Sky just doesn't seem to be accurate for snow. I've used the app for about a year now. However, for rain, nothing is better than Dark Sky.

  • Eh I wanted to like it

    Weather channel is better and free

  • Great app

    Great weather app. Simple interface. The day it provides is spot on!

  • Snow accuracy poor

    Great app for temps, but it's horrible at snow predictions. It's always way higher in amounts. It does seem to get more accurate as time goes on and the storm is upon you, but future snow predictions are way off.

  • Not impressed.

    Bought it. Deleted it. Not impressed.

  • Not worth any money

    I bought this thinking it would be superior to my free weather bug app. Wrong. My weather bug and my husbands weather app (both free) more accurate and dependable than this. Waste of money.

  • Accurate weather application with lots of detail

    Accurate weather application with lots of detail. I've used this for over a year. I find the temperature graph to be the most helpful, along with the precipitation graphic. It's great to know when rain will stop down to the minute during summer downpours (helps you choose the best time to "make a run for it").

  • Please make a landscape version

    OK, I workout every other day, so I should be able to handle the strain of flipping my iPad to portrait to use this app. I can; I do. But I don't like it. Not too sure about the forecasts, either. They often seem to be dramatically different from others. Maybe tend to be a little on the extreme edge? I do wish the movements of clouds etc. on the map could be slowed down. They zip through "now" before I can register what the hell's happening. I don't find the map very useful. Pretty, though, and I like the way you can turn the world around. And the bar high and low forecasts are easy to read. The touch-change to show predicted rain patterns for upcoming days is nifty, although I doubt very accurate.

  • Great app

    It's not always 100% accurate to the minute, but it's always pretty darn close. Enough to plan your outdoor activities around.

  • Not good on iPad

    The app may be accurate or pretty, but if it cannot rotate to landscape it is completely useless to me. My iPad is in a keyboard case that does not rotate and I like it that way. All my other apps (over 500 of them) work great. Why would you not support it?

  • does not tell the difference between snow and ice

    It's great at telling me WHEN to expect precipitation, but it's pretty lousy at telling me what is falling. Not such a problem in summer, but in winter snow and ice are two very different problems. I can hear the ice hitting the house and the ground, but Dark Sky tells me it's snowing. It used to be much much better, and we used to be able to provide feedback in the app about incorrect information. Bring that feature and the older version back!

  • Amazing

    Hands down the best weather app.

  • Not Accurate

    This app has not been accurate yet. It said 10 - 17 inches of snow and it rained. Then it said the next day that it was raining and it was actually snowing. Waste of money.

  • Very good!

    To me this is the most accurate weather/radar app out there. Rain distance, time it will start/stop and amount appear to be quite accurate. I love the flowing radar no jerky motion. I recommend this app.

  • Annoying bug

    The app is great overall. A bug seems to have cropped up. In maps when I click play, the loop stops before current time and starts over. All of the time is black so it apparently as loaded. If I manually slide, the radar just drags directionally, rather than an actual future cast.

  • Love this app

    Love the rain notifications! Very handy.

  • Dark Sky

    I find this app after 2 months use to be very accurate. I've tried all the apps. Premium and free. This app is the best. Most accurate. Easiest to use. The location finder is also completely true and accurate. Great app. 5 Stars solid.

  • It's snowing, not raining

    This is my second review of this app, my first review is attached and was not flattering. I have since changed my opinion and upgraded my rating. Prior to our last two snow storms, the NWS and accu-weather apps were inaccurate in the timing of the snow and amount of snow. Dark Skies accurately predicted the timing of the last snow and the amount of snow. Dark Skies prediction for 5" of snow was very accurate, NWS predicted 1-2" of snow. The State and local communities followed the 1"-2" prediction and I'm sure the commuters had a rough ride to work. Thank you Dark Skies. First review- After hearing a great review I purchased this this app 2 days ago. Based upon the review I was excited to have the best weather app available. Last night and again this morning, I checked two other weather apps and they both predicted snow today, but not Dark Sky. I went with the Dark Sky prediction. During a heavy snow with limited visibility, I checked Dark Sky assuming their forecast had changed. Much to my surprised the Dark Sky app did not change, it still showed only a light rain.... Unbelievable!! I've never had a weather app so wrong. Can I get my $3.99 back?

  • Great. One request

    Could we add something to provide feedback. For example, right now it says snow, but there is none even though radar shows there should be. With that realtime data you could improve the predictions.

  • Nothin better + no rate this ap annoying thing

    This ap is the best ap i ever downloaded. It looks A+ plus it works + it helped me think about the earth by just spinning the beautifull globe without any ugly background additions. Freezing is blue and then purple. How right!!

  • A Miss

    Nice premise, let me know if it will rain on me during the next hour. Seemed to be working, but this morning it was raining (no alert) and when I opened the app it reflected NO rain for the next hour. Later in the day I received an alert that it would start raining soon. Unfortunately the sun was already out and the rain was gone for the day. Hmm. Back to checking the TWC radar.

  • Accurate and Simple

    Update: It looks like the accuracy is failing again (and notifications). Currently Dark Sky says moderate to heavy rain for the hour. No notification despite setting it to alert me at moderate rain. Then The app reports Rain but text beneath says Heavy Snow (it IS snowing). Quitting and restarting the app now shows the opposite! Heavy Snow and beneath Heavy Rain for the hour. For the record there is about 2" of snow on the ground from today alone. Accuracy fail. I finally figured out that this app just isn't reliable for the sole reason you pay for it which is notifications. If you don't care about alerts (which are NOT reliable) just goto the place they get their data from and download their free (and oddly more accurate) app. The only thing it doesn't do is alert you to certain weather, otherwise it's functionally identical. The new UI is well thought out. It's minimal design presents everything (save for Visibility which is hidden beneath a slight scroll) in an at-a-glance view. It's surprisingly accurate to very often within a minute or two. The only reason I didn't rate it a full five stars is that no matter what I do I cannot get notifications to work at all. Update: after notifications suddenly working, they've stopped again. Tried rebooting and reinstalling without luck. I've resorted to just checking the app two or three times a day or as needed. Notifications seem hopelessly broken. It's POURING where I am now and dark sky, while reporting the correct weather has failed to notify me.

  • Knees a feedback button

    Like the app but sometimes it completely gets it wrong. Would be good to see a button that submits data when forecast is inaccurate for location without the ability for comments. Similar to when Evernote crashes and you're prompted to send data.

  • Never works anymore

    It must only be my app, but ever since the last update, mine has stopped working. I always get an "uh-oh, there was a problem getting the forecast" message, unless I am at home and connected to Wi-Fi. I love the app itself, but what good is a weather app I can't use when I'm out and on the go?

  • Awesome app

    But I'd like to be able to see air pressure in inches.

  • Great stuff

    Super useful, love the precipitation notifications and how creepily accurate they are. The design is gorgeous as well. Since buying about 4 years ago, it has become my preferred weather app and a ton of my friends and coworkers have started to use it as well.

  • Wholly inaccurate

    I wish I could get a refund. I was so excited for this app but it's been wrong, wrong, wrong. Once it said there would be heavy snow at my house for the next 45 minutes. There was no snow at all, not one flake. That's the most egregious error but in general, it's inaccurate most days.

  • Love it!

    This app is good at predicting the wet weather coming and the approximate time it will arrive. I have been using it for over a year and have not been disappointed yet.

  • Used to work better

    It's pouring rain outside right now, and it has been for the last 10 minutes. Dark Sky says "Next hour: no precipitation." This app worked great when I bought it about a year ago. Now, it's remarkably unreliable. What happened?

  • Not worth the money

    Its an acerage weather app does not worth the money!! Yahoo weather is better and its free

  • Has trouble finding my location.

    Been happening for awhile. Please fix!

  • Didn't work for me

    Live out in the country in the Pac. NW. Said no rain nearby when it was pouring. Said it was raining when it wasn't. Maybe my location, but no help.

  • Location required

    The app requires your gps location all the time, it will not work with zip codes or place names. Developer should say this up front.

  • Dark sky

    Forecast inaccurate

  • Best weather app!

    This is the best weather app bar none. Accuracy is incredible and the UI fantastic. Great application.

  • Perfect, pretty precip predictor

    Dark Sky is the most useful weather app for iOS. The accuracy of its short range forecasts combined with a lovely radar and perfect push notifications makes this app indispensable.

  • Very inaccurate

    I really regret buying this app. Its just incredibly inaccurate. It says today 4-7inches of snow and that its been snowing for the past 4 hours. Is it snowing? No. We are only supposed to get freezing rain according to every other forecast, and it's only been raining here. Sometimes I get snow alerts but then it never snows. Save your money and use an app that can tell the difference between rain and snow.

  • Decent

    Dark sky is extremely accurate but pretty limited on features. I was hoping to get more for the price, I don't recommend purchasing this app until the price is lowered

  • Love this app! Thanks Suzreviewer!

    This app has been eerily accurate around me. Warned me of some sudden changes that allowed me to get electronics and instruments inside. The only thing I didn’t see that I wanted was barometric trending and now thanks to Suzreviewer, I know it’s there and how to find it.

  • Needs more

    Unfortunately Americans are stuck on the Fahrenheit system and this app is in no way helping. I recently decided to force myself to switch to the same system the rest of the world uses but am unable to do so with this app. I really like this app but it needs more. I like the simplicity of the app. But at least add a Celsius option!

  • Garbage

    So inaccurate it's almost comical. It's raining right now but this app says it's snowing and expect 8 inches of snow tonight. Delete this junk.

  • Excellent

    My top choice for precipitation forecasting, very accurate, thoroughly useful UI.

  • Not worth the price

    App called for 12-19 inches of snow inches of snow in Nashville TN after everyone else said 1-3. More worthless than normal weatherman and that's something.

  • Like in general but...

    It loads radar picture but then as soon as you move the map it has to clear that picture only to load the same thing again plus the sliver of new map area you just repositioned to, which uses up data but is mostly just plain annoying and frustrating to the point of making the app unenjoyable and a pain to use. Plus it's just sloppy programming.

  • Does not work

    It rained most of the night and Dark Sky did not send any notifications. It may work somewhere but not in South Central USA. I'm using an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1.3.

  • Incredibly accurate in cities

    I've been using Dark Sky for several months now. It won't always be able to give an accurate forecast if you're in a less populated location, but being in London it is insanely accurate. It will notify of rain coming up to the exact minute. Worth the money, and very nice interface to boot.

  • Nice, Just Not Accurate

    It would be my favorite weather app if it worked. This app tries to do one thing: predict when precipitation is coming, specifically down to the minute. Unfortunately for me, it can't even predict it generally. In fact, after using it a few months, I find myself checking another weather app immediately after closing Dark Sky. Too bad because a lot of thought went into the UI.

  • Awesome! But what about wind?

    I love this for predicting when it's best to leave the dorms during a rain storm, but what about wind? It would be nice to toggle between levels of rain for the hour and levels of wind, maybe by swiping down/up from the first page?

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