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Simple Tides

Simple Tides
5 based on 665 Votes
Price $1.99

Simple no-nonsense app to see tide graphs and tables from monitoring stations near you.
- Browse stations on a map

Simple Tides is a Weather application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 5 based on 665 Votes. This version 1.2 has an average rating of 5 based on 219 Users.

Your device must have atleast 6.2 MB of space to download and install Simple Tides. This application does not have game center . Simple Tides can be downloaded and install for $1.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of WeatherSphere at

Support Languages

English, American


Weather ,


Simple Tides
Simple Tides
Simple Tides

Additional Information

- View Tide Chart & Table for a station in one concise screen

- Current weather + forecast at every tide station

- Calendar allows quickly jumping to any desired date

- Save frequently accessed stations to a Favorites list for quick access

- Check the current weather + forecast for any spot on the map

- Get fast support from within the app!

Please note that the list of tide-monitoring stations is fixed. A tide monitoring station is where there is constant actual measurement of water-levels. Users cannot "add" locations. You must choose the nearest tide monitoring station to get tide-predictions.


- This app is useful for users in the US only.

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What's New on this version 1.2

Bug Fixes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Don't leave the ramp without it

    Simple Tides is a must for all inshore anglers. Aptly named, this forecasts tidal changes very accurately and as it is GPS enabled may keep you and your yak from being up the creek without enough water to float your boat.

  • Lacks Flood/Slack/EBB information

    I paid being biased by the high reviews count. However, this app may be better designed but is no different than any free app around here... I gave 1 star to balance the unfair 5 star rating.

  • Fisherman

    Great app. Better than a tide book any day

  • Rob D

    Simple. I use it all the time to plan my fishing. Couldn't be much easier.

  • Waste of money

    This app no longer works at least for me in the PNW was a waste of money

  • Use this app all the time

    It's pretty accurate for planning a boating trip or beach trip

  • Ride check.

    I use this app to know when the tide is high so that we can use our standup paddleboard in the intercoastal and salt marsh at the end of our street.

  • Super easy accurate tides

    Would recommend 100%

  • Great app

    Using this app for two years with great results.

  • Great app for tide charts


  • App

    I never plan a trip with out using this app.

  • Great App!

    This is a great app for quickly determining the tide levels. Very easy to use

  • Great For Fishing

    Use the app daily when fishing season starts. Accurate with all the locations I fish.

  • Great App

    I love to have the Tides at my finger tip. No more tide cards each month.

  • Simple, easy and accurate - great for Bay Area

    Great tide app for the Bay Area

  • This app just works

    I've had this for two years now and never had a problem. I use it often to determine when I can launch some kayaks because at low tide or a ride below 5 ft it can't be done. Hasn't failed me yet.

  • Best Tide App

    I've tried a bunch but have always kept this one as my go too. Simple yet effective

  • Perfect

    Sweet simplicity!

  • Very reliable. Use it all the time.

    Great app.

  • So useful

    This is a great app that allows me to look up tides wherever I am. If I spend the day off shore and change my return destination it helps me to find the best time to come in (as long as I have a signal).


    Simple, intuitive, and spot-on accurate with more tide data locations than you'll ever need... a must-have app if you're on or near the ocean.

  • Definite Asset

    This is one of the most reliable and accurate tidal apps available. I recommend this for everyone who gets on the water for whatever reason.

  • Great app for beach and fishing

    Very handy, easy to use and read! Use it regularly....

  • Surf Fishing

    Great app for surf fishing! Accurate and easy to use!

  • LOVE IT!

    Useful & easy

  • True to its name

    Easy to use, handy way to store favorite locations, displays lots of info in an intuitive way.

  • Simple Tides

    Works nicely. I use it every time I come to the beach.

  • Great app I use it every day...

    And it just works. Thanks

  • confusing and poorly done

    Simple easy to read & use

  • Useful and easy, and accurate. Great app

    Useful on the Columbia River, along the Oregon coast or just at home planning fishing or crabbing trip. Accurate too, great app

  • Simple Tides

    Simple Tides is FANTASTIC! To the person on the gulf coast- try again. You must be missing something! I see a bazillion tide stations available on this app and hate to see a bad rating for a well developed tool. I have deleted all other tide apps since it is so comprehensive and easy to use. I love the calendar feature, graphics and especially the "white line" that shows current tide in all my favorite areas. My wish would be for one tap operation and larger time fonts so times can be seen in the sun without struggle.

  • Good tool

    Works well!

  • Great app

    Has everything you need

  • Great app. Easy to use.

    We have a tidal stream behind our home and use this app daily to keep current on high and low tides. Especially helpful during flood times when stream valley gets covered with water.

  • Love this app

    It's simple and comprehensive Use it everyday on my boat!

  • Captain Anita

    Once I figured out how to use this ap, I love it. a whole lot easier than pulling out my paper book and looking it up. Thanks.

  • Only Tide App needed

    This app is great. Nothing more or less than you need..

  • Great app

    Great graphs.

  • Great app

    Great information for my area point and go!

  • Best tide app!

    Simple, easy and love the satellite photo feature!!

  • Great app

    I enjoy the interface and ease of use.

  • Title says it all

    Simple to use and gives info I need.

  • Great Visual Graph

    This app is simple to use and understand. There are many tide info locations; one is very close to my beach place. There is a great visual graph for instant recognition of current time in relation to local high and low tides. There is also a chart of specific times for high and low tides plus sun and moon rising and setting. Local weather is also accessible.

  • Captain David

    Great app, easy to use 👍⚓️

  • Tides, I like this app

    Very convenient for planning time anywhere at the shore! Great along with the other geeky nature apps I have.

  • Great app!

    Easy to use

  • Great app- use it all the time.

    Work on a tidal riverfront. Easy access to accurate info.

  • Clean, simple, accurate

    Can't ask much more than that. Clean, simple, and accurate. I like having the choice of distance from your location for your point of reference for the tides. Thanks for such a nice tidal app.

  • River rat

    This app is great I use it almost every day !

  • Wonderful app!

    This app does everything promised and more. Highly recommended.

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