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Simple Tides

Simple Tides
4.5 based on 629 Votes
Price $1.99

Simple no-nonsense app to see tide graphs and tables from monitoring stations near you.
- Browse stations on a map

Simple Tides is a Weather application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4.5 based on 629 Votes. This version 1.2 has an average rating of 5 based on 50 Users.

Your device must have atleast 4.3 MB of space to download and install Simple Tides. This application does not have game center . Simple Tides can be downloaded and install for $1.99 only

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of WeatherSphere at

Support Languages

English, American


Weather ,


Simple Tides
Simple Tides
Simple Tides

Additional Information

- View Tide Chart & Table for a station in one concise screen

- Current weather + forecast at every tide station

- Calendar allows quickly jumping to any desired date

- Save frequently accessed stations to a Favorites list for quick access

- Check the current weather + forecast for any spot on the map

- Get fast support from within the app!

Please note that the list of tide-monitoring stations is fixed. A tide monitoring station is where there is constant actual measurement of water-levels. Users cannot "add" locations. You must choose the nearest tide monitoring station to get tide-predictions.


- This app is useful for users in the US only.

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What's New on this version 1.2

Bug Fixes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Captain Anita

    Once I figured out how to use this ap, I love it. a whole lot easier than pulling out my paper book and looking it up. Thanks.

  • Only Tide App needed

    This app is great. Nothing more or less than you need..

  • Great app

    Great graphs.

  • Great app

    Great information for my area point and go!

  • Handy!

    Use it frequently before heading to beach or out on the water

  • Excellent app!

    We use this app every time we go to the beach, which is often : )

  • Easy to use

    This is one of the first apps I downloaded for my iPhone and have never regretted it. I use the app a couple if times a week to determine where to run my dogs.

  • Great App

    Perfect for surf and sound fishing.

  • MarinerFoe

    Used frequently for tides in my area on the Chesapeake. Great!

  • Jersey Shore

    Best App for beach walking information!

  • Love it

    Love this app. Clean and simple.

  • Excellent app!

    Works superbly.

  • Love this App

    No matter where I am in the USA I can easily find the current weather, tides, moon faze, sun and moon rise and set times. As a photographer and outdoorsmen this information is always helpful.

  • Decent app

    This app provides an easy to use tide chart for many locations. Excellent use of satellite mapping to view where tide station is related to your fishing grounds.

  • Excellent ... but

    I've used this for years and it works really well, but I think the appearance needs an update.

  • Simple, accurate information

    Simple UI, fast access to information. Highly recommend.

  • Good stuff

    Use daily.

  • Great app, simple to use

    Let's me know tide conditions at various places, so I can do bird photography.

  • Great App

    Great App! Easy! Accurate! Fun!

  • Great app

    Love this app, I can tell at a glance when the best fishing is.

  • Mr. Jim

    Extremely functional as well as easy to use. Meets or exceeds all my requirements. I live in the Florida Keys and fish throughout SW Florida and Everglades National Park as well as the keys . This app is very useful to me. I haven't seen a better one

  • Excellent

    Clean and simple

  • Incredible Fishing and Surfing Aid

    Killer app that simply and accurately shows local tide tables and sun rises and sets. I never go fishing or paddle boarding without consulting this app first!!

  • Tides

    Very useful and easy to use.

  • Great App!

    I'm writing this for my husband as he's had a stroke and is unable to. This is app is awesome for him to use---simple and accurate. Thanks!

  • Great help for fishing and boating!

    We just moved to South Carolina and this app has helped us to time boating and fishing excursions. We love it!

  • Great app!

    It's helped me many a hike!

  • Great App.

    Works great on my I5. Thanks

  • Use it every day

    Great app! Shows tides right where we want to go for beach walks. No more scrambling through loose sand as water surges around our knees.

  • Great App

    I love this app. Very accurate. Works great on the lower Chesapeake Bay.

  • Beach Shelling

    Fun app to help the grandchildren pick the right time for shelling!

  • Simple and reliable

    This app is super easy to use! Love it.

  • Fantastic!

    Great app

  • Tide table

    This app is awesome I love the combo with the detailed weather ... Thank you

  • Does what it say

    This is an easy to use app. Not only does it give tidal data but sunrise, moonrise, etc. my only request would be a native iPad version instead of the 2 X iPhone version. Can't be that hard to do!

  • Well Done

    A good application, tells me what I need to know when I need to know it.

  • Splendid

    This app is consistently on the money! I live 8 miles from the closest reporting station; this app is always within 10 minutes of tide changes!

  • Very easy and accurate

    Very useful, I've used this in beaches in cape cod and around Boston where the tides can be very extreme.

  • Straightforward App

    Has both graph and table for determining local tides. Very useful to have on one's phone!

  • Excellent tides app

    Great features, outstanding UI.

  • Does what it says

    Not too fancy but does what it says. Accurate and simple.

  • Best tide app!

    Simple, easy and love the satellite photo feature!!

  • Great app

    I enjoy the interface and ease of use.

  • Title says it all

    Simple to use and gives info I need.

  • Great Visual Graph

    This app is simple to use and understand. There are many tide info locations; one is very close to my beach place. There is a great visual graph for instant recognition of current time in relation to local high and low tides. There is also a chart of specific times for high and low tides plus sun and moon rising and setting. Local weather is also accessible.

  • Captain David

    Great app, easy to use 👍⚓️

  • Tides, I like this app

    Very convenient for planning time anywhere at the shore! Great along with the other geeky nature apps I have.

  • Great app!

    Easy to use

  • Great app- use it all the time.

    Work on a tidal riverfront. Easy access to accurate info.

  • Clean, simple, accurate

    Can't ask much more than that. Clean, simple, and accurate. I like having the choice of distance from your location for your point of reference for the tides. Thanks for such a nice tidal app.

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