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iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service...

iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
3.5 based on 78 Votes
Price $3.99

The only App that builds your entire Army Service Uniform (ASU) and shows all the measurements!
FEATURES:

iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform is a Utilities application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 78 Votes. This version 1.8 has an average rating of 2.5 based on 11 Users.

Your device must have atleast 20.5 MB of space to download and install iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform. This application does not have game center . iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform can be downloaded and install for $3.99 only

Support Languages

English, American , German


Utilities , Reference ,


iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform
iUniform ASU - Builds Your Army Service Uniform

Additional Information

* This App supports the latest AR 670-1 and DA PAM 670-1 (31MAR2014) updates for wear and appearance of the ASU.

* The App displays all measurements and spacing details by zooming in. Takes away the guesswork when setting up your own uniform.

* Save multiple ASUs with the option to edit or update later.

*Email, or Share ASU images. A great tool for assisting other Soldiers.

* Covers all ranks, branches, and genders.

* A ruler in the App facilitates on-the-spot uniform adjustments.

Square away your team, squad or platoon. You can build, save, and email your soldiers' ASUs faster than the time it normally takes to figure out one uniform using a booklet or manual! This App was created to make Army Service Uniform assembly fast!

This App does not yet cover:

Uniforms other than the ASU

National Guard State awards and ribbons

What's New on this version 1.8

Fixed a misspelling
Added additional Service and Combat Service Stripes
Corrected placement of NCO sleeve ranks

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Does not work don't buy!

    The app every time I open it, it freezes its not my phone happens to everyone I know with this app. I say again DO NOT BUY!!!

  • Help

    just bought the app and it doesn't work at all when you try and choose rank or branch it goes blank!!

  • Very helpful

    Awesome app!

  • Thanks for this!!

    I use this app for my ASUs and all my new guys. Very very helpful!

  • Medals from DOD

    please add all the medals from all the branches for those that have medals from other branchs of the armed forces ie Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard

  • Recent Update

    The app was fine prior to the recent update. Now the app does not modify for the number ribbons to badge ratio, and while that doesn't matter, in some instances, it still does not place badges on the pocket as called for. For instance: CAB, Airborne Wings and Air Assault Badge all places above 4 rows of ribbons.

  • Awesome App!

    I use this for all my guys' uniforms.... A total time saver and kitbag app. Highly recommend.

  • Good, but needs improvement

    Overall good app, but there are a few issues I noticed. You can't seem to modify subsequent awards - for instance the app freezes if I try to add a knotted bar to my AGCM, or add oak leaves to my ARCOM.

  • Great App!

    Only thing I see that needs to be added is specifications for the Drill Sergeant Badge and Recruiter Badge

  • Awesome

    Killkhan maybe instead of being insulted you should've opened an AR in lieu of buying an app. The app is to supplement the regs. Quit crying, you're the reason why active hates reservists. Do you have a Napoleon complex to prove yourself? NO ONE CARES! Put your weakness in your pocket and drive on.

  • Where's the NG/Reserves ribbons?

    Say what you want, but the reserves forces of the Army are still part of the Army. It's down right insulting that you can't include those ribbons too.

  • Good but needs some tweaks

    Decent app. Pretty cool to see a general idea of how my uniform will look with new awards and badges. Noticed the female officer uni still has shoulder epaulets and is it me or do the enlisted ranks look too big/high on the sleeves? Would be a great app if National Guard ribbons were included too

  • Classes

    Class b needs to be added, I've been searching the internet to find the correct sizes, but no luck. Came across this app, thought it had class b as well but sadly disappointed to find out it didn't.

  • Generally ok

    Doesn't give specifics on measurements such as "5/8 in from notch and aligned with border of collar", just says "5/8". Showed the wrong position of 'M' device and 'hourglass' on my armed forces reserve medal. Could be amazing, just ok. One misplaced 'M' device can ruin a photo that I drove 2hrs to take

  • Mp

    Needs to include all military branches especially when Soldiers either branch transfer or earn awards while attached to sister services. Also allow for badges to be offset and foreign badges worn.

  • Good app with a few problems

    This app is almost perfect, it is missing some things though. There are no Space Badges. I know they're rare but they should be in there. Also, when the drivers badge, marksmanship badge, and air assault badge are put in they have the air assault badge in the middle of the other two when it has a higher precedence. There is also no ability to edit saved uniforms which is a hassle every time you get a new award/decoration. I would still recommend this app with the caveat of knowing the regulations as well.

  • Good, but needs additions

    Great app, but needs additions. 1. Add all service ribbons, individual and unit, not just Army ribbons. Lots of service transfers in the Army. 2. Please include the standard SCUBA badge. 3. Add the German Proficiency badge, since that is the most common foreign badge, and its size can change the positioning of the RC versus the foreign jump wings. Otherwise a great app.

  • Needs more stuff added

    I don't believe this was worth the money. The measurements listed are all the common sense ones. Mentions nothing about foreign awards. Who doesn't know their ribbons go a 1/4 above the pocket?

  • Very handy

    Is a lifesaver specially for inspections. Worth every penny. Recommended .

  • Could be better

    Has a bug where the app closes when you want to edit a saved uniform. Also doesn't have all the measurements, and the picture is not to scale. Still a useful app. Would be worth the money if they did an update and fixed the issues.

  • Not worth it

    This app has a lot of potential but for the price it's really inadequate. It only give measurements between the top and bottom of items. It doesn't describe how to place the lapel insignia, the CSIB, the name tag and several others. It doesn't describe wear any sew on items go. It doesn't give alternate staggering options for ribbons or badges. It really needs some work to be worth the price.

  • Needs Work

    Not too bad so far, my biggest complaints so far are, 1. When I tapped the feedback button in the app, it closed the app. 2. It doesn't have anything but army ribbons to build your rack with. There are a lot of people who switch branches and probably shouldn't have been overlooked. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  • Thumbs down for iUniform

    I saw all these good reviews on this app so I purchased it thinking it was going to be good. It wasn't. This app constantly freezes and closes out the app so all the work I put into getting all the awards, gets erased and not saved. I want my money back. If this is how this app works towards everybody, I Definately do not recommend this to anyone.

  • Very very helpful!!!

    Great app - glad I found it and highly recommend. Used it for my last inspection and hooked up some of my guys with it

  • Not to bad

    I would suggest adding qualification badges and be able to add the name to it overall a good app

  • Ok app

    Doesn't have option to stagger the ribbons, not does it have the option to look at Class B uniforms with ribbons. It also doesn't have all the measurements; only has the vertical measurements. I think they should add where u can select a certain ribbon area and it tell you all the details for measurements, kinda like the guide we buy at clothing and sales. Overall a pretty decent app! I liked it, but needs some work!

  • Great quick reference!

    The app builds your ASU. All you do is enter awards, rank, badges, etc. I would suggest adding AR 670-1. Also, change the ruler to use the camera, sort of like the leveling apps out there. So you can hold your phone over the pockets to align awards easier.

  • Still needs some features

    This app needs to include state and national guard specific ribbons, for the price this shouldn't be hard to include. Good app, just needs a few little improvements.

  • Great Ap

    Great Ap, could use a section for the shirt and different tie selections. But very easy to use and upload you entire section.

  • Worst ever

    This app is garbage , not only does it not support awards from other services but it doesn't even support a DS badge. The foreign awards are also Garbage. Went against my better judgment buying this app that was a waste . You could get all the info online in about as much time as well. Do not buy this ever !!!!!!

  • For Privates

    This app sets up your rack and shows the proper spot for uniform items... The only measurements it offers, are ones you most likely know. Not worth it. You will have to look at the AR anyways

  • Awesome!

    Awesome app! Adding the class b uniform would give it the 5th star!

  • great app

    Only a couple things that I found wrong. Im in the Army, but I have an Airforce Achievement Medal...this app won't let me add it to the ASU. Also, my unit has a flash behind our airborne wings and this app won't let me do that. Other than that, great app! Hopefully the creator will make improvements to it soon!

  • Bad purchase

    This app has potential, but doesn't give you 2.99 worth of product. You can't edit a uniform after creating it. One mistake and you start over. It's missing several combat badges. Recruiter or DS? Forget it it's not included in the app. This feels like they made it halfway through development and ran out of money. Save your money and do 10 minutes of research on the Internet.

  • Ideas to make it better

    Class B builder, regimental crest, identification badges, and the ability to edit previously made uniforms would make this the perfect app for any soldier.

  • Great app!

    After reading the reviews, I agree that this app is very basic and could use some improvement on including all measurements, multiple views, the ability to update an existing uniform etc. However, the concept is great and most avid developers will acknowledge feedback to improve upon a strong foundation. Web based solutions often times don't include the wear of badges, and exclusively focus on "the rack." This app is very useful, has potential for expansion, and is a quick alternative for a person like me that uses iOS for almost everything. Captain, U.S. Army

  • Waste of money

    Crashes all the time. Does not let me save my data. Graphics is very bad. This app is not worth a dime.

  • Educational great App

    So far so good, it gives my Soldiers a general sense of what to look for, I use their ERB info and plug it in and shows them what their uniforms are supposed to look like. Worth it for new Soldiers. SSG, USA

  • Better If

    The App is amazing and better than i expected, but it isn't compatible with the iPad mini. the normal iPad works perfect but not with my mini. thats all i can see wrong with the app.

  • Wonderful app.

    Great app and useful only thing I have about it is not being able to display more then 2 badges for measurements but other then that its great for new soldiers.

  • Ok

    This app is ok. It only allows you to view and zoom in on your uniform. Gives most measurements, but leaves out a few (although common sense) measurements. I personally don't think it's worth 3 dollars. There is nothing to read... As far as regulations. Nothing about class b's and nothing about the uniform after retreat as mentioned by someone else. It's good if you want a quick glance at your uniform/rack, but don't buy it expecting to give you everything you need to put your uniform together. Wouldn't buy it again, unless they update..

  • Great Start!

    The app is good, hover it still needs its database updated with the other military branches ribbons, and lesser known units like 170th Brigade. I do appreciate the hard work!

  • GREAT APP!!!!!

    HIGHLY recomend it to anyone who is in the Guard or Army.

  • Save time with this app!

    This app is exactly what guys need to prepare their uniform for an official function, photo, etc. It shows proper spacing and references AR670-1 to ensure that you look sharp for your DA photo or whatever you are prepping for. It takes significantly less time than looking through a book, and costs substantially less. Awesome product and worth the money. For the critics, there are obviously some things that could be added, such as specific unit insignia vs generic, ability to add more service stripes (beyond 8), etc...but overall I think the app does what you need and helps you easily and quickly prep your uniform. I would say that add-ins such as interservice ribbon support would be great, but probably not worth the bang for the buck for the developer given the proportion of users who fall into those categories. Overall, great app! Thanks!

  • Ehh

    Not a bad app, but not worth $3.00. It would be better if it gave different views and the regulations for the uniform and how it changes after Retreat. Class B's would also be nice to see (even though it really doesn't change). It would be nice to have a "filler" ribbon or something for state awards, especially for National Guardsmen like myself. Also it would be better and worth it if it gave ALL the measurements; IE sleeve braid for enlisted, rank on sleeves, how far the coat falls, etc. I feel like I wasted $3 for information that's free on many websites.

  • Fix edit ability

    Amazing app! However it would be nice to edit your previously made uniform. Uniforms change all the time why shouldn't this app allow it to do the same!

  • Slaughter

    It's good but it need JROTC Stuff for the Uniform.

  • Great App

    This app is amazing and more people should use it! The only issue is that updates are continuously suggested but never followed through with, perhaps the next step with this app would be to add officer ranks, create actual images for the regimental corps insignia, and shoulder patches/tabs. Otherwise this is a great 5-star app.

  • Officer fix

    Amazing and useful app, but have it where the officer ranks can be seen. Please update.

  • Great start...

    This app has great potential with a solid foundation. I personally would like to see more stuff added to it like; GAFBMP, actual images of Regimental Distinctive Insignia, additional CSIB, and images of Distinctive Unit Insignia. Again great app but keep making improvements!!!

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