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Cape Creator for Minecraft

Cape Creator for Minecraft
2.5 based on 516 Votes
Price $1.99

Cape Creator for Minecraft is the most popular and most professional Minecraft cape creation tool for iOS. The advanced interface makes it easy to create, modify, email and share your capes with the world. Now access Over 70,000 pre-made cape templates everyday!! No other cape creator compares to that!
#1 Cape creator on the app store for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Read more...

Cape Creator for Minecraft is a Utilities application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 516 Votes. This version 3.0.2 has an average rating of 3 based on 3 Users.

Your device must have atleast 7.0 MB of space to download and install Cape Creator for Minecraft. This application does not have game center . Cape Creator for Minecraft can be downloaded and install for $1.99 only

Support Languages

English, American


Utilities , Games , Simulation ,


Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft
Cape Creator for Minecraft

Additional Information

Attention: Capes are not available to be used in the current version of Minecraft. Many servers DO have mods on them to let you use a custom cape. For those servers, we have created this App.

You can create capes completely offline. This App requires an Internet connection only for sharing your creation at

Features Include:

- Uses our exclusive and powerful 'Creator' technology

- Advanced intuitive interface giving exceptional control of your creation

- Quick save (Works In Progress) locations so you can make changes and return to old versions

- Upload and share your skins at

- Undo button to wipe away a mistake

- Create as many capes as you want

- Create heavy or light noise in areas of the cape’s texture

- Save your creations right to your iPhone, iPod or iPad

- Recently used colors are saved for easy access

- Load a skin from a URL to modify

- Transfer your cape to your PC or Mac using iTunes file sharing

NEW - Over 70,000 pre-made cape templates with hundreds new every day totally for FREE. No other cape app compares to that!

Download the best Minecraft cape editing app available today!

All cape templates and Seejaykay websites are family friendly.

Have questions or feedback about this App? Email us at We would love to hear ideas on how to make Cape Creator for Minecraft even better.

-- Important --

This app and Seejaykay LLC are not affiliated with Mojang AB or Notch Development. Mojang AB is the legal creator of Minecraft.

What's New on this version 3.0.2

This update is for minor fixes.

Look for the all new version coming soon!

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • FIX

    I can't upload the cape and when I try the app crashes, and just make it to were we can just upload it to our profile. Please Fix This Bug

  • Can I download it to minecraft

    I need to know if/how I download it to minecraft

  • Rip off

    $2 for a app that dos not work I want my money back now or I will delete the app

  • Really

    Seriously guys this is just a fun creation app. Of course you can't upload it. For reason minecraft itself doesn't even have a feature of getting capes unless you go to minecon. Stop hating on this apps creator for your thick headed reasons


    It's a great app it just really needs a download to add the cape on your minecraft skin!!



  • Can't wear your cape

    I like this app how you can create your own cape and put on display for other people to see,but you can't wear the cape I hope you add it into the app.

  • Great cape creator!

    I use a mod to see them in game and I love to make capes with this great cape creator!

  • I love it!

    I have most of these guys apps. This is another great one. Make a cape then i can see it with a cape mod. I wish mojang would officially put them in minecraft though!

  • Don't get it!!!!

    It is a waste!!! You can't upload the cape to your account


    Alright the app is great I mean the cape creator and stuff but there is one thing missing.. download!! You need a mod to download a stupid cape! What I will do is just wait until the get a update on where everyone with a mod or not can download the cape they designed. So YA it's worth it but just wait until they make a update.I mean they have to

  • Bad

    This has no way to apply the cape DONT BUY IT

  • Most dumb ap ever

    I hate it

  • Ripoff

    The first words under the title should be "Does not work with current versions of mine craft!" But no, you get that info in tiny print after you've bought it. Ripping off 10 year olds everywhere. DO NOT buy this app.

  • Not what I expected for you guys....

    Like most people here, I thought I would be able to create a cape and then upload it to my mc character. I was wrong. No not buy this app. Imma report soon. If ou already bough this app you are screwed

  • Dont waste your money until they update!!!!!

    Add A upload to minecraft button

  • Terrible and Awful.

    This app is a WASTE of money. All you do is look at a cape that you can't even UPLOAD to minecraft. All you can do is look at a cape. When I got this, I was like: "I'm finally gonna have a cape for minecraft!!!" I was 100% WRONG! There better be a update that allows you to UPLOAD your cape to MINECRAFT. If you DON'T add a feature to upload our capes to minecraft in the NEXT update, I'll probably REPORT this app. Don't waste your time and money on this useless app.

  • I saved you 2$ if you read this

    Really,I think it's cool you can make a cape but you can't upload it!!!!I want my 2$ back okay who ever made this!I Am going to erase this until you can upload it!I would give this 1/2 of a star but I can't do that so that's why I gave it a 1

  • Bad app

    Well I bought the app not knowing about the mod that you had to get but I am only 10 and I don't know how to get a mod so this app is a waste of money I recommend not to buy it and read this first before you do if you still want to buy it because you may be creative and want to make a cape for fun. Please do not get this app if you can't get the cape mod.. I only gave this app one star

  • Does not work

    Kids assume that this product works like a skin creator & they can use it on their Minecraft characters. Not so. You create it in this program but you Cannot use it to play Minecraft.

  • Apply!!!!!!!

    Make an apply button

  • Waste of money

    When I bought this, I thought I'd be able to upload this to my mc character, but I can't! It's a stupid app and a waste of money.

  • Apply button

    I love your skin app, and the fact that I can use the skins make on my account. But, this cape creator has no easy way ( or way at all ) to apply your cape to your character. I really would like to put this cape I designed on my character. Is there any reason why we can't upload capes? Please add this into the next update! Otherwise, this app is awesome!

  • What?!

    We have to have a mod! And can the guys tell us what mod we have to have? Bc I bought the app not knowing about the mod thing so i am not giving this a 5 🌟 bc mojang dose not let everyone have capes so......... Yeah wate save ur money till they give the mod name and mojang lets us have capes

  • Awesome

    This is so cool! I always wanted a cape and no app works better than this one! :)!!!

  • Bad app for everyone

    Well, first you can't even upload your cape to your minecraft profile. The capes stink I didn't even see one minecon cape. It's not worth it

  • Just STUPID >:(

    Let's you make your cape, BUT NOT UPLOAD IT

  • What a horrible app

    This lets you do anything with your cape except use it!!!!! It was a waste of mony for me :-( .!! If your reading this. Beware this is a warning: do not download. If you already did ,like me. sorry :-(

  • Ok

    This app only works if you have the cape mod in minecraft without the mod it's useless

  • 👎

    Why can't I apply it to my mc character I can do anything but tht I regret buying this app -_-


    I was trying to upload this but I did not see the upload to game I can't use this for my pc account FIX THIS

  • Idk

    Please don't get this app if you don't have the cape mod. I bought it thinking it was for actual MC because I saw this player wearing a cape. Only get this app if you have the cape mod. I don't

  • Parental Controls?

    What's with the parental controls now? They shouldn't be needed because if someone knows they shouldn't search something, they wouldn't. Also, who would post an inappropriate cape? This is an okay app, but Mojang still hasn't added capes for everyone yet. Not worth the buy yet because of that since we can't use our capes. Hopefully soon though!



  • RIP OFF!!!!!!!!

    I can not download my cape from this app!!!!!! If this is a bug then PLEASE fix I would give it am five star rating but I can not download to my minecraft account do not bye it is not good i just wasted two dollars on this rotten app I want my money back.

  • Really need help with uploading

    I think the app is good but it needs to upload easier.

  • Total rip off!!!

    This is useless. You can't use the capes in minecraft!!! It's not "capemaker for minecraft" it's capemaker for capemaker because these things are only good for this app. You stole $2 from my son.

  • Rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This app only allows you to see capes, and when you upload it, it sends it to a contest and not to your minecraft character! Do not buy this app, it is a rip off way to waste money! This app has ABSOLUTELY NO POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uhh

    It's fun an all but I can't upload it to my guy I hope ur making another update and let us put the cape on the guy instead of using the mod. Thx! :)

  • Loading error

    I like the app and all, but when I don't have an internet connection I try to load the app and right when I try to open it, it closes. I hope you guys can fix this error it would help a lot

  • It's pretty awesome

    At first I thought that you only design capes and stare at them.That would only get a 3 star rating.Now that I know how to upload then on my PC it is the best!

  • Awesome

    I Wanted A Cape For Soo Long And It Was Hard To Make Now I Can Make It On My IPad

  • Great!but...

    I love this app!!! But you can't upload to the computer :(

  • Great app but

    Love making capes.!. But how do you get the cape mod to wear in pocket edition

  • Cape creator

    When I try to color my cape it crashes on me. 😡

  • Sucky app

    This app is nothing but crap . All your doing is makeing a cape and than just looking at it wast of 2$

  • Terrible App

    You can't upload the capes to minecraft. This app is the worst .

  • Thank you!

    Thanks Pocket frog man123 for the message I was about to say that!

  • Amazing! Now I haz a custom cape! :3

    This is a really cool and fun app to express my creativity in making a cape! I haz fun with it! And the problem u guys cant upload it to your minecraft or it doesnt show up its because u need the cape mod to see it!!

  • Glitch

    Every time i go to "select color" the app exits out on me. Please fix

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