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Tennis Channel Everywhere

Tennis Channel Everywhere
2.5 based on 310 Votes
Price Free

Welcome to the brand new Tennis Channel Everywhere APP! Tennis Channel Everywhere is a free app that is your portal to live tennis on your iPhone or iPad. Through this app, Tennis Channel subscribers can authenticate and watch the network streamed live and for the ultimate tennis fan, you can upgrade to TC Plus. TC Plus subscribers will unlock access to over 300 live matches not available on Tennis Channel including the French Open mosaic, ATP and WTA tours, Davis Cup matches, Fed Cup matches, plus thousands of hours of on demand programming.
Access to live streaming of Tennis Channel is determined by your TV provider. The providers below offer access to Tennis Channel live streaming: Read more...

Tennis Channel Everywhere is a Sports application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2.5 based on 310 Votes. This version 3.3 has an average rating of 1 based on 4 Users.

Your device must have atleast 11.6 MB of space to download and install Tennis Channel Everywhere. This application does not have game center . Tennis Channel Everywhere is Free to download and install on your mobile device

More Description

-AT&T U-verse




-Verizon FiOS

-select NCTC partners

Please check back regularly as new TV providers are added.

What's New on this version 3.3

- A new way to search, browse and share your favorite videos
- Bug fixes


  • Sports
  • Lifestyle

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Support Languages

  • English, American


Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • No Time Warner Cable - Useless!!

    Update provider list if you want people to use your app. It's useless to me and many others! "Delete" from device!

  • Really TC????

    Update your provider list!!!

  • Won't Open

    The second I click on it to open it pops up then force closes. I literally downloaded it today, seriouslly!

  • No comcast

    They apparently do not have an agreement with the largest cable provider, Comcast. So 60% of people who watch tennis channel can't even use this app. Worthless. Also they very invasive privacy policy that's written in 2-point font, that seems to try and discourage people from reading it. I think the only thing they don't collect and use is your kids names--except if you link to facebook and they're on your friends list. Then they'll have that too.

  • Optimum

    There is no Optimum!!

  • *Comcast* is to blame for not being available on this app

    It's not TTC's fault. Like so many other horrible things about Comcast, they will not allow its paying subscribers to access the live feeds of this app.

  • Annual package is better...

    Better package

  • Comcast

    There is no Comcast Xfinity

  • Unable to authenticate network

    This sounds like an amazing app... but I can't even get to the network authentication screen. Apparently I am not authorized to even authenticate myself to become authorized to view content. Makes sense

  • Works on only one device!!

    Great access to additional programming through tc plus, but can't access content except for original ipad mini app was purchased on(: Will not accept email as a registered username although I purchased and watch on one device. Misleading where it claims to work on up to 5 devices!! Come on tennis channel please fix this issue.

  • Does not have Time Warner Cable!

    I have tennis channel on my tv withTime Warner Cable but TWC (Time Warner Cable) isn't listed as a provider. I think it's just stupid how I can get it on tv but not iPad or iPod. Please please please let people with TWC use Tennis Channel Everywhere. Thank You.

  • Please add Chromecast support!

    Great app but it needs Chromecast support.

  • Don't buy this app!!!

    No good! Only work for one cell! Never work! Nothing goodπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘‹πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  • Does not play the videos

    Does not play the videos

  • Ok for watching tennis channel but that is it

    Tennis channel plus is ok, but the interface and schedule is a joke. Wish I never would have bought it.

  • No Comcast :(

    The app LOOKS great, but I couldn't tell you how well the streaming is because Comcast Xfinity is not one of the providers compatible with it. I already pay extra to get Tennis Channel on my cable, I'm certainly not going to pay an extra $59.99/yr to get access on my iPad. Come on, @Comcast!!

  • Great app

    Finally, I can watch tennis on the go in a simple app everywhere. Works great! Definitely 5 stars

  • Great app

    I love the tennis channel app. Great quality streaming and very easy to use

  • Only works on ONE device!

    TC Plus only allows you to access the app on ONE device! And now because I’m signed into more than one device (ipad, iphone, computer) it pops up a notification saying I’m signed into another device then a few minutes later gives an error and stops playing - I can’t even sign out of the other devices. It was a big mistake subscribing to Tennis Channel Plus.

  • Comcast provider is not available

    Comcast provider is not available. Please list it under providers list.

  • Can't sign in

    Have been watching the French Open using this app on my iPad since it started. All at once for the men's semis this morning, it says I'm not authorized for content. Doesn't work on my phone either. Frustrating!

  • TC Plus is a great addition

    Really enjoyed the French Open coverage on TC Plus.

  • Great App!

    App is very easy-to-use. Clean interface and clear video streaming.

  • Doesn't Work.

    Tried it on an ipad. Doesn't work at all. Nothing there.

  • Don't Buy for iPhone & iPad use

    Will only work on one not (5) devices as their FAQ says. Latest update DOES NOT fix issue! No support to resolve. I've requested refund. Waste of money as is. After I purchased through my iPhone and used my Apple iTunes login to buy it, when I downloaded the app on my iPad it asks for a sign in email and password that I never had to enter when bought the subscription with iPhone and it's not my appleid email nor password? They need to fix this!!!

  • I get Tennis Channel on Comcast but...!!!!

    There is no option for me to get it here. This is 100% the software developers' fault. Sure, TC is not standard with Comcast but neither is HBO. I seem to still authenticate my HBO subscription, but no option to do that with the TC app, complete bogus. You guys have to fix this. I pay a premium to get TC at home with Comcast, you guys should make it available to people like me. HBO does, why don't you? Get'r Done!!!!

  • Njhbob

    Should be a way to check no stars. Utterly useless app for anyone subscribing to Comcast even though he's paying for Tennis Channel. Why is this? Can't get an answer. I wish ESPN had the exclusive telecasts. Their app actually works.

  • Where's Comcast

    How can you not have Comcast as a provider??!!

  • DirecTV

    No longer recognizing when I log in via DirecTV, spoken to DirecTV they say set up correctly.... Please fix before Roland Garros ends!!!!!

  • Comcast/Xfinity

    Please add Comcast/Xfinity to your list of providers!

  • Add Comcast

    Note that your ratings will tank until you add Comcast to the provider list.

  • Love it--with one little complaint

    If your cable or satellite company is among those that allow you access to TCEverywhere, and your lineup includes TC, this is a terrific app that lets you watch whatever is on TC plus a few videos. Improved interface with the latest update. Easy to use. I subscribed to TCPlus as well and have been happily watching matches of my choice on the 5 tv courts at Roland Garros. BUT when NBC is airing live matches on the weekend, TCPlus is not available and you're stuck watching the match they're airing.

  • Punishing comcast customers

    Last year I could watch replays of slam matches on watchespn on appletv. Now tennis channel must have the rights and have locked comcast users out of both using this app or espn. Zero point zero stars.

  • Useless

    If you have Comcast don't bother.

  • Comcast not supported

    How do u not have comcast listed? I pay for channel and should be able to use app. What a waste!

  • No Comcast???

    After installing older version 4 times I finally got the app to work on my 4th gen iTouch [but not on my iPad 1] & what happens? Sign in available for even the most obscure providers but no Comcast - the largest? Tennis Channel's on my TV right now but not elsewhere b/c N/A for my provider. Can u guys make a deal already? At least include a link to request access on my system so you can prove to Comcast that they're subscribers demand this!


    Why develop an app and not provide all of the cable providers?!!!!...


    'Nuf said

  • big improvement for watching the Slams

    The latest major update is a huge improvement for people who just want to open the app and start watching live tennis right away. Much cleaner interface and standard AirPlay controls make it easy to watch on small or big screen. Occasionally the app has given me the Tennis Channel Plus sign-in screen when I'm not trying to access that content, but that's a minor interruption compared to the unpredictability of earlier versions of this app. Definite steps in the right direction.

  • Really??

    I pay for tennis channel trough Brighthouse, which is not listed between your providers. App need a whole lot of work.

  • No support for this App

    Signed up for TC + and paid but now I cannot use it on my iPad. Great idea but it does not work with Comcast Xfinity over 24hrs now trying to get tech support for this app with no luck. Very disappointed with this product and would like to hear from someone prior to contacting Amex to report this problem and request a refund.

  • New app is terrible

    I knew I should not have updated. Now I cannot even sign in with my provider. Come on people, how about testing it out thoroughly before releasing!! Not happy. I can't even use it now!

  • No Comcast/Xfinity???

    I pay for Tennis channel on Comcast, add major TV providers and fix the app from crashing all the time

  • Finallly

    great app. gives me live channel coverage on iOS and also can upgrade to other matches not found on TV. Nice Job.

  • Xfinity

    Please add access to xfinity (comcast) subscribers

  • Very good update

    The UI looks nice and video quality is pretty nice!!!

  • RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's unbelievable that you DO NOT have one of, if not, the BIGGEST cable company COMCAST is not on this list!!!! Really?...REALLY?!

  • Could be 5 Stars

    I use this app with my iPhone 5 and am a Dish subscriber. It could be a five star app but 1) the sound doesn't play through the speakers so you have to use a headset, 2) it has an hour of previous play but it is extremely difficult to back up the recording and there is no 30 second fast forward (there is a 30 sec back).

  • AT&T

    Gave it two stars because I like the idea and layout. But, not compatible with AT&T uverse so can't even use.

  • Don't bother if you are a Comcast customer

    Like others said - what's up with no comcast support? Useless app to me without it.

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