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Tennis Channel Everywhere

Tennis Channel Everywhere
2 based on 465 Votes
Price Free

Tennis Channel Everywhere is your home for Tennis. Subscribe To Tennis Channel Plus and watch over 650 Live matches as well thousands of on-demand matches. Are you a Tennis Channel subscriber? Authenticate and watch the network streamed live.
TC Plus subscribers will unlock access to over 650 live matches not available on Tennis Channel including the French Open mosaic, ATP and WTA tours, Davis Cup matches, Fed Cup matches, plus thousands of hours of on demand programming. Read more...

Tennis Channel Everywhere is a Sports application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 465 Votes. This version 4.4 has an average rating of 1.5 based on 45 Users.

Your device must have atleast 23.2 MB of space to download and install Tennis Channel Everywhere. This application does not have game center . Tennis Channel Everywhere is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


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Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere
Tennis Channel Everywhere

Additional Information

Access to Tennis Channel Plus requires a subscription.

-An annual subscription is $89.99 and valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

-Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.

-Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of your annual subscription by going to the Account Settings after purchase.

-Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of your subscription and will renew at $89.99 for an additional year for all annual subscriptions

-No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription period.

Access to live streaming of Tennis Channel is determined by your TV provider. The providers below offer access to Tennis Channel live streaming:

-AT&T U-verse




-Verizon FiOS


-select NCTC partners

Please check back regularly as new TV providers are added.

What's New on this version 4.4

- New App Icon
- Bug Fixes

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • DO NOT pay for this

    I originally signed up for this thinking that I could get to watch more tennis and have more control. However I was stuck in the subscription for a year. Well this year rolls around and I was charged without notice with a charge that was from some company that is not tennis channel (I guess they outsourced) so I dispute the charge. Now I am having to fight to get a refund because the charge was accurate. And I can't even talk to an actual person to get this resolved. Horrible communication and service on top of a horrible product.

  • Less than one star-worthy

    The app gets you zip. Most of the most interesting matches of ATP and WTA are increasingly on ESPN including aka as ESPN3. This is a desperate ploy by TC to gain revenue. At one time Tennis Channel Plus got you more variety in court action within such as ATP 1000. No more. Other than to view some TC matches when away from home where I can view TC /TC Plus through my cable provider, this app gives nothing. And if you buy this app and are unhappy as I am so unhappy, it cannot be cancelled. I have to wait for expiration of the years subscription. If you buy through TC directly there may be more control. I tried both iTunes and TC and am out $89 for nothing. Ripppppp offff

  • TC Plus a Waste of Money

    Do not buy TC PLUS. The coverage of WTA matches that they hawk is B.S. Inexplicably, TC Plus will stop showing a match right in the middle of it. The only reason I bought TC Plus was to possibly see more WTA matches, since regular TC will show practically ANY men's match rather than cover any women's match being shown at the same time. There is less than zero desirable content on TC Plus. Right now, live WTA matches are taking place in the Western and Southern Open. ESPN is showing the men's matches. What's on TC Plus? The umpteenth re-showing of the French Open Final. If you want to see the women's matches, you have to subscribe to a third service, TennisTV. I tried TennisTV for a month and it had infinitely more desirable content. I am sick that I paid $80 for this crappy service. The money would have far better spent on a TennisTV subscription.

  • My cable company is not listed!!

    I get the Tennis Channel from my cable company Suddenlink. When I go in to sign up on this app, Suddenlink is not a choice. Therefore I am unable to use this app. INSERT SUDDENLINK AS A CHOICE!!!

  • Worst app ever

    Took $89 subscription so I can watch Wimbeldon but to my dismay. The live channels are for past matches that no one cares... This should have been free of cost for the matches that we get to see.. Veey disappointed... I tried to report this as a problem from my iTunes purchases but didn't get any email that my problem was reported. Can't apple send an email that this issue has been submitted and sent to the developer??

  • Do Not Waste Your Money

    You will Spend a lot of $ and you will only get access to stored matches - not tennis channel live. Very deceptive , wish I could get my money back.

  • Don't waste money on the subscription

    You cannot watch the French open finals on the tennis channel plus. And they didn't tell!!! Very disappointed

  • Can't watch what I paid for? Really?

    I paid a lot of money for this app to watch my favorite players at the French Open but after a short rain delay, they are no longer broadcasting! What the heck!!

  • TC NoWhere, Not at all

    Couldn't log in in Miami with either directv or uverse and app won't open in Europe (not available).

  • Rewind Back Button

    You Have a 30sec REWIND BACK Can You GET 1 To Go 30 Seconds Foward??!? The Scroll Isn't Very Accurate!

  • Tennis Channel Plus Is just another Scam..

    I don't think it's worth the price. I paid $89 but right now only 3 courts are Live tennis. The other 2 are replays. Murray and Stepanek are playing live plus other 2 courts. I call this a scam. Not being truthful. I'm disappointed with such deceiving style of marketing.

  • Overpriced

    I repurchased a subscription to TC Plus because it's my only way to watch French Open matches not being shown on TV. The app used to allow the use of more than one device for viewing different matches. As I just learned while trying to use my laptop and tablet at the same time, TC is now allowing only one device at a time. They're taking greed too far.

  • Tennis channel plus

    I am looking to find a way to watch tennis since watchespn has stopped broadcasting the major tournaments, this year. Since I have cablevision I can't get the tennis channel and was considering subscribing to tennis channel plus. After reading these reviews, I won't.

  • No Comcast support yet

    I've been a Tennis Channel TV subscriber for years, and can't believe they still do not offer live TV on this app for customers of the largest cable company and ISP in the US! Really?

  • Poor App, needs redesign

    There are many Tennis apps out there - this is probably the most poorly designed. I wish i hadn't wasted money subscribing to Tennis Plus. The menu design is worthless, it's hard to decipher the schedule, and there's no choice of which match to watch. A real disappointment for such an expensive subscription


    As stated previously, TennisChannelPlus is a scam. There is no replay until TCP says so. One week later. If your lucky. I don't know the economics of why ESPN gave up on tennis, but WatchESPN is a free app that respects their customers. On WatchESPN if you miss a live match, just go to replay. Not on TCP. I'm the fool. I fell for it. You like Tennis Channel Plus? I!ve heard of this guy named Bernie (sic) Madoff. He has great deals, too!

  • Depressingly Unacceptable Content

    There is no access to Tennis Channel. The matches I'm interested in watching are either not on the app live and/or on demand. I wish I would have just purchased an ESPN subscription by itself. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.


    I do all my TV watching through Apple TV. No Cable subscription. Have wanted to get Tennis Channel but could not without cable contract. I thought I could get same programming by paying for Tennis Channel Plus. But instead I got access to hours of 10 year old interviews, recordings of previously played matches but NONE of the live matches available on Tennis Channel. An incredible ripoff if you do not have cable contract.

  • Big waste of money

    We are not connected to tv providers, choosing to pay, instead, for what we actually watch, and stream. Losing tennis coverage was one of my losses, but, hey, tennis channel plus would fill the void. NOT! I can't find any coverage of the more important tournaments, even though TC+ advertises on the site. Often, when I try to watch, I get a massage to "choose your provider." I thought paying the $89 annual fee would replace that. I am so, so disappointed.

  • Ensure This Is What You Want! Tennis Channel Everywhere? Really?!

    This was probably too hasty of me to rush and download this TC Everywhere, because it certainly didn't imply what I had thought I could use it for. And, that was being hopeful to watch a LIVE ATP Masters Monte Carlo 1000 broadcast. It is dependent upon your home cable TV OR satellite subscription, away from home log on. Can you believe in this day and age that TWC (Time Warner) isn't a provider listed to allow such a log on? Long and short, I cancelled and was finally refunded my subscription price of $89.99 for 12 mo. However, that wasn't without a major hassle. I'm disappointed in the Tennis Channel support people as they weren't of much help either.

  • TC+. So far it's a waste

    I ordered a years subscription to TC+ thinking that i would see matches all the time anytime....nope. Most of IndianWells 2016 coverage centered on commentators on couches. Miami Open is about the same. ESPN app broadcasts much more tennis.

  • Not Even Close…….

    ……to what I was expecting. The app is just a poor-man’s version of a Sling box. It’s very unstable. Screens are cluttered in appearance. Descriptions are void of any clarity. Content is very disappointing. Mostly what they’re doing is rebroadcasting past shows and matches. I thought Tennis Channel Everywhere would allow access to a broader range of matches they weren’t showing on regular Tennis Channel….it does not. Though they make some vague claim about being able to see more for the French Open only ? If you really want to watch Tennis Channel live, spend the extra money and get an actual Slingbox. This is not money well spent.

  • Poor coverage

    you pay $89.99 a year to watch tennis and you get reruns of old matches when there is live play going on during the grand slams, Indian Wells, Miami and etc…don’t waste the money.

  • Let down

    I gave it the two stars because there is probably somebody out there who has one of the 3 or 4 cable providers that actually support the tennis channel app. And for that person, this app is probably awesome. For me though, it is totally worthless. My cable provider isn't supported, so no tennis channel for me. Then I see the option to pay $89 for tennis channel plus. That's a little steep, but my wife loves tennis so I thought it would be worth it to be able to watch the various tennis tournaments. I was sorely mistaken. After my $89 in app purchase I got access to a tennis news show that said "live" but was actually on repeat. Still no live tennis matches. This app has provided zero utility for me. The "plus" in app purchase is a joke.

  • Tennis everywhere ??? Really !!

    I have love the tennis Channel for a long time, but tennis channel everywhere application it's really very disappointing experience. I travel to Colombia South America, which is not the jungle, and when I try the application it says it's not available where I was. I had an excellent Wi-Fi connection as it does the whole country so why call it tennis channel everywhere when it actually does not. Very sad and disappointing.

  • Don't get if you have Comcast

    It doesn't work. Only reruns. Hate it. Will NOT purchase again if they can't get it together with Comcast. Piece of trash.

  • Great great App

    I had no problems!!! Everything came through clear

  • No time warner cable provider?

    Are you kidding me? How about time warner cable users? We are not allowed to watch tennis on the go?

  • Most frustrating app/service experience ever

    Horrible experience with this app. I paid for the subscription and then couldn't access anything. There were a hundred steps just to register and I could never even get it to work. This is supposed to provide entertainment, not agony. Expecting a full refund.

  • Direct tv issue

    I signed into direct tv as my provider just for it to tell me I'm not authorized for the content. It was just regular TC not TC+. Why even list directv if it doesn't work??

  • Constant TC Plus Ad

    Needs a way to specify if I only want it to play on wifi or cellular data as well. Comcast does this well(!) and will ask if you want to allow a one time exemption if wifi is not available. Close your app to check an email and come back - watch a TC plus ad. Jump over to FB and open the app? Watch a TC plus ad. Answer a text message and open the app? Watch a TC plus ad. Enough with the TC plus ads!!! We get it - we don't need 30 seconds EVERY SINGLE TIME I OPEN THE APP!!!! ESPN Go app btw has many of the tennis matches now - if you have Comcast you may be better off with ESPN than the TC plus as most subscriptions already include access to them.

  • Disappointment

    What a disappointment! Basically re-run content. Not everyone wants to watch the match the tennis channel is showing. They missed a great opportunity to feed other court matches - which they didn't do in Indian wells or Miami. I will not be re-subscribing. No,point!!

  • Don't Bother

    TC Plus is a complete waste of money! Where are the decent live matches? Watching Davis Cup 2016 and can't get Serbia match. The number (1) player in the world and you can't get this match? You can get all of the others? This is just an example though. If I want to watch tennis I'll just watch the tennis channel when I can. Who cares about on demand old matches! I won't be renewing! Beware of this gimmick!

  • Not good

    Brighthouse is not supported

  • Works great!

    I've had no issues accessing TC or TC+ on the app. Cable provider is Verizon, and I've had no issue logging in through that account or accessing my subscription for TC+.

  • Okay, as far as it goes

    For anyone hoping to use this app for TC Everywhere, make sure your carrier is supported. Xfinity is not, at least in my area, so I only use the app for TC Plus. It would be great if TC and Xfinity could come to some agreement about this for non-TC Plus users. One warning about TC Plus: Don't expect to find every match from every tournament, or even necessarily the most important ones. I'm not sure how they decide which ones to stream, but their choices seem a little random to me. On the other hand, they do have an extensive collection of matches in their on-demand library. There seems to be a delay of a day or two after a match is played before it's available on demand. Just one big gripe about the on-demand player: It would be really helpful if it would return to your last position in a recording so that if you stop watching and come back later, you don't have to fiddle with the slider trying to figure out where you left off.

  • Lackluster effort

    Note that the in-app purchase amounts don't match up with the app's description — so the "bug fixes" in the latest release don't reflect accurately what it costs to use the app. Also note that even if your cable subscription includes the Tennis Channel, paying the in-app amounts may be a waste because the app only works with select providers. The lackluster effort and poor attention to detail is an insult to tennis fans.

  • Do not subscribe to this!

    I also just paid $89 for this and can't get any Australian open semi finals days later. I have no idea either what this app is for. I wrote to cancel and have been ignored. I cancelled tennis Cham el,within ao cast thinking this would be an improvement but it is actually much worse.

  • Mr.

    Not sure I understand the point of this app. I just shelled out 89 beans for the TW plus service and I can't seem to get to anything. Funny, they were able to except payment rather quickly but when it comes time to actually use it all is a mystery. I'm sure if I try to cancel the service, that will be a hassle to!

  • Can't use, Comcast as a provider not offered

    I pay for tennis channel and want to use this app with my subscription. Comcast is not offered in the app, so I cannot log in to verify my subscription.

  • Useless

    Can never find anything I want to watch. Case in point: was not able to watch Andy Murray's first round match at the Aus Open 2016 live, so hoped to see it on this app the next morning before any more play, but can I find it anywhere on this app or TC Plus? NO, I can't. What's the point of this app, especially paying something like $70 for TC Plus. Worse still, I can't find how to cancel!!

  • Don't buy it...

    Extremely poor content. Wildly over-priced. Terrible integration between the Apple TV and iPad. $70 was flushed down the toilet. Don't buy it. You will be sorry.

  • Could be great with the right provider

    This app looks great, but my provider (CharterSpectrum) is not listed in the app... Please add this provider!!


    False advertising! There are no live matches , you can't even watch recordings of latest matches. Content is limited, and doesn't get updated frequently. Basically, you spend $79 for one time use. To watch one minute clinics, you have to watch 15 sec commercials every time. Very annoying, you stop watching after few.


    Poor content selection and worse customer service. It is very misleading as to what you actually get and there are NO refunds once you figure out it isn't very good.

  • Support refuses to Cancel subscription renewal

    Beware! This app has no way to cancel subscription renewal other than an email to their platform provider. However when you email the indicated address they tell you they can not cancel your subscription.

  • This service is a joke

    This service claims to show live programing. Right now it claims that the Australian open is “Live” haha the “Live” match it lets you watch is 6 months old and one of the players in that match is actually playing Live in a differant country (you are not able to watch that match using this service). Do not pay $80 to watch matches that you can find anywhere for free. This is a sham.

  • Time Warner cable?????

    I am trying to watch china open finals,i figured i have time warner cable subscribsion and me it will be easy,but for some reason your app doesnt let you choose time warner as one of the providers!!!!!!why is that???but i can pay time warner to watch your chanel at home!!!you guys should be ashamed!!!

  • Terrible company to deal with

    Tennis channel's support is terrible and arrogant. Once they take your money they don't care about you as a customer. I pre-paid for a whole year, my subscription was cancelled somehow and they refuse to do anything about this.

  • Good idea, needs work

    I am a dedicated tennis fan, so invested that I kept directv for years just for the tennis channel and the multiple feeds during majors. I thought this app would be a lifesaver. But functionality is lacking. 1. Get chromecast support; this is more than an Apple world. Yes, I know I'm leaving this review on iTunes. 2. This service makes no sense if it doesn't include tennis channel *and* tennis channel plus. How is it "plus" if I can't get the baseline channel without a cable subscription? No way am I getting super premium xfinity cable just for tennis channel. 3. On demand archive is pitiful. How about classic matches from the last 20 yrs even? Thank the tennis gods for YouTube. So nice try, TC, but invest in the features, pay some licensing fees and get a true independent (non-cable) distribution channel for tennis. HBO did it, why can't you?

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