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Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS...

Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
4 based on 206 Votes
Price Free

Know Where the Fish Are & What They Are Biting On Each & Every Week.
Weekly Location Reports from veteran captains and angling authorities. Over 15,000 GPS Hot Spots, Radar weather, Tides, 350 Saltwater Fish Species in over 500 locations – the Pro Angler Fishing App has it all! Read more...

Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more is a Sports application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 206 Votes. This version 6.3 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 11 Users.

Your device must have atleast 60.2 MB of space to download and install Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more. This application does not have game center . Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Open Ocean Apps Inc. at

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English, American


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Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more
Pro Angler - Fish like a Pro. Reports, GPS & more

Additional Information

Guy Harvey Quote

“If you haven't heard of this app, you've been living under a barnacle somewhere. Pro Angler provides location-specific reports and fishing advice from hand-picked team of veteran captains. It also includes regulations and fishing techniques for individual species along with tide charts and weather data. It’s the whole package in one place.

Proud Sponsor of Keep America Fishing. Pro Angler has:

- Detailed Species Guide & Angling Techniques.

- Easy-to-Use State & Federal Regulations.

- ‘What’s Biting’ Weekly Regional Updates.

- All Major Inshore, Nearshore and Offshore fishing locations in Florida with current reports from fellow anglers.

- Guide your Boat to GPS Hot Spots & Artificial Reefs.

- Real-Time Marine Weather, Tides & Best Times to Fish Solunar Info.

- 1,000+ Local Bait Shops, Public Boat Launches, Charters & Captains, IGFA Weigh Stations & More!

- Bonuses: Recipes, Sharable Catch Log, Knots, Rigs, Gear, License Info, State Records, Digital Fishing Wallet to store important docs & more!

The Live Action Upgrade is $20.99 for 3 months, $35.99 for 6 months or $59.99 for 1 year. Your subscription will automatically renew each period and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings.

It is Pro Angler’s mission and continued effort to bring you absolutely top notch tips and angling secrets to land you more fish, provide proper regulations, give anglers all environmental/species statistics possible and to promote this great sport to all ages in the beautiful Coastal United States of America!

*** We are constantly adding tips, information and features. Visit for full feature list.

Support – Pro Angler runs on the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus 5s, 5c, 5, iPhone 4S, and 4, and the iPad 3, iPad Air, and the new iPad Pro all using iOS 8.X or higher. Pro Angler is accessible both with and without a 3G / WiFi. Standard features (location search, regulations summary, fish information, angling tips) are available without a connection, but special features such as the Directions, Weather, Maps, etc. require a connection.

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Terms of Use:

What's New on this version 6.3

We've added over 500 cities and 300 fish throughout Florida, Texas, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, California, Georgia & South Carolina.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great Fishing App!!

    Amazing how much information is fit into this app! I highly recommend this to any angler!!!

  • Nice App

    App gives you a nice heads up, especially in new territory.

  • Nice

    Great game

  • Awesome app

    Very cool app! It works great, I highly recommend it.

  • Great tool!

    Great info useful and nice graphics! Keep up the good work

  • Horrible.

    You have to purchase to get the fishing spots. There are many apps that Offer that for free.

  • Locked out of app

    Latest update requires logging in with account info (why do I have to have an account to use basic functionality? Selling my email address?). Don't remember password and am not receiving email with link to reset. Essentially locked out of now useless app taking up space.

  • Was A Good App

    This app used to be a pretty good app then they came out with this update and completely ruined it. Way to busy and difficult to navigate. Plus I paid the renewal for the upgraded version recently and now it wants more money. Its garbage now, wish I could have money back or the old app.

  • So Much For Free

    I am not into subscriptions but I might reconsider for this app. The free version has so much! 100's of fish to ID and Forecasts and Tides in an easy to use design. Love it!!

  • Worthless free version

    There is nothing useful here unless you subscribe

  • Love this update!!!!

    Unbelievable how much marine and fish information you can fit in these apps these days keep up the good work Pro Angler!

  • Hmmm

    I loved this app until the upgrade wish I could go back to the last version. Will not use anymore until they fix.

  • Mr

    This used to be a good app now all you get is adds to subscribe to this and that

  • Don't waste your time.

    This app used to be good and fairly helpful without spending any money just looking at a few ads. Now it's completely useless other than the weather which I'm sure no one has an app for that anywhere handy. They ruined a good thing with the update. Only gave it one star because it wouldn't let me give zero. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Not Ready for Primetime

    I have come to rely on this ap fishing the gulf, both in identifying and in regulations. It was set up well, easy to use and gave good information. I was excited to see this upgrade and upgraded as soon as it became available. I wish I had waited until the application was out awhile. This is not an upgrade, it is a completely new and different application. It may have it’s good points (not sure what they are but I would hope there are some) but make no mistake, it bears little resemblance to the old one. If you use as a fish identifier and fish in areas where there is no cell service (which I do), the picture of the fish does not show up. It has the other information but not the picture, which is actually what you need to identify. If you actually used the last version, wait until the next version. Unfortunately I am having to look for another program with the functionality of the old one.

  • Great app

    Just what I need everything!!!!!

  • Problems freezing

    Is a good app it has a lot of information but it allways take to loong to open is like that all the time ,i better go for others app than wait for this

  • Great App and Fishing Reports

    I travel and fish all over FL and I was so happy to find this app. In the past I have had to switch between different weather and tide apps to get all my fishing info I needed for a day on the water. This app has it all in an easy to understand display for every location I may be fishing. I also find the fishing reports from the captains and bait shops that are uploaded every week very useful. When fishing in a new area it can be hard to get good info on whats biting. The reports tell me what to target and how to fish for them. It even has angling tips for species that aren't usually targetted. This app has so much more, it's everything a fisherman could ever want!!

  • Best Fishing App

    I don't give reviews for many Apps but I felt like I had too for this one. What a great App! It literally has everything a fisherman could ask for. The angling tips are top notch and it has tips for all of the fish. Impressive!! I really love the weekly fishing reports. It is updated every friday which is perfect for planning my weekend trips. All the weather data is bang on, and in an easy to use format. My only compliant is that its only for Texas and Florida right now. Other than that it's an A+ from me!

  • Fresh water version

    Good info, but need to add fresh water version.

  • Useless and definite not worth $7.99

    Auto update with a subscription without any of us authorize. HOW???? Pro Angler™ - Premium Fishing App, The Grand Slam Upgrade (Automatic Renewal) $2.99

  • Fish apt

    Good apt for what it is. Wish it had a bit more info other wise it would get 5 stars.

  • Ok, but pricie

    Should not ask to pay for upgrade

  • Not Pro at all

    Only has a couple of States, missing the mark completely

  • Great app,

    Really like the GPS hotspots, would like more spots in the middle keys

  • Okay but definitely not worth $7.99

    Colorful and easy to get around. But, you have to pay AGAIN to 'unlock' items like tide specifics....that is something easily found online for free. I would say it is worth $2 at the most. I feel ripped off.

  • Great app

    Great app good accurate info. Guides tell you what's going on in your area. With tides and best time to fish you can't beat it.

  • Awesome

    Pretty cool app! Very useful for me.

  • Awesome

    Great app. Tons of information and resources. I like the local anglers reports and the weather tide times with major and minor feeding times.

  • Review

    I use this app. Regularly and find all the information extremely helpful.

  • Needs Fixes

    Previous versions worked well on my iPhone 5S but this version is locking up on me when used on my iPhone 6 Plus. I get a message telling me it can't access the Internet and to check my Internet connection. Internet connection is fine and working well. If I do manage to get the app running I am then notified that my phone doesn't have enough storage. When checked my phone has 67 gigs of free space.

  • What's wrong with this app?

    Every time I try to use the app it says cannot access DB. Why?

  • Great App one small but

    I love this app. I've used it recently to figure out how to troll for grouper. I ended up hitting my limit. Family came into town and I used a recipe on the site to cook the grouper for dinner. Only minor issue I had was taking a picture and logging my catch within the app. I'm sure it can be taken care of with an update. If not for this it would have gotten 5 stars.

  • Saltwater Only

    May not be clear from the description but this app only covers saltwater, not freshwater, fishing.

  • Very informative.

    Just moved to Florida. This app helps me to identify fish and the regulations on them.

  • Will Spam You

    The app itself is great. But don’t give them a real email or they will spam you with related apps. Unsubscribe doesn’t work.

  • Good tool

    I always turn this app on before I go out fishing just to see what's going on out there it's a great tool to have

  • Great app

    Use every time I fish Usually for fish type and regulations

  • Best fishing app yet

    This app is the best I have used. I live in Florida but haven't lived here but 2 years and not sure of where to fish, how to fish, when to fish in Florida waters, this app tells me all of that and more. Best times to fish, real Captain fishing reports telling you where to fishing and what they are biting on at certain times of day for your fishing area. I really cannot write a review that would do this app justice but I will say this, I don't leave the house to go fishing until I have consulted this app. It will be your best iPad or iPhone app purchase if your a serious fisherman or woman. You have to search it under iPhone only app to find it but I use it on my IPad and it works perfect.

  • Crashes on iPhone

    Don't get until they fix the crashes

  • Awesome user interface

    Really like the UI and the attention to detail, excellent for any angler from a beginner to an avid fisherman.

  • Aweful

    This is a waste of money the gps numbers are so far off 18.3 miles off tried using some numbers of sunken barges 5 miles from my inlet and they took me 20 miles north . I have bought a paper chart and the same spots I used on this app are on the chart and they were only 5 miles away do not waste your money all you will do is burn a lot of gas . Wish I could get my money back this app is pure crap .

  • Great app for Florida fishing

    I use this app every time i go out fishing. Tides, regulations, best feeding times.

  • A+

    Love it

  • A little let down

    App has a lot of features, but nothing for the in fisherman on Sabine lake, TX. All the "hot spots" are 40 plus miles off shore. That would be about 39.9 miles to far for my Grumman challenger to get to. I was really hoping for a lot more in shore info and perhaps marsh fishing. 7.99 and little to show for it so far.

  • Great fishing App

    A complete app that extensively covers every aspect of fishing. Designed by anglers for anglers. This is a must have app if you fish.

  • Stellar App

    Top notch app. Always accurate, thorough, and timely information. Well done Pro Angler.

  • Pro Angler

    Sweet app! The captains reports/predictions and gps spots have been really useful when the fishings tough.

  • Could be better

    For a paid app, the sea condition data is consistently wrong. Also, the fishing reports are not updated, not even weekly. Could be a great app with some work and regular attention.

  • Worthless unless u fish in Fla or tx

    Disappointed, great idea but unless you fish in Fl or Tx you just wasted $8.

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