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GHIN Mobile

GHIN Mobile
2 based on 743 Votes
Price Free

GHIN Mobile is the official app of the Golf Handicap and Information Network® (GHIN®), a service of the United States Golf Association®. It offers a personalized mobile experience that allows you to manage and follow your game. This universal app offers these terrific features!
• Post your score

GHIN Mobile is a Sports application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 2 based on 743 Votes. This version 2.2.8 has an average rating of 2 based on 2 Users.

Your device must have atleast 15.0 MB of space to download and install GHIN Mobile. This application does not have game center . GHIN Mobile is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Sports , Entertainment ,


GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile
GHIN Mobile

Additional Information

• View your official USGA Handicap Index®

• View your most recent scores

• Interactive Course Handicap™ Calculator & Handicap Index lookup

• News and event results (if your association has opted to customize)

• And if your club has opted to customize:

o Non-Golfing members can now utilize the app

o Clubs can now connect directly with their providers that offer web-based services, such as websites, tee time reservations, event management, dining, and more.

• Works on iPhone and iPad

Note: Use of this app requires an official USGA Handicap Index® issued by a State or Regional Golf Association that uses the GHIN service.

What's New on this version 2.2.8

- Bug fixes and improvements

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Latest Version Loses Partner GHIN Numbers

    Another major bug.

  • Crashes on Open

    Still crashing when starting. The latest release did not fix this. The app is unusable.

  • Crap

    Not seeing my ghin number.

  • Lousy

    Loaded but now wonder why - no location service whatsoever. Is this the best the USGA can do?

  • GHIN

    GHIN app stinks. Works for some golfers and not others. At least post communication on how to solve. Website has no contact info.

  • Ghin mobile

    App has not worked for months. I joined Ghin so I could enter scores on mobile app. I will never pay dues for this crappy system again!!!

  • King

    Glad to see app is up and running. However, the category of.... 2016 rounds... is gone. I truly enjoyed that aspect to track my yearly play. What happened? Please bring it back.

  • A great app. Not a lot of support, but still a great app.

    This is really a great app. It takes a while to figure out all the features, like adding in partners and seeing their indexes, but this is still such a nice app. A must for playing away rounds.

  • It is working again!!!

    I didn't know what I had until it was gone.

  • Not fixed yet

    Have new version. Won't find ANY clubs. Location finder on. I live in tx. "Nearby clubs" are all on east coast. "All clubs": none can be found. Keep working. It's a great app when it works.

  • Lost functionality

    Update eliminates Last 12 months and YTD scores. You are not supposed to lose functionally!

  • GHIN for iPad

    This app will not even give me the opportunity to download it. Just gives me information about the app. Had it on my iPad but had to uninstall because of their recent issues that were corrected still would not let me access GHIN. Any suggestions out there?

  • Back to 5-Stars

    This app is the best thing for posting your handicap. Thanks for listening to us and fixing it!

  • Crashed After Update

    After being down all that time I did the update and after posting one score the app crashed and won't let me in.

  • GHIN App

    Good app. However after the "fix" it no longer will access last 12 or current year score. A step backward in my opinion.

  • Works again after 20 days down

    I will keep this app in the penalty box for a while. USGA’s monopoly status over the entire GHIN system is the reason for the ridiculously slow response time to get this app fixed. FACT: If this had been a revenue generating game app, it would have been up and running within hours.

  • Down Again

    Not working for long b4 back down. Really USGA. GET IT TOGETHER.

  • Fixed it

    Took a while to get back up, but works great now.

  • It works!

    Thank you!

  • Great app til it didn't work

    Glad the app at least functions now. But why did they have to remove the couple of stats options that were beneficial?

  • Trouble with mobile app

    Now we are up and five stars. I was lost with out your app. HAPPY HAPPy

  • IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!

    Where is current year and last 12 month scores? General assessment: USGA does not care about average golfers.

  • Location function not working

    Selecting the option as a Club member without a Ghin number results with a list of clubs 300 miles away in another state. And the club name search would not find any of the dozens of clubs in our city. Yes, I checked that Location Services are "on" for this app. Yes, I rebooted the app. Yes, I rebooted the phone and then the app. The Ghin app is not functioning for the latest version of IOS. Very poor.

  • Finally Fixed!

    Newest update has resolved the problem. Great app. Easy to use.

  • Finally fixed!

    Back to a 5* rating now that it works again. I thought about making it only 4* due to the length of time it was down, but truthfully, when it is working it is a great app!

  • 5 Star for the Past Convenience...why crashes?!

    Suddenly says no membership? Several folks seem to have had the same problems for several weeks...any word on a fix? Thank you!

  • Fix it!

    Still not working on May 4. Great app, but only when it works. Thus, 1 star today!

  • App has been broken for a LOOOONNNG time

    The title speaks for itself. Why is it taking so long to fix the app?

  • No membership found for this number

    Error message: "No membership information found for this number and name" This app suddenly stopped working in early April. Am waiting patiently for it to be fixed. It was a great app ... Hope to see it working again.

  • Ghin App

    May 4, 2016 The Ghin app is still not working. When turning on with Ghin number it has an error message which states the number and name cannot be found. The USGA needs to give a status report and an update on fix.

  • Disappointing

    App isn't working and won't let me log in

  • Not impressed

    How can this app be down for two weeks? Makes me think they aren't trying to fix it. Nothing takes two weeks to fix. This app probably didn't even take two weeks to create!

  • Was great

    For about 3 weeks it's had major issues from searching handicaps and players to now simply logging in. It says "no memberships found for this name or ghin #". There's no problem logging in online but the convenience of the app is much better. Please fix it already! After fix it gets 5 stars

  • No membership issue

    Same problem. Suddenly says no membership for ghin# / name. Been using for aver a year. Able to post scores thru website but not this app. Please fix!!

  • Hasn't work in awhile

    Awe fully long time to work the bugs out with no status updates!!

  • App Still Not Working

    They say they are working on a fix but it's been weeks since this worked. I used to post scores and get tournament information. Very disappointing and I find there can be little excuse for taking this long to fix the issue. I hope someone is listening to the complaints.

  • When it works, it works!

    Same issue as all the reviews before me. The app works well when the servers are up and running. Still having issues trying to post within the app (no membership) are the results I am getting. Hopefully the app is back up and running soon.

  • Too long

    Going on a month to get this app back running. Good app when working but this outage is way too extended. No customer communication either.

  • Plz make it work

    This is great when it works. Plz get it to recognize us!!!!!!!

  • No membership message

    Glad I tried to reinstall. Seeing the reviews about the problem with the server saved me hours of trying to figure out the problem. Thanks to all who noted in their reviews. This app is great when it is working.

  • Make It Work, Please

    Great App until three weeks' ago. Won't recognize my Ghin # anymore. Won't let me post a score. Won't let me sign in. It has become pointless to have on my phone. Crazy they can't get this fixed.

  • Dog of an app

    The GHIN app is really unstable and hasn't worked for weeks now (cannot login). It's just very poorly designed and badly coded.

  • Hasn't worked for sometime

    The app has not worked for sometime. Some reviews have indicated that it is being worked on. There has been no communication relative to a time frame or even that they are having problems. The app still request inputs that have no value. Have attempted to reload app several times to no avail.

  • Go back to previous version

    Why can't you revert back to the previous working version until you fix the BUGS in the update?

  • What's going on

    Fix the app. No longer recognizes members?! Not that complicated.

  • Doesn't work anymore

    It used to work great and now it says no member information. Waiting for them to fix it. Very frustrating.

  • Sporadic at best

    Seems to work half the time, when it is functional its fantastic but it's been down for two weeks now. Can't give a good review if it's nonfunctional for so long. Come on USGA, use some of that FOX television deal you signed for the US Open on an app that works.

  • Its broken.

    The app has not worked for weeks now. Who at GHIN is in charge of this!? Absolutely ridiculous that is has been broken for this long...

  • It's 2016 folks

    Weeks to fix an app is completely unacceptable time for golfers to find a different company to pay to be able to compete at our local clubs. This is complete bs

  • This app was good but now stop working...?

    Website on PC is ok, but mobile app show message "no membership". It's been for awhile but problem still there...

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