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Google+ Hangouts is a messaging app that lets you send and receive messages, photos and videos, animated stickers, and even start free video calls — one-on-one or with a group!
-- Say more with photos and video messages

Hangouts is a Social Networking application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 3.5 based on 6,362 Votes. This version 2.0.2 has an average rating of 4.5 based on 843 Users.

Your device must have atleast 23.0 MB of space to download and install Hangouts. This application does not have game center . Hangouts is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Google, Inc. at

More Description

-- Express yourself using emoji and animated stickers

-- Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 people

-- Make phone calls (free to numbers in the US and Canada)

-- Use Hangouts across your phone, tablet and computer


-- Mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply

What's New on this version 2.0.2

- Bug fixes and performance improvements


  • Social Networking

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Support Languages

  • Arabic
  • Catalan
  • Chinese
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English, American
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • HE
  • Hungarian
  • ID
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Malay
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Vietnamese



Recent Reviews and Comments

  • gud app


  • 👍


  • Useless google crap (as usual)

    Using iPhone 5s. Can't text. No contacts. Doesn't show missed calls. Like my title states... USELESS! Deleting it right after I'm done writing this review. PS don't waste your time until google fixes this app.

  • It is an AWESOME APP!


  • Clean, fast, works

    Been looking a while to have a chat client for my multiple gmail accounts, glad to finally have an official one that works wonderfully and is well designed to boot.

  • Pretty darn good

    Love everything about it! If I could change one thing, though, i would like to see the option of moving your viewing screen (of yourself). It's placed in the bottom right corner and if I want to see if I look okay, I have to look far from the camera. It would be more conviniet at the top or with the option to move it anywhere.



  • Clean and fast

    Don't like bottom nav bar. Hangouts should be in the left.

  • I miss Talkatone what a great app

    Google has he right to kill it but it doensnt make me happy. I'm a big guy so I use my iPad mini as a phone and Talkatone was the answer along with verizon LTE. Good news is I bought number from Skype and now I'm using skype to make calls and text. My only problem is I ported my business number to google voice bit of I regret that. Let's wait and see what google does next.

  • Not impressed

    I installed this as a replacement for Talkatone, so I could continue to use Google Voice instead of burning up mobile minutes. So far only about 10% of calls went through and didn't drop in the first 30 seconds. Also, while the app CAN read my phone contacts, there isn't doesn't seem to be away to pick which contact's number (cell, work, etc.) will be dialed; it just picks one and I'm stuck with it. These are both deal breakers for me, unfortunately.

  • Hotness

    Works better than Skype! Love it!

  • Wanted feature

    Awesome app but I wish I could text regular cellphone numbers. So tired of imessage

  • Me gusta

    Muy buena App, lástima que sólo es compatible con usuarios Gmail

  • Issues with photo upload n calls

    There are many apps which use to be better than hangout for google chats but as they blocked those 3rd party service and forcing users to use their hangout . Other day I was trying to send pic through the chat it didn't go n google voice calls also doesn't work. This is the first time I got disappointd with google

  • Great app

    I love this app. I had others and had great difficulty with keeping them connected and providing push notifications. This app has solved both and so far has worked flawlessly.

  • Great Beyond Imagining

    This is what the future should be like. Crazy, easy to use and gives me the ability to text, call, and video conference using just a data connection without additional sign ups. Really like it.

  • Amazing

    Hang outs is fun I can text meh friends if I have wifi

  • The Best Ever!

    I haven't used iMessage since I switched. Give it a shot! You won't regret it...

  • Pretty bad experience

    I had a pretty bad experience with this app. I was invited to hang out and I could not even open the hangout. After a couple of trials I decided to uninstall at the app and installed again. After doing that I was able to connect to hangout. However I experienced a lot of called drops. It was pretty hard to join back to the hang out. Plus the video was jittery. And all that happened on the very good network.

  • Can't set status

    App does not allow you to set your availability status and screws up ability to set account status on other clients.

  • Love

    I work for a startup and this has made all the difference for us!

  • Great app

    I use this app a lot and recommend it to others.

  • Love it

    Fee calls to USA now even blends with my txt messaging app. What more can I ask?

  • Excellent App

    Very easy to use my entire family uses it. Is easy to monitor who your children are talking too. Would recommend this app to any one.

  • Long Blocks of Text problem

    Okay app. It is just that long blocks of text blink on and off when scrolled through. Hopefully, that can be fixed. Thanks!

  • What else is there

    I was an avid user of the best VoIP app out there, Talkatone. However with their exit, had to find an alternative. I've tried a bunch of different ones, which just led to missed calls and undelivered messages. Hangouts unfortunately doesn't seem to have much if an edge over these other mediocre apps, and I'm only using while I hunt for a more reliable replacement, or until google cleans house

  • Hmmm.

    Beh for deviating from standards.

  • Great!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a great app because you have to go on the PC and talk or someone is one it and you have to wait now you can talk with your friends easily and fast

  • Favorite App!

    I've tried many text apps such as Textnow, but using Google Hangouts is so much easier to communicate. My conversations are also stored even if I delete this app from my phone. It rarely crashes too. Thanks for providing an easy and fun way for me and my boyfriend to communicate!

  • Great app

    Great app

  • Great for chat and video

    Best app for chatting and video, but google voice SMS support would be nice.

  • Great

    So this app is good just how do I receive outgoing calls and by the way how do I use my regular google phone number?

  • Love this app

    Great app for goggle voice can call and txt

  • Could be as good as or better than Talkatone with a few tweaks

    Allow for configuration of the ringer for incoming calls. I miss calls constantly because I don't hear them. Automatically add the + for US calls. And don't cut off the outgoing ringing so quickly... Often doesn't make it to voice mail.

  • Grt app...!!!

    It's really cool app.

  • Would be better if support sm

    Have to switch between voice and hangout both

  • Good

    It's a great app, I just would like to have the simple ability to erase message by message.

  • Pretty Good app

    I think this is a good application thus far. The video is kind of gritty but okay this far.

  • Useless

    So, i have been using a google voice number through talkatone for about a year. It has been great. Now with the news out that by mid-month May i will no longer be able to use talkatone with my google voice number, I am trying google hangouts app. Only one problem. it doesn't receive any calls!

  • Great App to Stay in Touch

    I love this app. It's a great way to stay in touch w friends and family. Images aren't as smooth as I would like, but that is likely due to our Internet BW. For very expressive speakers, it does provide some side humor. I plan to use this on a regular basis.

  • Good Game

    Good Game

  • Amazing


  • So far ok

    Seems stable so far, fairly responsive.

  • Great

    This is a great app if you don't already have it I think you should get it!

  • Hate it

    I have text messaging. Hate this app it's not needed

  • Great App

    Can't decide if I like this app better or Facebook Messenger. Either way, I like it.

  • Fantastic Social App

    This wonderful app made me get along with new people and meet more!!! I just love the little emojis too!! This app is the best one yet and I spend hours a day just texting to my friends!! This is even better then IMessiges!! This app should be rated 5 star every Time!!!

  • Awesome!!

    The app works great for everything I need!! From video conference to making calls!!

  • Google google

    Another bad thing from google…I wish Apple had a social media…

  • Google chat / gchat / gtalk

    I was looking for a good gchat app for a while. Little did I know hangouts has gchat and it works great.

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