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Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice

Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
4 based on 19,758 Votes
Price Free

Use Hangouts to keep in touch. Message friends, start free video or voice calls, and hop on a conversation with one person or a group. Say more with photos, stickers, and emoji.
• Include all your friends with group chats for up to 100 people. Read more...

Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice is a Social Networking application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 4+ (Application contains no objectionable material ). This application has an average rating of 4 based on 19,758 Votes. This version 4.0.0 has an average rating of 3.5 based on 470 Users.

Your device must have atleast 38.5 MB of space to download and install Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice. This application does not have game center . Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice is Free to download and install on your mobile device

If you have any problems on in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application,
you can visit the official website of Google, Inc. at

Support Languages

Arabic , NB , Bulgarian , Catalan , Chinese , Croatian , Czech , Danish , Dutch , English, American , Finnish , French , German , Greek , HE , Hindi , Hungarian , ID , Italian , Japanese , Korean , Latvian, Lettish , Lithuanian , Malay , Norwegian , Polish , Portuguese , Romanian , Russian , Slovak , Spanish , Swedish , Thai , Turkish , Ukrainian , Vietnamese


Social Networking ,


Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice
Hangouts - free messaging, video, and voice

Additional Information

• Say more with status messages, photos, maps, emoji, stickers, and animated GIFs.

• Turn any conversation into a free group video call with up to 10 friends.

• Call any phone number in the world (and all calls to other Hangouts users are free!).

• Connect your Google Voice account for phone number, SMS, and voicemail integration.

• Keep in touch with friends across all your devices.

• Message friends anytime, even if they're offline.

Note: Mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply. Calls to Hangouts users are free, but other calls might be charged.

What's New on this version 4.0.0

• Improved user experience.
• New attachments UI.
• Send multiple photos at once.

Recent Reviews and Comments

  • Great app but...

    Why is it so hard for a company like Google to implement some more stickers or a option that allows stickers package?!? I was not that hot about stickers before, but in Hangout I would like to use them more and different ones. This new update is really good! I am happy to see some improvements !! 😄👍 Lots of works still to be done but the spirit is here!!! Good job! Please keep improving!

  • Screen won't auto shut off in app

    Love the app. But after the update, the screen doesn't turn off automatically. It just stays on and has caused my phone to die before I noticed. Needs a fix. For that reason I give it a 1 out of 5 until there's a fix.

  • way better

    it has everything in one place, this can be the perfect social media app, except for the limited amount of people on it everybody should jump in to it and it has potential to overthrow Facebook, whatapp, FaceTime, twitter, and more, since it has everything in one place

  • Awesome App

    A great way to connect with your friends sometimes a little slow but great anyway

  • Whit son

    This you should get when you have a iPod call Samsung

  • Why......

    Why would anyone at Google think this was a good idea?? This is one of the worst updates in history. I used to love this app. One of my favorite means of talking to people. But now I hate it. The color of the text bubbles is hideous and makes it more difficult to read texts than necessary. The send button is extremely inconvenient. And also, for some stupid reason, the app automatically un-crops any picture that I send. Now, normally that wouldn't be too much of a problem. But I like to send my friends screenshots of random Instagram posts, and in the past I was able to crop them so that it was easier to see. But now the app will un-crop any picture I send and the app provides no solution to this problem. There are a few other flaws in this update that I won't bother to list, as many others have already. Please, we're all begging you, Google; PLEASE FIX THIS HORRENDOUS UPDATE.

  • Awful UI

    The UI on the iphone it's full of icons and the send button it's huge, it has another bug, I can barely see what I'm writing and has a bug when I pull the chat down to see older conversations displays a gray useless screen that doesn't let me read anything! And something that's always there: why can't I delete older chats ??? So.. If it wasn't broken why fix it?

  • No notifications?

    After the update, I am not receiving notifications. No sound or visual notification even though it is all turned on. Please fix.

  • Sad

    This new update is horrible! I use the hangouts app daily and it's now constantly glitching and now has an ugly new layout. It's very confusing! I don't receive notifications when I get a message! I'm sad that one of my favorite apps is so useless now.

  • Much better

    Now all we need is group texting through Google Voice and were good.

  • Works great!

    Does everything I want it to - works great!

  • Ehhh

    It's to much green. Just no.

  • Great app

    I like it

  • Good I guess

    It is easy to text and call great app I was told about by my friend

  • Works great

    I love the video chat feature

  • OMG.

    Works fine but the most convoluted app I have ever seen. Why can you make things more simple to use. Google voice was fine. Not sure what you are trying to do here.

  • Please fix Grey screen

    I am having the same problem with the new update as some other people. I am still using ios7 which could be the problem. I love this app I just have that one complaint about the grey screen appearing on the top half of my screen when I put the keyboard down. Please fix!!!

  • Works great

    It's awesome

  • Better Than Before

    Hangouts has improved tremendously since they fixed the caller-id issue. It was pretty frustrating at first but now with every update it seems to be improving more and more.

  • Love it.

    It's the most useful IM for me.

  • Update made the view to small

    The new message layout made viewing messages a lot harder, the green bar at the top combined with the no longer collapsable typing bar gives me room to only see the last 3 messages. Makes for a lot of scrolling and waisted time. Other than that i loved using this simple and great app, hope they fix this soon.

  • Has worked for me👍

    I've used hangouts for a while now and have had little problems at all. I'm using a 16gb 3rd gen iPad with wifi & 3G. I'd recommend using it.

  • Lol

    Recommend this one of the best apps ever especially if you like to talk and text instead of getting instead of spending all that money and getting an iPhone is just going to break all that money just to get it redone

  • Links automatically open with chrome.

    Please allow the ability to use safari, I don't use chrome. Some image assets, like the typing bubbles have horrible scaling jaggies. Other than that a solid update, but links opening in chrome make it almost impossible to use.

  • Great addition to Gmail

    Works great with the Gmail no issues so far

  • Great app

    Google is starting to get it together with a solution that competes with iMessage. Hangout is accessible on practically any machine via chrome. - update: material design function is almost the same across all apps but aesthetically it's getting there. Still an issue of getting users to use the service Would be nice to have an app outside of chrome for Mac and PC - update: the app is getting there and it seems great. Material design look, not quite material design function.

  • Okay overall

    Pretty good overall, I like how you can send multiple pictures at once, but it looks horrible. Bad colour choice and the send button is weird. Five of my messages have been stuck on "sending" for the past hour. I uninstalled the app but it didn't help, only deleted my messages and my contacts. Also would sometimes randomly crash. 3/5

  • love it


  • Sending Videos takes forever. I like the new look, but I'm not sure how to delete hangouts. Like, actually. delete. them. It's annoying if my buddy Shane accidentally called me. It's just sitting there. Can't do anything about it.

  • Request re: notifications

    A prior mobile version had ability to snooze notifications on my mobile only. Now snoozing notifications on my mobile would also snooze notifications on my desktop chat. Please let me snooze alerts on my mobile only since I am already on hangouts on my desktop during my workday.


    Half of the screen turns grey when you scroll down after typing. This makes it hard to read the previous messages & half of the screen becomes useless. In addition to that, the typing bar is huge! which leaves you with 25-30% of useful screen. This needs to be fixed asap other wise the app is almost useless. The same thing happens after unlocking the phone directly to this app. But the grey bar appears at the bottom now. which means There is no way to type unless you exit. This is annoying. Also, why isn’t there a better way to add contacts? The google voice app was simpler but worked better. When the phone is locked & i get message notifications, it only shows the numbers & not the names. it is so difficult to tell who is texting unless i open the app. GVoice was much better at this. I do not mind the colors but Another thing that bothers me is that the type/attachment bar is HUGE, it does not need to be present that large all the time, & it does not allow to send mms like other apps! & one last thing I would add is to make available the option of adding a custom ringtone. IF these issues were fixed. I would likely give it 5 stars. For now, I am not using the app until next update. Hopefully things will be fixed.

  • its good

    crazy buggy after update. this gray box always pops up and covers half of my screen

  • Giant buttons; no text

    The new 4.0 UI is terrible. On my iPhone 4s the new bar of buttons and the comically oversized send button take up so much space that you can't see more than 2 lines of text. The send button also hovers over words, meaning you can't check what you wrote, so no way to know what autocorrect had done to your message. Went from an ok program to a message program that is bad at sending messages (it's only job). Not worth the free download.

  • Awful

    The upgrade is most certainly a downgrade. Multiple app crashes a day. Images not sending. Wish I could go back to the previous version.

  • Nice messenger app

    Nice app. I wish I could change my contacts.

  • You know what???

    Dear Hangouts, Can we HANGOUTs sometimes? Love & Hugs. J3 🌃😜

  • Much better.

    The bugs seem to be fixed. Thanks!

  • Review

    It's great

  • Not very good in comparison

    Lacks many features. Like do not disturb and the ability to easily go offline make it a tough tool to use. There are many other better apps and services. Only use if you have to.

  • Sporadically works

    When it works it's great but it only works sometimes

  • Works great

    Works great

  • Y u do dis?

    I have been on Hangouts for... Probably three years now. Started off on my HTC One, way way back and now it's on every one of my devices, whether it's iPhone 5c, Windows 8.1 laptop, you name it. Now, I've never written a review for this app in all that time (which I've been kicking myself to do), but the one thing they've done in this last update that really made me review it, was this new UI. Don't get me wrong, Hangouts just works, all the time, any time. It's why I use it and not iMessage! But the update before this one, they reeealy looked like they had *almost* hit perfection with their UI: the perfect blend between compact, easy to read, and fast response time. The only thing they needed (imo) was probably some smoother transition animations for sending messages. But this one... ohohoh... This update, they just did it wrong. Yes Google, I know you're trying to get all your services, apps, and software to use Material UI now, and Inbox would be your model for that. But no, you kinda made it hard to even read most of our conversations at a glance now in Hangouts. Inbox does a great job, and so did Hangout's last update. Just remove the gigantic send button and put it back in the text bar, and make the text bar NOT intrude into my reading space? Thanks. The Gist: Old UI? Perfect, with only a little improvement needed. This UI? Can't read, bulky, and just too big.

  • Cannot send video and block text afterwards

    I tried to send a 2-second video. It shows "sending" for hours and cannot send out. And all the texts after it are blocked and show "sending" but cannot send out. Then the App is useless. Delete it!

  • Perfect for keeping in touch with work and friends

    App is great for use on multiple gmail accounts for work and for friends.

  • Google rules

    I love all the apps in the google family. This one helps a lot because it allows you to have diferent accounts into one app, and you can text or videocall. Keep it up!!!

  • Great for collaborating - near & far

    We use hangout all the time!!! We've worked on presentations even when a team member was in California @ Disneyland!!!

  • Cool


  • Very good, could use some improvements

    I love using hangouts for mobile, especially since I can sync my Google voice to it. However, the new interface will take a lot of getting used to. For fixes, I would suggest a smaller send button where the send button used to be and lighter green text bubbles. I also like having the bubbles I send be green. The interface Google has chosen right now looks a lot like Facebook chat, if any of you use that. I would rate it 5 stars except for the couple of interface problems I have with it. Otherwise, it works fine and I would recommend updating!

  • Amazing

    This app is amazing, I can call my mother and father when I'm at home and I need something, I can call and text without a problem and I don't even have service on this phone. I have 2 phones and only one has service on it, unfortunately the one with service broke and I had no way of communicating with my parents while they were at work and then I thought about how my little sister would use the laptop to make calls using Google, so I went and tried the laptop and it said that there was an app called "Hangouts" so I went and downloaded the app and now I am able to make free unlimited calls and texts

  • Update is meh

    I am not likening this new update. The conversation interface is small.when wanting to see the full conversation a blank screen comes down and and you can only see small parts of the conversation. It's annoying. What's the purpose of it? Too much blank space in the app.

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