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Instabar is a Social Networking application, developed by and released last

This application has a content advisory rating of 12+ (Application may not suitable for children under the age of 12). This application has an average rating of 1 based on 221 Votes. This version 1.0 has an average rating of 1 based on 221 Users.

Your device must have atleast 2.5 MB of space to download and install Instabar. This application does not have game center . Instabar is Free to download and install on your mobile device

Support Languages

English, American


Social Networking , Photography ,



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Put an Instagram feed in your menubar!

"The best way to experience Instagram on a Mac"

Browse the most popular photos on Instagram.

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Recent Reviews and Comments

  • no good

    try again!!

  • uhh… wat.

    completely useless

  • Useless App

    Downloaded this app because I’ve been looking for a decent yet minimal Instagram viewer on my Mac. I deleted it within 5 minutes after realizing you can only view top photos. Don’t download this.

  • So Bad!

    It just for look the news on Instagram… no sirve para nada, soló puedes ver las fotos que hay de nuevas en instagram pero hasta hay, muy bonita y todo pero no hace nada...

  • usless

    this app is just useless and total disappointment !! just add a sign in link or functionality andit will be fine !

  • No

    So not worth it.

  • Greatness of Instabar

    This a great app to view recent pictures of other people. After all, that is what Instagram is all about (I'm being sarcastic for people who have never seen Instagram before)!

  • Can't log in

    kind of useless since you can't log into your own account. :[ bummer

  • horrible

    You cant even login to your own account. This is completely useless. Please try again.

  • Epic App JK

    This is the worst app I download. Since I downloaded Instadesk, I wanted as Instagram on my menu bar. I can't upload my photo but look at other photos of strangers. Need's major improvement

  • Can't even sign it


  • it


  • Horrible

    Have fun never seeing any photos you actually wish to see. Not really enjoying looking at random people's children and photos of nails...

  • STUPID!!!

    y would i b allowed to DL an app that i can not use???????????????

  • useless

    you can't sign in to your own instagram. why would i want this???

  • Stupid

    Stupid you can't even connect to your own feed I HATE THIS APP

  • great idea.. but horrible final product

    i love instagram, and have been waiting for ever till it can finally be used via computer! this however, is not what i was asking for. Instagram team - please work on it further, so i can access, create and upload pictures to my account and i can see my friends pictures, and not just some total strangers!!

  • Instabar

    I thoughr it would be like instagram for the mac, but it wouldn't open and I didn't like that at all

  • bad

    .. dont download it.. doesnt do anything.. and slow

  • 100% USELESS

    All you can do is LOOK at the "top photos." I can't like them anyway so what is the use in having it? Deleting this app. Not paying money to look at my instagram feed on my computer.

  • good idea bad app

    I don't like it I cant log in to my account !!!!

  • useless!

    this is useless! how do i delete it????

  • don't understand the point of this app

    installed… deleted… pretty much what everyone says on the review. wish i didnt waste my time.

  • Its just there

    i opened the program and there were random pictures. no logging into my account and seeing what i want to see. dont download this

  • Dont Download This

    this is so dumb you cant log in to your account and all u see is the things most liked which you cant like … this is REALLY stupid

  • HOW???

    How do you delete it????? Its terrible.

  • Really guys?

    All you can view with this free version are top pictures, not your friends and your feed. It's pretty pointless if you ask me.

  • cant log in SO DUMB

    its so dumb make it so we can log in if u cant then there is no point on having the app!!!!

  • Stupid

    If you like to look at random photos and not post anything, then go ahead. But if i were you i would not get htis app


    this is stupid and useless . what is the point of having an instagram app in your menu bar if you cannot log into it. there is no need to have one, if you cannot view your own pictures or pictures of the users that you follow.


    There is nothing good about this app. I just got it and i will be deleting it right after I finish this review. All you can do is see the top things on instagram. There is no point to even put that up because you can now just go on the instagram website and view the same thing, I would not even feel very comofortable to pay for the other version of this app because based on this i dont really trust the seller.

  • This app is pointless

    you can not even sign in and view your friends photo . waste of space on my mac smh

  • worthless

    this app is horrible, you cant search people, cant look at your profile, cant like anything of comment or even sign into your account. It is worthless all you can look at is selected things on the popular page. Don't Waste Your Time.


    You cannot access your actual IG!!!!! The only thing you can view are the top photos...

  • Can't log in

    What's the point in this app if you cannot log in to your account? I don't want to look at popular photos from someone I do not even know!

  • Waste of time

    I wouldnt even rate it a one star, totally useless cant view you or your friends pictures… just strangers. and theres no point in that. UNDOWNLOADING ASAP

  • Um

    How do i unistall this app? i just got my macbook pro. im having abit trouble unistalling it. :(

  • Can't view my friends' photos, just top photos. Useless.

    The whole point of social networking is connecting with people you want to connect with, not rando photos of hipsters and people getting drunk. Displeased.

  • Not worth it unless you just want to see random pictures

    App is basically a stream of photos, and you can't specifically see photos from those you follow.

  • Horrible.

    It's horrible. It's not worth it. You can't log into your own account, you just look at random people's pictures.

  • No sirve!!!

    No te da ninguna opción de entra a tu cuenta, lo que veras son fotos de estranos!!

  • Don't waste your time

    can't login your instagram account. You have to pay for login version when its free on phones? Dumb.

  • What a joke!

    Someone stole my iPod so now i cant see my Instagram. I got this app so i could see it on my laptop. what a mistake. you can only see the popular page, you cant sign in, you cant see your friends pictures. Deleting this app was the best decision ive ever made. Literally

  • Free version is useless

    Can't log in with the free version.

  • Pointless

    You can't even sign into your own account. All you can do is view the top pictures. If you like doing this, then this is the perfect app for you. Otherwise, there is no point in downloading.

  • Not worthy

    Looks ugly. You can not view your feed. Settings button is buggym no obvious way to close it

  • …so dumb

    you can't even log in to your account, it's pointless

  • LIke a new pencil

    Pointless. Waste of space.

  • totally useless

    u cant do anything on it useless

  • Can't log in. What's the point?

    No really. This app would be great if you could log in, access your own feed, or even be able to click on users to see there stuff. But ofcourse thats too much to ask for in an app.

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